Smithsonian Lists Signs of ‘Whiteness’ You Should Be Aware of

Critical Race Theory (anti-white racism) is spreading throughout the halls of power in the USA.

I quote from the video below: “How in the world, can White Americans oppress people, if we don’t even have the power to stop things like this from being shared.”

We don’t have power – we are the scapegoats for a fake problem, the “solution” to which is new global anti-white-racist-communist purge.

If you don’t believe that we are the scapegoats, just look at this headline:

From wattsupwiththat (Link)

The anti-white hatred being promoted in the media (both mainstream and social media) every day, against the smallest race on earth, is criminal and evil. Here are just a few examples:

Beware – if you won’t take the knee, if you know history and recognise the prominent role Whites have had in building an amazing civilisation, you are going to become an enemy of the state.

And moreover, if you know what is happening in South Africa, where 1/3rd of the White population now lives in squatter camps, you will see that what happened there is what is now happening here.

It’s only a matter of time.

Get right with the LORD while you still have time – whichever race you are!

God Bless you


Censored by the Daily Mail again!


This time their algorithm prevented me from making an anti-racism comment on an article which had unmoderated comments. There’s no need to “moderate” when you can get your algorithm to do it for you, DM!

This was the article:


This guy terrified a white women to hysteria because she drove badly. Then he made T shirts of the incident, because she’d told him she has a black husband. He called her a “Karen” which is an anti-white racist meme. I commented:

Then I clicked to submit my comment:

But my account shows I’ve made no comments today:

Which word was it? Anti-white? The phrase anti-white racism? Goodness knows, but perhaps we should now assume that the Daily Mail is anti-white, and pro-racism (as long as it’s aimed at whites).

God Bless you


If this is an “outrage” what does that mean?

You do know it’s OK to be white, don’t you? We’re the smallest race on earth at just 6.5% of the world’s population. Our lives matter, but according to the hard left media and their goons at Burnley police, to say that white lives matter is tantamount to a crime (and believe me, if they can find anything to pin on these guys, they will).

Yes, they are “outraged”:


And in case you think this is a one off reaction, take a look at this tweet:

All lives do not matter, white lives do not matter – no only Marxist lives matter, because BLM is not about blacks, it’s using blacks to take down capitalism. That much is clear from the appalling reactions that black conservatives have had to their words in response to BLM. We are being tsunamied with lies in the media and on our television – obviously all lives matter!

But the “outrage” continues!

Oh dear:


I am not a one for honours, nor am I one for images, but come on! This is biblical!

In 2 Samuel 22:41 is read, as part of David’s song of deliverance:

You have also given me the necks of my enemies, So that I destroyed those who hated me.

2 Samuel 22:41 NKJV

We have GOT to stop this Marxist tide of FILTH before it’s too late – but how? Only repentence will deliver us, only humility before our God! Silence in the face of this evil will NOT quell it. But any words, any actions without God – without walking rightly with Him are USELESS!

To finish, I’m going to add Zachary Bauer’s latest video – he’s just started doing a series to rebut the recent piece by Wretched on the Hebrew Roots movement:

Please watch to the end – Zach makes it so clear, and puts it well. We only have to look around us to see that lawlessness has NOTHING to do with man’s laws – it’s God’s laws which matter.

God’s Laws Matter – maybe it’ll catch on!

God Bless you


Casual racism

Anti-white racism is casually thrown into the media without any level of concern at all. It’s also permitted on social media without censure. In fact it’s fine for anyone to insult white people on the basis of their skin colour. Yet we are the smallest race on earth – a true minority.

Here are a few examples which I’ve gathered over the last few months – I’m sharing them today because of Trevor Noah’s comments which got a prime spot on the Daily Mail homepage without any criticism at all. Whites are fair game…

Casual racism

casual racism 8

casual racism 7

casual racism 6

casual racism 5

casual racism 4

casual racism 3

casual racism 2

white supremacy


racism 101

racism starbucks


casual racism


racism is only by whites


The destruction of the western world continues

What a weird media-created ideology we see in our society these days. We are being nudged by the media, by corporations and by our governments, and towards what exactly? These three articles were featured on the Daily Mail in the last few days – each one sends a prominent message to the person scrolling down the page. These are “important articles” – yet a familiar theme emerges:


What have we become? What are we intended to become, and who is behind this trend to destroy masculinity? If you click on the article link here, you can see it is not just white males getting this treatment. It’s easy to mock this and say it’s the exception – so why does the media shove it in our faces? They are normalising this weirdness for a reason.

wrong 2

This white couple welcomed their new cat with rather disturbing photo shoot. It made some folks laugh, and it made others very uncomfortable – what we can clearly recognise here, however, is the message: Pets NOT children. Pets are not your heritage. Pets are not the future of your family, let alone your race. This is disturbing for reasons these folks can’t even comprehend. (Link)

misceg 4

Why is this even news? That’s a good question – I believe it is “news” because the couple are mixed race. Mixed race couples are very popular ALL the time on the Daily Mail. Mum gets a haircut, and the next thing she’s on the front page of the Daily Mail? Nope, this can’t be right! (Link)

The western world, the western culture and the white race are being systematically destroyed. We aren’t even allowed to mention it though – this guy did (he’s Italian) and now it’s a “racism row”? For speaking the truth? (Link)

racisn italy.jpg

Whites must wake up before we can stand up – before we can decide to fight we must realise that the enemy isn’t the immigrant who is being foisted on us, and often onto our welfare system, but the leaders who have made the Kalergi Plan their agenda behind closed doors. No one voted for you, elites – we never said yes, and we’ve never consented to be genocided. We don’t want to dilute and destroy our racial heritage, anymore than blacks like Mohammed Ali, who was also against interracial marriage. Wise man!

Here’s a quote from another very wise black man:


We know why this is happening – it is a judgement of God upon us. Waking up isn’t enough, standing up isn’t enough, and fighting will get us nowhere without God on our side. The infiltration of our countries, our cultures and the education system by Marxists hell-bent on our destruction is the branch, but not the root. To strike at the root of this cultural malaise, we have to turn back to God.

God Bless you


Black Lives Matter racism and violence spreads to the UK – policeman stabbed

I’m not going to cover this in-depth – after all, what is there to usefully say? This situation shouldn’t even be possible, but when you educate Blacks into a ‘chip-on-the-shoulder’ mentality, it is because you want to DISempower them in their own lives. If everything that is wrong with their lives is ‘whitey’s’ fault’ then they don’t even have to try! Sadly the facts are that Blacks generally have lower IQs and commit more crimes. I’m sorry that it’s the truth, but I’m not going to allow my compassion to turn into ‘enabling’ by saying that the police shouldn’t stop you or question you, or that they should treat you better than whites because of the colour of your skin. It’s not rocket science. That would be racism. Plain and simple. I say this without hate – I love all people, but I don’t love them so much that I want to coddle them with lies. After all, unlike so many Black activists who have been paid to do so, I am not being paid to lie to you. You feel victimised, then play by the rules of society and stop committing crime. The police will stop ‘harassing’ you if you do.

Right – here it is:

goodbye London b

The comments were very interesting, and I screengrabbed the first few to show you:

goodbye London

I hope you can read them OK.

Where has all this anti-white racism come from? It’s come from ‘social engineers’ who have a plan to cause mayhem. I’m pretty sure they know they can’t get us to go fight for Rothschild this time round. Let’s face it, how many of our youngsters are even fit enough to do that? No, this time, they’ll bring the war home. Yep – race war, or Holy war. Or both! The state will still take the goodies afterwards, and really the only vital thing that you need to know is that as long as you give up all your rights you’ll be completely safe! HAHAHAHAHA!

We can only say ‘It won’t work.’ We can only resist with both love (proper firm, teaching, compassionate love) and with the help of He who is within us, who is greater than he who is within the world.

Please pray for the end to this racism called Black Lives Matter – ALL LIVES MATTER!

God Bless you


Stefan Molyneux interviews Jared Taylor on Race – MUST SEE

This is the best discussion on race I have seen in a long time. I hope you will enoy listening to it. A race war is being machinated. This couldn’t happen if both sides were reasonable and intelligent. Sadly blacks are being used to do the bidding of the (((elites))). It’s not their fault, yet they of course have free will as do we all.

Keep praying!

God Bless you


Why major church says all whites are racist – ‘no matter what’


“The United Church of Christ caused a stir when its social-media associate wrote a post for the church’s blog recently that listed “10 ways you can actively reject your white privilege.”

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, was horrified that a mainline Protestant church would post something like that online.

“It’s wrong for the church to be doing this,” Peterson told WND. “I mean, the church, and this church in particular, has become a secular church. It’s not about God. It’s not about love. It’s not about salvation. It’s not about forgiveness and overcoming sin. It’s about hating white people and making them feel guilty.”

In addition to being a UCC social media associate, Marchae Grair, who authored the post, is the editor of New Sacred, the UCC blog at which she published her post. She began thus:

“White privilege. It’s the phrase bigots hate to hear and progressives love to denounce.

“If you are white and clicked on this blog, [you are] to be congratulated for naming your privilege, you can stop reading in a few characters.”

Naming your privilege is a good starting point, Grair explained, but it’s insufficient – white people, even guilty white liberals, must actively reject their white privilege so as to “dismantle white supremacy.” Grair addressed her list of “10 ways you can actively reject your white privilege” to her “anti-racism allies.”

After giving her white allies nine tips on how to be sensitive toward people of color, Grair’s 10th and final tip reads, “Recognize that you’re still racist. No matter what.”

She explained: “White people always benefit from institutionalized racism, no matter how anti-racist your ideologies may be. You can’t disconnect yourself completely from the racism from which you benefit, and recognizing that is a large step in rejecting white privilege.””

via Why major church says all whites are racist – ‘no matter what’

God Bless you


Racist blacks shoot themselves in the foot

I watched this little video yesterday with a deep sense of unease at the way that those writing (some of whom, it appeared, were white themselves) were bandying the word ‘white’ not as an adjective but as an insult – one even claiming that getting a gorilla shot to save your life was evidence of your ‘white privilege’ – oh yeah!

However, thank you Daily Mail, the headline reveals today that his parents are indeed black. (Link)

shot in the foot.jpg

Perhaps we should now point the finger at the feckless parents? Except were we to say that, and use the word ‘black’ as anything other than an adjective, we’d be hauled over the coals as racists.

The thought never crossed my mind either way when I saw the story, but the outcry provoked me to take a look, and this is what I found. I have a little smile on my face as I hope the SJW’s (social justice warriors) feel just a tad embarrassed today… just a tad….

God Bless you