What else goes with the promotion of miscegenation? The promotion of infidelity.

Black males are not known for their fidelity – a fact that many single parent households with a white mum and mixed-race babies can attest to.

white genocide2
This lady is a British white mum with all mixed race children, no father in their lives.

It’s just a fact, don’t get all cranky with me. The statistics speak for themselves. Whereas “non-black, non-hispanics” (a group the site says are 90% white) have a marriage rate of 90%, with blacks it is just 68%:

stats ethnicity

Yet another study shows that married black males have an infidelity rate of 33.6% (exceeded only by the Spaniards, for some bizarre reason!). Black women are not so unfaithful – in fact all women reported lower levels of infidelity (self-reported, I might add!):


So whilst blacks tend to marry less, they are also less faithful when they do than the average (unless you’re a Spaniard!).

Why is this important? Because the agenda is to mix the races and breed whites out completely. It’s called the Kalergi Plan.

Since the engagement of Prince Harry, the fifth in line to the throne, to a mixed-race American actress, the ante- has been well and truly upped! Miscegenation is everywhere. It’s in the Christmas promotions, and especially in the press. Today’s article was the prompt for me to put this all together – a few weeks of collecting random images and links which show the uptick in anti-white/anti-family attitudes.

Here is the thumbnail for the article. They are promoting the idea that we should adjust our expectations of marriage to include adultery (which is a sin unto death according to God!). It wouldn’t matter one iota if all the images here were of whites being unfaithful to one another, the sin is the one of adultery! The fact that miscegenation is thrown into the mix is just a sign that miscegenation is part of the overall agenda – and that the Kalergi Plan is a real thing (and a real threat to whites, who, throughout the centuries have been the source of civilisation wherever we have gone).


Hmmm. I quote [emphasis and notes added]:

Research shows that most people both expect romantic and sexual exclusivity to be in place very early in their relationships and that they denounce infidelity.

Interviews with newlyweds in the United States indicate that many people expect they and their partner will remain monogamous, despite admitting to having experienced a range of extramarital thoughts and behaviors already, such as flirting with another or feeling aroused in the presence of another.

All industrialized countries [White/Asian], even those purporting to have more tolerant beliefs around the importance of exclusivity, report that monogamy is the dominant pattern in their societies. [which is why they are successful!]

Despite strong universal disapproval of infidelity, and despite optimistic expectations, studies show that infidelity remains, year after year, the primary cause of relationship break-ups and divorce.

Is monogamy reasonable? Can we ever reconcile the improbability of spending a lifetime (also known as many years) with a partner without ever being drawn to another?

Can we admit that our partners might not meet all of our needs at all times? [note, these are SEXUAL needs, clearly] That we could experience attraction to another without a complete surrender of our rights to a loving and respectful relationship [rights????] or a wish to abandon our lives to race off with the other person? […]

Those who endorse alternative approaches — such as ‘consensual non-monogamy’ which allows for romantic or sexual relationships beyond the primary relationship, with the partner’s consent — argue that monogamous relationships are far less stable because people use jealousy, monitoring and suspicion as tools to hold their partners to this difficult standard. […]

A new viewpoint requires a willingness to supplant the fairytale — a belief (often cherished) that one person can forever meet all your emotional, romantic and sexual needs. (source)

Do you find this as repugnant as I do? The idea that being faithful (which is, let me be clear, being both faithful to your spouse, but also means being faithful to God), is now a redundant notion – something akin to a childish story which we need to let go of in order to have longer more successful relationships, simply doesn’t work! And it’s been proven not to work in civilisation after civilisation which have fallen due to the breakdown of marital exclusivity – leading to inevitable moral decline and the complete fall of a civilisation.

Well, Europe, it’s your turn now.

Miscegenation requires the change from fidelity to infidelity – it requires an adjustment in women’s expectations of a husband and father to their children together. Look at the woman at the top of the page – each fathered by men who are no longer in the picture, she lives off the state.

What are the elites doing in creating this burden on the working man and woman? Why? Well, to destroy.

You can’t fragment and destroy a society in only one way. You must fragment the people, you must create wars where there are none, you must exhaust the civilised people, and you must cause their women to breed the race out of existence either by choice, or by force (rape).

The white race is in trouble – the smallest race on earth.


If you take one look at the fate of South African whites post-apartheid, you will know what is coming, yet corporation after corporation is promoting miscegenation in this still-majority-white country. Dilute and Destroy is the name of the game.

Here is the latest crop of miscegenation propaganda from various websites where I found them.

sainsbury miscegenated christmas
Black father, miscegenated children.
matalan miscegenated Christmas
Miscegenated model.
Next miscegenated
Miscegenated model.
next miscegenated christmas
Same website, white mum, black father, miscegenated kids.

These were from three websites – Sainsbury’s, Matalan and Next. I didn’t even go looking anywhere else.

Now for recent press:

white genocide
From a DM article on dating.
miscegenation hollywood
Latest Hollywood promotion of miscegenation.

Lots of pics of happy miscegenated couples there in the above article, being used to promote this Kalergi Plan agenda, which is why I will finish by saying that, as you know if you follow this blog, nothing here is based on racism or hate – there is NOTHING wrong with a few people having mixed race marriages – it has happened for thousands of years! The issue is not race-mixing as a minority action, it is the PROMOTION of race mixing, which constitutes a genocide of whites.

When whites race mix, we disappear. Our children are black/asian etc. – they can not be white because our genes are recessive. Just as Jews do not support miscegenation for their own people, we need to stand firm against it’s promotion in our own. Brother Judah is wise to protect itself!

Sadly the destruction of our race isn’t just an accident of multiculturalism, it’s being touted as an end to the world’s problems:

whiteness racism
First sentence is: “Now I am become white, the destroyer of worlds”.

What is simply love when conducted between two individuals, becomes genocide when it is conducted by a greater and greater majority of us. The promotion of miscegenation is the act of hate, not the pointing of it out!

God Bless you



South African farm murder hits the headlines

I’m amazed to finally see a full and proper report on one of these terrible crimes in the Daily Mail of all places. Having complained vociferously in the past about not even being able to get a comment relating to the white genocide published, I’m just so pleased to see this come out, and the comments too. People need to wake up – this is coming to your country very soon, if you’re white. You can read the article in full here Link


The caption on this photograph gives me some hope that more articles might be published sharing the devastating effect of these crimes – this is certainly an image which will wake up many who currently don’t realise the awful things happening to whites in SA.


Most astonishing of all was to see that the comments were being moderated, yet the top comment reflected the full horrible truth.


So well done to the Daily Mail for this – please share the original article far and wide – people need to read the full horrible truth for themselves to realise that race equality in South Africa has lead to a violent and unsafe place for whites to be. Equality was meant to bring peace and happiness, but this is a wake call up for all of us.

God Bless you


Hollywood ramps up miscegenation propaganda to the max

….and demonises South Africa in the same movie. It’s only a shame that the history has apparently been twisted to suit that narrative.

Ah, a love story! Who can resist? Kim and Kanye. Khloe and Lamar. Kylie and Tyga. All them Kardashian girls like, as my ex used to say ‘a big black c**k.’ Ahem! One would hope their love was pure, and sweet and based on their endearing personalities, but I don’t know any of them personally, so who am I to say. These girls are the vanguard of miscegenation propaganda. They aren’t alone – this lifetyle has been promoted everywhere, because it’s cool (no it is not, it’s white genocide). Please don’t get me wrong – one miscegenating couple here and there isn’t the problem. It’s when the whole modus opperandi of the social engineers and propagandists becomes the destruction of your own race – the smallest race on earth, well there I get a bit peeved. It’s not personal until (((Hollywood))) brings it to your door, emotively – pressing the agenda onto a young and impressionable (and let’s face it, largely ignorant) youth.

So, Hollywood is now, apparently, according to Mike Smith, working on a blockbuster movie about a love affair between Sir Seretsi Khama and his white English wife Ruth Williams – which you know is miscegenation propaganda to the max. Nothing like twisting an old story to create a villain of the piece to have hearts played like a stringed instrument, and hankies mopping tearful eyes at the INJUSTICE! of it all. Yes, more anti-white propaganda too! Bad, evil South Africa! Bad, evil apartheid! Never mind that it made a whole country work successfully! Hey, throw that idea away. We’re all equal – yeah, average IQ100 whites are ‘equal’ to average IQ70 blacks (in Africa, that is). You only have to see the violence and the distruction in South Africa now under Zuma to know that it’s NOT WORKING!

But I digress. Let me quote Mike Smith’s blog here:

I stopped going to the cinema about 10-15 years ago. One day I woke up and found that I just couldn’t stomach all this blatant, in your face, politically correct bullshit anymore. At the time the best movies on the circuit were animated ones and that says a lot about the quality of the crap that flowed from Hollywood.

Nevertheless, a while ago a read an article about a new film supposed to be released later this year about the love story of Botswana’s first president Sir Seretse Khama and his white English wife Ruth Williams.

New film tells explosive tale about late Botswanan President

The film will be called “A United Kingdom” and Seretse Khama will be played by British Actor, David Oyelowo and Ruth Williams will be played by Rosamunde Pike. The director is Amma Asante, the black British screenwriter and director.

I have not seen the movie yet, but judging from the write-up that it got it is going to be a major hit and they are already polishing several Oscars for it.

Problem is that every good story needs a villain and when there is none, well you just invent one.

And so it is in the case of the movie about Sir Seretse Khama and his wife Lady Ruth Williams.

The movie makers had to first find a villain and secondly find a way to take a slap at whites like they always do. They didn’t have to look very far or for very long, because of course right next door to Botswana was the evil empire of the White Apartheid regime…So evil was it that at the time of Botswana’s independence in 1966 more Tswanas were living and working in South Africa (800,000) than living and working in Botswana itself (500,000).

Nevertheless, the movie makes it out as if the white South African regime was about to launch Apartheid at the time, when in fact it was already instituted by the British who also created the three black homelands of Betschuanaland, Lesotho and Swaziland.

…And of course these evil white Afrikaners did not want a black guy married to a white women living just across the border from them. Bad PR for their crap ideology of Apartheid, see? So it caused a diplomatic crisis….whoooo!

Now get this. The NP of South Africa came to power in June 1948 winning the elections with a slight majority after a coalition with the Afrikaner Party. Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams met a year earlier in 1947 and got married in September of 1948.

So they, the evil white Afrikaans bastards of little South Africa who just came to power, pressured the Mighty British Empire to break up the relationship between Seretse and his wife to be.

Sorry, but the word “Bullshit” seems to drift past my brain.

Nevertheless, the story tellers want us to believe that…Not Seretse’s uncle or his own protesting family and tribe of the Bamangwato people who ostracized him; not the British who banned him from his own country for five years (changed to “indefinitely” after the Tories returned to power) and forced him to give up his claim as prince of his tribe. Not the Bishop of London, Dr William Wand, who refused to marry them and instructed the whole Anglican Church to do the same; Not her father George who threw Ruth out of the house for wanting to marry a black dude; Not her boss at Lloyds of London who offered her a transfer to New York or be sacked (which she took)…

…No…White Afrikaans South Africa, and of course evil Apartheid were the pigs in the story and are to blame. (Link)

Click the link above to read more.

At that, I have nothing more to say. We all know what is happening in South Africa right now. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that this hidden story that the (((media))) will not cover is at a tipping point and ready to explode at any minute into a absolute slaughter. Please keep praying for South Africa.

sa farm attacks.png

God Bless you


Pro-Apartheid New Black Panthers are seeking a self-governing homeland within the US

Haha – good luck with that. Sorry if I sound a little sarcastic, but you’ve done SUCH a good job in SA. You’ve lived in equal opportunity US since you were shipped in all those years ago, and you’ve swallowed the lie that you were the only slaves. I’ve said before, not only were early white settlers slaves just like yourselves, but we are all slaves today (try not paying your property taxes and see if you really own that house of yours). No, but you want to self govern, you want apartheid, but only on your terms.

black panthers.jpg

“Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party, says his group and allied organizations have their sights set on establishing “our own government in a nation within a nation.”
Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Omowale used the interview to claim five states as belonging to the “Black Nation”: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

The revolutionary stated: “We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.””

Read more: Link

God Bless you


Stefan Molyneux interviews Jared Taylor on Race – MUST SEE

This is the best discussion on race I have seen in a long time. I hope you will enoy listening to it. A race war is being machinated. This couldn’t happen if both sides were reasonable and intelligent. Sadly blacks are being used to do the bidding of the (((elites))). It’s not their fault, yet they of course have free will as do we all.

Keep praying!

God Bless you


Ablutions block needed for Munsieville

Imagine, if you will, a girl getting her first period and she’s living in a camp with no running water. This is the scenario facing many white teenaged girls in South Africa at the moment. Karin Smith tells me that efforts she has made to send re-usable sanitary towels to South Africa for these girls have come to naught – they simply don’t arrive. Can you help? An ablutions block is desperately needed for all the residents at Munsieville. Please, please donate if you can. Visit safrpsa.org


God Bless you


The Daily Mail censors South Africa comments AGAIN!

I have to keep posting these – there has to be a record somewhere of what is being censored in the MSM – how important to keep showing that, try as we might to raise this issue, we have not been ALLOWED to tell the truth about South Africa.

The other day there was an  an article about a woman who had posted this image on her Twitter to a storm of condemnation:

muslim majority.jpg

When whites are a minority, we know what it’ll be like: South Africa, so I commented:

comments they won't allow sa crop.jpg

Needless to say this was too close to the truth for the Daily Mail to allow out there, and the comment did not appear.

Then yesterday they had an article about South Africa – someone had been out to SA taking drone photographs of the disparity of the dwellings of the rich and the poor. I commented as a reply to another commenter (click for bigger)

sa comment crop.jpg

I also commented: (again click for bigger)sa comment 2 crop.jpg

Neither appeared. Interestingly the comments on that article were moderated – why would you need to moderate comments on an article about aerial photographs of SA? Take a look at what was allowed:

moderated comments on an article about SA crop.jpg

Just vague comments and questions – nothing of any substance. I am disgusted with the DM for this. If you want to see the article you can find it here: Link – and also note that the article appears in the TRAVEL section of the paper?! Wow – not even worth the political attention of readers. Disgraceful. I’ll share couple of troubling things now, both thanks to stopwhitegenocideinsareports.blogspot.co.uk

sa farmers

stop white genocide

We MUST act to support South African whites NOW! Can you act as a sponsor for someone seeking to leave SA? Look into your immigration laws – if you are wealthy or have work, can you sponsor a white South Africa worker and their family to come to your country? If you can, then please consider this – get in touch with me via the About Lis page. I have contacts who would love to hear from you, I’m sure. We have to do everything we can both for those leaving, and for those staying – first and foremost – PRAY for South Africa, please!

Also please consider a donation to Karin Smith – she needs a secod surgery and she’s not over her first yet. The wonderful folks at SAFRPSA.org (South Africa Faily Relief Project) made this wonderful little video as a tribute to Karin’s hard work and dedication. Keep them and her in your prayers please. This fight is for the life of our race – if they can get away with this in SA they can get away with it here (and they plan to).

Please share the video far and wide – it’s good for both Karin and for the whole movement in general.

God Bless you