It’s all over bar the shouting?

The left – their revolution and their ideology – have won. Not because satan has won – he’s the defeated foe of believers; but because the lost love satan’s ways, and his ideology and they promote it. I saw Peter Hitchens’ article yesterday in the Mail on Sunday, which I’m going to quote here. Just a brilliantly written article which I suggest you go and read all of – but also infuriating because it is true. His piece is a reaction to the action by Extinction Rebellion in Cambridge (my home city), where they dug up the law of Trinity College while Police stood by and watched.

Are you beginning to work out what has happened? Police do nothing while self-righteous ninnies dig up an ancient lawn in a beautiful city.

The same police force close the roads in the name of ‘human rights’, to suit the same arrogant, dogmatic protesters.

Not enough? Think this is just an isolated incident? No.

Will you please wake up to the fact that this country has undergone a silent but deadly revolution, and the takeover of the country by people who despise you and your morals is almost complete.[…]

He then proceeds to talk of our Police force and their reframed attitudes which do nothing to resolve crime at all:

The idea that criminals are bad people who need to be punished and deterred has been abandoned. Crime is now officially a disease to be cured by ‘treatment’. The criminals themselves are not to be blamed.

And finally:

Do you think this process is over? Not a bit of it. In the law, in the Civil Service and local government, the major charities, the political parties, the schools, the churches, the TV studios and the social media companies, the Long March Through the Institutions is still going on.

How Lenin must look up longingly from his warm place in hell and envy these revolutionaries, who have succeeded where he failed.

The place may look roughly the same. But when the honest citizen now turns to the State for protection or truth or help, he no longer gets it.

He receives, from the flapping mouth of some dogmatised jobsworth, a series of excuses.

And if he complains, then he will find out that the one thing the new State will protect with all its might is its monopoly of power and thought.

If Extinction Rebellion were not as thick as they are nasty, they would have realised by now that they have already won.

But then they couldn’t dig up lawns and close roads.

Who will win? Who can reverse this tide? Believers are like the Salmon swimming against the power of the river – we are going against the flow of the whole of society. However, the Salmon are driven by an instinct from their maker – they absolutely have no choice but to do that instinctual thing. But will believers continue to walk this contrary walk in the face of ever more threats, ever more twisted thinking? When Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said that Climate Change was the bigget threat to humanity one would have to assume that he had forgotten the real threat – sin and separation from God!

When even the church is overtaken by these leftist dogmas – which now replace biblical truth – what is there left?

God Bless you


Presented without comment

elites restocking the farm.jpg

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God Bless you


Who is behind Greta Thunberg and the new generation of child soldiers of the Khmer Rouge?

Greta Thunberg is the emotional lodestone of a new generation who think they know best, are wiser than their elders, and are ready to do anything for the propaganda they’ve been indoctrinated with in school. Greta is just the face of this monstrous movement which has already subverted God’s order of things (man having dominion).

The environment is now to be raised up like a giant hammer to be brought down on humanity to crush our freedoms and press us into tiny rabbit-hutch houses in “Smart Cities” (dumb to be there, smart for the elites).

So who is behind her? A clue has emerged today which I thought I would share with you.

thunberg yacht 2

This is the yacht Greta used to get to the US. Did you see the small print? Hmmm.

thunberg yacht

Could it be that the yacht is still owned by the Rothschild family? Who else would see a benefit from the coming democide?


Yes, the killing of a population by its leaders. The likes of Greta Thunberg and her generation are being geared up for a generational war. I think of them as being the new child soldiers of the Khmer Rouge – ruthless for an ideal which is false, and evil.

khmer rouge 1

Dinesh D’Souza sees it – another leftist group, the Nazis, used propaganda images like we see of Greta Thunberg:

khmer rouge 4

May God have mercy on us.


Boris Johnson’s dangerous game. The elite’s plan?

What could be better than consolidating the Brexit stance of the government than by throwing another general election? I mean, Johnson’s government lost its majority yesterday, so now the door is open to chaos. Boris is planning to get another general election in quickly before the Brexit leave date, but why?

The dangerous game he is playing is likely at this point to result in the total destruction of this country’s economy in short order. A Brexit Party and Conservative Party vote split could easily let Labout leader Jeremy Corbyn into power – a man whose followers are intent on a Marxist takeover of this country.

Brexit is going to be stopped by any means possible even if it means giving the country over for four years to the Marxists. This is the punishment beating either planned for or hoped for by the elites who would rather destroy everything than lose one ounce of their power to control us and take us towards their vile NWO.

Whilst this theatre continues, the public believes that their vote counts, that there is “hope” in someone (ANYONE!), rather than only in God.

The disappointment that people rightly feel regarding this fiasco is as nothing to how they will feel when they know the plans of the left to reduce us all to poverty. The plans of the elites are exactly the same as the plans of the left – oppression and total control. Why wouldn’t they do this?

May God have mercy on us all.

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It’s all about 2023 – which is the next Sabbatical year!

Watch this video – it’ll get you thinking. How are your preparations going for the next Sabbatical year? You may not be able to prep much in the way of food (due to sell by dates – although we know rice and beans keep for a very long time beyond those dates), but are you saving up your money? Are you considering what you need to do to be ready in obedience to His word? Well according to those who are watching the new Grand Solar Minimum, which is forecast by NASA and is already affecting the US this year, amongst other places, we need to be getting ready. The first and worst crop failures are forecast to be when? 2023 – the Sabbatical year. Our governments are preparing – not by warning us, not by getting us prepared, but by making sure that Europe’s military is united, and that 5G is out and working by then. Not a coincidence.

May God have mercy on us all!


No halo for Boris?

I’ve talked a lot in the past about the subliminal halos which the press photographers love to give to those they want us to place our trust in. It’s not a coincidence because the angles of these pictures are often really hard to create without effort. For example:


merkel crowned

What an odd photo – and yes, it looks even more like a crown…

So today I saw an interesting photo of Boris Johnson:

Boris Johnson non halo

His hair is lit like a halo, and the rounded cornered rectangle is almost like a speech bubble. Note, he is still the favourite to take the Tory leadership. Where he’s going to take it I dread to think, but take it he probably will…

I thought I’d go and look and see what other images of Boris are like. Has he ever been given a halo? Not really, but the images are interesting none the less:

Boris 2

A crown of golden filaments!

Boris 3

Looking very serious, his golden hair is lit up again. Of course it would naturally catch the light, but the placement looks quite deliberate.

Boris 5

Golden-haired Boris misses a halo, but this is an interesting image nonetheless – he is portrayed as powerful, almost as though he has the sun in his hands.

Boris 6

Finally (and there were so many similar photos out there) this is blond buffoon Boris.

What kind of leader will he be? It’s a good question. He will not be like that other great blond, Mr Trump. Trump is a man in control – a man of positive speech and statesmanship (whether you believe he’s done what he said he’d do, or not). Boris is not going to be like that – he’s not good enough to be leader of the Tories and certainly not Prime Minister of the UK.

But if you want to destroy the country by bringing in a Corbyn goverment, you couldn’t have a better match than a Bo-Jo Prime Ministership.

God Bless you


Subliminal halos of the rich and famous – Part IV

I just saw this corker, so I thought I would trawl my files and give you the most recently collected subliminal halos of the rich and famous.

Here’s cheeky chappy Jeremy Corbyn, a dangerous socialist menace, with his tinsel halo:

corbyn Halo 2018.jpg

They even included some baubles for entertainment (you’ll note from previous Corbyn halos that they always have a slightly comedic edge, look here)

Here’s Turkey’s Erdogan with horns:

erdogan halo horns

And Netanyahu with a star of David crown, his hand position looks unfortunate:

netanyahu star halo

Bernie Sanders even got a halo:

bernie sanders halo

How about Putin again:

putin halo

These are not coincidental – the angle needed to obtain these pics, and the choice to use them is part of the “deification” of leaders. The press will play some as hapless, like Corbyn, when really he’s dangerous, and others like Putin, as in some way angelic, but his halos are always rather small.

Here’s Leo Varadkar of Ireland:

varadkar halo

What earned this homosexual Indian, now leading Ireland, a halo? He managed to do away with Ireland’s anti-abortion laws, and increased immigration so that Ireland is now in a worse state than ever. The globalists must be delighted.

France Europe Macron

Macron also gets his halo (and the EU leadership know this photo angle creates these images, I have alost a dozen of different leaders in this spot). Macron’s halo is for enacting Cloward Piven Strategy on France to bring it to it’s knees (can’t have communism without a revolution, doncha know?) The people of France know that Macron is a stooge.

jacob rees mogg halo

Jacob Rees-Mogg gets a huge halo for something – perhaps we will find out what in 2019. Will he stand for leader? Who knows? Some call him “The Honourable Member for the 19th Century” or something to that effect due to his old-fashioned ways and dress sense. However, he’s a very calm and measured and well-spoken man. But he’s also a staunch catholic which both endears and repels. Catholicism is not Christianity.

Here’s a grim-looking David Cameron with his halo or crown of stars:

Cameron halo

Last one, and rather sinister. This chap is the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi:

islamic finger halo

Note his one-finger islamic sign. Hmmm.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of some of 2018’s finest halos. I could only post a few, but I continue to collect them when I see them.

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God Bless you