Don’t mention the war (on whites)!

There’s a real and genuine conspiracy going on, and heaven forfend if you notice it, and question the weirdness of continually being bombarded with images of black and white mixed race couples on random articles. It’s rare to see anyone question it in the comments, so I was pleased to see someone even notice it.

This was the article: (Link)

misceg 4.jpg

It’s also noticeable that this couple are NOT in a bed at all. No matter – they have the right colouring to be “right on” with the Marxists in charge.

Here is the top comment: (note the comments are NOT moderated)

top comment misceg.jpg

That comment got a lot of replies. Some accused her/him of being racist. Many also agreed these images are all too common, and you’ll notice the first reply correctly identifies this as a Marxist affirmative action goal. I tried to add (carefully, using spaces in between the letters to avoid filters): “K a l e r g i Plan. Look it up”

It didn’t appear. I tried again. “K a l e r g i  P l a n – look it up”

It also didn’t appear. This means that the Daily Mail has set up a filter for that word (including spaces). This shows their complicity! Within the comments on their articles we must not notice the actual conspiracy – the war on whites – we must not raise it and we cannot name it: The Kalergi Plan.

That it is real and is happening is no longer up for debate. In fact it’s so in our faces now that we can be sure they really think we’re utterly stupid and a bit more miscegenation propaganda won’t go amiss.

May God help us – and may He forgive us for all the ways in which we have allowed satan to lead us astray and away from His law.

God Bless you


Genocide by white feminism and female “empowerment”


I saw this headline today, and unlike the usual stories in the Daily Mail where there seems to be a lot of interest in couples, for example, but only if they are mixed race (promoting the Kalergi Plan) this one was different. This one was about the women who are going to save the world by not having kids (even though they want to).

And three out of four of them are white.

Because whites breeding (in spite of being the smallest race on earth) is just something the MSM and their masters don’t want to encourage. I quote:

Oonagh Dalgliesh is the first to admit she feels broody. She is enchanted by the idea of watching a baby grow up, of marvelling at that first crooked smile, those tentative first steps and the fledgling attempts at independence that melt most mothers’ hearts.

Even so, she has decided she will never experience the joy of discovering she is pregnant.

At 32, Oonagh is certainly of child-bearing age. With a well-paid job as an events manager, she is financially solvent. And for the past year, she has been in a serious relationship with a man who is longing to become a dad.

So what has prompted this momentous decision? Put simply? Her desire to save the planet.

‘Humans are the greatest single driver of climate change and greenhouse gas contributions, of deforestation and the acidity of the oceans,’ she explains earnestly.

‘The only thing that will fix these problems is to have fewer people on the planet. I don’t see it’s justified to make more people than we already have. Yes, I have a maternal instinct, but I will never change my mind.’


So she is dating a man who wants kids, but won’t consider his needs or wants? Yeah.

She’s an empowered female. She thinks it’s her decision, but really it’s a decision which has been forged in the false narratives she’s read and believed. The elites would be so proud to read this piece – their lies and propaganda have infiltrated the very minds they want to destroy – the minds of white people. Because it’s not just her life she’s ruining, it’s her partner’s too.

When the Daily Mail depicts relationships it depicts race mixing:

promoting misc.jpg
Promoting miscegenation – the Daily Mail

People who sleep eight hours have more orgasmic sex | Daily Mail Online

and when they depict childless women in a manufactured “positive light” they are white. The genocide of whites is a real plan – it’s the Kalergi Plan.

Feminism was the first step – emboldening women to go and get their own jobs (become tax payers), and have their own money (emasculate their husbands), become consumers of goods designed and sold to them (creating a waste crisis – Read: I need to write about soap dishes) and even in the midst of this they were dissatisfied. Do you think Eve was satisfied? Not once she’d been presented with forbidden fruit.

Next came free love (promiscuity) and the promotion of homosexuality for men (“What harm can it do?”), and then abortion (“healthcare”) and then divorce. Each step played out in their front rooms for them to absorb and internalise – watching the Hollywood lies and feeling ever more dissatisfied with their lot. It became more and more about Me Me Me! The narcissism this engendered in women is something which has had far-reaching consequences for the following generations. Divorce became inevitable, and women wanted freedom. They broke their homes – their children becoming more and more incapable of maintaining their own relationships as a consequence.

Now it’s transgenderism in children (manifesting the mother’s narcissism), and the supposed ecological crisis of “climate change”.

Women are easily persuaded into the most foolish of beliefs by appeals to their feelings, their emotions. It’s not rational, it’s not sensible and it’s deeply destructive.

Bit by bit women have led a march – a march into absolute slavery. How far contrary to God have we walked?

We have walked so far from God that in my country you dare not open your mouth to criticise what is obviously wrong. We have 900 police in London looking out for hate crimes on social media whilst machete gangs roam the streets mugging, wounding, stabbing and killing innocent people. The crime crisis is there for a reason too – because multiculturalism DOESN’T WORK! But we got that through female empowerment too.

Tragically in all this the people who have lost out most of all are, you guessed it, women.

Because giving in to our whims has only temporarily sated out need to not feel dissatisfied, we are easily persuaded to feel dissatisfied all over again over something else. We have also lost the ability to get and keep a man – many women are so battered and bruised from dating that they are almost incapable of romantic love past the age of 35. We’ve gone about getting that which is most fulfilling the wrong way. We ignored God’s way, and did it “our” way – which is really satan’s way. In the process we have destroyed men, masculinity and the next generation.

Once upon a time we added our strength to our husband’s – we wanted to be the women of Proverbs 31! We knew our husbands should be respected, and they were our leaders (so we didn’t burn out with stress). We’ve made ourselves and our fellow men very unhappy indeed.

Satan is delighted, and even the church fails to stand against the wrongs done and promoted.


The destruction of the western world continues

What a weird media-created ideology we see in our society these days. We are being nudged by the media, by corporations and by our governments, and towards what exactly? These three articles were featured on the Daily Mail in the last few days – each one sends a prominent message to the person scrolling down the page. These are “important articles” – yet a familiar theme emerges:


What have we become? What are we intended to become, and who is behind this trend to destroy masculinity? If you click on the article link here, you can see it is not just white males getting this treatment. It’s easy to mock this and say it’s the exception – so why does the media shove it in our faces? They are normalising this weirdness for a reason.

wrong 2

This white couple welcomed their new cat with rather disturbing photo shoot. It made some folks laugh, and it made others very uncomfortable – what we can clearly recognise here, however, is the message: Pets NOT children. Pets are not your heritage. Pets are not the future of your family, let alone your race. This is disturbing for reasons these folks can’t even comprehend. (Link)

misceg 4

Why is this even news? That’s a good question – I believe it is “news” because the couple are mixed race. Mixed race couples are very popular ALL the time on the Daily Mail. Mum gets a haircut, and the next thing she’s on the front page of the Daily Mail? Nope, this can’t be right! (Link)

The western world, the western culture and the white race are being systematically destroyed. We aren’t even allowed to mention it though – this guy did (he’s Italian) and now it’s a “racism row”? For speaking the truth? (Link)

racisn italy.jpg

Whites must wake up before we can stand up – before we can decide to fight we must realise that the enemy isn’t the immigrant who is being foisted on us, and often onto our welfare system, but the leaders who have made the Kalergi Plan their agenda behind closed doors. No one voted for you, elites – we never said yes, and we’ve never consented to be genocided. We don’t want to dilute and destroy our racial heritage, anymore than blacks like Mohammed Ali, who was also against interracial marriage. Wise man!

Here’s a quote from another very wise black man:


We know why this is happening – it is a judgement of God upon us. Waking up isn’t enough, standing up isn’t enough, and fighting will get us nowhere without God on our side. The infiltration of our countries, our cultures and the education system by Marxists hell-bent on our destruction is the branch, but not the root. To strike at the root of this cultural malaise, we have to turn back to God.

God Bless you


What else goes with the promotion of miscegenation? The promotion of infidelity.

Black males are not known for their fidelity – a fact that many single parent households with a white mum and mixed-race babies can attest to.

white genocide2
This lady is a British white mum with all mixed race children, no father in their lives.

It’s just a fact, don’t get all cranky with me. The statistics speak for themselves. Whereas “non-black, non-hispanics” (a group the site says are 90% white) have a marriage rate of 90%, with blacks it is just 68%:

stats ethnicity

Yet another study shows that married black males have an infidelity rate of 33.6% (exceeded only by the Spaniards, for some bizarre reason!). Black women are not so unfaithful – in fact all women reported lower levels of infidelity (self-reported, I might add!):


So whilst blacks tend to marry less, they are also less faithful when they do than the average (unless you’re a Spaniard!).

Why is this important? Because the agenda is to mix the races and breed whites out completely. It’s called the Kalergi Plan.

Since the engagement of Prince Harry, the fifth in line to the throne, to a mixed-race American actress, the ante- has been well and truly upped! Miscegenation is everywhere. It’s in the Christmas promotions, and especially in the press. Today’s article was the prompt for me to put this all together – a few weeks of collecting random images and links which show the uptick in anti-white/anti-family attitudes.

Here is the thumbnail for the article. They are promoting the idea that we should adjust our expectations of marriage to include adultery (which is a sin unto death according to God!). It wouldn’t matter one iota if all the images here were of whites being unfaithful to one another, the sin is the one of adultery! The fact that miscegenation is thrown into the mix is just a sign that miscegenation is part of the overall agenda – and that the Kalergi Plan is a real thing (and a real threat to whites, who, throughout the centuries have been the source of civilisation wherever we have gone).


Hmmm. I quote [emphasis and notes added]:

Research shows that most people both expect romantic and sexual exclusivity to be in place very early in their relationships and that they denounce infidelity.

Interviews with newlyweds in the United States indicate that many people expect they and their partner will remain monogamous, despite admitting to having experienced a range of extramarital thoughts and behaviors already, such as flirting with another or feeling aroused in the presence of another.

All industrialized countries [White/Asian], even those purporting to have more tolerant beliefs around the importance of exclusivity, report that monogamy is the dominant pattern in their societies. [which is why they are successful!]

Despite strong universal disapproval of infidelity, and despite optimistic expectations, studies show that infidelity remains, year after year, the primary cause of relationship break-ups and divorce.

Is monogamy reasonable? Can we ever reconcile the improbability of spending a lifetime (also known as many years) with a partner without ever being drawn to another?

Can we admit that our partners might not meet all of our needs at all times? [note, these are SEXUAL needs, clearly] That we could experience attraction to another without a complete surrender of our rights to a loving and respectful relationship [rights????] or a wish to abandon our lives to race off with the other person? […]

Those who endorse alternative approaches — such as ‘consensual non-monogamy’ which allows for romantic or sexual relationships beyond the primary relationship, with the partner’s consent — argue that monogamous relationships are far less stable because people use jealousy, monitoring and suspicion as tools to hold their partners to this difficult standard. […]

A new viewpoint requires a willingness to supplant the fairytale — a belief (often cherished) that one person can forever meet all your emotional, romantic and sexual needs. (source)

Do you find this as repugnant as I do? The idea that being faithful (which is, let me be clear, being both faithful to your spouse, but also means being faithful to God), is now a redundant notion – something akin to a childish story which we need to let go of in order to have longer more successful relationships, simply doesn’t work! And it’s been proven not to work in civilisation after civilisation which have fallen due to the breakdown of marital exclusivity – leading to inevitable moral decline and the complete fall of a civilisation.

Well, Europe, it’s your turn now.

Miscegenation requires the change from fidelity to infidelity – it requires an adjustment in women’s expectations of a husband and father to their children together. Look at the woman at the top of the page – each fathered by men who are no longer in the picture, she lives off the state.

What are the elites doing in creating this burden on the working man and woman? Why? Well, to destroy.

You can’t fragment and destroy a society in only one way. You must fragment the people, you must create wars where there are none, you must exhaust the civilised people, and you must cause their women to breed the race out of existence either by choice, or by force (rape).

The white race is in trouble – the smallest race on earth.


If you take one look at the fate of South African whites post-apartheid, you will know what is coming, yet corporation after corporation is promoting miscegenation in this still-majority-white country. Dilute and Destroy is the name of the game.

Here is the latest crop of miscegenation propaganda from various websites where I found them.

sainsbury miscegenated christmas
Black father, miscegenated children.
matalan miscegenated Christmas
Miscegenated model.
Next miscegenated
Miscegenated model.
next miscegenated christmas
Same website, white mum, black father, miscegenated kids.

These were from three websites – Sainsbury’s, Matalan and Next. I didn’t even go looking anywhere else.

Now for recent press:

white genocide
From a DM article on dating.
miscegenation hollywood
Latest Hollywood promotion of miscegenation.

Lots of pics of happy miscegenated couples there in the above article, being used to promote this Kalergi Plan agenda, which is why I will finish by saying that, as you know if you follow this blog, nothing here is based on racism or hate – there is NOTHING wrong with a few people having mixed race marriages – it has happened for thousands of years! The issue is not race-mixing as a minority action, it is the PROMOTION of race mixing, which constitutes a genocide of whites.

When whites race mix, we disappear. Our children are black/asian etc. – they can not be white because our genes are recessive. Just as Jews do not support miscegenation for their own people, we need to stand firm against it’s promotion in our own. Brother Judah is wise to protect itself!

Sadly the destruction of our race isn’t just an accident of multiculturalism, it’s being touted as an end to the world’s problems:

whiteness racism
First sentence is: “Now I am become white, the destroyer of worlds”.

What is simply love when conducted between two individuals, becomes genocide when it is conducted by a greater and greater majority of us. The promotion of miscegenation is the act of hate, not the pointing of it out!

God Bless you


Episode 2 of where men are going wrong with women

I wrote a little while ago about the issue of narcissistic women and how narcissism is being inculcated into them by so-called “self-help” books. The writer of “You do You” is just one example, and then I went on to point out that men need to evaluate women on more than just looks.

Then a few days ago I saw this slightly crude tweet about the “taste” in women of Prince Harry, the fifth in line to the throne.


The comments beneath it just show exactly what I’m talking about. Here are a couple of them (please excuse the language some of these posters use, I am not condoning any of it).


This first one makes the elementary mistake of thinking that if the girl is more beautiful this should automatically mean that the man should have chosen her. Goodness knows what the personalities of these girls are like, let alone his new fiancée, but that will have been part of his decision making process if he is sensible!


markle 2

So her bedroom gymnastics are why he chose her? There were a lot of comments of this nature – and bearing in mind the followers of this account are almost all alt-right – guys, you are really screwing with yourselves if you think that if a girl has a proclivity for perverted, ungodly sexual activities that you should choose HER! Yuck!

Guys need to start taking seriously whether a woman has the qualities he needs in a helpmeet. Does she care about him, or always put herself first? Does she support his aims and plans in life, or does she carp and demand he earn a wage that pleases her desire for material goods? Does she want to be a mother and raise loving and civilised kids in a godly way? And of course, the biggie – does she love God more than she loves him?

Looks aren’t everything, and whatever I may think about picture-perfect Kalergi model, Meghan Markle, I don’t think she is lacking beauty! Many men would find her very beautiful. I am far more concerned about her because of the deep sense of unease I feel about her marrying into royalty, and the miscegenation propaganda this will foster amongst followers of the royals and the rest of society. I don’t get a good feeling about her at all, but to say this has anything to do with her looks, or that Harry should have chosen “the hot blonde” on the basis of her looks speaks to a lack of wisdom!


I’ll finish by saying that I often wonder if this attitude comes from the days when a King could marry a woman and really not have to listen to her thoughts, or her beliefs. The idea of the silent women, who just looks good, however, is just false, false, false! All throughout the bible women not only spoke, but also counselled and influenced their husbands! Not always for the better! Look at the story of Solomon, given the gift of wisdom, Solomon still ended up being lead astray by his many pagan wives.

Let that be a lesson to all men to look beyond beauty for a wife and life-partner!

God Bless you


How beauty standards “sold” to whites have prepared us for a miscegenated world

When whites and blacks (or any other race, it’s true with Chinese etc. too) have children together, the white person loses their genetic heritage – their children will appear to be of the race of their partner. We always lose in miscegenation. Miscegenation has been frowned on for centuries, and we retained our genetic diversity. Our real diversity lies in having blue, green, grey or brown eyes; having brown, blonde or red hair – and every shade in between! We are a truly beautiful and diverse race. This is not to speak negatively of other races, nor to say that all miscegenation should be outlawed – however, it should be discouraged rather than encouraged! I’ve written before about the Kalergi Plan, and also about the detrimental effect of miscegenation: “Dilute and Destroy”

Yet beauty trends for women for most of my adult life have been aimed at me and fellow white women. Bee-stung lips anyone? Remember that trend when it was restricted to a few rare and unusual models (who I believe were naturally that way)? Now many many white women indulge in this trend using toxic lip fillers and it’s both physically harmful, but also why are they doing this? They look far closer to the average black woman, than the average white! So who are they attracting? Who does this trend aim to make them attractive to?

kylie jenner.jpg
Kylie Jenner before and after lip fillers. Yuck!

Fake tan as also been a very popular trend for many years, and again why do we want to look like something we are not? Perhaps a light glow from real sun exposure – very nice, and why not, but chemicals in a can to make you look like you are made from 1970’s pine? Yuck (as my dear father would say). Combine the two, the lip fillers and the fake tan and you have a white woman who no longer looks entirely white.

Kim Kardashian who was already pretty olive skinned to begin with
fake tan
It just doesn’t look right!

But the latest trend which finally made all this fall into place for me was the bubble butt. Yes, you read that right – this is a “thing” now. Women – white women – exercising specifically to make their butts big and round. I am not joking – and I’ve seen a lot of before and after photos of these girls promoted in the likes of the Daily Mail.

bubble butt bottom
This is not natural for white women!
bubble butt
Cartoonish bubble butt!

When I saw these girls I realised that this was a deliberate trend aimed at making white women both more attractive to black men (not that we weren’t anyway), and to encourage us to look all far more like the products of miscegenation that our masters would like us to become or produce!

So let me just add that when I mean “deliberate” what I’m talking about is our enemy, our adversary, calling his people to create these trends, and our leaders to promote these policies of immigration to only white countries. I don’t believe that the graphic designer for my bank is someone who attends Bilderberger and is “in” on the plans to destroy Europe – no, but he’s getting his inspiration from somewhere, as do we all. If it’s not God then watch out!

This is the front page from my UK based bank today:

front page of my bank
Both appear to be products of miscegenation

These are a couple of images grabbed at random from Ebay a few months ago:

misc 1 ebay
Wife is miscegenated
misc 2 ebay
Mother white, miscegenated toddler and child in the back seat and black youth outside the car

The messages are clear for those who want to see them. The coffee coloured utopia that the left want is coming to Europe. Some of it will be by force – Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, and the rape capital of the world is South Africa. White women raped by blacks will carry that DNA, and we do not know what effect it could have should they ever decide to become mothers.

This is white genocide. Genocide is defined as:


Whites are under attack – backed into a corner by political correctness, that constitutes section (b). But (c) is what this miscegenation propaganda is designed to cause. Breeding whites out of existence is nothing short of genocide. Enabling and encouraging the mass immigration of blacks to Europe is genocide. (d) is covered by more media propaganda, aimed at delaying motherhood (until fertility is waning).

Beauty standards which promote a miscegenated look only increase the acceptance of the loss, the genocide, of our people. We must stand against these beauty standards, or we are helping our enemy destroy us.

God Bless you




Kalergi plan – advertised, yet ignored by the masses


This ought to put a few people off miscegenation, but I doubt it will!

This amuses me a little – I mean come on girls have you not figured out yet that black men often (very often) don’t hang around once the child arrives.

Just keep watching the press for ‘pro-miscegenation’ cues. Every Kardashian from the Mom downwards in age is busy dating a black guy. I think only one has not?

The Kalergi Plan is being slipped into your breakfast ‘news’paper. This is so that your daughters will want a b** b**** c*** – even though he’ll never be faithful to them…?

Are we really so asleep that we’ll let this happen to our beautiful race?

Read: Miscegenation – Dilute and Destroy

God Bless you


Hollywood ramps up miscegenation propaganda to the max

….and demonises South Africa in the same movie. It’s only a shame that the history has apparently been twisted to suit that narrative.

Ah, a love story! Who can resist? Kim and Kanye. Khloe and Lamar. Kylie and Tyga. All them Kardashian girls like, as my ex used to say ‘a big black c**k.’ Ahem! One would hope their love was pure, and sweet and based on their endearing personalities, but I don’t know any of them personally, so who am I to say. These girls are the vanguard of miscegenation propaganda. They aren’t alone – this lifetyle has been promoted everywhere, because it’s cool (no it is not, it’s white genocide). Please don’t get me wrong – one miscegenating couple here and there isn’t the problem. It’s when the whole modus opperandi of the social engineers and propagandists becomes the destruction of your own race – the smallest race on earth, well there I get a bit peeved. It’s not personal until (((Hollywood))) brings it to your door, emotively – pressing the agenda onto a young and impressionable (and let’s face it, largely ignorant) youth.

So, Hollywood is now, apparently, according to Mike Smith, working on a blockbuster movie about a love affair between Sir Seretsi Khama and his white English wife Ruth Williams – which you know is miscegenation propaganda to the max. Nothing like twisting an old story to create a villain of the piece to have hearts played like a stringed instrument, and hankies mopping tearful eyes at the INJUSTICE! of it all. Yes, more anti-white propaganda too! Bad, evil South Africa! Bad, evil apartheid! Never mind that it made a whole country work successfully! Hey, throw that idea away. We’re all equal – yeah, average IQ100 whites are ‘equal’ to average IQ70 blacks (in Africa, that is). You only have to see the violence and the distruction in South Africa now under Zuma to know that it’s NOT WORKING!

But I digress. Let me quote Mike Smith’s blog here:

I stopped going to the cinema about 10-15 years ago. One day I woke up and found that I just couldn’t stomach all this blatant, in your face, politically correct bullshit anymore. At the time the best movies on the circuit were animated ones and that says a lot about the quality of the crap that flowed from Hollywood.

Nevertheless, a while ago a read an article about a new film supposed to be released later this year about the love story of Botswana’s first president Sir Seretse Khama and his white English wife Ruth Williams.

New film tells explosive tale about late Botswanan President

The film will be called “A United Kingdom” and Seretse Khama will be played by British Actor, David Oyelowo and Ruth Williams will be played by Rosamunde Pike. The director is Amma Asante, the black British screenwriter and director.

I have not seen the movie yet, but judging from the write-up that it got it is going to be a major hit and they are already polishing several Oscars for it.

Problem is that every good story needs a villain and when there is none, well you just invent one.

And so it is in the case of the movie about Sir Seretse Khama and his wife Lady Ruth Williams.

The movie makers had to first find a villain and secondly find a way to take a slap at whites like they always do. They didn’t have to look very far or for very long, because of course right next door to Botswana was the evil empire of the White Apartheid regime…So evil was it that at the time of Botswana’s independence in 1966 more Tswanas were living and working in South Africa (800,000) than living and working in Botswana itself (500,000).

Nevertheless, the movie makes it out as if the white South African regime was about to launch Apartheid at the time, when in fact it was already instituted by the British who also created the three black homelands of Betschuanaland, Lesotho and Swaziland.

…And of course these evil white Afrikaners did not want a black guy married to a white women living just across the border from them. Bad PR for their crap ideology of Apartheid, see? So it caused a diplomatic crisis….whoooo!

Now get this. The NP of South Africa came to power in June 1948 winning the elections with a slight majority after a coalition with the Afrikaner Party. Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams met a year earlier in 1947 and got married in September of 1948.

So they, the evil white Afrikaans bastards of little South Africa who just came to power, pressured the Mighty British Empire to break up the relationship between Seretse and his wife to be.

Sorry, but the word “Bullshit” seems to drift past my brain.

Nevertheless, the story tellers want us to believe that…Not Seretse’s uncle or his own protesting family and tribe of the Bamangwato people who ostracized him; not the British who banned him from his own country for five years (changed to “indefinitely” after the Tories returned to power) and forced him to give up his claim as prince of his tribe. Not the Bishop of London, Dr William Wand, who refused to marry them and instructed the whole Anglican Church to do the same; Not her father George who threw Ruth out of the house for wanting to marry a black dude; Not her boss at Lloyds of London who offered her a transfer to New York or be sacked (which she took)…

…No…White Afrikaans South Africa, and of course evil Apartheid were the pigs in the story and are to blame. (Link)

Click the link above to read more.

At that, I have nothing more to say. We all know what is happening in South Africa right now. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that this hidden story that the (((media))) will not cover is at a tipping point and ready to explode at any minute into a absolute slaughter. Please keep praying for South Africa.

sa farm attacks.png

God Bless you


Miscegenation – Dilute and Destroy

I believe that the drive towards miscegenation by the likes of the Advertising agencies and Hollywood is a deliberate move towards white genocide. Truly – there can be no other plan because that is what it is. However, no-one seems to report on the other side. It’s not as if having biracial kids is good for a black father or mother either. It means to dilute their race, and in many ways their beauty. Look at these two people:

Dating Mating pic.png

They are both beautiful. To lose the beauty of the woman by diluting her ebony skin – what a shame! But to the man this relationship is genocide. His children will not be white – the white race dies with this kind of relationship.

dilute and destroy.jpg

This is a dilute and destroy strategy. Dilute the black race, destroy the white race. End up with people who have no cultural identity or affiliation – how perfect to push them around and create the culture you want now to foist on them – including the baubles of transgenderism, homosexuality and so much ‘freedom’ they can’t cope with it.

miscegenation 3.jpg

Dilute and destroy. It’s not diversity, it’s destruction. I’m not saying anything about individuals here – this isn’t about Joe Bloggs who wants to marry a beautiful black woman, that is an individual’s decision. I’m not proposing we ban miscegenation. I’m saying that this is now a deliberate policy to destroy the white race! We must not walk into what is essentially a trap.

Culturally now, the only people it is acceptable to insult openly are white men and ginger haired people…. This is the plan – destroy white masculinity, whilst portraying black men as sages. I kid you not – watch this video for some excellent examples:

This subtle, and not so subtle, attack on white males is designed to subliminally prepare women to find black men more attractive.

I often find myself questioning the ‘perfection’ – the uniform and regimented way all of the media move in synchronicity towards these goals. It’s hard to believe that all these people are ‘in’ on such a vast conspiracy. But they aren’t in on a human conspiracy, they are simply doing the natural bidding of their master, satan himself.

Finally, as a single woman, I really find it quite gobsmacking how many black men approach me on dating sites – Christian dating sites! Please beautiful black men find yourself a beautiful black woman and preserve your race undiluted. Be true to who God made you. I will do the same. God willing.

God Bless you