Shunning religion makes countries “wealthier”

I put the word wealthier in quotes because it’s laughable to think that money matters in the grand scheme of things. However the article makes an interesting point, and I quote [emphasis added]:

Shunning religion can boost a country’s prosperity, a study has found.

Researchers at the universities of Bristol and Tennessee found that higher levels of secularism led to higher wealth and a greater tolerance for individual rights.

They examined output figures for 109 countries and the importance of religious faith in those states.

A modest increase in secularisation corresponded to an average £800 increase in output per head within a decade, a £2,000 increase in 20 years and a £4,000 increase within 30. 


Note that, output. This is not individual wealth, but the ability of staff to produce. They are more productive in irreligious societies, probably because they are paid better for more work. It doesn’t matter why, this looks very much like the elite’s dream. Productive drones with no concept of the life they should be living before an omnipotent God!

The article also contains this interesting statistic:

Between 1947 and 2001, belief in the divine declined by 33.6 per cent in Sweden, 19.9 per cent in Australia and 7.2 per cent in Canada, according to research by a Harvard academic.

This is the great falling away. I can’t remember whose talk I was listening to, possibly Dean Gotcher, and I heard the man say that at the early part of the twentieth century theologians really believed that the battle for hearts and minds (and souls) was almost won. Truly a great falling away has happened, and communism (and cultural Marxism) are to blame. These are satans beliefs. Tolerance. Hmmm. Tolerance – we don’t have to tolerate things of virtue, do we? Read more: Homosexuality – tolerance leads to suffering

I note from my other article which mentioned Dean Gotcher that the video has been taken down. Most frustrating. I will add one of his full talks here for you – these talks are worth your time, even more so if you are a parent or a grandparent. The way he explains the battle for young minds is vital for you to know.



Video masterpiece reveals the generosity of Christ anew

This video is an absolute masterpiece. From the music to the visuals to the lovely voiceover – everything within this video beyond it’s intro will give you a fresh view of what Christ did, knowing what would follow. Will’s videos are always interesting, but some are absolute masterpieces, and this is one. I recommend you watch it several times and share it please!

To watch another video of Will’s which really touched my heart, click here: Link

God Bless you


Men give CPR to a squirrel

Now, anyone who knows me well will know that I have a somewhat chequered history with squirrels and they ought to be relieved that guns aren’t legal in the UK, m’kay? But look at this cute little chap! He got himself electrocuted and they brought him back. Wonderful!

It’s so nice to put something under ths tag of “good news” once in a while!

God Bless you


What does a prophet do?

Vital viewing – you need to listen to this show. I watched it last year when it aired, and I thought I had shared it here, and was about to repost that post, but it appears I didn’t share it with you then, so here it is!

God Bless you


Lex Meyer talks about Torah and obeying God

Lex has a really useful channel on YouTube – as a man raised within the church he came to realise that what he had been taught was not scriptural and began to study more deeply into the scirptures. He started his UNLEARN channel to help to teach those in the church the truth of the bible.

God Bless you


Fastidiousness – can it prevent uncleanness from pets?

The more I look at this subject, the more I am convinced that there is an issue we need to look at as believers. I’m not sure it’s (thankfully) quite as bad as I had initially thought – careful examination of the scriptures leaves things pretty plain.

In Leviticus 11:27-28 we are told:

“Of all the animals that walk on all fours, those that walk on their paws are unclean for you; whoever touches their carcasses will be unclean till evening. Anyone who picks up their carcasses must wash their clothes, and they will be unclean till evening. These animals are unclean for you.”

The word for carcass is defined as an animal which has died. This must surely mean that touching a living one isn’t a problem. Obviously, as I’ve covered before, their hair falling in the frying pan cannot be good, however, nor into the precious unleavened bread!

Yet I will say that in my time I have known people who have pets who never have pet hair on their clothes, nor have I got up from their settee to find my bottom covered in pet hair. Having been brought up in a house with four cats, a cat on each bed was not unheard of, and one laying on the kitchen table or draped over the kitchen radiator was a common sight. I know myself that my house is still pretty hairy because of pets who are no longer here. When I hoover, there is still more to be found – under furniture etc. I am not very fastidious, clearly. Perhaps this is the issue!

We each must receive God’s will as we are readied for it. I am not your teacher – please go and read scripture – perhaps you will leave me a comment to correct me on this (bible based only please!).

But I keep being shown things like this video. This man with his thieving cat is putting his health at risk by consuming pet saliva! If the cat has eaten some of your food, you shouldn’t be eating the bit they spat on! Come on!

I love cats and dogs – I have not loved them less for having none. My concern is the position they have taken in our homes and hearts in this last 50-60 years. They have gone from being beneficial allies, protecting our homes from rodents and other threats, to being pampered pets who we have elevated to a degree which is unhealthy. I’ll give you an example – the other day I saw someone make a comment on social media saying that “Animals have more compassion than humans.” This is an obvious untruth, but it is part of the agenda of the devil to continually elevate nature above man, and to place us in a position of being wrong.

If we have animals as allies, and do not elevate them, and do not pamper them or end up eating their fur (or worse, as above), then I think this is absolutely fine. Keeping these things in their correct place, and reading scripture (and not reading INTO scripture) is important for us to do. We rely on God and His law, His mercy and His grace – we rely on Him to guide us. But if we refer to our pets as our “babies”, then we are no longer treating them as our natural allies, but as something which only a human should be.

couple dog.jpg
This couple, tired of being asked when they would have a baby, did a photoshoot with their dog instead.

Referring to that photo, only a baby should be treated as a baby!

But that is not an issue of clean or unclean, but an issue related to maturity and taking the gifts God has for us. Birth control and a dog is the reason Europe is being invaded.

So to answer the initial question, I think fastidiousness can prevent pets making us unclean. It’s a subject I will continue to study, although perhaps it would be better if I did the housework!

God Bless you