No halo for Boris?

I’ve talked a lot in the past about the subliminal halos which the press photographers love to give to those they want us to place our trust in. It’s not a coincidence because the angles of these pictures are often really hard to create without effort. For example:


merkel crowned

What an odd photo – and yes, it looks even more like a crown…

So today I saw an interesting photo of Boris Johnson:

Boris Johnson non halo

His hair is lit like a halo, and the rounded cornered rectangle is almost like a speech bubble. Note, he is still the favourite to take the Tory leadership. Where he’s going to take it I dread to think, but take it he probably will…

I thought I’d go and look and see what other images of Boris are like. Has he ever been given a halo? Not really, but the images are interesting none the less:

Boris 2

A crown of golden filaments!

Boris 3

Looking very serious, his golden hair is lit up again. Of course it would naturally catch the light, but the placement looks quite deliberate.

Boris 5

Golden-haired Boris misses a halo, but this is an interesting image nonetheless – he is portrayed as powerful, almost as though he has the sun in his hands.

Boris 6

Finally (and there were so many similar photos out there) this is blond buffoon Boris.

What kind of leader will he be? It’s a good question. He will not be like that other great blond, Mr Trump. Trump is a man in control – a man of positive speech and statesmanship (whether you believe he’s done what he said he’d do, or not). Boris is not going to be like that – he’s not good enough to be leader of the Tories and certainly not Prime Minister of the UK.

But if you want to destroy the country by bringing in a Corbyn goverment, you couldn’t have a better match than a Bo-Jo Prime Ministership.

God Bless you


Theresa May departs as Prime Minister, and some more words on voting…

I said a prayer for Theresa May today – I caught a glimpse of her tears and I felt so sorry for her. Not because she has been wronged – she’s done a terrible job of Brexit, and I think deliberately so between her and Angela Merkel. Not because of that but because she is human, and therefore this is painful, and her tears show her humanity even if her policies have been terrible for the people of this country. I prayed that God would protect her from all the bile and vitiol which is being sent her way, and that He would protect her body, soul and spirit with regards particularly to her physical health (she has Type 1 Diabetes) and her mental health.

The European election results are not even in yet, and the country faces the prospect of Theresa May leaving office, and being replaced by Boris Johnson who is a clown. I think it most likely that the turmoil will continue for some time. Just how many seats will the Brexit Party have won? We should know on Sunday.

But of course, I didn’t vote yesterday, just as I said I wouldn’t. The more I look at it the clearer it becomes:

If I vote, I am giving my permission to the winner of the vote to make law on my behalf in complete contravention of God’s word, specifically Deuteronomy 4:2:

You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God that I command you. [ESV]

If I say OK to that then I am complicit in the violation of God’s Law in my country – only one is lawgiver!

There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? James 4:12 ESV

Praise God!

For the LORD is our judge; the LORD is our lawgiver; the LORD is our king; he will save us. Isaiah 33:22 ESV

Politics is the subversion of the Law of Moses for ends which most of us know are not good. Let us return to the LORD!

God Bless you



It seems that Britain and the other lapdog lynchmob members jumped the gun a bit on the Skripal case. Just as I suspected, there was no evidence. Evidence isn’t necessary, it seems, when the only plan is to create chaos and cause an international incident.


Jeremy Corbyn has been proven correct – how annoying is that?! Never mind, let’s use the unacceptable face of Labour (Diane Abbott) as his defence. That’s sure to rile up the Brits!


And the Foreign Office is now deleting the tweets in which is was so very sure they had the right country in their sights (literally).

This is one of them:



Whoops apocalypse, more like.

Laughable government – treasonous towards its own people! How dare they cause harm to our international standing in this way?! What Theresa May has done has set back relations with Russia by decades, and for what? For nothing – no evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement, and as Putin has said before, England is not a safe place for Russians in exile, as they only die here!

If you want to know more, and understand better this case, I recommend the UK Column’s coverage of the issue – this episode in particular:

As Britain becomes a laughing stock for this inept investigation (in contravention of international law), it will pay to be up to date on how things progress. The Russians still want the truth to come out – as do we all.


God Bless you


Lapdogs of the elites expel Russian “spies”

Nobody likes Russia, apparently. Oh dear. Russia is now to be treated like a pariah. And those whom the elites control are going to make very sure that Russia knows it’s in trouble (for what? There’s still no evidence, people!).

elites turn on putin.jpg

Evidence? Theresa May don’t need your stinking evidence! Lies are quite enough for her to do her job to the satisfaction of her real masters (not you and I).

I hope and pray that Putin will handle this like the bear of a man that he is. He may have wandered into a hornet’s nest, but bears don’t worry about a few little pricks.

Lastly, I will note – this will not be WWIII. If you want to know what WWIII will look like, you need to read this: Albert Pike’s Three World Wars

I don’t think the elites are likely to change their plans.

I am keeping Russia in my prayers.

God Bless you


Theresa May, warmonger?

I don’t know how you feel about the UK threatening to launch a cyber attack on the Russians (without any evidence to back up their theory that Russia launched an attack on British soil). I for one am heartily fed up with the posturing and anti-Russian rhetoric in the press. They are busy poking the Russian bear on the instructions of Rothschild and his vile cronies. Why? Because Russia is not toeing the line when it comes to debt-based money. They want to have a gold-backed ruble, not a debt-based Rothschild ruble. They want their pipeline through Syria, and have defended it against western backed, funded (and possibly trained?) terrorists!

The anti-Russian propaganda is outrageous!

war propaganda.jpg

It is also annoying to find myself in agreement with Jeremy Corbyn (a Marxist) who is calling for talks with Putin over the Skripal case). Of course the press paint him as “shameful” for not wanting WWIII!


The media have lied again and again, and now we have this so-called Russian attack on British soil aimed at killing a former spy living in Britain. Rather this very, very dodgy case has shown that (having happened near our very own chemical weapons facility at Porton Down) the UK secret services might have done it themselves just to frame Russia? Think the British establishment wouldn’t do such a thing? Then you are naive and need to pay more attention to the false flags going on around us.

The UK is as dirty handed as they come when it comes to policies and actions. From the vivisection of the unsuspecting public for their organs, to the deaths of the poor, unemployed and disabled, this government has shown themselves to be utterly callous towards their own people. If they can treat fellow Brits like that just image what they would do to a Russian on British soil to please their true masters?

Politics is a dirty game full of corruption. Now Theresa May is threatening Russia with a cyber attack in retaliation for an “attack” we have no evidence was even carried out, let alone by Russia! Note that the advice to unsuspecting members of the public in the area at the time was “wash your clothes” or double bag them (and presumably dispose of them) if they are dry-clean only. Then they said that merely wiping your smart phone with a baby-wipe would make it clean. Really?

Nothing about this adds up, but the continued anti-Russian media coverage is a well-orchestrated attack on our brothers and sisters in Russia. Whites should not be fighting each other.

DOV0laXW0AE0S-K.jpg large.jpg

No more brother wars! Say NO to war!

God Bless you


Irony after irony – a news round-up!

Turn the irony dial up to 11, please! This is unbelievable.

Yesterday thousands of Americans took to the streets to stand against sharia law. They have the right to protest, no? Of course, they do!

Anti-fa protesters say these marches were really anti-muslim, and so got into some serious scuffles with the anti-sharia protesters. These placards should tell you everything you need to know about the future of America if it does not turn back to God FULLY!


Firstly, I’ll address the irony (which indeed is not even funny) of anti-fa coming out to attack, and thus silence free speech, which is their aim. How very… fascist… of them!

In amongst the protesters there were homosexuals who were standing against sharia because they, rightly, fear for their lives under sharia law. Anti-fa apparently didn’t want their gay leftist chums to live after all?!


But the ultimate irony, for me, is that America and Europe are about to be subsumed by a tide of sharia because it is God’s judgement on a lawless generation.

Most ironic image of the whole article:


Please note that ‘Liberty’ is really semiramis (Libertas of the Romans). So here we have ‘Liberty’ supporting a woman who under muslim rule would have to cover. No liberty for her, huh? Yes, but muslims have the RIGHT to CHOOSE to be oppressed! (No, because if they leave islam, they are apostates, and can be killed). Different God to ours – and the world (and a lot of Christians) just don’t get it!.

Secondly, I also note that Justin Welby, our Archbishop of Canterbury, has rebuked African bishops for consecrating a new traditionalist bishop in the wake of Scotland’s Episcopal church’s decision to allow gay marriage in their churches. THIS – THIS, people, is the great apostasy. The last remnants of churches who clung, hypocritically, to a few laws like ‘homosexuality is a sin’ are now releasing themselves entirely from God’s Law, whilst still claiming they belong to God. It is an affront.

Justin Welby’s comment:

“Welby said in his letter to Anglican leaders across the 80 million-strong worldwide Communion that there was no need for a missionary bishop in the Church of England because worshippers could already express a range of views.”

So, in Welby’s view the sheep don’t need a shepherd at all – they can perfectly well make up their own minds what to believe. Frankly, no wonder so few of us are in any church whatsoever!

And in a finally irony – oh this one should have you clapping your hands with an ounce, at least, of joy. Our lame-duck Prime Minister, Theresa May, is having her government shored up by what the world calls “BIGOTS”! Yay!

Yes, the DUP – Ireland’s Christian party, started by blood and thunder preacher, Ian Paisley, is now Theresa’s only hope to form a government. This would be like your lovely Mr Trump retaining his government with the help of Westboro Baptist Church (in the eyes of the world, at least). Can you see how the left are going to riot over this? I mean actual bible believing Christians, holding the balance of power in Westminster? Goodness me – we must be back in the dark ages, say many!

So I take this last irony as hope – if Theresa May can form a coalition government with the DUP then we may get a few things which we want through government. The DUP has never been in a better position to press for reform. Of course the people don’t want this, and will rebel against it. The likely scenario is that Theresa May will be ousted. Which will, ironically, mean that yet again we are to be governed by a leader we didn’t vote for. It is also risky for the Tories (conservatives) because Labour are ready and willing to form a minority government too.

It is very unlikely this government can last. So look out for an election re-run (this last one cost, I believe £143,000,000) in the next few months.

On one final serious note. PRAY!

God says in 2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

We must turn back from lawlessness. We must return to God as a people, with our whole heart if we are to receive His protection, His love, and His blessings.

God Bless you


UK General Election 2017

I am happy to announce that Theresa May – Britain’s worst Prime Minister to date – has blown her majority. Her gamble – that the electorate would give her a bigger majority on the back of our desire for Brexit, has backfired. In fact I suspect that was the plan all along. Why do I say that? British Armed Forces continue to be more and more closely integrated into Europe, despite Article 50 having been triggered. Those in the know suspected that she had no intention of us leaving the EU – perhaps they were right. For me, knowing the manifesto commitments of both Conservative and Labour parties, I am glad neither has power. Watch out for another election (or a coalition) very shortly!

For many who voted for Corbyn – a true Socialist (Marxist!) if ever there was one – the most painful issue of the greatest concern was the state of our health service.

The NHS has been funded ‘at record levels’ according to the conservatives, while in real terms it’s receiving less than a third of the funding per person than it was in the 1970s. Out of that also comes payments for privately built PPI hospitals, which have turned out to be a massive cash-cow for those who built them, and leased them to the state. I have heard of hospitals being forced to pay over £600 to get a lightbulb changed! It’s in the contract!

So why do I mention the NHS? Because I want you to listen to this interview that Brian Gerrish has done with a whistleblower on how the NHS is killing our elderly. I’ve written before about the Liverpool ‘Care’ Pathway (which was supposedly banned). No, it still continues, and patients are dying under very worrying conditions. This interview will leave you with more questions than answers – is funding the real issue? Does the NHS need an injection of cash, or compassion? Where is the care for the sick and elderly.

Please listen and share with everyone you know – particularly if they are in the UK. We have bigger problems than just who is in charge, or how much tax we pay – we have a crisis of CARE – which must, surely, be a spiritual problem.

God Bless you