Planned Parenthood’s satanic agenda rolls on

Just when I thought the tide of evil from this organisation was beginning to be stemmed by Pro-Life messages, and Donald Trump, I found out that Planned Parenthood now have another income stream in the pipeline.

Gender reassignment.

Yes, you heard that right. Perhaps you already knew, but I found this out only a couple of days ago by reading Twitter, and it began with this ridiculous piece of propaganda:


Let’s do away with male and female and replace them with…? Nevermind – I’m preaching to the choir here. Then I saw this in the replies:

pp agenda

I thought, “WHOA! What?”

So I did a bit of digging, and it’s true. (Source)

planned parenthood.jpg

Planned Parenthood – an organisation which is supposed to provide family planning, yet pushes abortion, well, now it’s showing even more it’s true colours. This is a satanic organisation, bent on pushing whatever the leftists (really, they are Marxists) want to make popular. Of course this is going to be very profitable, and surely (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the states provide at least some funding to these Planned Parenthood offices from taxpayers money? This is, yet again, not what America needs to be doing.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Elites with a sinister agenda are behind this. Pollution is part of it, and media hype is also. Read more:

Transgender issues linked to anti-depressants

So what antidepressant was Steven on when he decided to become a woman?

Another danger of the transgender push

God Bless you


Abuse of government power in defining “mental health” – a juxtaposition

It’s not the first time, oh no, but this needs to be commented on, and these two articles juxtaposed so that you can see, if nothing else, the immense irony!

Firstly let me clarify that in the Soviet Union, psychiatry was abused as a method of silencing political dissent:

There was systematic political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union,[1] based on the interpretation of political opposition or dissent as a psychiatric problem.[2] It was called “psychopathological mechanisms” of dissent.[3]

During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used to disable and remove from society political opponents (“dissidents”) who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted the official dogma. (source)

On the basis of that understanding, let’s just take a quick look at these two articles – I quote: [emphasis added]

Recently, Virginia public schools ruled that transgender bathrooms would be allowed in Virginia public schools, and it also made a school law stating that if any student criticizes the transgender agenda in Virginia public schools they will be expelled. Now to me, that is just leftist bullcrap public schools cannot censor free speech on campus it is unconstitutional to do so. And for some reason, the public school system in the United States thinks hate speech should be censored as they continue to indoctrinate children with liberal ideals. (source)

And compare that with this: [emphasis added]

After all of the recent coverage Intellihub News & Politics has given to the Targeted Individual community, exposing the Deep State for what it’s worth, the NY Times recently came out with a hit piece in an attempt to take away the validity of the matter. […]

The author went on to point out that anyone who believes in “gang stalking” or believes that they have seen “operatives” may in fact be nuts.

Additionally, in the piece, the author made mention of how some mental health “specialists” believe that “these individuals represent an alarming development in the history of mental illness: thousands of sick people, banded together and demanding recognition on the basis of shared paranoias.” (source)

Oh the irony! So targeted individuals are crazy, but the transgender community: “thousands of sick people, banded together and demanding recognition” is absolutely fine, and will be enshrined and protected in law, and any dissenters silenced/expelled/re-educated.

This is pure Cultural Marxism – (I mistyped that at first as Vultural – yes, almost more appropriate – they are Vutures!)

Keep speaking the abhorrent truth people – the take over is in full swing.

God Bless you


My most viewed post might surprise you

I just want to put the most viewed post on my blog since day one into the spotlight for a moment.

Demonised otherkin and body modification

There must be  a reason why this post gets so much traffic. I know it’s been shared numerous times by those who disagree with it (hence the comments it’s had), but I also know it’s being viewed almost every week, and several times each time. I’ve never had a post come close for its traffic levels, and so to get back into the subject, I went and re-read it.

I wondered if there was anything to add to it after all this time? I could only think of one thing – of course transgender.

Yet transgender is mainstream now, guys! I mean, really – you can be anything you want (not yet a Unicorn, but maybe someday soon).

And who is involved in this travesty? But The Tavistock Centre – part of our publicly funded NHS.

transgender lies tavistock.jpg

Are they connected to the very same Tavistock Institute which has messed with our heads through its psyops since it was founded? I don’t know…

So very soon it will be illegal to state that transgender is wrong, that this is demonic, and that these poor folks need prayers, they need counselling, and they need a strong dose of truth, and not to be pandered to in ways which will raise their suicide risk to 41%

No boy who thinks he’s a girl ever is. No girl who thinks she’s a boy ever is. They just have a desire to avoid being what God made them. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t.

Yet we also know that antidepressants have a strong correlation with transgender feelings,and I’ve written about it before. Link

In a decade or so we’ll have stall for the Unicorns too – and you’ll be clapped in irons (oh the irony) if you dare to so much as doubt the veracity of their ‘wisdom’

The surgery these folks want to have to become ‘themselves’ is no different to the black tattoed eyeballs of the demonic guys pictured in my original article on otherkin and body modification – indeed it will become accepted as a form of body modification, rather than what it is – a spiritual sickness mediated, quite possibly, by pharmakeia in the form of antidepressants.

We must speak while we can – because the gag is coming soon – we will be silenced on this as we have been on homosexuality. We will be stopped from speaking the truth because they don’t want to hear it.

These are the times we must remember that Christianity is repellent to those who have strongholds of evil. We can, however, pray for them.

God Bless you


Another danger of the transgender push

A mother’s love… and a mother’s narcissistic desire to have a… girl? Instead of a boy? Yes, it could happen – or a gay son, rather than a straight one (that’s an old story, many decades long). Now? Now you can dress little Bobby up in a frock and tell him he’s a girl? Well you could – some children might just do it. To please you.

So what made me write about this? What made me come to the conclusion that a narcissistic parent might, however subtly, coerce or other wise ‘create’ a ‘transgender’ or ‘non-binary’ child. It was this quote from Ian Ogilvy’s new autobiography: (Link)

“With hindsight, I realise what might have prompted the question. My mother, I now strongly suspect, wanted me to be gay and always had. 

When I was four, she sent me to a fancy dress party all dolled up, not as a pirate or a soldier, but as a little girl in a blonde wig and party frock.

And a few years later, when we acquired an 8mm cine camera, she had me play the part of a winsome girl in a pink dress, skipping round the flowerbed plucking roses — and then shaking my fist at the camera, tearing off my wig and standing there revealed as a horrible, rude boy.”

Thankfully Ian Ogilvy didn’t want to go along with it!

Today however, society is run very much differently to when he was a child. Today it’s all about the self – and it’s narcissitic. I believe that this narcissitic culture is going to ‘breed’ a whole new generation of special snowflakes – and each one, each type, must have their own special set of ‘rights’.

However, we know that God doesn’t make mistakes – transgenderism should be viewed with both compassion but also with truth. You are what your genes say you are, and anything else is false.

God Bless you


So what antidepressant was Steven on when he decided to become a woman?

I’ve covered this before, here: Link and I quote from an article I link there:

“The very first case I had like this in the early 1990’s from Prozac was a married family physician who had this reaction of changes in sexual orientation. He wanted me shouting this warning from the tops of the Rocky Mountains!”

Antidepressants are linked to changes in sexual orientation. How many children and adults are on these drugs and don’t know that that is why they suddenly feel the urge to change gender? Well here we have Steven, who now wants to be called Pamela:

Picture credit: Daily Mail

This story is presented as a right-on tale of a plucky wife facing her husband’s gender change by taking him shopping for ladies clothes. I quote: (Link)

“A transgender father has described the emotional moment he received his wife and children’s blessings to transition into a woman.

Steven Saunders, 55, broke down when he confessed to his wife and ‘soulmate’ Josie that he could no longer fight his urge to wear woman’s clothes.

But instead of being taken aback, Josie responded with unwavering compassion – and took her 6ft1in partner clothes shopping to buy women’s outfits.”

Let me repeat from the previous piece I wrote that suicide rates amongst transgender people is 41%. Why is society encouraging this? Why is the media writing glowing little pieces like this about Dad’s transition to being a woman, and how the kids are OK with it?

Let’s not be naive here – the devil is very busy messing with us – on all levels, from gender bending chemicals in the water (and even till receipts: Link), to antidepressants which are linked to transgender feelings – we need to stop encouraging this like we’re in some brave new age of enlightenment. It is wrong, and it’s unnatural, and this poor man is making a very serious error. It’s not his fault, and he needs our prayers, as do his family, but let’s not pretend this is normal, traor it may become so…

God Bless you


Is it a coincidence…

….that Rachel Dolezal, who is a talented artist, has had her work displayed at the UN headquarters? She is now advancing an agenda to burr lines between races, by claiming that she is ‘Trans-racial’.

I quote her:

“I’m trans-racial, my son’s trans-racial, my roommate is African American,” Dolezal told the Press.

Click this link to read more about her story if you haven’t heard about her yet.

We know there is an agenda, and many have said this agenda is a homosexual agenda, but I think it’s far more than that – it is designed to blur all lines – weaken all stances. Take a look at the following screen grabs:

trans crop

Hmmm… interesting adornments there, Google… Let’s try another….

homo crop

Ok… let’s try one last one….

hetero crop

Ah, yes… I get it now – let’s make homosexuality attractive – let’s make transgender attractive – the agenda here is in full view of everyone who cares to notice it.

It is not a coincidence. It may be sub-conscious, but it is not a coincidence – the devil is very busy and he’s winning.

Please share this post, and also watch the following video – interesting aspects of the agenda are clearly visible here:

Perhaps I am too cynical…

Perhaps I’m not cynical enough….

God Bless you


Transgender issues linked to anti-depressants

Bruce Jenner is an icon for the transgender movement right now, and I feel compelled to make some points here to help Christians and non-Christians alike to navigate this increasing trend.

As Christians, we would clearly say that God doesn’t make mistakes. God does NOT make mistakes. You were not born into the wrong body. You were born just as God intended you to be.

Anti-depressants are a very likely cause (Pharmakeia – witchcraft and sorcery again), and this article, quoted below, gives a clear indication of why Bruce Jenner may have made this decision at the age of 65.

[Jenner’s] “…friend states, “He’s been through a dark period and is coming out on the other side.”

And what “medications” was he given during that dark period? What are the most common drugs given in this country to help someone through a dark period? Anyone knows it is antidepressants! And this change in sexual orientation is so common with antidepressants! If people only knew just how many cases like this there are!!!! Like so many other deadly antidepressant side effects there is no amount of money that can make up for this kind of damage!

[…] The very first case I had like this in the early 1990’s from Prozac was a married family physician who had this reaction of changes in sexual orientation. He wanted me shouting this warning from the tops of the Rocky Mountains!”

The final analysis of this, for me, is that satan is involved. Whether this is through poor role models, trauma, abuse, drugs or medications, sin or curses (a mother wishing her child be the opposite sex) – it is something to be avoided.

Why? Because the suicide rate amongst transgenders is 41% – yes you read that correctly – 41%.

Is this because of medications? Is it because surgery can never give them what they think they want? Is it an indicator of demonic involvement?

I hope you will take a moment to pray for Bruce Jenner and others like him who are on this path.

God Bless you.