The bloodless coup continues

Germany’s bloodless coup continues, with the help of whom, I wonder? I can be sure whoever they are they worship their god, satan, and not my God!

So after mowing down a crowd at a Christmas market, during which some wine, but no blood was spilled, this silly little dupe apparently managed to leave his ID under the driver’s seat of the lorry. Remarkable!


They don’t say it’s his passport, but this, which I found the other day amused me, so I’ll stick it here (it references 9/11 for those who don’t know):


Ok, so let me round this up, because I have to keep this brief today. This week, two ‘atrocities’ have occurred. They are the assassination false flag in Turkey, where a fully grown, overweight man was shot nine times and yet spilled no blood, his ‘assassin’ left laying on the floor in the position of the hanged man from the tarot….

And then the completely clean, blood free, lorry which apparently mowed down people at a Christmas market (another false flag).

What is the effect of these two crimes? And they are crimes! Crimes of treason against the people of the countries involved. The effect is to take us two steps further forward on the road to the NWO! Yes, one step closer to a war with Russia, and one step closer to a total militarised police force in the UK, and across Europe.

C0JHeeMWEAA88aV.jpg large.jpg

Why does this help the NWO? Because by the time you and I are joined by enough folks willing to walk the streets in protest at the crimes of our leaders, these armed, Tetra addled goons will be happy to shoot us, as enemies of the ‘people’.


For those of you celebrating Christmas, well goodness, where have you been? 😉 And for those of you not celebrating, take a moment now to draw close to God in prayer for this to be over soon – I cannot imagine, and don’t want to, just how bad things are going to get as this propaganda continues.

This video a worth a quick watch to see what is happening this Christmas in some churches!


God Bless you


Death Penalty to be reinstated in Germany because of a False Flag?

Hmmm, you know how suspicious I get when I sense that a false flag has taken place? It makes me very careful to follow up on these things with an eye to what outcomes they (the powers of darkness that rule this earth) might be seeking.

In the case of the apparent killing of a pregnant woman, with a machete in Germany (which didn’t happen by the way) it appears the powers that be are testing the ground in order to try to bring in the death penalty….

no evidence.jpg

Let’s all clamour for the death penalty, shall we? On the basis of those people over there who are dangerous and in our country, and are committing crimes!

Read: How to close an open society – UK version

I am not saying that there are not migrants committing crime – we all know about it, and it’s horrible. I’m talking about specifically baiting the public to call for the death penalty with a fake event.

That is what is taking place here, and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

My comment on that article, by the way, hasn’t appeared. This is what I said:

blah 15a.jpg

I doubt it will appear, but I’ll give them until tomorrow to publish it before tweeting it out like a little chirpy bird with the hash tag #DailyMailcommentcensorship

That’s my way of saying that I won’t be silenced by the DM’s obvious policy of following the protocols of the CIA… or whoever….


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Keep on keeping on, everyone!

God Bless you


Holy War begins? Machinated for by whom? The bible says ‘overcome evil with good’

This Daily Mail headline speaks volumes about the intentions behind the false flags perpetrated in this last couple of weeks, and I want to say that this is a joke!

holy war

I want to laugh, but it’s NOT FUNNY – they are playing us for fools, and the public in general is buying it. Remember yesterday’s post in which I pointed out the dead ‘killer’ looks as though he’s a rubber manequin? Well today we have ‘eyewitness testimony’ from a Sister Danielle – pictured there. Interestingly there is no footage of her interview. Not just in the article is there no evidence to support ‘her’ words, but no-one on Youtube – none of the news sites that post there, have this interview either!

Please share this and use it to warn others because those who are setting this up, and those who are playing along (French and German POLICE????) are committing an act of treason against their own people. This crisis shouldn’t be happening.

Here are the additional posts people need to read urgently to understand the lies we are being told:

Machete attack in Germany – again, everything is as it appears….

Germany’s bloodless coup continues

The ‘Terror Attacks’ in Nice and Munich Were Filmed by the Same Jewish Cameraman

Let’s not be gamed here, and let’s also be ready – this is a time of DECEPTION and we have been warned about deception in the bible. Let us remember, as the bible teaches us, to PRAY for our enemies, and bless those who despitefully use us.

Paul tells us in Romans 12:19-21:

19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

And he is quoting from the book of Proverbs, Chapter 25:21-22

21 If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink:
22 For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.

The enemy of mankind is very busy, and very active now in promotong a civil war. This is a sickness – a disease – which is going to spread throughout the whole of Europe, so do not think you will escape it. Be ready, be prepared, and most of all GET RIGHT WITH GOD!

God Bless you


ISIS attack in France – are you joking with me?

Maybe you are! I was looking for evidence. No images were taken of the crime scene where a French Priest was killed. But what do we have? Indeed if you are paying attention, as you look at this article, the only, ONLY image that is poor quality, is this one:

why no shoes.jpg
Body of one of the killers?

Can I ask a few questions here? Is that OK?

Why is he not wearing any shoes? Why are his feet grey? Why is, what appears to be his hand, also grey? Why are his legs so thin that his feet can be that close together as he lays there with his legs crossed?

Could it be that he is a rubber manequin? Because I can see no possible way that by shooting him he would suddenly have no shoes on.

Do you know? I am sick of looking at this stuff and seeing their failure to make, frankly, any effort to hide their lies at this point. This is a disgrace. It’s not that I want them to do better – at least if I can see they are lies, I can tell that the coming war is a phony war.

I will, again, call false flag on this killing until, or unless, some evidence appears to the contrary.

*exasperated sigh*

God Bless you


Comments on the Nice attack

Oh dear, not again…. another false flag? It’s beginning to look that way.

First of all I have to comment that if this was in Great Britain the man would have had to have a special driving license to hire a vehicle of that weight (19 tonnes). Anything over 7.5 tonnes requires special driving tests and a license known as an HGV license (Heavy Goods Vehicle). I would imagine the same is true for France – I would be surprised if it was not, and amazed therefore that this man must be a fully qualified lorry driver to be able to acquire access to a vehicle of that size.

But wait! Just in case you think I might be even accepting the teensiest bit of this false narrative we’re being fed, just take a look at the lorry:


Hello? No blood – not a drop, not the tiniest trace. Ploughed down 84 people and never shed a drop of their blood on the way? Thanks to Mike King over at for his observance of that little blip in the narrative. You can see more of his analysis here: Link

I’ll share one image from there:


Have we been told how fast the truck was going in Nice? I don’t think we have, but at whatever speed, you are going to get some blood on the vehicle – there would be a lot of it!

Also note from the first image that there are no gunshots through the windscreen on the driver’s side – were Police trying to protect the life of their state asset – I only conclude that, because we all know the side of the steering wheel in our own country, you’re not likely to fail to shoot the driver if you mean to shoot the driver. Just a thought. Were they just warning shots, and if so why?

More mysteries about the Nice attack have been spotted by this Youtuber:

h/t to Jane Burgermeister

So I’m sure there will be more, and more clarity will emerge over the next few days and weeks. Let’s keep digging people – we need to expose these liars for what they are!

God Bless you


Duper’s delight?

You need to see this and let me know what you think. This is Jo Cox MP’s sister speaking to the press, with no tears, and then right at the end, this grin slips across her face – it has to be duper’s delight (if you’ve not heard that phrase before, watch this video). Take a look (if the video gets taken down let me know – I have a copy of it I can upload 😉 )

This comment I read today really sends this message about these false flags home:

“From the very beginning of these ‘mass shootings’ I have found the grief of the actors not just to be shitty acting, but also bizarre. They do not act grief out properly, skipping to the last stage of grief within 24-48 hours. The ‘victims’ families seem eerily okay with it all within a very short space of time. If they wanted this to look real, then they would show what looks like real grief surely? They would have real snotty-nosed distraught people, as crying isn’t pretty, and real grief is heartbreaking to witness and people can sound like howling, grunting animals trying to attain breath. They will often be in shock, silent, dazed and unable to talk. They will pace, rant, and try to console themselves. Watching real grief sticks in your throat and sinks your heart. Grieving people who have been shocked by the death of a loved one do not sit and smile telling you about how good the victim was, and how they forgive the perpetrator and how guns are the only problem.” (source)

Put yourself in their shoes, like I said before maybe they’re hopped up on tranquillisers, but the grin shows me it’s fake – it’s all a lie. That’s duper’s delight if I ever saw it. I could not imagine being capable of being seen by the press within a WEEK of the shock death of a relative let alone within 48 hours, dry eyed and smiling. This is unnatural at best, and at worst it’s a crime against the British people, perpetrated to prevent us getting out of the EU as we wish to.

After writing this yesterday, I found another video of Jo’s ‘sister’ speaking to camera, and I have to say it’s even more obvious how much she is smiling.

God Bless you


Pondering Orlando and love

So love wins, huh? That’s what the social media jockeys want us to believe. They want us to feel bad (worse) because those who died this time are gay people.

First of all, I see no bodies or blood (not that I want to, you understand) – this looks to me to be a false flag YET AGAIN.

We shouldn’t be surprised – there is an agenda at work, and people are making capital out of it.

No tears – I watched the same woman interviewed outside the nightclub on the night itself – no tears. None. For her son.

It’s all so fake fake fake. So I’m going to leave the shooting aspect there – if you’re American and you’re reading this you probably already know you’ve been played by Obama yet again. If you don’t know that, it’s time to suspect it, and do your own research.

I’m moving on now to this whole ‘love wins’ nonsense.

Nonsense? Now dare I? I dare.

Love is NOT acceptance. I’m sorry it is NOT! Not if that acceptance means acceptance of your SIN! Love can and should accept imperfection – wives, your husbands don’t do ‘cleaning’ the way you do – accept it! 🙂 But sin?

Wife, let me ask you, if your husband was a violent alcoholic would you say ‘love wins’ and accept his behaviour? No! You would want him to acknowledge his sin and seek help to deal with it.

In my time I have had many gay friends, and I loved them all – this was long before I became a Christian. Do I suddenly HATE them now because I’m a Christian? NO! I hate their sin, but I love them!

So let us not love to the point of acceptance sin, because if we do we will find ourselves (oops too late, we already have) acquiescing to that sin, and in the process we lose the right to speak essential truths from the Bible – the word of God!

Homosexuality is a sin unto death. I don’t think anyone at all died in the fake Orlando shooting, but if anyone did that is very sad – we should pray for their families and community.

We must also remember, however, that acceptance is not always the most loving thing we can do – in many ways it is an indulgence which leads to exactly where we have come to in our societies.

Read: Homosexuality – tolerance leads to suffering

God Bless you