Free flight

They’d just cleaned my cage, but they hadn’t quite closed the door. It wasn’t latched, and I could see a way out. My little caged life could end if I was only brave enough to take flight. Would my wings sustain me, and would there be food outside the bars which had contained my life all these years? I didn’t know, but I had to find out.

And so I silently inched closer to the door while they weren’t looking, and I pushed my tiny beak through the gap. Sure enough the door popped open, and, startled, I began my free life.

Ok, a nice analogy, but frankly when I saw the plane on the tarmac at Gatwick, I almost cried with excitement. My first flight – and freedom from tyranny all on one. Goodness!

I got on the plane, and took my seat. I hadn’t booked a seat – I let them choose for me, and ended up with a window seat. Just as well, as it turned out, because as we taxied down the runway, it was all I could do to look out of the window as tears ran down my cheeks. Tears because I was profoundly moved, tears because of excitement at the prospect of freedom. We took flight and it was real – I was really getting out of Britain.

The day I moved out of my house was a Monday – the 11th January. After what had felt like months of delays, although in practice only just over a month beyond what was expected as the completion date, I had gathered all my belongings into a 10′ x 10′ storage unit on an industrial estate. In the almost-to-the-day six months since I’d put the house on the market, I had found nowhere which I wanted to buy. In the end I’d settled on a property which I knew I could rent out, and had started the process of buying it, but I wouldn’t be able to move in there anytime soon.

By a quirk of fate I was due to be absolutely homeless on the night of the 11th. I’d tried to book somewhere, but it had been cancelled. I’d already booked my flight out, and here is where things get particularly interesting.

Not only did I have no new home to go to, but the LORD would have had me fly out the following day if I could have got a flight. I needed a direct flight, because I didn’t know what would happen with Covid testing if I had to transit through Turkey. The first direct flight was on the 13th, and I booked it. I stayed with friends, and left early on that day.

Even I did not understand the urgency in what I was doing. Yet somehow I felt it.

Today Britains totalitarian two-step is becoming clearer. On the day I left, I took a train. The train went all the way to Gatwick. I saw no one asking any questions as to why I was travelling. I got to the airport, and again no one asked me why I was travelling – I had my reason, and it was a valid one, but still some trepidation made me tell no one in advance of my plan to leave. I simply left and explained later.

I went through security, still no questions, and got on the plane. Everything was plain sailing because of the timing and because of the prompting and covering of God.

I am now away from Britain, and I will probably stay away.

I spoke to a student of mine last night – she is Italian. She says that Britain feels like a prison now. I saw a headline yesterday saying that even visiting a dying relative might not be considered a “valid reason for travel” – be under no illusion, this is a clampdown on freedom and on people, but not on a virus. The virus will come in on lettuces and mangoes. It will come in with diplomats and premier league footballers who don’t have to quarantine. As if testing wasn’t enough of a chore, quarantine will part international families for months to come, and possibly longer.

All this is indirect coercion into taking a dangerous and experimental vaccine. People want freedom and so they are willing to subject themselves to this experiment, and even the UN is not going to stand in the gap between Bill Gates and his flunkies and the innocent who are rolling up their sleeves for this poison. Those taking this vaccine will NO LONGER BE HUMAN – do you understand? This vaccine alters DNA. You are not going to be the same again afterwards.

God’s judgement on an evil people is being meted out. That sounds cruel, and believe me I have such pity for the people of Britain. But if they think that mass disobedience is the answer, or that they can somehow escape these plans of the leaders of the imprisoned world (used to be free, not free anymore), they are wrong.

This is judgement time. There are places of safety – if you are obedient to God, He will protect you wherever He puts you. If it is necessary for you to leave, you will do so in safety. He will cover you – even at the time I left there were stories about people being turned back and denied their travel, but I met no one, I was asked nothing. God will cover you if He wants your passage out, BUT DO NOT DELAY! The prompting of God is for that moment. Don’t be like Lot’s wife – do not look back! Pack your bag and go.

I will finish with a couple of quotes from famous evil people.

I say again, be under no illusion – the leaders of the imprisoned world want you to cry out to them, and give up your freedoms to them. You must turn to God – He is your hope!

God Bless you


Germany brings back concentration camps

What was I just saying?

Here’s the headline: “Germany to repurpose refugee camps to detain people who repeatedly flout Covid rules by going out when they should be quarantining”

Let’s just call them what they are – concentration camps.

Here’s the link, which I have added to the internet archive so that it cannot be changed or removed from the web. You can do this yourself with any article you wish to cite, by going to and adding it on the first page where it says “Save Page Now”. Please do this with anything which relates to truth which you are concerned may be lost or altered in the future.

God Bless you


“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

I’m tired of this old aphorism being trotted out to in relation to the covid crisis – a crisis which required a decisive response at the start but which is now entirely a crisis continued, maintained and extended by government. It’s no longer a stupid government mistake, and whereas it was perfectly possible to forgive the miscalculation at the beginning of the crisis, it is no longer feasible to accept the continuing nonsense when deaths are now so low.

The problem now is how to end this situation. It’s not going to happen at the ballot box – another tired aphorism is this:

People in the UK voted for Boris because of Brexit. We never thought that he’d prove to be so inept – I would say it would be far fairer to say “you buy the product you’re sold, not the product you get” – in the case of this government we were sold a lie.

Whilst Brexit was sort of done, the covid crisis has been handled with such ineptitude that it can only be viewed as the willful destruction of this nation’s economy – and people still have no clue how serious it is. Redundancies are going to come in the next month as the furlough scheme ends, and they fully intend to lock everyone down again on the basis of test results not hospital admissions. This nefarious group of knaves has got their eye on the prize.

That prize is the total control of you and me.

With a destroyed economy they may have us all on benefits – a form of UBI (Universal Basic Income). Is it a coincidence that our main national benefit is called “universal credit” – that doesn’t seem so far from China’s “social credit score” either, does it?

And that’s what this boils down to. Once we’re all dependent, we won’t be able to resist so easily – don’t want a vaccine, then no benefits for you! They want us all to eat less meat, for the sake of the environment – you won’t be able to afford meat! Want to protest? That’s a £10,000 fine.

This country is no longer a democracy and many people are loving that – they can’t wait to get this over with, and believe something like this:

And now the government is calling upon a nation of bored and tetchy stasi to dob in their neighbours if they have seven people in their garden instead of six, threatening a criminal record for those who get caught.


What have we become? This is not desperation in the face of a serious threat, this is coercion in the face of a manufactured crisis in which you or I could be threatened with arrest for not wearing a mask which will do nothing to protect us or anyone else. We could be hauled before the courts for failing to limit a family gathering to the required six people.

This is about control. It’s not about a virus, and it’s not about safety. It’s about seeing how compliant you are willing to be – what your social credit score will be when they’ve got you 100% at their mercy.

Believe me they want you to be 100% at their mercy.

If you have not written to your MP, please do so today.

If you have not written to the Prime Minister, please do so (you won’t get a reply, but enough comments in volume, politely pointing out that this is unacceptable will help).

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Speak or be silenced.

We’re already being silenced – I tried to post part of this quote on an article yesterday in the Daily Mail:

This was the headline:

This was my comment:

Needless to say it did not appear amongst the other moderated comments.

May God help us!


Is Boris trying to destroy Britain?

The simple answer is yes, if yesterday’s back-track into a new level of lockdown is anything to go by. We are now limited to no more than six people meeting together, either publicly or privately.

There we go, down the toilet – the whole economy is teetering on the brink of total meltdown and he’s talking about testing and case numbers. The public are increasingly uneasy about the ever-changing and more and more ridiculous rules. None of the government’s rules make sense under the circumstances, yet there they are. Suppressing a virus which you need a test to know you have is ridiculous, but now we have to face restrictions being imposed for these cases when no restriction is needed.

Is it the same where you are? What have you done about this injustice? What can you do?

You can write to your MP or representative – politely point out your views and tell them what you want them to do – they work for you.

You can write to the Prime Minister, or President of your country – tell them what you think, again politely. Tell them what you want them to do, or ask them to explain what they are doing. I did this with Boris Johnson, and although I doubt I will get a response, I have done what I could do. Please would you do the same?

Get involved in protests where it is possible for you to do so (obviously not in Australia right now, which is knee-deep in Orwell’s 1984 and it’s gettin’ higher).

If you can’t visit a protest, you can still write to your MP to tell them you stand with the protests – that’s what I did.

You can also get involved in consultations – this one is about the UK government’s aims to release, administer and promote unlicensed vaccines. I told them in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t support that and why.

We have all got to do what we can. Each one of us may feel like we’re alone, spitting in the wind. But if we all spit in the wind it’ll make a storm that can’t be ignored!

We must stand up to this tyranny in every way we can – in every capacity. We must say what we think and how we feel if we stand any chance of stopping this terrible situation which should never have happened. We’re being lied to every single day by the government and by the media – the agenda at hand is nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with control.

God Bless you


Interesting language from Cambridge Police…

Having put out a totally tone-deaf tweet this morning, which I showed in my previous post: Link

evil cops

Twitter went a bit wild with comments, to the point where Cambridge Police was a trending tag. The tweets were fun:

non essentials

tesco wrong aisle

Oops. And Cambridge Police issued a couple of tweets which really cause me some concern:


exuberant 2

“Over exuberant” is the kind of language one might use about one’s embarrassing dog when it humps the neighbour’s leg. It indicates that the officer was full of joy and overreaching his role (and some said acting unlawfully – surely it’s harrassment to treat the public like they shouldn’t buy “non-essential” items). Over exuberant indicates he was getting a kick out of it – he “got carried away” – as if he crossed some small line he shouldn’t have. He needs sacking – make an example of him. Our police cannot continue as they are – this behaviour is unacceptable, and Downing Street has had to speak out to condemn their overreach:

Downing Street has been forced to warn police officers against ‘heavy-handed’ lockdown tactics after officers admitted to prowling through supermarket aisles in a bid to catch shoppers buying ‘non-essential’ items.

Police forces across the country have been accused of being over-zealous in their Easter weekend crackdown as they threatened to check through people’s shopping, causing #policestateUK to trend on Twitter.

The warning saw Downing Street warn police today that ‘if a shop is open then it will sell whatever it has in stock’, while Home Secretary Priti Patel called on officers not to be ‘heavy-handed’ during the coronavirus lockdown. 

It comes as Cambridge Police’s official Twitter account boasted that officers had visited a local superstore this morning to snoop on shoppers and found aisles selling non-essentials were ’empty’.

The tweet caused outrage from social media users, with many pointing to a post sent by the same account hours earlier thanking a local chocolate shop for dropping off a ‘generation donation of goodies’ at its police station. Link

The truth is that they have done pretty much exactly what this Twitter user says:

johnson watch

They have taken a mile for every inch given to them. And that is just what the elites want – most of these officers have been through Common Purpose training. That training is designed to teach them how to, in the organisations own language “lead outside authority” – that is exactly what they are doing, and it has to stop now. If we don’t say no now, while we are “policed by consent”, we’ll end up with this:

boot meme

God Bless you


Gestaplod need a slapdown (and get one, from Priti Patel)

Good grief, what has this country come to? The police are telling people they can’t go in their own gardens? Sack them! That is NOT what the law says, and it’s absolutely NOT in the spirit of policing by consent (which is how Britain is supposed to be run).

Totalitarian police

Thankfully, Home Secretary Priti Patel was quick to slapdown the chief constable who yesterday stated that he would be checking people’s shopping trolleys to make sure they had only bought “essential items”:


I hope she will again speak out regarding the overreach being shown by the constable in the first article. That constable needs to be sacked, and any commanding officer who told her to behave this way, too. It’s a disgrace!

I cannot tell you how utterly appalled I am by the way the police have handled this lockdown. Their totalitarian attitudes are showing through very clearly now.

evil cops

The police are delighted to see that the aisles in the supermarket where “non essential items” are sold are empty of buyers. What on earth business is it of the police? If someone is buying washing powder, can they not buy a bar of chocolate? Who decides? Who says what’s essential or not? This has become a de facto police state on the whim of local Chief Constables.

It’s time for a clearout in the police. Priti Patel must get tough with this nonsense if she is to regain the respect of the British public for the police force who were absent from our streets when we needed them to solve crime, but are all too heavy-handed with law-abiding citizens who they are now terrorising and intimidating.

It reminds me of this cartoon:

1984 boot

George Orwell wasn’t writing a manual, but the police certainly are following it.

boot meme

God Bless you


Tick tock… towards totalitarianism Part II

Whilst Londoners are still packed into tube carriages like sardines, and the borders of this once-great nation are still open to international flights, the police are following dog walkers with drones…

I need a facepalm emoji right here:

drone draconian


Yes, we have checkpoints too:

checkpoints in the UK

Just look at that headline – the totalitarian media are salivating with delight over the destruction of our freedoms.

But something has happened – the once compliant comment section has become a hotbed of concerns and awake people mentioning David Icke! And the comments are getting published. The tide is turning against what this government is doing:

Icke comments

Those were under the top comment – I hope you can read them ok.

The second highest rated comment was this:

second comment

No, it doesn’t even make sense – walking your dog a long way away from people is just an irrelevance to this Covid-19 infection. But we know there’s another agenda.

The media have whipped most people up into such a state of fear that they’d have you locked up for stepping outside – this is the media’s agenda first and foremost, and we know what that means – the elites get what the elites want, unless we resist them by sharing the truth – from factual sources!

How long before they raise up an army of volunteers to police the rest of the public? The police are already inundated with calls trying to dob in neighbours who have had a barbecue! This is the media’s work – not the government’s.

Please be discerning in what and who you listen to regarding what is going on. There are a couple of channels on YouTube I recommend as being balanced and reliable sources of facts, based on research. One is the UK Column, and the other is The Corbett Report. Everyone’s got a theory, and everyone’s got an opinion (including me, as you may have noticed), but very few places can give you the research and links which they are relying on. I am only a commentator.

God Bless you



More on the end of free speech in the United Kingdom

Following on from yesterday’s piece, this truly beggars belief.


I saw the article above (Link) this morning, and it contained a bit more detail about what happened to Lauren Southern on her intended (and prevented) entry into the UK. I quote: [my comments added]

Southern took to Twitter to document the incident, and said: ‘I’m not kidding about this, but during my questioning by the UK police.

‘I was asked about my Christianity and whether I’m a radical. I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars.

A British security official confirmed all three had been refused entry and said when Sellner and Pettibone landed at Luton Airport, north of London, on Friday, border police refused to allow them to enter Britain.

They were detained and then deported on Sunday. [No, they weren’t – they never entered therefore were not deported, they were denied entry.]

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the couple had been banned from entering by Britain’s Home Office on the grounds that their ‘presence in the UK was not conducive to the public good’. [According to whom?]

On Monday, British border police stationed in the French port of Calais also denied entry to Southern.

After being detained, Southern tweeted that British authorities had told her she was ‘officially banned from UK for “racism”‘. [Islam is NOT a race]

Note they call her “far-right” – in other words she is white, and seeks to prevent white genocide (even going to South Africa to film a documentary about the farmers’ plight there – brave lady!).

Katie Hopkins tweeted out this image of her refusal notice:

denied entry.jpg

Note the wording carefully – “by your own admission” – I’d like to know how that went down – admitting to distributing material which the government deems to be racist is the most likely explanation here. Also note the phrase “You have not sought entry under any other provisions under the immigration rules” – in other words there are other provisions which can be applied (presumably to the actual terrorists we keep letting back in to our country, no?).

Lauren also tweeted out this image which I only saw in the article quoted above today:

scehdule 7

Lauren was held under Schedule 7 – part of the terrorism act.

So words (printed on paper or spoken out of our mouths) are actually terrorism now?

Do you know who the only people are who are terrorised by words? Those whose arguments or behaviour cannot stand up to scrutiny. In this case that is the British establishment. I can’t imagine any Christian, or muslim being unable to defend their beliefs. Words don’t harm and words don’t terrorise.

When vivisecting unsuspecting people and calling it organ donation instead of murder is OK with the government, but speaking out about the coming genocide of whites is not (and you will be not only held, you will be denied entry to the country), we have a problem!

It won’t be long before the citizens of this country get locked up for wrong think too – except there will be nowhere for us to be “deported” to!

Ah well, at least Lauren had some fun with the system while she was in detention:

police 5.jpg

Next time, Lauren, try identifying as British. 😉

God Bless you


Britain’s grinning police state


In the wake of the Manchester bombing (which raised more questions than I care to try to address), we suddenly had armed police on the streets. Do you remember France doing the same thing after the Paris bombing? Yep. Do you also realise that ever since, there has always been some kind of ‘terror incident’ just prior to the date upon which such special measures were due to end? I hope that does not happen in this case – armed police are due to leave our streets on Monday night.

So let’s take a look at the photos of the police state as it flexes it’s oh-so-friendly muscles, shall we? I mean, who doesn’t want to experience the joy of a policeman with an automatic weapon smiling and blowing kisses to members of the public? Who wouldn’t want to be made safe by such ‘delightful’ and ‘friendly’ people? Huh?

safety police state

police state

Smiling police reassuring thousands? What about Jean Charles De Menezes? You must go and read that piece – it highlights the very reasons why more police on our streets, and specifically ones with guns, is NOT a reassuring sign.

The issue that will not be dealt with is the issue of Islam. Saudi Wahhabism has infiltrated many mosques in Britain, funded by the Saudis who then appoint the imams who are radicalising the young. Why was this ever allowed to take place?

Why have we got security forces assisting in this radicalisation – our own secret services have been accused of radicalising wives of muslim men in the UK, who then left to go and fight in Syria. How crazy is that? What are they doing? Why is this happening?

Because you must cow and weaken and make afraid the white native folks of this country if you want to bring in totalitarianism and Agenda 2030 (which has little to do with the environment, and everything to do with the management, control and selection/genocide of mankind). You simply can’t institute this kind of evil in a free and just society!

But in the wake of the Manchester incident, we see that people are calling for ‘something’ to be done.


‘Something’ – because it’s hard to define what we want. We want safety, and we are far from acheiving that again without some serious action.


But we need to be very careful what we wish for. As I’ve written before, We risk our own freedoms every time we call for the freedoms of others around us to be curbed. Read: How to close an open society – UK version

We risk, in fact, disproportionate action against ourselves in our own land, as we call for ‘something’ to be done. How about these snippets from here: How long before UK resembles Venezuela?


Preventive repression. We are not far from that:


And indeed, Tommy Robinson has received numerous death threats from muslims, which Bedfordshire police have failed to take action over, yet we have people (white people, I might add) who are serving jail time for throwing bacon at a mosque.

That is what we risk, as we cry for ‘safety’ – and in fact the very notion that we, as white British people in our own country, will be safer if muslims are locked up, is simply false. They were allowed here to accomplish a goal for the NWO. It wasn’t a result of a failed experiment that we were bombed on Monday. It was the result of a plot – one of satan’s own – to bring down our people all across Europe. To persecute us, and destroy our way of life.

Grinning ‘friendly’ armed police on our streets is just an early symptom of the coming police state.

It is time to get right with God. Time is ticking on, and we don’t know when Yeshua will return. As we see the incredible acceleration of evil across the western world, we must be ready with oil in our lamps. We must be prepared in every way, but above all spiritually. Our faith must be strong.

God Bless you


Peter Hitchens nails it –

I read his piece yesterday in the Mail on Sunday – an he get’s it just right. I agree with him:

“As an extremist, I am very worried about the planned Extremism Bill, which our Prime Minister is about to ram through Parliament.

So should you be. You are probably extremists, too, or will soon become extremists.

You may well remember when many opinions now viewed as despicable and more or less criminal were freely expressed – often by the same people and media who now condemn them.

I certainly do. Much of the conservative patriotic Christianity which my parents’ generation saw as normal has now been driven underground, and those who express it – especially in the public sector – face discipline or the sack, and are sometimes prosecuted.

Many of the current establishment’s attacks on Labour aren’t disagreements among free people in a free society. They are demands for abject recantations expressed by people who clearly think such views should not be allowed.

And the expression ‘extremism’ doesn’t mean anything objective or measurable. It just means a view that is out of favour with the current government and establishment.[…]

Yet, instead, we waste our time and destroy our freedom by futile attempts to control what people think.”

Yes, Peter, as an extremist myself – for example, I believe that homosexuality is a sin, and as such I’m likely to be viewed as though I might want to throw a gay man off a tall building which is the very last thing I would do, or condone, but hey, I’m an extremist. If you’re reading this blog, you probably are too.

You are committing a thought crime by even considering that the world is flat, just as God said it was. You are committing a thought crime by questioning the media’s version of events surrounding any of the too-numerous-to-mention false flag attacks, most notably 9/11. For being against war. For believing that unfettered immigration is treason against the British people. I could go on…

Get ready to be locked up for what you believe. What goes on in your head is no longer “nobody’s business” when your very facial expression can be read by a facial recognition camera and have you logged for further surveillance.

I am saddened that we have reached this point of all-out Stasi state, all out Communism in fact. It looks like fascism, but they are really the same. Easiest to refer to it as totalitarianism. That it certainly is.

God Bless you