When psychopaths produce a psyop – just to terrorise you more…

What did I say about empathy? It turns out that the volcanic island of St Vincent is not going to evacuate people who haven’t had their vaccines. But there’s an anomaly here which calls the story into question. I’ll get to that in a minute. Here’s the headline, first of all:

St Vincent residents who have not had their Covid jabs are BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships after two volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island, PM announces

Link (and I quote [emphasis mine])

The Prime Minister of St. Vincent has announced that only those residents of the Caribbean island who have received their Covid-19 vaccinations will be evacuated following the two explosions from the La Soufriere volcano.

The volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted for a second time as thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate. 

A second explosion of the La Soufriere volcano was observed on Friday, six hours after it erupted for the first time in more than 40 years yesterday morning. 

Earlier today, the island’s emergency management organisation Nemo tweeted to confirm that the majority of the country was experiencing power outages as a result of another explosive event.

Their tweet read: ”Massive power outage following another explosive event at La Soufriere Volcano. Lightning, thunder and rumblings. Majority of the country out of power and covered in ash.’ 

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves confirmed that only those who had been vaccinated against coronavirus would be allowed to board cruise ships which had volunteered to evacuate residents.

Now, as one commentator mentioned yesterday, only 8% of the islanders have had even their first shot of vaxxine so far, and no children have been vaxxinated at all – so what is this story really about? It makes little sense – is this because the cruise ships are covid free zones? Many cruise companies have already openly stated they will discriminate against the unvaxxinated. Are there other, government boats rescuing islanders? We’re not being told. And that’s the issue – the story is being deliberately used to see exactly how far the evil elites have managed to push us away from our humanity. Judging by the comments, it hasn’t worked – people are horrified by this story.

So there is a lot more to this than meets the eye – I suspect that whilst the volcano is churning out smoke and ash, a rescue is happening, but the media are using it to push an anti-human agenda. The media’s story is a psyop – because if it isn’t then humanity has fallen already too far for redemption.

We are undoubtedly living in evil times.

May God have mercy on us all.


The virus and emotion – the heady brew of totalitarian control and propaganda

There is a virus – that much is true. There are viruses every winter, and this partiular one is pretty nasty. I don’t know anyone who’s had it, and I don’t know anyone who has tested positive for it either.

In fact, were it not for the news cycles insistence on it’s seriousness, day in day out, and the reaction of the government, intent on punishing the British people for daring to leave the EU, I wouldn’t know there was any kind of “pandemic” going on. Because there isn’t. In most communities, the numbers catching it are small, and in cities, the NHS would be overwhelmed on any given winter day. This is nothing new, but it is dressed up in a rather natty uniform with a couple of jazzy looking SS’s on the collar. You know what I’m referring to.

Emotion has been a big part of continuing the psyop – once the government realised that people were applying the rules as and when it suited them, they decided (having got their certificates from the Goebbels School of Domestic Terrorism) to up the ante.

They started a campaign showing actors and telling people to “look them in the eyes” as to how they got the virus. Yeah, apparently they got the virus because someone bent the rules, or someone didn’t wear a mask. They didn’t catch it in hospital (actually they probably did, since 16% of cases have come from there). No, they didn’t catch it on their weekly run to the supermarket. No, they didn’t catch it in their care home. No, they caught it because you *points* had coffee with an isolated and depressed friend. And it’s YOUR fault. See how that works, and how manipulative it is? Goebbels would be delighted.

Thankfully people are fighting back, because propaganda works both ways. Once the government does something, people can react and produce their own images in response. And they do not disappoint:

Some wags even made a few digs at our domestic terrorist in chief:

I hope the last one didn’t make you feel too nauseated.

So where do we go from here?

America, Australia, New Zealand and now Britain (let’s not forget the move in Canada towards totalitarianism too) – they have all succumbed to the virus of emotional manipulation. They have all been bowed down, lied to and had their economies falter due to this virus. In the rest of Europe there is rioting.

The rest of Europe stands a chance of recovery, but Britain, with the British stoicism and unwillingness both to challenge authority, and cry out to the Living God to forgive them their sins – they are done for.

May God have mercy.


Furlough – anaesthesia of The Great Covid Reset

The headline in today’s Daily Mail reads “Frustrated Rishi ‘fears scientists are moving the goalposts to extend lockdown.'”

Rishi Sunak is speaking sense – and saying that he’s looking forward to the end of lockdown and a return to freedom. We might think that Rishi is going to get his way – after all he is Chancellor of the Exchequer.

But Rishi has presided over furlough payments being extended again and again. He has, himself, moved the goalposts in order to facilitate these vile lockdowns. He is just as guilty as Johnson and Hancock, because he has helped to cushion so many workers who would otherwise have risen up (with flaming torches, and pitchforks, one might hope), and put a stop to this nonsense.

Rishi has in fact acted as the anaesthetist of this new Great “Covid” Reset – he has stood over the patient and ensured they are comfortable, whilst Johnson and Hancock along with their government-backed terrorist groups SAGE and SPI-B have given fear-laden prognostications which are designed to satisfy Mr and Mrs Furlough all the way to bankruptcy.

Because bankruptcy is where this is heading. Those on furlough may well have no jobs to go back to, they may lose their homes, they may find themselves suddenly on Universal Credit, which pays just £70 odd pounds a week.

Mr and Mrs Furlough are comfortable on their government anaesthetic, but are soon to wake up when it’s too late. Yes, the government did take off the wrong leg, terribly sorry old chap, but as Peter Hitchens would say, at least that nasty verucca is gone, eh?

Rishi is not on the side of good, even if he is (wisely) positioning himself to take over from the failed dictator Johnson. I’m sure Matt thinks it’s his go as leader, but the public will never vote for Hancock or Johnson again if they know what is good for them. Rishi thinks he’s going to take over, and he may well be right, but his hands also have blood on them. The blood of those who were not helped the first time round (that figure stands at 3 million) and the blood of those who, when the dust clears will realise that they are going to lose job, home and the shirts off their backs.

Clapping like a seal, Matt Hancock

Shame on this government – this terrorist cabal who have used every terrorist trick to ensure a weak and desperate people will take the new gene therapy.

They all have blood on their hands, and the Day of Judgement is coming.


Subliminal halos of the rich and famous, Part VI

It’s that time again – and I have a bumper collection of these for you today.

charles halo 1
Prince Charles gets a halo

charles michel halo
The EU’s Charles Michel

Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl halo
EU Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl

Erdogan halo 2017
Turkey’s Erdogan

Farage halo
Nigel Farage

farage sun rays
Farage gets solar rays

John McDonnell halo
John McDonnell

kirsty allsopp halo
Kirsty Allsopp from the Location Location Location TV property show

Damien Hirst halo
Danien Hirst, Artist, apparently…

Scarlett Sabet halo
Scarlett Sabet with Jimmy Page, musician

Lord Tony Hall of the BBC halo
Lord Tony Hall of the BBC

Headteacher Toby Belfield halo
Recently criticised headteacher Toby Belfield

Tim Leunig square halo
Democidal twit Tim Leunig (who says farmers aren’t needed in the UK for the economy to thrive) gets a square halo

king mittens halo
Local celebrity (in Vancouver, I think), King Mittens gets a halo (the photographer did this deliberately for fum!)

Trump halo
Trump finally gets a halo

But this image is weird and creepy – take a look:

Trump magnolia halos
Why does this make me think of a sniper’s sight?

greta halo
An artist deliberately goves Great Thunberg a halo. Oh dear…

Boris spider
Boris just gets a spider… which is at least amusing

I hope you enjoyed that round up of these halos, solar rays etc!

God Bless you


Fake Covid-19 deaths and empty hospitals – from the horse’s mouth

Numerous witnesses. I’ll begin with a doctor and Senator:

Now for more witnesses:

horses mouth 11

horses mouth 10

horses mouth 9

horses mouth 8

horses mouth 7

horses mouth 6

horses mouth 5

horses moth 5

horses mouth 4

horses mouth 3

horses mouth 2

horses mouth 1

These are those I found in the last few days – there will, I’m sure, be more.

There is an agenda – that agenda requires your compliance, and fear is the best way to acheive it. The big statistics we’re being shown do not make sense in comparison to other countries. But they’ve got to get their vaccine manufactured, and injected into you – the next post will reveal their new great hope for just such a vaccine.

God Bless you



Oh no, MSM, the phoney war has just begun…

Further to my other recent reports on corona-chaos and corona-terrorism this graphic just had to be saved and shared – hopefully for your amusement! (Link)

corona nonsense

The first line of text says “The phoney war is over” – on no, mainstream-media-terrorists, this is the phoney war. When every case of a cough is going to result in 7 days of self-isolation, no testing etc., we can be sure the figures resulting from that (bearing in mind coronaviruses are common colds) are going to be huge! What better way to shut down the country, the economy, and you and I with it?

This virus is very curious – the effects it’s had in Italy are particularly suspicious. Far higher death rates there than here – is it the treatment they offering? Who knows – will the truth ever be told in the press?

Stay safe everyone – run from the cure, and if you have prepped, be glad because the financial crash we prepped for (after 2008’s crash) may just be here.

God Bless you


UK public rounds on preppers

The public decided recently that because other people were pictured panic-buying toilet rolls, that they had better do the same. Now we have a shortage. I was amused to see Pastor Joe Fox’s take on this, when he pointed out in his recent video that these people should be thinking about why they need to use toilet rolls – to clean up after expelling waste from eating food. Yes, food. They won’t get very far on toilet rolls, will they?

According to Atomic Shrimp’s video from Wednesday, toilet roll, painkillers, pasta and flour were all out of stock in his local UK store, whilst everything else was available, but looked hard hit.

In my local Sainsbury’s store, I did my usual Monday evening shop, and bought toilet roll, but couldn’t get hand soap, which can wait, because I’m pretty well prepped (I just wanted the cheap scented stuff because I’ve used that up now). I bought one pack of toilet rolls because they were on offer, and I don’t have spare in the house. Of course there is also no hand sanitiser available at the moment – another thing I have to use (because I inject vitamin B12), but I will just manage for now – the supply chain will catch up.

What really got me though were the comments in the press talking about people “hoarding” food, and when people (foolishly, in my opinion) showed pictures online of their preps, the public were outraged.

prepping 3

They are so ignorant of prepping that they think everyone went out yesterday and cleared the shelves – we didn’t. I started prepping after the 2008 financial crash. Goodness I was still buying tinned ham in those days!

Here were a few of the top ten comments:

prepping 1preppers 2

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” Romans 1:22 KJV

Calling someone out for “wealth and pivilege” for having prepped for months and made their own canned tomato sauces – well that’s pure ignorance. I am not wealthy, and when rice is 45p a kg, I don’t need to be (and nor do they).

But I also want to sound the alarm on something for you all – just in case this hadn’t crossed your mind…

If you use a supermarket loyalty card, you are being tracked, which means in a crisis the government could come knocking at your door and ask what you did with those 8 packs of toilet rolls. Just in case you don’t believe me:


Yes, I was the number 8 biggest buyer of value rice in my local branch of Sainsbury’s. It probably pays to buy your preps in cash, guys! Just a heads-up!

I hope you are all well – please share a comment and let everyone know what things are like in your local area – we’re all curious to know!

God Bless you


It’s subliminal halo time again! Part V

I have a fresh crop of subliminal halos (Boris still doesn’t have one yet!).

Abe halo
President Abe of Japan gets a halo!

bolsonaro halo 1
Bolsonaro of Brazil (and he’s a “populist”)

Bolsonaro halo
Another halo for Bolsonaro.

Corbyn halo (2)
Corbyn gets another halo

Corbyn Halo (3)
A halo and a point on the top of his head.

Attenborough halo
Attenborough gets a large arch.

camilla wings
Camilla gets wings and a crown

This last one is the most important one – all of the above could be said to be chosen by the photographer – any change of angle would render the image changed, the halo lost.

But below we have Jordan Peterson who has positioned himself in his home or office to have a halo when he talks on his computer. It’s really a significant looking picture. Almost, one could say that this is NOT a subliminal halo at all, but a very real and clear halo!

Jordan Peterson halo cropped
Jordan Peterson gives himself a halo!

I hope you enjoyed this collection!

Remember to follow this blog to get updates when I post.

God Bless you


No halo for Boris?

I’ve talked a lot in the past about the subliminal halos which the press photographers love to give to those they want us to place our trust in. It’s not a coincidence because the angles of these pictures are often really hard to create without effort. For example:


merkel crowned

What an odd photo – and yes, it looks even more like a crown…

So today I saw an interesting photo of Boris Johnson:

Boris Johnson non halo

His hair is lit like a halo, and the rounded cornered rectangle is almost like a speech bubble. Note, he is still the favourite to take the Tory leadership. Where he’s going to take it I dread to think, but take it he probably will…

I thought I’d go and look and see what other images of Boris are like. Has he ever been given a halo? Not really, but the images are interesting none the less:

Boris 2

A crown of golden filaments!

Boris 3

Looking very serious, his golden hair is lit up again. Of course it would naturally catch the light, but the placement looks quite deliberate.

Boris 5

Golden-haired Boris misses a halo, but this is an interesting image nonetheless – he is portrayed as powerful, almost as though he has the sun in his hands.

Boris 6

Finally (and there were so many similar photos out there) this is blond buffoon Boris.

What kind of leader will he be? It’s a good question. He will not be like that other great blond, Mr Trump. Trump is a man in control – a man of positive speech and statesmanship (whether you believe he’s done what he said he’d do, or not). Boris is not going to be like that – he’s not good enough to be leader of the Tories and certainly not Prime Minister of the UK.

But if you want to destroy the country by bringing in a Corbyn goverment, you couldn’t have a better match than a Bo-Jo Prime Ministership.

God Bless you


Subliminal halos of the rich and famous – Part IV

I just saw this corker, so I thought I would trawl my files and give you the most recently collected subliminal halos of the rich and famous.

Here’s cheeky chappy Jeremy Corbyn, a dangerous socialist menace, with his tinsel halo:

corbyn Halo 2018.jpg

They even included some baubles for entertainment (you’ll note from previous Corbyn halos that they always have a slightly comedic edge, look here)

Here’s Turkey’s Erdogan with horns:

erdogan halo horns

And Netanyahu with a star of David crown, his hand position looks unfortunate:

netanyahu star halo

Bernie Sanders even got a halo:

bernie sanders halo

How about Putin again:

putin halo

These are not coincidental – the angle needed to obtain these pics, and the choice to use them is part of the “deification” of leaders. The press will play some as hapless, like Corbyn, when really he’s dangerous, and others like Putin, as in some way angelic, but his halos are always rather small.

Here’s Leo Varadkar of Ireland:

varadkar halo

What earned this homosexual Indian, now leading Ireland, a halo? He managed to do away with Ireland’s anti-abortion laws, and increased immigration so that Ireland is now in a worse state than ever. The globalists must be delighted.

France Europe Macron

Macron also gets his halo (and the EU leadership know this photo angle creates these images, I have alost a dozen of different leaders in this spot). Macron’s halo is for enacting Cloward Piven Strategy on France to bring it to it’s knees (can’t have communism without a revolution, doncha know?) The people of France know that Macron is a stooge.

jacob rees mogg halo

Jacob Rees-Mogg gets a huge halo for something – perhaps we will find out what in 2019. Will he stand for leader? Who knows? Some call him “The Honourable Member for the 19th Century” or something to that effect due to his old-fashioned ways and dress sense. However, he’s a very calm and measured and well-spoken man. But he’s also a staunch catholic which both endears and repels. Catholicism is not Christianity.

Here’s a grim-looking David Cameron with his halo or crown of stars:

Cameron halo

Last one, and rather sinister. This chap is the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi:

islamic finger halo

Note his one-finger islamic sign. Hmmm.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of some of 2018’s finest halos. I could only post a few, but I continue to collect them when I see them.

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God Bless you