Siener van Rensburg’s Prophecy for England

You can watch the whole series, read chapter by chapter, on the Loving Life 2020 Channel, but I thought I would share this one because it’s about my country, and I strongly suspect it will shortly come true.

God Bless you


The Left want to remove choice – from whites (only!)

My body, my choice!

Oh, that only works in certain circumstances. The left want to take your choice, because as a white, you are racist (apparently). Your choice should be limited, by law. Because…

Anti-white racist, Terry Smith, says in the description of his book, called “Whitelash”:

If postmortems of the 2016 US presidential election tell us anything, it’s that many voters discriminate on the basis of race, which raises an important question: in a society that outlaws racial discrimination in employment, housing, and jury selections, should voters be permitted to racially discriminate in selecting a candidate for public office? In Whitelash, Terry Smith argues that such racialized decision-making is unlawful and that remedies exist to deter this reactionary behavior. Using evidence of race-based voting in the 2016 presidential election, Smith deploys legal analogies to demonstrate how courts can decipher when groups of voters have been impermissibly influenced by race, and impose appropriate remedies. This groundbreaking work should be read by anyone interested in how the legal system can re-direct American democracy away from the ongoing electoral scourge that many feared 2016 portended.


This book is anti-choice, and specifically anti-white.

It should be considered to be hate-speech.

Keep watch, because your rights are diminishing daily.

God Bless you


Yes, please take all the statues down

All of them, the statues of Marx, and the statues of Martin Luther King, the statues of Jesus, and the statues of all these “great” men. Take down the graven image of Churchill, and take down the graven images of “keyworkers” which is being made right now, at a cost of goodness-knows-what, to honour those who carried on working during the Covid-19 psyop.

Take them all down. All the graven images. Melt them down, or crush them to dust.

Do us all a favour.

And then repent of your idolatry, ok?

To finish, this piece from Newsweek (Link):

Was Jesus white? Well the northern ten tribes went north, and we northerners are white, so I’m guessing he didn’t look too different from us. Bearing in mind that causasians come from that area originally, and that Iran means “land of the Aryans” – yeah, he was probably white.

But – NO STATUES PLEASE! It leads to idolatry.

God Bless you


If this is an “outrage” what does that mean?

You do know it’s OK to be white, don’t you? We’re the smallest race on earth at just 6.5% of the world’s population. Our lives matter, but according to the hard left media and their goons at Burnley police, to say that white lives matter is tantamount to a crime (and believe me, if they can find anything to pin on these guys, they will).

Yes, they are “outraged”:


And in case you think this is a one off reaction, take a look at this tweet:

All lives do not matter, white lives do not matter – no only Marxist lives matter, because BLM is not about blacks, it’s using blacks to take down capitalism. That much is clear from the appalling reactions that black conservatives have had to their words in response to BLM. We are being tsunamied with lies in the media and on our television – obviously all lives matter!

But the “outrage” continues!

Oh dear:


I am not a one for honours, nor am I one for images, but come on! This is biblical!

In 2 Samuel 22:41 is read, as part of David’s song of deliverance:

You have also given me the necks of my enemies, So that I destroyed those who hated me.

2 Samuel 22:41 NKJV

We have GOT to stop this Marxist tide of FILTH before it’s too late – but how? Only repentence will deliver us, only humility before our God! Silence in the face of this evil will NOT quell it. But any words, any actions without God – without walking rightly with Him are USELESS!

To finish, I’m going to add Zachary Bauer’s latest video – he’s just started doing a series to rebut the recent piece by Wretched on the Hebrew Roots movement:

Please watch to the end – Zach makes it so clear, and puts it well. We only have to look around us to see that lawlessness has NOTHING to do with man’s laws – it’s God’s laws which matter.

God’s Laws Matter – maybe it’ll catch on!

God Bless you


Does Amazon support genocide? We’re about to find out…

I came across this image the other day:

I wondered, today, whether the scrawling out of the faces was real, and part of the cover image, or whether it was something done for the photograph. I wasn’t prepared for what I found, and read. (Link)

It states in the first paragraph:

Climate catastrophe, police brutality, white genocide, totalitarian rule and the erasure of black history provide the backdrop for stories of love, courage and hope.

So I reported the book to Amazon – if you scroll down the page, you’ll see a band where there are three options, please report this book in your own country, and let’s see if we can get it banned.

No one of any race should be subject to genocide, and genocide should never be talked about as if it’s something which has a positive outcome.

Please take a moment to let Amazon know that you don’t want it to support genocide.

God Bless you


When the Daily Mail is desperate to keep to the Government’s narrative…

Oh gosh! This is quite shocking. I’ve not seen such blatant manipulation of comments on the Daily Mail, possibly ever!

Here’s the headline (seriously):


Yes, seriously he went for a drive to “see if his eyesight was okay”? Let’s just let that slide – there are some funny memes on that page, I’ll share one here:

Ho hum…

The issue with the article is that the Daily Mail decided to moderate the comments. There have been several articles today in which the public has been allowed to vent it’s spleen over the way Dominic Cummings has been allowed to lord it over the rest of us. There’s a lot of public anger. So which comments did they allow through? Here are the top four:

Look at the votes! My goodness, they really are desperate to help the government out. Perhaps because the government is one of their biggest advertisers right now, paying them lots of lucre to tell people to “stay at home” or whatever other piece of nonsense advice they won’t be following themselves.

There’s no way back from this for Boris – his goose is cooked, and he needs to admit the fraud of the lockdown – because it’s over.

God Bless you


The Ruling Class – one rule for me, another rule for thee…

Well, lockdown is over. This isn’t official, of course, but I predict that lockdown will now be ignored on such a scale that the Gestaplod won’t be able to keep up with all the people they want to illegally fine (did I mention the fines issued by the police over breaking the “rules” have been overturned by the CPS? They were unlawful).

Why do I think lockdown will now be over? Because the hypocrites in power have just decided that, although Dominic Cummings, the eminence grise of this new Tory administration, broke lockdown rules by driving 270 miles to his parent’s house when he had Covid-19, the government have refused to sack him, now that this has been made public.


I recommend that you listen to this piece by Black Pilled on the difference between the rule of law, and the ruling class. I agree with him – we have a ruling class – an untouchable ruling class.

Dominic Cummings, a man who is NOT elected, NOT an MP – he gets to stay while many families were denied a chance to say goodbye to elderly family members who had Covid-19 and died. We the people were denied the opportunity to spend time with family, or attend funerals for loved ones. We the people – the law is applied to us. But not to the eminence grise of Downing Street.

I wrote some time ago:

The scum that floats on our society is covering every inch – it is having a darkening effect on the once pure waters below. Those of us below, these days, are far more likely to join in with the unethical behaviour we see modelled for us by those on high – we have become resentful of any sense of duty to the country we once might have had – this is a real shame. We have been lead astray by those who the elites have put in charge. Link

So, like I say, lockdown is over. Boris has chosen hypocrisy over honesty, and the public will not follow along with him now. He wil be tarred with the very same brush as Dominic Cummings – lie down with dogs, get up with fleas, Boris.

God Bless you


Is Rishi Sunak a Kabbalist?

Today whilst browsing an article about a TV show we had in the UK, I saw this picture of our chancellor, Rishi Sunak:

sunak kabbalah 1

…and I thought, “what’s that?” He appeared to be wearing a red string Kabbalah bracelet. Hmmm. I thought I had better go and look at some other images of Mr Sunak to see if this is a regular thing, and to get a closer look. Then I found these images:

rishi 2
There appears to be a red bracelet there

rishi 4
Yes, again, very clearly visible

A clearer view

close up 2
A close up

That sure looks like this kabbalah bracelet from etsy:

red kabbalah bracelet

In politics, image is everything. What you appear to be must be crafted to send the right signals to the people who matter. If Rishi doesn’t know that, I’d be very surprised that he has got this far. I think he knows exactly what that means to those in the know.

The bigger question is, what does it mean for our country?

God Bless you


Interesting language from Cambridge Police…

Having put out a totally tone-deaf tweet this morning, which I showed in my previous post: Link

evil cops

Twitter went a bit wild with comments, to the point where Cambridge Police was a trending tag. The tweets were fun:

non essentials

tesco wrong aisle

Oops. And Cambridge Police issued a couple of tweets which really cause me some concern:


exuberant 2

“Over exuberant” is the kind of language one might use about one’s embarrassing dog when it humps the neighbour’s leg. It indicates that the officer was full of joy and overreaching his role (and some said acting unlawfully – surely it’s harrassment to treat the public like they shouldn’t buy “non-essential” items). Over exuberant indicates he was getting a kick out of it – he “got carried away” – as if he crossed some small line he shouldn’t have. He needs sacking – make an example of him. Our police cannot continue as they are – this behaviour is unacceptable, and Downing Street has had to speak out to condemn their overreach:

Downing Street has been forced to warn police officers against ‘heavy-handed’ lockdown tactics after officers admitted to prowling through supermarket aisles in a bid to catch shoppers buying ‘non-essential’ items.

Police forces across the country have been accused of being over-zealous in their Easter weekend crackdown as they threatened to check through people’s shopping, causing #policestateUK to trend on Twitter.

The warning saw Downing Street warn police today that ‘if a shop is open then it will sell whatever it has in stock’, while Home Secretary Priti Patel called on officers not to be ‘heavy-handed’ during the coronavirus lockdown. 

It comes as Cambridge Police’s official Twitter account boasted that officers had visited a local superstore this morning to snoop on shoppers and found aisles selling non-essentials were ’empty’.

The tweet caused outrage from social media users, with many pointing to a post sent by the same account hours earlier thanking a local chocolate shop for dropping off a ‘generation donation of goodies’ at its police station. Link

The truth is that they have done pretty much exactly what this Twitter user says:

johnson watch

They have taken a mile for every inch given to them. And that is just what the elites want – most of these officers have been through Common Purpose training. That training is designed to teach them how to, in the organisations own language “lead outside authority” – that is exactly what they are doing, and it has to stop now. If we don’t say no now, while we are “policed by consent”, we’ll end up with this:

boot meme

God Bless you


Gestaplod need a slapdown (and get one, from Priti Patel)

Good grief, what has this country come to? The police are telling people they can’t go in their own gardens? Sack them! That is NOT what the law says, and it’s absolutely NOT in the spirit of policing by consent (which is how Britain is supposed to be run).

Totalitarian police

Thankfully, Home Secretary Priti Patel was quick to slapdown the chief constable who yesterday stated that he would be checking people’s shopping trolleys to make sure they had only bought “essential items”:


I hope she will again speak out regarding the overreach being shown by the constable in the first article. That constable needs to be sacked, and any commanding officer who told her to behave this way, too. It’s a disgrace!

I cannot tell you how utterly appalled I am by the way the police have handled this lockdown. Their totalitarian attitudes are showing through very clearly now.

evil cops

The police are delighted to see that the aisles in the supermarket where “non essential items” are sold are empty of buyers. What on earth business is it of the police? If someone is buying washing powder, can they not buy a bar of chocolate? Who decides? Who says what’s essential or not? This has become a de facto police state on the whim of local Chief Constables.

It’s time for a clearout in the police. Priti Patel must get tough with this nonsense if she is to regain the respect of the British public for the police force who were absent from our streets when we needed them to solve crime, but are all too heavy-handed with law-abiding citizens who they are now terrorising and intimidating.

It reminds me of this cartoon:

1984 boot

George Orwell wasn’t writing a manual, but the police certainly are following it.

boot meme

God Bless you