I wanted to put a page together where I can link to great resources for information so that you don’t have to search all the archives to find things. I’ll try to update this as I can. Not every resource here is a Christian site – I do not endorse views presented on any site which are not Christian views, but in the interests of providing information which is vital for health, for example, I feel it necessary to give links which are going to support your health while you and God work on your faith!

I hope these links are helpful

God Bless you

Lis – this website, run by a very dedicated guy called John, is a mine of useful information. For all health issues, and for much of the conspiracy stuff you might want to research, this website is for you. He is anti-religion, and tends towards a New Age viewpoint, so exercise care and pray for discernment when reading any material there. However, the information presented is presented sincerely and honestly, even if you disagree with it! – this site is written in the main by the public and shares their successes and failures in home treating illnesses, what worked for them, what didn’t and any side-effects they noted. You can go there and ask for help and advice from their readers, and you can contribute your experiences with home remedies that worked for you. There is also useful information regarding home remedies for pets. – this site has daily inspiration from the bible base on the promises of God contained within it. It can be a wonderful pick me up on difficult days, and you can also set the beautiful images used as your desktop background. – this site is a UK based online news source with a daily news show during the week. They cover all that the mainstream don’t want to cover. They are also linked to the which is campaigning for government and legal reform within the UK based on personal sovereignty. Please support these organisations, and get involved if you can. – this site is a treasure trove of information which will help you defeat the enemy. There is a huge amount there from Gene and Earline Moody, which is really useful.Whatever you know about deliverance, and whatever your views, you will be challenged and learn something new!