Wake up, Church!

I have written before about the sheep – it is good to be a sheep. However you do need to know Yeshua’s voice, and distinguish what He teaches from the churchianity we have going on today. Never has that been more pertinent to me than when a dear friend requested I look into the Immanuel Prayer process.

I decided to start by watching the video she sent and then looked at some of the practical sessions that people had recorded and put online. This process (and I’m going to provide no links, I do not want to encourage you to go look at it, and if you want to Google is your friend) is guided meditation.

When two people say they see Jesus in different places, wearing different clothes – one says a white robe with a blue sash, and the other says he’s wearing jeans and a tan shirt, I have to say that something is wrong, and that this is an open door to the works of the devil. Why do I say that?

Ok *steps onto the soapbox* because they are not teaching the Law! They are using Eastern mysticism and meditation techniques to validate themselves through experiences, not scripture. Yeshua embodies everything we need to know about the law, how to live, how to love, how to eat, how to treat others, how to pray, how to heal. It’s all in the book!

In fact this came yesterday, at a time when I was seeking – seeking for answers from God for my own situation, church-wise. I just prayed and asked to be shown what God really wanted me to do. The answer came yesterday evening, when this teaching appeared in from of me (it’s OK, it was on the PC, I was surfing the net!).

You need to watch this, and you need to share it. You need to come to a point of acceptance that if your church is disregarding the Law, then it cannot help you to stop sinning, because you don’t even know what sin is.

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Does your church have regard for the law? If not, it is time to ‘come out of her, my people.’

God Bless you


Hyper Grace doctrine – why the church is open to being deceived

Christians (awake ones that I know, anyway) talk a lot about deception. We sometimes might sound paranoid, but we are called to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves (Matt 10:16).

So what does it mean to be as wise as serpents?

It means to be discerning. It means to know and recognise sin and the works of the devil. And it’s not easy, I can tell you! I have found over the years that I have been misled, misguided on a number of occassions and on a number of different issues.

Discernment, then, is perhaps like a muscle – that if you exercise it in avoiding sin, that you may be able to see other things which are sinful. A bit like removing the beam from your own eye, before helping your pal to take out the speck from their own, we need to realise that until or unless we walk with God, avoiding sin, we will not even realistically be able to SEE the sin around us.

If we don’t know His word, we cannot even know right from wrong, and if sin is trangression of the law (1 John 3:4) then we absolutely need to know the law.


Grace is a blessing – it’s God’s unmerited favour. Wow! It’s unmerited because I can NEVER be as good as God, and nothing I do can make me perfect. Willfully disregarding the law, however, is not a cause for thanking God for Grace, it’s an abuse of Grace, isn’t it?

I’ve written enough about that before to just redirect you there. Are we under the Law, or under Grace?

The modern church is open to more and more deception because it has turned it’s back on righteousness, as if trying to be righteous is ‘works’ and that we mustn’t even try to be good. How foolish – because if sin is an open door to satan, then ignoring the law and being ignorant of it is an open door. Grace is for the sin you confess! How can you confess your sins if you ignore the law! You can’t.

This is a Hyper Grace doctrine. The church has become reliant on Grace for everything, and we don’t even know what sin we should be confessing. I know someone, a great guy, so warm and friendly, and what I can only describe as a living Christian – he is just a lovely person all the time to everybody. Yet he said to me that the Muslims worship the same God we do, they just don’t have Jesus!


John 14 6

Without Jesus they CANNOT have God! And no, they can’t even say that Jesus is a prophet, because in doing so they are saying Mohammed is ‘the way’ and we know that Jesus is ‘the Way’ (and the ONLY way).

If we don’t know the Word, we cannot know sin. If we do not know sin, we cannot confess it. If we cannot confess it, we cannot learn to avoid it, and without knowing what sin is, we cannot discern it and avoid deception.

Get yourselves a KJV and read it. I thought reading the KJV would be hard work, but it’s not. It’s easy once you start. At least it is complete. Only the KJV is complete and easily available at this time in history. I really recommend that if you aren’t already, get into the word. Learn the law and try your best to apply it. Ask God to write it on your heart, so that you have joy in it, and so that you might be set apart from deception.

God Bless you


Joel Osteen is NOT a hypocrite!

Nope, sireee Bob – he is, in my view, a more honest ‘Christian’ than many who purport to preach from our pulpits.

You see Joel has abandoned the law so completely that his error is OBVIOUS to us all. I quote:

When asked directly if people whom are openly practicing homosexuals are accepted into the Kingdom, Joel Osteen responded with “Absolutely, anybody is.” […]

Joel does acknowledge that some things are “sin” but says, “I don’t address these things from the pulpit. They only come up in interviews.” When asked if openly practicing gay/homosexual people will be accepted into heaven, Joel Osteen responded, “I believe they will.”

He makes no mention of the need for repentance. (source)

So unlike the churches who teach that homosexuality is sin, while handing round the ham sandwiches on SUNDAY, yep, Joel is NOT a hypocrite.

He is so obviously in error that perhaps it’s time for those churches which have partially abandoned the Law of Moses to reconsider that – specifically in light of 1 John 3:4


I love God and I love the law – it’s what helps me to walk in righteousness. I don’t do it well, but I try. Because I love God, and I want to walk in Yeshua’s footsteps and do what He did. I believe He shows us how to apply the law – with mercy.

Joel Osteen, I pray, is making some pastors reconsider their stance on the Law today.

God Bless you


“Mean, hateful bigot” – Matt Walsh speaks the truth at a Catholic Uni

Oh my. This will depress you, I’m sorry. But we need to know the state of education in our Universities. I quote: [my emphasis added]

On Wednesday, I gave a speech at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. It had been requested that I speak on the subject of religious liberty, a topic near and dear to my heart, as it should be to the hearts of all Christians, especially in light of the government’s recent efforts to force citizens and business owners to participate in, or tacitly endorse, gay “weddings.”

I was warned ahead of time that some members of the administration tried to cancel my talk in the days leading up to it. Many students had complained that because of my writings affirming Christian teachings on life, marriage, gender, etc., I should not be allowed to speak at a college specifically designed to affirm Christian teachings. I suppose all the “controversy” helped drive attendance, as they had to wheel in more chairs to accommodate the crowds. Not that the crowd was filled exclusively with friends and fans of mine. Far from it.

The evening went just exactly as it would have if I’d been giving a talk at Berkeley or San Francisco State. Many of the students who tried to shut down the event showed up in protest. A group of them held a gay pride banner in the back of the room. I took time out of my remarks to explain to them why our allegedly shared faith condemns gay marriage, but they told me they weren’t there to “have a dialogue with me.” OK. Nobody shouted or heckled during my speech, which was nice, but the Q&A afterwards was mostly dominated by one student after another fishing for applause by calmly explaining why I’m a mean, hateful bigot, and so forth. I argued with as many of them as I could before they kicked us out of the room, then I stood in the hallway and argued for another hour.

Most of the kids offended by my arguments and my very presence were upset that I don’t believe in “marriage equality.” Some said they agreed with me but believe my approach is hateful. The word hate was tossed around quite a bit. My words are hateful, my ideas are hateful, my beliefs are hateful. Everything is hateful. Except for a crowd of people pointing at me and calling me hateful. They’re not hateful, remember. Just me.

My favorite comment came from a particularly smug and self-satisfied young man who began by telling me I’m unintelligent and then proceeded to inform me that “Jesus never said anything about marriage.” When I borrowed a Bible from someone in the audience and read Matthew 19 to him aloud, he rapidly switched course and told me Jesus was a man of his time who spoke through — his words — an “ethnocentric lens.” I’m not sure what that has to do with marriage, or how a “Christian” could accuse the Lord God of bigotry, or whether this was something he learned at the school, but the comment made me feel a very odd mixture of amusement and despair. It also made me push Catholic University further down my list of schools I want my kids to attend.

Please go and read the rest here: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/christians-we-cannot-adjust-our-faith-to-make-room-for-our-favorite-sins/

I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again – this is all because the church has followed catholicism’s road and picked and chosen which laws to hold to. As soon as you begin that compromise, you open the door for more and more until that ham sandwich looks awful tasty, and you find your church is marrying gays. Hold to the Law of Moses, as God instructed us to!

God Bless you


Who is the enemy of the state?

I’ll give you a clue.

*hands you a mirror*

Yep, it’s you.

It has to be or why else would we see stories such as these grace our headlines:

Sweden in total shock as muslim ‘refugee’ rapes girl to death, then continues after she died

This is Why People are Upset with Police — 6 Cops Swarm Man for “Stepping Off Sidewalk”

So just in case you think you actually had any kind of hand in electing the bozos who allowed mass immigration to your country, or pay your police to harrass YOU, well, let’s just really be clear here. YOU ARE THE ENEMY. Mankind, goodness and especially innocence are the ENEMY.

If we are the enemy, then we know that satan is behind our governments, and behind our law enforcement:

police badge

So what do we do about it? As Christians, whether we know about each individual conspiracy set against us by people who are evil, we do know the basic conspiracy, which is satan against all mankind. So let us also in that case remember the words of Yeshua:

Matt 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”

Let’s remember to pray daily for those in power, as we are called to do. It’s not easy because we truly hate evil, and we know these people are in the very grip of evil. Yet the bible tells us what to do, Yeshua told us what to do. Pray.

Let’s be awake, let’s be aware – as Peter said:

1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

Satan’s plan is the destruction of mankind, of goodness, or purity and innocence. Whilst we know as Christians what is coming, and what is prophecied, let us also do what we have been called to do – pray – even though we might think it useless or pointless in the face of such evil.

Let’s obey Him.

God Bless you


Why do I believe that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah?

I see at the heart of the Hebrew Roots movement a deep dark pit that some are falling into, and in doing so they are falling away from Jesus altogether – they decide that he was not the Messiah, and become Jewish, and lose their salvation.

Now I am not saying that Jews won’t be saved – they will know Yeshua when He returns, and God isn’t going to allow anyone He has chosen to not see that – I feel sure of that.

The issue is this – my experience tells me that Yeshua IS the Messiah, and I worry that it’s the very lack of prayer and experience of God through the powerful name of Jesus, that has caused some Messianics to fall away. They simply have not experienced the power of His name.

When I have had times of darkness I have taken authority over demonic forces in Yeshua’s name and done so with success – they have stopped their actions against me in that moment and retreated. Now if there’s a legal right or a legal ground for them to do what they are doing, they will either carry on, or stop and then start again, but I have witnessed the power of Jesus’ name and the authority it confers on me as a believer – I know that God is real, and I have seen Him act. I am in relationship with God, and if you are in relationship with God, then knowing His son is a big part of that.

So what is messing up the faith of those who are falling away into Judaism?

I think it comes from churches which don’t encourage true relationship with God individually, but tend towards a Pastor or congregational style of leadership – if you aren’t taking the Word of God seriously, reading it yourself and asking God to speak to you through it, and if you’re not in daily communion with God – then you might be persuaded by ‘lack of evidence’ that Jesus was not the Son of God!

Orthodox Judaism and idolatry of Judaism. Controversial, maybe, but a LOT of Christians who get into the Law start to try to emulate the Jewish traditions with are not in the Torah, or which are exclusive to them – buying prayer shawls or saying shalom to everyone, or going to a synagogue – you will not find Jesus there, and as He is the door, and NO-ONE comes to the Father except through Him – well it’s not worth doing those things.

Orthodox Jews do not have it in their best interests to prove that Yeshua is the Messiah, do they? Of course not. If you want a more balanced view on Judaism and the Trinity, listen to Michael Heiser, who has studied the ancient manuscripts without an axe to grind. I have nothing against Jews remaining Jewish, but if they are wrong and you are following them, and not God, then that is unwise. I understand the counter argument, that if Jesus is not God then you shouldn’t be worshipping Him, that would be true, so worship God THROUGH Him – follow His example, and live the life of Christ – do His deeds, and walk in His footsteps (which means to do as He saw His Father in Heaven doing).

Praying to Jesus and other activities – I am not sure about this practice of praying TO Jesus – we are to pray through Him, yes? In His name. Can anyone point me to a scripture where Jesus points to Himself as to be worshipped or prayed to? I always see Him doing everything to point us to God the Father. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The main thing to realise is that Judaism doesn’t have the answers, any more than the Christian church with it’s pagan Easter and Christmas do. The answers are in the book – read the bible, and pray that God will reveal His truth to you through the Holy Spirit.

God Bless you


Why I don’t talk about God’s Law in church

I had a meeting recently with an Elder from my new church. Lovely chap. I had been very careful before he came, to pray to God and I asked Him to make sure I didn’t say anything He didn’t want me to say, and I asked that He would help me to glorify Him.

I didn’t know if the subject of my love of the law would come up, but it did, and I explained carefully and kept it brief. The Elder’s reaction was pretty usual (in fact you can see an example from a commenter on this post: Link) – it was to ask about clothes of more than one thread.

I very simply replied that it’s not doable – that I’d looked into it, and I couldn’t find a way to do it. However, I said that I accept it as part of God’s Law, and wish I could do it.

After he’d left, saying he’d invite me over for Sunday lunch (which he has, so I’m not a total pariah!) I expected to tear apart my words to him – I usually do. I so often second-guess things I’ve said, and worry that I’ve said the wrong thing. But I didn’t – in fact I felt an overwhelming sense of love for God, and a real inner peace.

The vital thing for me, though, is that I did say to the Elder that I won’t discuss my beliefs in church – I said that I’ve not come to do that. I have a few reasons and I want to share them with you – I hope they’ll help you in your walk, if you’ve come across this issue and aren’t sure what to do.

  1. I’m a woman and it’s not my role to teach, but to support – in this way it was important to share what I know with the Elder, and I certainly would say the same to the Pasor, but not outside the leadership. If there is relevance to that congregation from my words and views, it should come from the mouth of the Pastor and leadership, not out of my mouth.
  2. If I were to speak about it to anyone there within the congregation it could cause them to fall away – it’s so easy when someone is hurt by the leadership in a church (that church or a previous one) to grab onto one ‘error’ they percieve in that church and then satan comes in and divides them from the flock – he gets them alone and then…
  3. There is no real leadership in the so-called ‘Hebrew Roots’ movement – in fact what there is seems to be somewhat ‘predatory’ in that I have heard (from Mary Lou Lake) that witches have infiltrated the Hebrew Roots movement in Missouri. I have written also before about those who are being drawn away from Christ by Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who are then converting them to Judaism – and they no longer believe the Messiah has come! This is a huge problem, and just because I haven’t made that error doesn’t mean anything good about me! We are all vulnerable to error!
  4. I might be judged by them – actually that one doesn’t bother me so much, it’s more that a brief coversation can never reveal the deep reasoning behind my decision to follow God in this way, and there isn’t enough time to explain, and nor is it my role to explain (see point 1!)

Keeping quiet in this way is always a difficult line to draw – it really is. But I believe in the church leadership system in churches, and until or unless they themselves are convicted as I have been, it serves no purpose to speak out – it will only serve division.

What are your views? Maybe you have a church where you are in agreement, mostly – but if not, how do you cope with believing things different to the rest of your brothers and sisters? Perhaps you have a very different experience. Leave a comment and let me know!

God Bless you


Why non-Christians ‘hate’ Christians

Now, I’ve put ‘hate’ in quotes there, because as you’ll see this isn’t real hatred. It’s not because of what we stand for, it’s something much more fundamental, and I’ll explain this from my own experience.

There was a time in my life where I was very New Agey in outlook. I really bought into all that ‘self empowerment’ stuff, and worked hard at it. The thing was it just didn’t work for me. Everything I tried, well, I got no results. But I was not happy and not well, and I knew that I couldn’t live like that, and one day, in desperation, I prayed to God in Jesus’ name, and He answered my prayer immediately. It was a real ‘kapow’ moment! My life was changed there and then, because I was profoundly moved by the experience. I was also, however, rather bothered by what I had just found out.

You see when you discover that God is real, you have no choice but to follow Him, to believe in Him and try to do His will. This can mean accepting things you really didn’t want to before.

In fact I really didn’t want to be a Christian – I really didn’t – that word, well, it made me cringe. I saw Christians as being self-righteous, I saw them as at best inflexible, and at worst, potential tyrants! I felt a deep physical cringing when I thought about them, or when faced with their views. I didn’t know my bible, I didn’t know God well – we’d just met as far as I was aware. So I started off walking MY walk with God.

You can imagine that didn’t last long – God has His ways, doesn’t He?

But what I want to bring across to you is that sinners feel the demonic clutches of the devil and cringe when they are faced with Christianity. When steeped in sin, humans find such goodness repellant. There are so many out there who would like to attribute the goodness you find in the family of God to some other, less pure, motive.

We know it is the work of the Holy Spirit, who brings us into all knowledge – and Yeshua, the perfector of our faith! But when lost in sin, those things are just like anti-matter – people can’t cope with it.

I remember the feeling so well I wanted to share it with you. I think it’s important to realise that the reaction we get is a reaction to Yeshua, and the reaction comes from oppressing spirits who HAVE that person in BONDAGE to sin.

I was in bondage to sin – and it’s taken time, and God has been patient with me, mapping out the route, and preparing the ground for me to walk away from sin. Step by step He has set me free!

I’m glad to say that that initial discomfort didn’t last long, even if some of my sins and strongholds persisted. I hope that if you’re a non-Christian reading this you’ll take heart – God loves you, and wants you – call upon Him and be saved from the evils of this world. Then comes the journey of a lifetime, and one I can’t recommend highly enough to you. As a former New Ager, I can tell you that this journey is the real deal, not some foolish attempt to raise mankind to godhood. This is all God’s work – I can claim no credit for the transformation He has wrought in me, and which still continues to this day.

At the moment He is still healing me, He is teaching me. He is protecting me, and He is nurturing me. Not everything is where is needs to be for me to be comfortable, but each step is a step forward.

So for any of you out there who feel that deep aversion to Christianity, look at the devil as the likely cause – he has you in his grip, and yet the arms you need to be in are those of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Amen to that!

God Bless you