When psychopaths produce a psyop – just to terrorise you more…

What did I say about empathy? It turns out that the volcanic island of St Vincent is not going to evacuate people who haven’t had their vaccines. But there’s an anomaly here which calls the story into question. I’ll get to that in a minute. Here’s the headline, first of all:

St Vincent residents who have not had their Covid jabs are BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships after two volcanic eruptions on the Caribbean island, PM announces

Link (and I quote [emphasis mine])

The Prime Minister of St. Vincent has announced that only those residents of the Caribbean island who have received their Covid-19 vaccinations will be evacuated following the two explosions from the La Soufriere volcano.

The volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted for a second time as thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate. 

A second explosion of the La Soufriere volcano was observed on Friday, six hours after it erupted for the first time in more than 40 years yesterday morning. 

Earlier today, the island’s emergency management organisation Nemo tweeted to confirm that the majority of the country was experiencing power outages as a result of another explosive event.

Their tweet read: ”Massive power outage following another explosive event at La Soufriere Volcano. Lightning, thunder and rumblings. Majority of the country out of power and covered in ash.’ 

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves confirmed that only those who had been vaccinated against coronavirus would be allowed to board cruise ships which had volunteered to evacuate residents.

Now, as one commentator mentioned yesterday, only 8% of the islanders have had even their first shot of vaxxine so far, and no children have been vaxxinated at all – so what is this story really about? It makes little sense – is this because the cruise ships are covid free zones? Many cruise companies have already openly stated they will discriminate against the unvaxxinated. Are there other, government boats rescuing islanders? We’re not being told. And that’s the issue – the story is being deliberately used to see exactly how far the evil elites have managed to push us away from our humanity. Judging by the comments, it hasn’t worked – people are horrified by this story.

So there is a lot more to this than meets the eye – I suspect that whilst the volcano is churning out smoke and ash, a rescue is happening, but the media are using it to push an anti-human agenda. The media’s story is a psyop – because if it isn’t then humanity has fallen already too far for redemption.

We are undoubtedly living in evil times.

May God have mercy on us all.


The Ruling Class – one rule for me, another rule for thee…

Well, lockdown is over. This isn’t official, of course, but I predict that lockdown will now be ignored on such a scale that the Gestaplod won’t be able to keep up with all the people they want to illegally fine (did I mention the fines issued by the police over breaking the “rules” have been overturned by the CPS? They were unlawful).

Why do I think lockdown will now be over? Because the hypocrites in power have just decided that, although Dominic Cummings, the eminence grise of this new Tory administration, broke lockdown rules by driving 270 miles to his parent’s house when he had Covid-19, the government have refused to sack him, now that this has been made public.


I recommend that you listen to this piece by Black Pilled on the difference between the rule of law, and the ruling class. I agree with him – we have a ruling class – an untouchable ruling class.

Dominic Cummings, a man who is NOT elected, NOT an MP – he gets to stay while many families were denied a chance to say goodbye to elderly family members who had Covid-19 and died. We the people were denied the opportunity to spend time with family, or attend funerals for loved ones. We the people – the law is applied to us. But not to the eminence grise of Downing Street.

I wrote some time ago:

The scum that floats on our society is covering every inch – it is having a darkening effect on the once pure waters below. Those of us below, these days, are far more likely to join in with the unethical behaviour we see modelled for us by those on high – we have become resentful of any sense of duty to the country we once might have had – this is a real shame. We have been lead astray by those who the elites have put in charge. Link

So, like I say, lockdown is over. Boris has chosen hypocrisy over honesty, and the public will not follow along with him now. He wil be tarred with the very same brush as Dominic Cummings – lie down with dogs, get up with fleas, Boris.

God Bless you


The Corona-chaos lockdown is NOT for your health

I saw this comment on a forum I go to, and I thought it was ao good I’d share it:

When the State tells you it’s safe to go to The Home Depot to buy a sponge but it’s too dangerous to go to a florist and buy flowers—it’s not about your health.
When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee—it’s not about your health.
When the State bans dentists because it’s unsafe, but deems abortion visits safe—it’s not about your health.
When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s too dangerous, but allows in-person lottery ticket sales—it’s not about your health.
When the State tells you it’s too dangerous to golf alone, fish alone or be in a motorboat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week—it’s not about your health.
When the state puts you in a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their health—it’s not about YOUR health!
When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor of chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential—it’s not about your health!
When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting,


Thank you to brave Americans like Shelley Luther, who have stood up to tyranny! Thank you – your leaders have to listen to you. Ours, in Britain, do not.

Destroying the economy is part of a much bigger plan to destroy the people’s independence, and without independence, we are owned by the people who give us funds to house, clother and feed ourselves. I don’t want to be owned – I belong to God!

The UK government is going to have to stop this lockdown if it hopes to prevent civil unrest.

God Bless you


Subliminal halos of the rich and famous, Part VI

It’s that time again – and I have a bumper collection of these for you today.

charles halo 1
Prince Charles gets a halo

charles michel halo
The EU’s Charles Michel

Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl halo
EU Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl

Erdogan halo 2017
Turkey’s Erdogan

Farage halo
Nigel Farage

farage sun rays
Farage gets solar rays

John McDonnell halo
John McDonnell

kirsty allsopp halo
Kirsty Allsopp from the Location Location Location TV property show

Damien Hirst halo
Danien Hirst, Artist, apparently…

Scarlett Sabet halo
Scarlett Sabet with Jimmy Page, musician

Lord Tony Hall of the BBC halo
Lord Tony Hall of the BBC

Headteacher Toby Belfield halo
Recently criticised headteacher Toby Belfield

Tim Leunig square halo
Democidal twit Tim Leunig (who says farmers aren’t needed in the UK for the economy to thrive) gets a square halo

king mittens halo
Local celebrity (in Vancouver, I think), King Mittens gets a halo (the photographer did this deliberately for fum!)

Trump halo
Trump finally gets a halo

But this image is weird and creepy – take a look:

Trump magnolia halos
Why does this make me think of a sniper’s sight?

greta halo
An artist deliberately goves Great Thunberg a halo. Oh dear…

Boris spider
Boris just gets a spider… which is at least amusing

I hope you enjoyed that round up of these halos, solar rays etc!

God Bless you


The only way out of Coronachaos is…

The NWO or standing up and saying no.

Which do you prefer?


Those of us who know that Bill Gates wants his vaccine and that our governments want to track us – we have a duty to share the truth and to warn people.

On the one hand the press is full of stories like this:



When the deaths are only a bit higher than usual – typical of previous flu seasons.

And this:

Supply chain


The public are being terrorised, and of course, the economy junked. What might just save the day?

tracking app


I said they wanted to track you, didn’t I?

I quote: [emphasis added]

A new NHS phone app has been created that could eventually allow ministers to lift the stringent lock-down that has brought Britain to a halt.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the ‘contract tracing’ software would allow people who become unwell to warn those they had been in touch with ‘over the past few days’  so they can ‘act accordingly’.  

NHSX, the health service’s technological arm, is believed to have been working on software which uses bluetooth technology, alongside Google and Apple, who run the two main smartphone operating systems.

Speaking at today’s daily news conference Mr Hancock said:  ‘If you become unwell with the symptoms of coronavirus you can securely tell this new NHS app and the app will then send an alert anonymously to other app users that you’ve been in significant contact with over the past few days, even before (they) have symptoms so that they know and can act accordingly.

‘All data will be handled according to the highest ethical and security standards and would only be used for NHS care and research and we won’t hold it any longer than it’s needed.’ 

So we’ll only track you because we have created a need to, and we’ll only do so while we need to (which will be until Bill Gates creates a vaccine which will also maim or kill many people, as vaccines do). The comments on that article are very good – the top ten show that people are well and truly awake – not one of those ten are in favour of it.

vaccine truth

Against the backdrop of constant terrorism from the press, there are green shoots of resistance against this tyranny. I think of them as two beautiful fingers, held up against the forces keeping a population under “house arrest” (that’s what the police would like).


Oh dear, not quite the obedient little sheep they thought we were.

two beautiful fingers

Men in lycra offending the Daily Mail readers, oh dear!

But as we still have this kind of tyranny being exercised:

essential travel


The message still hasn’t got through to the Gestaplod of, yet again, Cambridge Police, that we don’t want their idea of policing!

The article shares a statement from the NHS Addenbrookes Hospital Newsletter, as follows: [emphasis added]

“We have received a very small number of reports from staff who have been stopped by the police on their way to work and asked to confirm if their travel was essential.

 “When staff showed their NHS ID and said they were on their way into or from work, they were advised by the police officers that this was insufficient evidence of essential travel. 

“Following these reports the Trust has been in discussions with Cambridgeshire Constabulary. It has confirmed it will remind all police officers that such an explanation together with an NHS ID badge is sufficient evidence.

“We consider this matter to be resolved, however, if any members of staff continue to experience any difficulties, please report them immediately to HR / medical staffing, so that this can be escalated further.”

I repeat, as we still have this kind of tyranny being exercised, we must start to think of ways to bring this to an end. This lockdown is going to kill far more people than it saves. Even if you are pro-vaccine, you must concede that by the time a vaccine is produced, there will be no money to pay for it with a defunct economy. The facts speak for themselves – this is not to belittle the virus (a lab-grown virus, at that). We just must have an economy functioning if we are going to pay for the NHS in the future.

It’s time to send a message loud and clear (and lawfully). End the lockdown now. Get Britain back to work.

stay at home

The message above would be better worded like this:

Get Britain back to work

Fund the NHS

Save lives!

God Bless you


Interesting language from Cambridge Police…

Having put out a totally tone-deaf tweet this morning, which I showed in my previous post: Link

evil cops

Twitter went a bit wild with comments, to the point where Cambridge Police was a trending tag. The tweets were fun:

non essentials

tesco wrong aisle

Oops. And Cambridge Police issued a couple of tweets which really cause me some concern:


exuberant 2

“Over exuberant” is the kind of language one might use about one’s embarrassing dog when it humps the neighbour’s leg. It indicates that the officer was full of joy and overreaching his role (and some said acting unlawfully – surely it’s harrassment to treat the public like they shouldn’t buy “non-essential” items). Over exuberant indicates he was getting a kick out of it – he “got carried away” – as if he crossed some small line he shouldn’t have. He needs sacking – make an example of him. Our police cannot continue as they are – this behaviour is unacceptable, and Downing Street has had to speak out to condemn their overreach:

Downing Street has been forced to warn police officers against ‘heavy-handed’ lockdown tactics after officers admitted to prowling through supermarket aisles in a bid to catch shoppers buying ‘non-essential’ items.

Police forces across the country have been accused of being over-zealous in their Easter weekend crackdown as they threatened to check through people’s shopping, causing #policestateUK to trend on Twitter.

The warning saw Downing Street warn police today that ‘if a shop is open then it will sell whatever it has in stock’, while Home Secretary Priti Patel called on officers not to be ‘heavy-handed’ during the coronavirus lockdown. 

It comes as Cambridge Police’s official Twitter account boasted that officers had visited a local superstore this morning to snoop on shoppers and found aisles selling non-essentials were ’empty’.

The tweet caused outrage from social media users, with many pointing to a post sent by the same account hours earlier thanking a local chocolate shop for dropping off a ‘generation donation of goodies’ at its police station. Link

The truth is that they have done pretty much exactly what this Twitter user says:

johnson watch

They have taken a mile for every inch given to them. And that is just what the elites want – most of these officers have been through Common Purpose training. That training is designed to teach them how to, in the organisations own language “lead outside authority” – that is exactly what they are doing, and it has to stop now. If we don’t say no now, while we are “policed by consent”, we’ll end up with this:

boot meme

God Bless you


Gestaplod need a slapdown (and get one, from Priti Patel)

Good grief, what has this country come to? The police are telling people they can’t go in their own gardens? Sack them! That is NOT what the law says, and it’s absolutely NOT in the spirit of policing by consent (which is how Britain is supposed to be run).

Totalitarian police

Thankfully, Home Secretary Priti Patel was quick to slapdown the chief constable who yesterday stated that he would be checking people’s shopping trolleys to make sure they had only bought “essential items”:


I hope she will again speak out regarding the overreach being shown by the constable in the first article. That constable needs to be sacked, and any commanding officer who told her to behave this way, too. It’s a disgrace!

I cannot tell you how utterly appalled I am by the way the police have handled this lockdown. Their totalitarian attitudes are showing through very clearly now.

evil cops

The police are delighted to see that the aisles in the supermarket where “non essential items” are sold are empty of buyers. What on earth business is it of the police? If someone is buying washing powder, can they not buy a bar of chocolate? Who decides? Who says what’s essential or not? This has become a de facto police state on the whim of local Chief Constables.

It’s time for a clearout in the police. Priti Patel must get tough with this nonsense if she is to regain the respect of the British public for the police force who were absent from our streets when we needed them to solve crime, but are all too heavy-handed with law-abiding citizens who they are now terrorising and intimidating.

It reminds me of this cartoon:

1984 boot

George Orwell wasn’t writing a manual, but the police certainly are following it.

boot meme

God Bless you


Covid-19 is the WMD lie of this generation

Not my words, friends, but those of mathematician Andrew Mather, who was recently interviewed on the UK Column news. Here’s a vital video which you should all see, and please do share it far and wide. This information needs to be seen and noted – we have been lied to for a reason. Don’t forget that.

God Bless you