The medical profession: A confluence of hellish activities

It is truly hellish when the medical profession, who we (some of us) trust to make us well decides to abandon all pretence, and vote to make it the very POLICY of it’s union to ‘decriminalise’ abortion.

This would bring in abortion up to full term. This is absolutely horrifying.

Yet it is now the policy of the BMA, on a majority vote. This means that the union could soon be lobbying government for a law change. One doctor is now leaving the BMA because of this. A good comment from that article:

comment bma.jpg

We also now have Scotland following Wales into an ‘opt out’ organ donation system. This means, effectively, murdering one person to save the life of another. Organs come from living people, not dead bodies! This is a stepping stone to doing the same in England. Read: Organ donation and the myth of ‘informed consent’

On the basis of that article I have contacted Dr Paul Byrne myself and asked him to write to the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, to ask her to stop this law change.

Now, in today’s news, we have a doctor claiming that transgender women (born male) should be able to have womb transplants on the NHS. This is our national “health” service which is already under incredible financial strain. Here’s one of the better comments:

comment trans womb.jpg

Yet this is straight out of Cloward and Piven Strategy. More entitlements means a broken system, and a broken system means people will clamour for safety, and that could mean anything. The best of two options? The devil or the deep blue sea?

I’ll finish today by posting this wonderful video for you, and I urge you to watch it through to the end, even though the pictures of their lovely son after his chemo will make you cry. It’s time to recognise that the medical profession, with its vaccines that maim and kill, its chemo that kills 25% of cancer patients, its Liverpool “Care” Pathway which is still on-going, and at one time was claimed to be killing 130,000 elderly in the UK every year – is NOT on the side of God, not on your side, doesn’t adhere to “THOU SHALLT NOT KILL”, nor even it’s pagan oath to “first do no harm” – it’s now a killing machine with little or no conscience.

Watch, please, and share:

God Bless you



Pushing psychedelics – Michelle Rodriguez says of Paul Walker’s death: ‘I’m jealous he made it there first’

Michelle Rodriguez took a trip with ayahuasca (pronounced ‘eye-a-wos-ka’) and this has helped her deal with the loss of Paul Walker back in 2013, apparently. I quote (Link)

‘My ayahuasca trip made me sad that he left me here,’ Rodriguez said followed by snorting laughter.

‘It wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone. It was more of a jealousy that he’s there first,’ she added.

The Reality Of Truth documentary is presented by Deepak Chopra and Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin and features interviews examining ‘true reality through spirituality, meditation, and psychedelics’, according to its website.

A clip showed Rodriguez taking part in a ayahuasca ceremony and drinking a brew of the traditional spiritual medicine.

Her grief for her co-star was very deep, and yet here we have a drug being touted as a way to ‘examine ‘true reality” and since that experience, of course she’s completely OK with his death because of what she saw and felt whilst high. The comments section is always a good place to look when articles like this come up, and I wasn’t disappointed:


Can you see this from a Godly perspective? I can – I am reading this comment and thinking to myself that if satan can get you addicted to something, he can produce a ‘cure’ which allows you to get clean without ever acknowledgeing pain, anger, or your need for salvation. This bypasses God altogether, and gives satan both sides (as he has now with a lot of what the medical fraternity do with pharmakeia).

Does anyone reading this and being a believer in Yeshua believe that He cannot take away your suffering? Thet He cannot unravel your pain, heartbreak, loss and hopelessness?

So on one hand we have the devil working his mischief and on the other providing a solution – leaving salvation and the message of hope out of the equation altogether.

Please pray for Michelle Rodriguez – she needs God, not a ‘trip’.

God Bless you


Double standards of the Daily Mail

Why should I be surprised? But on a day when the Daily Mail headlines the fact that 12 children will die this year due to lack of BEXSERO vaccine for Meningitis B: (Link)


it quietly admits in an other article that 600 preventable, yes PREVENTABLE stillbirths occur every year within the NHS.

I quote: (Link)

“Britain continues to have one of the highest rates of stillbirth in the developed world – worse than Estonia, the Czech Republic and Croatia, according to The Lancet.

About 600 stillbirths could be prevented each year if hospitals stuck to guidelines, listened more to parents’ concerns, and investigated more thoroughly, a report found last November.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has pledged to halve the stillbirth rate by 2030.”

If saving lives was the plan, you’d tackle the stillbirth problem, but the issue is to get the obedient public to ask for their kids to be poisoned with vcaccines, whilst ignoring the grief-stricken parents who didn’t get to raise their child because of NHS failures. Jeremy Hunt also appears to be in no hurry to resolve the problem – he’s aiming to halve the rate of stillbirths in the next 15 years…

The Daily Mail is a NWO tool! Ugh!

God Bless you


Antibiotic information we all need to know

Antibiotics are mostly formed from fungi – it’s fungi which produce the chemical component which kills the bacteria. Taking a lot of antibiotics can result in fungal infections, and this is no laughing matter long-term. This interesting snippet is very useful information:

“Utilizing my self-developed iridological analysis, I discovered that IBS and Crohn’s mainly have been caused by penicillin and vaccines. Penicillin infects us with fungus that is not natural to humans but is common in birds. Very often, penicillin travels to intestines, makes roots and lives there. Too often, it lives in the intestines and nervous system for a life time, unless we know how to gradually eliminate it. Penicillin fungus interferes with digestion and causes many intestinal problems and diseases. Too often, I have found that penicillin mold lives in our brains, causing many cognitive problems. I know of only one way to naturally eliminate penicillin fungus without serious side effects.”—Aajonus Vonderplanitz (source)

His method is called the penicillin destroyer, and is as follows:

“If 5’10” or taller increase proportions accordingly (ex. 5’10” = slightly more, 6’2″ = a little more). If around 5’2″ or shorter, decrease proportions appropriately (ex. 5’2″ = slightly less, 4’9″ = a little less). For average height person, about 5’2″ to 5’9″:


– 3.5 tbsp lime juice
– 1 tsp lemon juice
– 3 tbsp coconut cream (OR 1.5 oz. of coconut meat, already blended)
– 1 tbsp dairy cream
– 1 small kiwi
– 3 tbsp unheated honey


– 3 oz. naturally sparkling mineral water (ex. Perrier, Apollinaris, San Pellegrino, Gerolsteiner, etc.)

Drink slowly (sip over 10 minutes).

This recipe can be made without a blender (by chewing, spitting out, then mixing).

This recipe can be consumed as often as every 3 days (for those with long histories of taking mold/penicillin-based antibiotics or diseases or conditions resulting specifically from mold/penicillin-based antibiotics).. Because it is very antibacterial, it is not recommended to consume more frequently than that as it can lower healthy intestinal and bodily bacteria levels as well as can interfere with digestion of certain nutrients (such as minerals).

This recipe can also be used as a RAW ANTIBIOTIC (raw food-based antibiotic alternative). Appling a hot rubber water bottle to the affected area or taking a warm bath in filtered/toxin-free water will boost the antibiotic effect by both increasing circulation (and nutrients) to the infected area and by instigating the healing cycle of bacteria as is normally performed via fever. 1/2 cup of clay such as TerraMin clay in the bath can remove toxins in the water.

Organic items are always best, but conventional can be used as well in the recipe. All items used in this recipe MUST be 100% raw, or the benefits will be diminished or even neutralized altogether.” (source)

This is a post to bookmark for future reference – this antibiotic is very powerful and for those who are sensitive to pharmaceutical medications, it could be important. You’ll also find the website in the resources section of the blog now.

If you are looking to improve your immune system, working to improve your gut flora is the place to start, because it accounts for 70% of your immune system – so you can see how harmful it might be to take an antibiotic even once every couple of years for any reason. Natural probiotics such as Kombucha tea and fresh live yogurt are a good place to start, but you might like to try others – there’s a great list here: Link

Kombucha tea is one of my favourites – I’d love to have that again! You can probably get this from ebay and make your own – there are lots of online resources to teach you how to make it.

Antibiotics are one of the most prevalent drugs prescribed – they are not without their risks, and a quick look over the antibiotic information on will show you the devastating harm they may be creating. We have to find natural alternatives and use them – if you have a favourite home-made antibiotic recipe, please share it or link it in the comments below.

God Bless you


Medical word-magic

I promised I would do a post on this subject a while back, and so I thought I would put it together and give you a little info on this.

Doctors have the backing of government – laws are created that say only a doctor can claim to cure (even though drugs generally don’t cure anything). Drug companies make billions every year and every year hundreds of thousands of peolpe die from medical treatment, medicines, misdiagnosis, neglect, complications and so on. If they couldn’t give you a label in the form of diagnosis in the first place you might be more charry about accepting drugs from them.

This article is designed to get you thinking about the way diagnosis labels us as ‘ill’.

You will be astounded at the underhand way that language can be used – in fact if you watched the John Harris video I put up, (Link) you’ll not be so surprised – in fact you’ll be quite used to the idea of Latin (the Roman system) being used to subjugate the masses from time immemorial…

So I’m going to break down some Latin disease names for you now.

Let’s start with a simple one: Fibromyalgia. First of all there are no current tests available to prove that you have anything wrong with you if you do get this diagnosis (dire-gnosis!). So let’s see what the likely scenario is: You’ve been visiting your doctor for some months complaining of muscle pain. They have tried this and that drug, but nothing has made the pain, or you, go away. You may end up with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. What is Fibromyalgia. It’s muscle pain – exactly what you told your doctor you had. Fibro is fibre and myalgia is muscle pain. Pain in the fibres of your muscles.


Let’s do a more complex one: Myasthenia gravis.

My (muscle related)

asthenia (weakness)

gravis (grave, or serious)

So Myasthenia gravis is grave muscle weakness. That is not to belittle this condition, which is a serious one for those who suffer from it, but until very recently there were no tests for this condition, and even now the testing available is very new, so may prove later to be less than helpful.

You need to understand that there are many conditions where a Latin word-label is given, and where a demonic cause is then over-looked. If you are a Christian, it’s vital you go to God first! Link

Let’s do another:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS)

Poly – many

cystic – cysts

Ovary – your ovary that stores and releases your eggs

Syndrome – well let’s see the dictionary definition, shall we?

syndromeSo basically your ovaries are growing many cysts and this creates a condition which is counted as a syndrome, with all it’s multiple facets and symptoms. This isn’t a cause – there isn’t a known cause – doctors now claim that genetics may be a factor, which is convenient, but not very helpful.

I’m not in anyway doing this to belittle illness – it’s just that we need to grasp the nettle here – if the devil makes you sick, or sin makes you sick do you want the devil to provide you a drug (pharmakeia), and your doctor to give you a label (dire-gnosis), or would you rather get straight with God and be healed?

The spiritual causes might be sin, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness – I even read a story once of a woman who got sick after she prayed to receive a thorn in her side, like Paul had – she felt it would make her a better Christian. In fact she had just agreed to get ill, and demons had done the rest.

Sometimes we are under a curse because of sin in our families – this can look superficially like it’s genetic – a family where there is consistent disease through generations. This is the work of the devil, but all doors to him must be closed, repented of and sealed with the blood of Christ to stop it.

There are many times in the bible where Yeshua healed the sick. Sometimes, He cast out demons to do it, one time He used His spit on their eyes, or other times He simply agreed with their immense faith that His word alone was all that was needed.

He said:

“And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick.” Luke 5:31

But this is taken completely out of context! Now read the context:

30The Pharisees and their scribes began grumbling at His disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with the tax collectors and sinners?” 31And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. 32“I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”” Luke 5:30-32

Yeshua is our Great physician – trust on Him, and be healed.

If you’re curious to look up an illness, a good place to start is to do an internet search for medical pre- and suffixes. If you aren’t sure how to spell your illness, ask your doctor to write it down for you. It is not a coincidence that many patients cannot even pronounce their own ailment, nor ever see it written down – that is another way of preventing you from learning about your condition.

God Bless you


Vaccines – more on the deception

This great image is of a billboard opposing, and trying to educate the public, on vaccines.

Anti-Vaccine-BillboardNow why on earth is this so important? Why THIS message – that vaccines working is a lie? Because it is very dodgy science to begin with – conceptually!

So you’re going to mix up a veritable witches brew (see my previous article on this here) and then add an adjuvant to make the immune system react to it… Excuse me? What is the body reacting to? Not the animal and human derived materials, no, but the adjuvant. This is supposed to confer immunity? That doesn’t make sense – if you can explain the rationale, please let me know!

But then there is the absolute MASS of scientific data which shows that, in both humans and animals, vaccinations CAUSE the diseases they are supposed to protect you from, and that is without the long term side effects of being injected with unsafe amounts of metals and other adjuvant to ‘make them work’.

Have a few examples, quoted from one of the best online resources for vaccine information,

“13 Kids Get Whooping Cough, ALL were Vaccinated

Thirteen kids in the Smithtown School District has contracted pertussis, a highly contagious bacterial infection also known as whooping cough, Suffolk County Health Commissioner James L. Tomarken announced Tuesday.

Cases were confirmed in St. James Elementary School, Tackan Elementary School and Nesaquake Middle School, and the health department has advised school officials to begin infection control measures.

According to the health department, all the infected children had been immunized, which explains why they only came down with mild cases of the infection.

Source: SmithtownPatch, 21 June 2011. […]

82 People Get Whooping Cough, All were Vaccinated.

Authorities Say ‘Still Get Your Vaccine!’ (Yes, that is such a good sales pitch, makes me want to get 10!).
Thursday, the Alamance County Health Department said they now have 82 confirmed cases. The Health Department also said all of those cases had previously received the pertussis vaccine.

The vaccination for whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has changed. Back in 1991, doctors reformulated the vaccine because some children were having severe reactions to the original vaccine.

“What we’re finding is that this vaccine is safer. But, the downside is that it’s not producing antibodies that are as protective as the old, cellular pertussis vaccine. The answer to everyone is…look, you still get the vaccine,” Guilford County Health Department Medical Director Ward Robinson said.

Source:, 24th February 2012. […]

103 Cases of Whooping Cough – NOT ONE Unvaccinated Person Caught it!

Bass called the outbreak “an extraordinary situation” that began in December and has grown to include more than 103 cases that are either confirmed or probable, with an almost equal number falling into each category.

“It certainly has been a learning curve,” he said. But he and Shapley-Quinn praised the school system, and in particular public information officer Jenny Faulkner, for effectively working with the health department. The school system has worked with the health department to identity “close contacts” of students with confirmed or reportable cases in order to notify families.

Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract that can last for many weeks. Symptoms include a runny nose, low fevers, coughing fits and vomiting.

Bass said the system has a “really good vaccination rate,” which “raises questions about the vaccine itself” and its effectiveness in preventing the disease.  He and Shapley-Quinn said it’s likely the Centers for Disease Control will study the situation to examine those questions.

SHAPLEY-QUINN SAID there’s no instance of a child who had not been vaccinated getting pertussis, though the health department is waiting to receive paperwork to confirm for certain one student was up to date on the shots.

After pertussis was found at B. Everett Jordan Elementary School, Shapley-Quinn said, “We gave out 700 courses of preventive antibiotics in that school alone.”

With approval from the CDC, the health department began shifting its approach in an effort to balance disease prevention and overuse of antibiotics, which can weaken resistance of the body’s immune system. Now, families of students considered close contacts of those with confirmed or probable cases of pertussis get a letter that says “If you have a cough, see your doctor” instead of automatically being offered the antibiotics.

Source: The Times News, 14th March 2012.

That’s just three examples, and all whooping cough – take a look at the three full pages of cases, many logged in MEDICAL JOURNALS showing the ineffectiveness of vaccines. Link Link Link

For animals, the same is also true:

Close-up-dog leptospirosis

More tragedy – more suffering – caused by pharmakeia and it’s roman tentacles – spreading the lie that vaccines protect – they don’t they HARM. Read more here


Do you ever remember old people when you were a kid (I’m going back 30-40 years here) saying ‘I’ll take my chances.’ The medical profession and government want to remove from you the right to ‘take your chances’ and allow your kids to do the same.

Vaccination is a very profitable procedure, and when it causes long term side effects, these create even more profit as people are medicated for those too.

Long term there will be depopulation as a result, but then as Zbigniew Brzezinski said:


Your body is yours – the government does not have the right to impose forced medication on anyone. Your kids are your property – they don’t have the right to do this to them either. Statute law is not a good enough reason – under common law it is assault!

God Bless you


Almost one in seven Dutch people are now euthanised

Are you horrified by that? I am. So is one of the doctors who originally supported the law allowing physician assisted suicide in the Netherlands. I quote:

“Euthanasia is now becoming so prevalent in the Netherlands, Professor Boer said, that it is ‘on the way to becoming a default mode of dying for cancer patients’.

He said assisted deaths have increased by about 15 per cent every year since 2008 and the number could hit a record 6,000 this year.

He said he was concerned at the extension of killing to new classes of people, including the demented and the depressed, and the establishment of mobile death units of ‘travelling euthanasing doctors’.

[…] Professor Boer admitted he was ‘wrong – terribly wrong, in fact’ to have believed regulated euthanasia would work.

‘I used to be a supporter of the Dutch law. But now, with 12 years of experience, I take a very different view.

‘Whereas in the first years after 2002 hardly any patients with psychiatric illnesses or dementia appear in reports, these numbers are now sharply on the rise.

‘Cases have been reported in which a large part of the suffering of those given euthanasia or assisted suicide consisted in being aged, lonely or bereaved.

[…] The latest euthanasia figures for the Netherlands show that nearly one in seven deaths are at the hands of doctors.”

Read the full article here: Link

So let me get this straight:

Doctors administer poisons to us as Pharmakeia. They are the abortionists (that means they kill 1.05 MILLION babies a year in the United States alone). They cause death by medication, mistakes, complications, unnecessary procedures, neglect and so on, which according to Gary Null equates to 783, 936 deaths a year in the US!

Gary NullYou can read the full report here (direct link to the document) Link

When will Christians wake up and take notice? The medical profession is an arm of the Roman System – the Knights Hospitaller being the root of our word hospital today.

Our Great Physician is Yeshua – let us go to Him FIRST for healing, and ask what we need to do to be well.

When it comes to dying, God created a process of dying, just as He created a process of birth. To avoid that is to avoid what He gave you through it – doing things His way is surely the only way to be blessed by Him.

You can read my previous posts around this subject here, here and here.

God Bless you