It’s all about the ask!

(18.3.18 UPDATED at the end of the post) Today, it’s all about the ask, but this time the favour is not for me, but this petition really touched my heart, and I wondered if you would sign and share it?

Dr. Ernesto Schwartz-Marin and Dr. Arely Cruz-Santiago, a married couple from Mexico, are talented academics at Durham University. They and their 11 year old daughter have been asked to leave the UK within 14 days despite this being their home since 2007.  

The Home Office say this is due to the time spent abroad. This is unfair because the time they spent abroad was because of their humanitarian fieldwork as part of their research in Mexico. As a close friend of the couple, I am calling on the Home Office to re-consider the decision to deport them.

From July 2014 to July 2015, Ernesto and Arely spent 270 days working in Mexico where they pioneered a project called Citizen-Led Forensics. This involved training and helping communities build a DNA database for Mexican families whose loved ones had disappeared due to gang related and/or drug violence, thus fulfilling an important role in an increasingly desperate humanitarian crisis. However, the Home Office does not see it as such, and they have issued Ernesto and Arely with a deportation letter.

Again UK Immigration have gone after the low-hanging fruit – people with jobs and addresses, who contribute to our country and our economy! What outrages me most is that they are doing very important work. Whilst I am no fan of DNA testing (which I view with deep suspicion), the families of those who are missing must have a way to identify their loved ones if they are to ever know the peace of closure. Mexico is a dangerous place, and drug and gang crime is rife. Their work is an invaluable tool to help families and bring comfort.

You can read the rest of their story and sign the petition here: Link

18.3.18 UPDATE:


This is such good news!

God Bless you



The destruction of the western world continues

What a weird media-created ideology we see in our society these days. We are being nudged by the media, by corporations and by our governments, and towards what exactly? These three articles were featured on the Daily Mail in the last few days – each one sends a prominent message to the person scrolling down the page. These are “important articles” – yet a familiar theme emerges:


What have we become? What are we intended to become, and who is behind this trend to destroy masculinity? If you click on the article link here, you can see it is not just white males getting this treatment. It’s easy to mock this and say it’s the exception – so why does the media shove it in our faces? They are normalising this weirdness for a reason.

wrong 2

This white couple welcomed their new cat with rather disturbing photo shoot. It made some folks laugh, and it made others very uncomfortable – what we can clearly recognise here, however, is the message: Pets NOT children. Pets are not your heritage. Pets are not the future of your family, let alone your race. This is disturbing for reasons these folks can’t even comprehend. (Link)

misceg 4

Why is this even news? That’s a good question – I believe it is “news” because the couple are mixed race. Mixed race couples are very popular ALL the time on the Daily Mail. Mum gets a haircut, and the next thing she’s on the front page of the Daily Mail? Nope, this can’t be right! (Link)

The western world, the western culture and the white race are being systematically destroyed. We aren’t even allowed to mention it though – this guy did (he’s Italian) and now it’s a “racism row”? For speaking the truth? (Link)

racisn italy.jpg

Whites must wake up before we can stand up – before we can decide to fight we must realise that the enemy isn’t the immigrant who is being foisted on us, and often onto our welfare system, but the leaders who have made the Kalergi Plan their agenda behind closed doors. No one voted for you, elites – we never said yes, and we’ve never consented to be genocided. We don’t want to dilute and destroy our racial heritage, anymore than blacks like Mohammed Ali, who was also against interracial marriage. Wise man!

Here’s a quote from another very wise black man:


We know why this is happening – it is a judgement of God upon us. Waking up isn’t enough, standing up isn’t enough, and fighting will get us nowhere without God on our side. The infiltration of our countries, our cultures and the education system by Marxists hell-bent on our destruction is the branch, but not the root. To strike at the root of this cultural malaise, we have to turn back to God.

God Bless you


Where is the justice?

I’m just going to juxtapose these two headlines for you:

crime in UK.jpg

He’s just been deported to the UK, and  set free on our streets, even thought he could kill again. And now?


Yes, because UK Immigration is a soulless, evil, corrupt organisation who chose the low-hanging fruit of a law-abiding wife to deport, because they can’t be bothered to deal with the illegal immigration which constantly evades them (because they aren’t even trying to catch them).

When I heard from my ex that a Romanian man in Colnbrook had told him that as soon as he was deported he would meet his wife, and she would drive him straight back into Britain, I was amazed. They’d done it before. Straight through the Channel Tunnel, or over on a ferry – she simply drove him back in, and until he was caught committing a crime again, he’d be free to do what he wanted.

Meanwhile Irene Clennel’s sick husband is without his wife, without her love and support. He is also unable to travel out to be with her due to his health problems. He is stuck in the UK, and she has been sent back to a country where she has absolutely nothing to her name. She was send back with just £12 in her pocket, and nowhere to stay, and no family to meet her when she landed.

Please say a prayer for Irene Clennel and her husband. This is a devastating blow from a corrupt and evil administration. I hope it is swiftly reversed. I believe it is a breach of her husband’s human rights. There is a fundraising page at the link below, if you are able to contribute.

God Bless you


Read more: Irene Clennel deported

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Clicking ‘Like’

I wish there was a button that just said ‘Thank You’ – as in ‘Thank you for telling me this awful thing you just shared.’ Like? No, I hate most of what I’m reading these days, and I’m frequently, frankly SPEECHLESS, but by goodness I am grateful for the bloggers who put time in to check and share the stories and opinions they do.

Keep on keeping on, everyone!

God Bless you


How to stop people protesting migrant entry and crimes?

Simple – really.

Agents provocateur.

Also known as co-intel pro.

Yes, send a group of ugly, burly and violent thugs out to ‘represent’ Britain’s anger over the entry of migrants into the UK. Juxtapose that with a pretty girl  wearing vintage knitwear. But note that these are ‘fascists’ and photograph blood – oh yeah, do that.

how to stop a protest movement

Pretty isn’t he? Oh, and I forgot – liberal use of the swastika – yes the final perfect sign that middle Britain will shun. So the WHOLE of middle Britain now associates demonstrating against immigrants with risk, violence and the very real and unpleasant taste of being labelled ‘fascist.’

Hey, if any genuine group takes to the streets? Slam them – yeah, use the media to smash any desire in the UK population to stand up to be counted in their OWN country!


Oh yeah, let’s ignore the nasty little muslim man claiming that the protesters are basically just jealous because ‘we’re taking over’ – no the Daily Mail ignores that completely. They are labelling this group ‘far-right’ without making clear what that means! No, this group is called Britain First, and it’s a nationalist group. Since we have evidence that islam is TRYING to take over, and is PLANNING to take over, well a nationalist viewpoint will be the only one that saves Britain for those of us who want to be who we are culturally IN PEACE! You can watch the video in a previous post I wrote: Link

Middle Britain is staying at home – this has been the case in most times of protest since the Poll Tax riots back in the late 80’s. Agents provocateur are very useful in keeping good people from standing up in numbers.

*slow hand clap* satan’s ploy – and it’s working.

Remember: ‘He who seeks to save his life, will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake, will find it.’

Prepare to stand up and peacefully PROTEST! If you are worried that you will get hurt, then you’re missing the point.


It IS evil to allow invaders to enter our country with the express plan of out-breeding us, and subjugating us and/or killing us in the name of the religion of ‘peace’. Ezekial 13:10 says:

“Because they lead my people astray, saying, “Peace,” when there is no peace,”

We must make our point, and fast, if we are to stave off the islamisation of all of Europe.

God Bless you


Necessity is the mother of invention – UPDATED AGAIN

How often have you heard or used that phrase? Well I don’t think it would be any more apt than in this story from the Daily Mail (Link)


Yes, really:

unclean 2

It’s rather amusing, but also very sad. I cannot imagine what life must be like for lorry drivers who cross borders today – the risk not only of having the back of your wagon broken into (and why, guys? because you don’t have adequate locks? Your back doors CAN be locked securely, and even have special types of lock fitted which are tamper proof – I know this because my ex boyfriend was a lorry driver), but of being used as a free ride into another country as well.

I call upon lorry drivers to refuse to work on routes that cross borders without adequate locks. You shouldn’t feel the need to resort to this kind of behaviour to make your point.

Perhaps this story is just so much more propaganda – who knows with what we see in the papers today. Whether it is true or false, it is painting a very poor picture of our border security.

God Bless you



Following on from this I did some research, and it shows that lorry drivers are being FINED if they carry illegals, even if they are unaware of them and report them to the police themselves. This comes from a trucker forum: (Link – and I recommend you read it all)

trucker 1

trucker 2

Click for full size, or visit the site to read the thread.

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Well not really. The rules of the road are like that – you, as a lorry driver, are responsible for your load and your vehicle. You have to check everything from your wheel nuts to whether your load is secure, and not likely to fall off the vehicle. If anything, even a piece of paper, falls off your vehicle, on the public road, you can be fined. Mud off a tractor used to make my ex very angry – but the rules are not the same for farmers it would seem!

This is why loads should be covered etc. But vehicle security is perhaps not a high priority for vehicle manufacturers, and if you are driving a vehicle with shipping containers on board, you have no control over the security level of the container you collect – all you can do is check the vehicle after every stop.

This is bad news for truckers.

God Bless you


Here is a video I found today too – this is what truck drivers are up against – lots of swearing in this (subtitled). Absolutely appalling, and WHERE ARE THE POLICE???? Standing around in FANCY DRESS as far as I can see.