It’s all over bar the shouting?

The left – their revolution and their ideology – have won. Not because satan has won – he’s the defeated foe of believers; but because the lost love satan’s ways, and his ideology and they promote it. I saw Peter Hitchens’ article yesterday in the Mail on Sunday, which I’m going to quote here. Just a brilliantly written article which I suggest you go and read all of – but also infuriating because it is true. His piece is a reaction to the action by Extinction Rebellion in Cambridge (my home city), where they dug up the law of Trinity College while Police stood by and watched.

Are you beginning to work out what has happened? Police do nothing while self-righteous ninnies dig up an ancient lawn in a beautiful city.

The same police force close the roads in the name of ‘human rights’, to suit the same arrogant, dogmatic protesters.

Not enough? Think this is just an isolated incident? No.

Will you please wake up to the fact that this country has undergone a silent but deadly revolution, and the takeover of the country by people who despise you and your morals is almost complete.[…]

He then proceeds to talk of our Police force and their reframed attitudes which do nothing to resolve crime at all:

The idea that criminals are bad people who need to be punished and deterred has been abandoned. Crime is now officially a disease to be cured by ‘treatment’. The criminals themselves are not to be blamed.

And finally:

Do you think this process is over? Not a bit of it. In the law, in the Civil Service and local government, the major charities, the political parties, the schools, the churches, the TV studios and the social media companies, the Long March Through the Institutions is still going on.

How Lenin must look up longingly from his warm place in hell and envy these revolutionaries, who have succeeded where he failed.

The place may look roughly the same. But when the honest citizen now turns to the State for protection or truth or help, he no longer gets it.

He receives, from the flapping mouth of some dogmatised jobsworth, a series of excuses.

And if he complains, then he will find out that the one thing the new State will protect with all its might is its monopoly of power and thought.

If Extinction Rebellion were not as thick as they are nasty, they would have realised by now that they have already won.

But then they couldn’t dig up lawns and close roads.

Who will win? Who can reverse this tide? Believers are like the Salmon swimming against the power of the river – we are going against the flow of the whole of society. However, the Salmon are driven by an instinct from their maker – they absolutely have no choice but to do that instinctual thing. But will believers continue to walk this contrary walk in the face of ever more threats, ever more twisted thinking? When Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said that Climate Change was the bigget threat to humanity one would have to assume that he had forgotten the real threat – sin and separation from God!

When even the church is overtaken by these leftist dogmas – which now replace biblical truth – what is there left?

God Bless you


Karl Marx – the man who spawned the most dangerous ideology mankind has ever seen

When faced with coming global communism (which we are – it’s called Agenda 21/2030) we ought to understand a little about the man behind it all. This video is very enlightening about Marx, and the life he led. This was not a man seeking to free the workers – his attitude towards them, as you will see, leaves a lot to be desired.

Marxism has killed more people than any other ideology on earth – can anyone dispute that? I can’t think of anything else which has caused so much destruction without there being any element of “war” (i.e. defense) involved. The brutal death-toll of Marxism is more than 100 million in 100 years – a horrifying statistic.

communism 2.jpg

Cultural Marxism is the underbelly of the beast we now witness destroying our nations – our culture, our morality and our churches. For all their imperfections, the churches were once a bulwark against moral turpitude in our societies. Now, that has been swept away on a tide of “critical theory” which is used to attack all and everything good in our world. Those of us who believe, thankfully, look to another world – a Heavenly Kingdom which we hope one day to see. But our focus on that Kingdom should never make us fail to speak out on the depravity which surrounds us today.

God Bless you


The news today from Opposite Land


How many times will we see headlines like these (published just one day apart):


policing yorkshire


And today:



There certainly is a crisis – a crisis of confidence on the side of the public in the UK who now find trusting the police a problem. I know that I grew up believing that the police were the friends of the public. I no longer believe this.

So which is it? Is there a funding crisis, or do we have lots of spare police time to deal with hurt feelings:

policing problem.jpg

Hate is defined here so loosely that anyone who has hurt feelings can force the police to pursue a hate crime prosecution against someone who did not mean anything hateful. Shut up and sit down is the clear message!

The responses on Twitter were interesting – I grabbed a couple from the article:


problem racism

The public gets it, and yet the police and their leaders do not. Investigate real crime with the budgets you have been allocated. Stop spending money on things like this:

sussex police 2

(Yes they actually had a budget for that – no budget for a similar one for Christian causes, or charities, but for the homosexual Marxist agenda, yeah, sure).

… and investigate things the people care about, like burglary etc.

Public services are now no longer serving the public but an agenda which most are not aware of – the Cultural Marxist destruction of the United Kingdom and other countries.


Nothing we ever do for Islam will do – they will never stop their demands

This really sums up the West’s relationship with Islam. I saw today that a Primary School has been forced into an embarrassed climb-down over it’s recent rule change which prohibited the wearing of the hijab (headscarf) for girls aged under eight years old.


I quote from the article (Link)

The ban was imposed before Christmas to help five- and six-year-olds integrate better after staff noticed they were often reluctant to join in playground games because their headscarves were cumbersome. The campaign against the ban gathered momentum last week after locals began a petition opposing it, and Islamic activists and Left-wing Newham councillors criticised the decision.

How interesting I thought, because I recall only a few months ago that a £2Million campaign by Transport for London was scrapped after it showed a child aged 3-4 years old wearing, you guessed it, the hijab: (Link)

headscarf 2.jpg

So which is it, Islam? You say that the hijab is bad on a small child because this makes it look as though they should be covered (i.e. they are old enough for men to look at), and then you demand that small children should be covered in school, why exactly?

Because your religion is perverse? Let’s face it, you either have a law related to this or you don’t! Is it because Islam brings out in you a desire to mess the British people around for the fun of it? Why is it one rule when you say so and another rule, yet again, when you say so?

What will Britain be like when they become the majority? It will be filled with just such hypocrisy, I expect, and the minority white population will be told how high to jump and be expected to do it. I do so hope that I will not be resident in the UK by then.

God Bless you



Of Pets and Children – the story of Lola

I could almost present this without comment – after all I’m fairly sure by now you know some of what I’m going to say about it, but I felt it was helpful to quote from the article because it’s just SO outrageous!


I recommend you go and watch the brief video of this woman being interviewed on the Daily Mail’s website here: Link

I’m going to quote from there [my emphasis added]:

Britain’s most pampered pooch is celebrating Christmas in the lap of luxury with 68 individually wrapped presents costing in excess of a £1,000. […]

Helena admits that Lola, who has her very own bank account and £100 monthly allowance from her husband Mark, will be getting more presents than her six-year-old son Harry because she ‘loves Lola more’.

‘This year, she’s definitely getting more gifts than Harry,’ she admitted. ‘I tried to hide that from Harry last year, but this time it’s so obvious because there’s so many.’

She added: ‘I do love my Lola more than Harry. You know, Lola never moans about homework, and she never complains about what’s for dinner.

‘She had her first snow yesterday, and I came in and realised I hadn’t taken any pictures of Harry – but had absolutely loads of Lola, and that’s what always happens.’ […]

‘I took a week off from work when Lola had her spaying operation, when Harry has a cold I’m just like, “Off you go then!”‘

Helena said: ‘My husband’s view is happy wife, happy life – he knows where he comes in the pecking order – it goes Lola, Harry, him! […]

Helena explained how she took Harry out of school to go to a special dog photographer so that they could have a family photo with Lola. 

‘I would rather that Harry wasn’t able to spell “table” when he’s 20, than have a gap in the family photo,’ Helena reasoned.

Now it would be easy to say that this woman is some kind of freak – let’s be honest this is not the behaviour of someone who is very rational. A rational person doesn’t turn their dog into an idol, and I have never, personally, known anyone who treats their dog as being more important than a human member of the family. However, it would also be easy to say that of a person who claims (with no evidence beyond their own thoughts and feelings) that they are “otherkin” or of another gender. Yet now the state is demanding (with menaces) that we accept that this person is “natural” and that they are what they say they are no matter the fact that their chromosomes mean they are NOT a different sex (nor species!) than they were born.

Why make this comparison?

Because both the irrational transgenders and this woman are being pampered. Our culture is being parasitised by a media which promotes this kind of irrational and societally damaging behaviour. This woman should be absolutely ashamed of her thoughts regarding loving her dog more than her son. The very idea of uttering such a sentiment should be considered abhorrent in ANY decent and civilised society. Yet here she is being interviewed and written about in a national newspaper as some kind of benign oddity. Where are child protective services? I’ve heard of children being taken away from LOVING parents for a lot less than this child is enduring. Not only has his mother turned an unclean animal into some kind of idol, she has also abased the natural role of his own father to beneath himself!

To say that the father is lower on the pecking order than the son, who is lower than the dog, means that boundaries – boundaries designed by God to ensure that boys grow up to be men – have been destroyed, and with them, for this little boy, his sense of self, and how to relate to people. His teenage rebellion will probably be something to behold. Poor kid. She even admits he’ll probably need therapy when he’s older due to how she has treated the family dog.

Sadly this is what happens when women rule the home. Her husband should take a stand, leave and take the son away. She’ll, no-doubt, be upset for a while, but as long as she has her £100 a month for the dog, and the dog itself, perhaps she’ll quickly forget about her child.

This is a tragic case which reinforces the questions I’ve already raised about having unclean animals in the home. This dog is more than a tool to protect the home, she has become the centre of everything. Women, I will note, will often use a pet to rule the home. Making the plans they have (their “needs”) all about the pet is a good cover to completely undermine their husband’s role. Most men these days are very soft about pets – after all it is said that a man’s best friend is his dog. This ruse is an easy one to pull on a husband – “Oh honey I don’t think we should go out tonight, the dog always looks so miserable when we leave”, or “Oh honey, don’t bother me for sex tonight, poochie’s just got comfie on the bed.”

This is, quietly, the behaviour of a Jezebel. Women who put a pet before a child are unnatural!

Just to be absolutely clear for those reading this who don’t know the natural order, I’m going to actually state it here:

Father (head of the wife)

Wife (helpmeet to the husband – see Proverbs 31 for more details)


That’s it. There isn’t a place on the pecking order for pets.

Until we become obedient – truly submitting ourselves, both MEN and WOMEN to our proper roles we will not be able to raise a generation capable of putting right what the Left has done wrong since WWII. I say men too because the question of “which came first, the chicken or the egg” can also be asked in relation to Jezebel and Ahab. Which came first, her behaviour or his indifference to it? Men do need to stand – a weak man will often leave a woman no choice but to lead.

Sadly, in a Marxist “Utopia” this woman is a good example of someone who is “living her best life” (i.e. she’s displaying narcissistic behaviour).

And that is a sign of Jezebel at work.

God Bless you



Do you think Christianity is compatible with Communism?

Many churches today support “social justice” – which is code for redistribution of wealth (i.e. communism). Why does communism lurk in the hearts of well-meaning Christians? Because they don’t know God’s Law, nor follow it. Christianity is very, very vulnerable today to the wiles of communistic, Marxist strategies, and these videos are vital if you are to understand the danger.

As a relative newbie in the faith – I was converted in 2010 – I’m sure many of you will nod knowingly when I share this video by Dean Gotcher. You’ve probably at least heard of him, even if you have not heard his talks. This talk is a vital one to listen to – because these methods are being used in schools on (against!) your children, and are also the very foundation of the NWO one-world religion. Without dialoguing, and finding common ground, you can’t be moved away from the word of God. But with it, you may be willing to concede (as the churches have) one millimetre of the truth and the perfection of God’s word, and His ways. After you have conceded a single point, you may be persuaded to concede a second. Before you know it, you may concede Christ and His cross, and lose the very salvation you believed you had. That sounds dramatic, but in the Vineyard Church locally I have met New Agers who do not believe that Christ is the only way to God! They do not believe the scriptures! One such couple runs a prison ministry! They believe themselves to be Christians – they do not even know that they hold New Age beliefs. They are very dangerous.

We must not concede on any point of scripture. Not one! Homosexuality is a sin. Witchcraft is a sin. Eating pork is a sin!

Here’s Dean Gotcher – this is a must listen talk!

After listening to this you will be in no doubt of the importance of holding to the word of God, and not holding to an opinion, but to FACT!

But just why is Marxism so very appealing to Christians? Many Christians believe that Jesus would have approved of a society where we all share, and everything is communal (communism). To see the truth of that we need to look at two things – firstly the word of God – the Law of Moses to be precise, which is the Law by which we are to live and care for each other (Read: Falling in love with the Law). The poor had rights, and those who had property/produce (farmers, vineyard owners etc.) had responsibilities. They had to take their crop by faith and leave some for the poor. This is not in any way communism! Communism takes the whole crop away from the person who worked to nurture it, and gives it equally to those who did not.

Secondly we must, MUST, understand the satanic mindset of Marx himself. He was purely evil, and against everything good that Christianity brings. He was a destroyer of all that was good. Not an atheist, but an opposer of God. This short talk is an absolute must listen to understand what we face today. Marxism is in our schools, our universities, our media, Hollywood, and now also the church (without discernment, it will come to yours too). It’s in the Social Justice movement, and in the LGBT rights movement. Most importantly we can also see it is speeding up – the dialoguing is persuading perfectly rational, but otherwise un-grounded individuals to believe that transgenderism is a real thing (and not a spiritual problem). The wheels of this movement are rolling ever faster towards the total destruction of what we hold dear, and worse, it is beginning to enshrine that in law, so that to use the wrong pronoun with a transgender person becomes a crime.

Here’s the short talk on Marx – the sound quality isn’t great, but it’s a vital one to listen to.

If you wish to read the book Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand, you can download it for free here: Link

Lastly if you want some inspiration regarding the push back by Christians against this nonsense, this short video is also great.

Stand strong in the faith – stand by the word of God, and hold to it. That old phrase comes to mind “If I didn’t believe in something, I’d fall for anything” – Marxism (Cultural Marxism) wants to dialogue you away from your beliefs as FACTS and downgrade them, and your faith, until you no longer have the right to speak, or the will to protest.

God Bless you


State sanctioned lies, sickness and depravity

Just when you thought that the sewer couldn’t be any more caked in filth, this is the latest from my government in the UK: (Link)

gender blah 1

Yes, you don’t even have to admit to your doctor that you’re questioning your gender – no one will disabuse you of your foolishness, and you (clearly) don’t even need to be transitioning medically – in other words, just as my dear American friends have already found to your cost, men with big hairy chests, and winkies can say they’re women. How much longer before the foolish UK embraces the Target philosophy of letting perverts into women’s bathrooms?

Here’s a quote from there:

“It comes after Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this week suggested she was preparing to reform the Gender Recognition Act, saying that ‘when it comes to rights and protections for trans people, there is still a long way to go’.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said May would have his support if she allowed transpeople to ‘self-identify’ their gender.

He said legislation could be passed with Labour’s backing, despite the prime minster’s deal with the socially conservative DUP.”

Yes the DUP might not stand with this agenda (for an agenda it is!). In fact I’d go so far as to alter Mrs (Dis)May’s quote and say:

‘when it comes to the agenda to push lies, sickness, and depravity, there is still a long way to go.’

Because that is truly what she must surely mean.

What struck me most, as is so often, were the comments. One of the most stunning comments I think I have ever read in the DM is the third one here from a chap in China:

gender blah

He says “I live in China and I can assure you all expats here are 100% sane…. as is the government! I expect lots of red arrows but I couldn’t live under the Junta you guys do.”

Did you get that – an ex-pat living in China feels that our system of government is unbearable to live under. I share his sentiments, and I look forward to the day when (God willing) I get to leave this country for a simpler life away from the Cultural Marxists of Britain (and the rest of Europe).

However, in amongst the top comments there was also a gem for those of us who still retain a (fairly black) sense of humour:

gender blah 2

God does not make mistakes. Those who think they are something they are not are fooling themselves. Those who go further and destroy the body God gave them commit an offence towards the creator. Those parents who allow, foster and connive with their children’s silliness are especially evil.

I’d say God help my country – but His wrath is being poured out and only repentance will suffice to turn it away. That repentance is not coming anytime soon, and the continuing storm of stupidity, evil and lies is here.

God Bless you


How long before UK resembles Venezuela?

“In the run-up to September 1st, the government is substantially cranking up its repressive activity, rolling out “preventive repression” that at times amounts to the selective kidnapping of Voluntad Popular members.

Today we witnessed how, while driving in a highway in Caracas, after leaving his home, Yon Goicochea was stopped by two vehicles. Several heavily armed men poured out of them and kidnapped him. The men are believed to be agents of the SEBIN secret police, but calling what they did an “arrest” makes no sense: there wasn’t even a semblance of due process involved.” (Read more: (emphasis added)

Would you like to tell me just how far we are from this in the UK, when a man, out with his family, can be forced to leave as a ‘preventative’ measure? I’m referring to Tommy Robinson leader of the English Defence League.

The leader of Pegida UK, Tommy Robinson, has been ejected from the city of Cambridge and threatened with criminal charges – for watching a football match in a pub with his three young children, all aged under ten, and some friends.[…]

The party then elected to leave but were followed down the road by four officers who told Mr Robinson “we’re following you and there’s no way out of that,” causing his two children, both aged under 10, to cry in terror.

Speaking to Breitbart London today, he added: “My children are terrified of the police. I can’t understand how they are allowed to continually harass me and my family.”

In a statement filmed following the incident Mr Robinson later said that he believed the police had been sent to provoke a reaction from him. He said: “This is everywhere I go, everything I do: followed, harassed, persecuted. I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m watching a Manchester United game!”

According to the Crown Prosecution Service website, section 35 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 gives officers the power to disperse people they deem troublesome.” (Read more: (emphasis added)

So, just how far are we from becoming Venezuela? How long until it’s legal for Mr Robinson to be snatched off the street as a ‘prevention’?

I believe if they thought they could get away with it, the Police would do that right now. Only a little while, and the public will be content to see just that happen to – *points* – those people over there (immigrants, first, obviously – perhaps one or two ‘radical’ imams), not realising that this will soon  be happening to their own countrymen.

All laws apply ‘evenly’, but in a Cultural Marxist Dystopia, they will apply to white cis gender people first.

We must now watch and wait.

God Bless you


Symbolism is not coincidence – the “Gender Unicorn”

Oh my. It can be easy to let folks off the hook when symbolism appears ‘misused’, yet I believe that where we notice symbolism it is indeed a sign! God wants us to be aware of the agenda. And believe me there’s an agenda…

The latest foray into destructive Cultural Marxist social engineering for children is the ‘Gender Unicorn’:


Now, just ignore the rest of the form here – just notice the Unicorn. The Unicorn is thinking a ‘rainbow’ – first of all the rainbow (God’s symbol perverted for modern consumption) is a symbol NOT of all sexualities, but ONLY of perverted sexualitites. It is symbolic of the LGBTQ etc. crowd. So you’re starting off on something which is deliberately designed to queer students thoughts about themselves.

But the most prominent fact about the Unicorn is the occult significance of using that beast. I’ve mentioned the Unicorn in previous posts – particularly one about Illuminati clothing. I quote from there:

I start with their ‘Unicorn offering’ – there were so many more than these, and the Unicorn, according to Constance Cumbey, is significant to the New Age Movement (I quote from her book A Planned Deception)

a planned deception snippet

So beware, this isn’t just make believe for kids, this is a powerful force spiritually being invoked for evil purposes.

So here we have that symbolism turning up on clothing the unsuspecting public wears, signalling their willingness, in absence of knowing what they are ‘consenting’ to!

So now the agenda becomes more open and more obvious.This agenda is the DESTRUCTION of gender norms – in fact to turn every child into a confused, off balance, disconcerted little snowflake/Narcissist in order to destroy western civilisation. Let me be clear – white western civilisation.

unicorn gender

Because this isn’t going to be tried on African nations, nor in China, for example. It’s also not going to work on immigrants coming to Europe. Oh no. African and/or Muslim migrants aren’t going to bow to this insanity. Did you know in South Africa, lesbians are raped – gang raped – to “straighten them out”? Can you imagine what these bastards will do to your confused and vulnerable children when they become the majority in the once-great-now-introspective-snowflake-land of Europe? I hate to think.

So, what to do?

In another previous article, I wrote:

We must speak while we can – because the gag is coming soon – we will be silenced on this as we have been on homosexuality. We will be stopped from speaking the truth because they don’t want to hear it.

These are the times we must remember that Christianity is repellent to those who have strongholds of evil. We can, however, pray for them.

All this has come to pass so fast – this slide into filth and evil. What will we, who are holding onto the truth, do when we are faced with a generation of vulnerable, messed up children, many damaged beyond repair. I’m afraid we will be at the mercy of the elites, and these, their pawns.

So please avoid symbols and images in your own home. Don’t allow that evil Unicorn into your child’s pencil case, or onto your child’s favourite stationery or clothing – keep these symbols and their occult, demonic strongholds, out of your homes and lives. And pray.

God Bless you