Brexit: A vote for Farage is a vote for Corbyn

Britain is going back to the polls – again. Only this time to deal with the remainer MPs who have blocked the will of the people by preventing an orderly exit from the EU which we voted for in 2016. On December 12th, this country will either give Boris a majority which he can use to get his Brexit deal through (read: not actual Brexit), or will have handed this country to Jeremy Corbyn by giving their vote to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. And the elites know it!

If my faith was not quite so strong (and remember that if the bullets are whistling past your head, you’re safe – even if you have white knuckles!), my head would be in my hands over this latest attempt by the elites to subvert Brexit and bring this country into chaos. What would suit the elites more than a socialist (read: Marxist) government under Corbyn? After all, their plan, which they have revealed for all to see is global communism under the United Nations Agenda 21/2030! But don’t get me wrong, Jeremy Corbyn is a man I have areas of agreement with, but that doesn’t mean I want him and his crazy pack of wealth-destroying piranhas in power. And of course, Brexit would be ever further from completion.

I have also said that I will not vote – I’ve changed my mind about voting in this last year, because I cannot reconcile the idea of giving a mandate to a local person to make law on my behalf, with my beloved God who says that we are not to add, nor diminish, anything from his Law! Read more: The UK’s political situation is worthy of comment

So I will be sitting this one out, and praying to my God for mercy. This nation is about to either get what it asked for (be careful what you ask for), or make the biggest voting mistake in a Jubilee cycle.

Make NO mistake, a vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is a vote for Cobyn. Unless Farage and Johnson agree to place candidates strategically, this statement is true. Tactical voting is required to keep us from the grip of a Marxist nightmare – a Marxist nightmare which the elites want for all the world.

May God have mercy on us all.


Boris Johnson’s dangerous game. The elite’s plan?

What could be better than consolidating the Brexit stance of the government than by throwing another general election? I mean, Johnson’s government lost its majority yesterday, so now the door is open to chaos. Boris is planning to get another general election in quickly before the Brexit leave date, but why?

The dangerous game he is playing is likely at this point to result in the total destruction of this country’s economy in short order. A Brexit Party and Conservative Party vote split could easily let Labout leader Jeremy Corbyn into power – a man whose followers are intent on a Marxist takeover of this country.

Brexit is going to be stopped by any means possible even if it means giving the country over for four years to the Marxists. This is the punishment beating either planned for or hoped for by the elites who would rather destroy everything than lose one ounce of their power to control us and take us towards their vile NWO.

Whilst this theatre continues, the public believes that their vote counts, that there is “hope” in someone (ANYONE!), rather than only in God.

The disappointment that people rightly feel regarding this fiasco is as nothing to how they will feel when they know the plans of the left to reduce us all to poverty. The plans of the elites are exactly the same as the plans of the left – oppression and total control. Why wouldn’t they do this?

May God have mercy on us all.

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No halo for Boris?

I’ve talked a lot in the past about the subliminal halos which the press photographers love to give to those they want us to place our trust in. It’s not a coincidence because the angles of these pictures are often really hard to create without effort. For example:


merkel crowned

What an odd photo – and yes, it looks even more like a crown…

So today I saw an interesting photo of Boris Johnson:

Boris Johnson non halo

His hair is lit like a halo, and the rounded cornered rectangle is almost like a speech bubble. Note, he is still the favourite to take the Tory leadership. Where he’s going to take it I dread to think, but take it he probably will…

I thought I’d go and look and see what other images of Boris are like. Has he ever been given a halo? Not really, but the images are interesting none the less:

Boris 2

A crown of golden filaments!

Boris 3

Looking very serious, his golden hair is lit up again. Of course it would naturally catch the light, but the placement looks quite deliberate.

Boris 5

Golden-haired Boris misses a halo, but this is an interesting image nonetheless – he is portrayed as powerful, almost as though he has the sun in his hands.

Boris 6

Finally (and there were so many similar photos out there) this is blond buffoon Boris.

What kind of leader will he be? It’s a good question. He will not be like that other great blond, Mr Trump. Trump is a man in control – a man of positive speech and statesmanship (whether you believe he’s done what he said he’d do, or not). Boris is not going to be like that – he’s not good enough to be leader of the Tories and certainly not Prime Minister of the UK.

But if you want to destroy the country by bringing in a Corbyn goverment, you couldn’t have a better match than a Bo-Jo Prime Ministership.

God Bless you


Now…. don’t laugh

Really. We can’t help it, we are ruled over by evil people, hidden behind the scenes. I ask you to bear with us as we try to get our country back from these scumbags.

Here we have Toxic Tessie our new PM:

that's how we feel about theresa may.jpg
Yes, Theresa, we know that feeling well….

And here’s your first stop contact for all foreign counties, our new Foreign Secretary, Boris ‘Buffoon’ Johnson

buffoon boris
Yes…. really

It’s rather sad. I have to say on a serious note that appointing Boris as Foreign Secretary is designed to reduce our standing in the world, in order to persuade us all to scuttle back into the EU before we’ve even managed to leave.

Perhaps I’m too cynical….

Nah, that’s not possible in this circus!

God Bless you


“Brexit” MPs chosen by the hidden hand?

It’s the only conclusion I can come to when faced with the inept bunch that have come forward to ‘front’ the OUT compaign.

I believe all right-thinking British people know that being in the EU is destroying this country. From the rights of other Europeans from poorer EU countries to come here for free NHS treatment, to the rights of Europeans working in the UK to claim child benefit for children not even resident in the UK, everything within the EU ‘Soviet’ has been set up to destroy prosperous countries like the UK once was.

So it’s interesting that the bunch of MPs fronting the OUT campaign should be some of the most hated and out-of-touch with Britain MPs of the last decade.

Brexit cabinet.jpg

Michael Gove – he’s been pictured looking very silly – with a daft expression on his face. Iain Duncan-Smith – a truly disliked man who brought in the failing Universal Credit, which has caused many difficulties for those in poverty. And here’s the ‘delightful’ Boris Johnson – the Daily Mail depicts him in all his glory – again weird expression on his face:


It doesn’t help that Boris is always considered to be a clown and a buffoon – even though he’s highly intelligent (he doesn’t carry that intelligence into his appearance, it must be said).

Then there’s the lies from the IN camp – all the fear-mongering about all the horrible things that will happen if we leave the EU – I’m not even going to bother to list them.

So we have, I believe, a psyop – a psychological opperation, designed with staying in the EU in mind.

Fear mongering what will happen if we leave the EU, and presenting the opposition – the OUT campaign as buffoons at every turn.

I think this is the only quote you need:

lenin quote.jpg

We’re being played. Don’t fall for it – vote OUT!

God Bless you