Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sillier…

Well, let me tell you, they can, and they have. Thanks to the NHS (which is apparently NOT in crisis if this nonsense is anything to go by).


So men, who don’t have cervixes, and who claim to be women, will be offered screening for something they don’t have, but women who do have breasts and cervixes (unless they have gender reassignment surgery) will not be offered screening for either?!

This is some convoluted thinking – and remember someone (a whole committee of people, I expect) was paid good money to think up this nonsense.

They even used the correct colour scheme to please the trans lobby.

I quote from the Daily Mail article above: (Link) [emphasis added]

Women who believe they are men are not being offered routine NHS screening for breast and cervical cancer amid fears that it might offend them. 

But astonishingly, an official guidebook states that men living as women are being invited for cervical smear tests – even though they do not have a cervix. 

The advice, spelt out in a 24-page booklet published by Public Health England, was last night described as politically correct ‘lunacy’ which was putting lives at risk. […]

The PHE booklet, NHS Screening Programmes – Information For Trans People, ‘explains who we invite for screening’. 

Trans people who register with their GP as being their birth sex will automatically be invited to screening appropriate to that. 

But if they register as their ‘new’ gender, they will not be. 

So if a trans man – who was born female – registers as male, he ‘won’t be invited for breast screening’ at 50. 

Likewise, it tells those born as girls: ‘If you are registered with a GP as male, you won’t be invited for cervical screening.’ 

Most trans men do not have their wombs removed – only a small number have full sex-change surgery. 

However, if a trans woman – born male – ‘registers as female, you will be routinely invited for cervical screening’. 

Trans health adviser Aedan Wolton, who features in a related NHS Choices video, said smear tests could be uncomfortable for ‘trans masculine people’ – born female – as it challenged how they perceived themselves. 

‘This is unsurprising as the experience is often a very gendered one; from the waiting room, to the words used during the smear, it is often a procedure designed for women,’ he writes in an accompanying blog. 

Conservative MP David Davies, who has campaigned against Government plans to let people legally ‘self-identify’ their own gender, said: ‘This NHS effort to be politically correct is putting the lives of women who claim to be men at risk.’ 

It was also ‘wasting the time of men who claim to be women by offering them tests for organs they do not have’. 

Why is the state – already cash-strapped, or so it tell us (whilst never running out of money for bombs, I might add) humouring these adults, these deluded people? This is beyond the scope of the state’s role, and is, surely for each individual to navigate with their health provider, but no – we must have guidance in place, we must have procedures, and we must play along with these tragic, suicide prone and wrong-thinking people who have rejected themselves. The state and the cash-strapped NHS is now enabling this charade to continue!

The comments from the public give some hope – even after moderating the comments the top few were these:

top comments trans.jpg

The tragedy of the trans movement is that it is driven by a belief that somehow “otherness” is what will make them feel better. That the grass is greener in the other gender, or that they even know what it means to feel what the other gender is feeling. That is wrong – you don’t know what a woman feels and changing how you look will never make you a woman. You are simply trying to modify your physical body to conform to something many Christians recognise as demonic oppression – it’s not who you really are.

You are not born into the wrong body because God does not make mistakes. Ultimately the rejection of self which trans people are suffering from is a form of body dysmorphia. They don’t like how they look because it doesn’t chime with how they feel inside – this phenomenon happens to people who go on to have a lot of plastic surgery, but we don’t say of those people that they are brave, or that they are becoming their true selves, we recognise their illness for what it is – a rejection of their true self.

The true self of the trans person can never be who they become – it is who they were born. Something which has gone awry in their thinking, in their feelings, and perhaps opened a door to demonic oppression as well has simply skewed their mirror – distorted how they see themselves and created an unfillable void of longing for something which God never intended them to have. Sadly, even post surgery, these people are at massively greater risk of suicide – because the fact is the grass is not greener in the other gender, and becoming something else doesn’t solve the desire to become something else – you were you to start with.

It is bad enough that these folks have a problem which medicine and surgery cannot solve, it is worse that the state is now spending money trying to align itself with such behaviour. We must, finally, recognise again the branch, which is Cultural Marxism (satanism by another name) which supports this fragmentation of society for its own dark aims. The root – the only enemy we have (and it’s the same enemy the trans folks have too) – is satan himself.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you, we are told in James 4:7 – this statement is as true for the Christian battling besetting sin as it is for the trans person considering changing sex.

God Bless you


Of Pets and Children – the story of Lola

I could almost present this without comment – after all I’m fairly sure by now you know some of what I’m going to say about it, but I felt it was helpful to quote from the article because it’s just SO outrageous!


I recommend you go and watch the brief video of this woman being interviewed on the Daily Mail’s website here: Link

I’m going to quote from there [my emphasis added]:

Britain’s most pampered pooch is celebrating Christmas in the lap of luxury with 68 individually wrapped presents costing in excess of a £1,000. […]

Helena admits that Lola, who has her very own bank account and £100 monthly allowance from her husband Mark, will be getting more presents than her six-year-old son Harry because she ‘loves Lola more’.

‘This year, she’s definitely getting more gifts than Harry,’ she admitted. ‘I tried to hide that from Harry last year, but this time it’s so obvious because there’s so many.’

She added: ‘I do love my Lola more than Harry. You know, Lola never moans about homework, and she never complains about what’s for dinner.

‘She had her first snow yesterday, and I came in and realised I hadn’t taken any pictures of Harry – but had absolutely loads of Lola, and that’s what always happens.’ […]

‘I took a week off from work when Lola had her spaying operation, when Harry has a cold I’m just like, “Off you go then!”‘

Helena said: ‘My husband’s view is happy wife, happy life – he knows where he comes in the pecking order – it goes Lola, Harry, him! […]

Helena explained how she took Harry out of school to go to a special dog photographer so that they could have a family photo with Lola. 

‘I would rather that Harry wasn’t able to spell “table” when he’s 20, than have a gap in the family photo,’ Helena reasoned.

Now it would be easy to say that this woman is some kind of freak – let’s be honest this is not the behaviour of someone who is very rational. A rational person doesn’t turn their dog into an idol, and I have never, personally, known anyone who treats their dog as being more important than a human member of the family. However, it would also be easy to say that of a person who claims (with no evidence beyond their own thoughts and feelings) that they are “otherkin” or of another gender. Yet now the state is demanding (with menaces) that we accept that this person is “natural” and that they are what they say they are no matter the fact that their chromosomes mean they are NOT a different sex (nor species!) than they were born.

Why make this comparison?

Because both the irrational transgenders and this woman are being pampered. Our culture is being parasitised by a media which promotes this kind of irrational and societally damaging behaviour. This woman should be absolutely ashamed of her thoughts regarding loving her dog more than her son. The very idea of uttering such a sentiment should be considered abhorrent in ANY decent and civilised society. Yet here she is being interviewed and written about in a national newspaper as some kind of benign oddity. Where are child protective services? I’ve heard of children being taken away from LOVING parents for a lot less than this child is enduring. Not only has his mother turned an unclean animal into some kind of idol, she has also abased the natural role of his own father to beneath himself!

To say that the father is lower on the pecking order than the son, who is lower than the dog, means that boundaries – boundaries designed by God to ensure that boys grow up to be men – have been destroyed, and with them, for this little boy, his sense of self, and how to relate to people. His teenage rebellion will probably be something to behold. Poor kid. She even admits he’ll probably need therapy when he’s older due to how she has treated the family dog.

Sadly this is what happens when women rule the home. Her husband should take a stand, leave and take the son away. She’ll, no-doubt, be upset for a while, but as long as she has her £100 a month for the dog, and the dog itself, perhaps she’ll quickly forget about her child.

This is a tragic case which reinforces the questions I’ve already raised about having unclean animals in the home. This dog is more than a tool to protect the home, she has become the centre of everything. Women, I will note, will often use a pet to rule the home. Making the plans they have (their “needs”) all about the pet is a good cover to completely undermine their husband’s role. Most men these days are very soft about pets – after all it is said that a man’s best friend is his dog. This ruse is an easy one to pull on a husband – “Oh honey I don’t think we should go out tonight, the dog always looks so miserable when we leave”, or “Oh honey, don’t bother me for sex tonight, poochie’s just got comfie on the bed.”

This is, quietly, the behaviour of a Jezebel. Women who put a pet before a child are unnatural!

Just to be absolutely clear for those reading this who don’t know the natural order, I’m going to actually state it here:

Father (head of the wife)

Wife (helpmeet to the husband – see Proverbs 31 for more details)


That’s it. There isn’t a place on the pecking order for pets.

Until we become obedient – truly submitting ourselves, both MEN and WOMEN to our proper roles we will not be able to raise a generation capable of putting right what the Left has done wrong since WWII. I say men too because the question of “which came first, the chicken or the egg” can also be asked in relation to Jezebel and Ahab. Which came first, her behaviour or his indifference to it? Men do need to stand – a weak man will often leave a woman no choice but to lead.

Sadly, in a Marxist “Utopia” this woman is a good example of someone who is “living her best life” (i.e. she’s displaying narcissistic behaviour).

And that is a sign of Jezebel at work.

God Bless you



Transgender rape – now in the Daily Mail

I know I’m being VERY blunt about this, but sex (gender) matters. It matters in the eyes of God. Any person who has sex with someone of the same sex is a sinner unto death! It doesn’t matter if that person claims they were “born in the wrong body” or not. Chromosomes, genes – they don’t lie, and surgery doesn’t change them! God knows the truth, and when a transgender person has sex with someone this information must be disclosed! This should be a legal requirement.

Here we have an example of the media trying to normalise this rape (because rape it is – rape by deception). My emphasis added.

One of Britain’s youngest transgender patients has admitted she does not reveal her past to her lovers because they should be able to ‘tell the difference’.

Deana O’Riordan, 25, from Devon, had a sex change on the NHS shortly after her 21st birthday.

After her operation, she spent £4,000 on breast enhancement surgery to take her from a small B to a D cup.

Miss O’Riordan suffered from psychological torment at being male throughout her childhood and even tried to cut off her own penis aged six.

The barmaid is now enjoying living life as a woman, but refuses to let her boyfriends know about her past as a boy called Dean.

Some have reacted angrily after finding out, but Miss O’Riordan said it is not their right to know.

‘I’ve been with guys who have not known about it,’ she said.

‘Obviously if I did date a guy and things were getting more intense I would tell them because it’s a part of my life, but if I’m just having fun like a normal girl would in their 20s, then I don’t have to explain myself.

‘Afterwards, one of them said ‘why didn’t you tell me?’ and I said ”I don’t come with a manual”.

‘You met me for who I am, if you don’t like it, you know where the door is.

‘I’ve gotten to this place in my life now. If a guy can’t accept me for me completely, why would I want to be with him? 

‘If they can’t tell the difference, why should I tell them?’ (source)

Because they have the right to know – they have the right to not be deceived into having a homosexual encounter! This is sin! Where is the protection for the majority against these unnatural people?

When will this sin end? Where will it end? This country is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah! Children aged two are being taught by drag queens! The C of E is happy for boys to wear a tiara – where is the leadership? And a school teacher is about to lose his job for mis-gendering a student by mistake (by the way, he’s a Christian, so this persecution should be no surprise!).

And remember, it’s you, who have the truth in the form of God and His Son, and the bible – it is you who is intolerant! The left have no tolerance for us!

Another brief post to follow.

God Bless you


The religion of kindness – painting yourself into a corner

God says to us that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Do you understand what that means? Someone once described it as being like a menstrous rag. From cleaning my own menstrous rags (!), I can tell you that that is pretty yucky, isn’t it! When we lean on our own understanding, deciding what it is to be righteous, we are capable of the most appalling crimes in the eyes of God, and all because we are so kind.

I have a friend who tells me that, as she is not a believer, that her religion is kindness. I love her – her whole family – and I feel great empathy for her position. Once upon a time, before God revealed himself to me, I would have said that was a pretty good position to take. A religion of kindness – what kind of world could we have based on that?

I’ve written before that ‘tolerance leads to suffering‘ – well kindness will get you backed into that corner even faster. Compassion for sin? Tolerance, legalising, promoting and teaching of sin? We have all those going on today. Homosexuality was legalised 50 years ago this year in the UK, as was abortion. They were made legal, and that was the first step, and if you didn’t like it, take a step back. Then it became a crime to hate homosexuals. Take another step back. Then we have to be careful not to offend homosexuals. Take another step back.

The young girl who had sex before marriage and ended up with an unplanned pregnancy – what could be kinder than to let her get rid of it so she can go on and pretend like it didn’t happen? Murdering a child becomes an act of kindness to the child carrying it. It is evil in the sight of God!

Kindness – our version of kindness – is a blank slate for satan to write on, our delicate, sensitive, compassionate ears are shell-like for satan to whisper in. And so it goes on. Now children can choose their gender. This has sprung up, not out of nowhere, but out of the seedbeds of mens (and women’s) hearts. In fact women’s hearts, as satan knows of old, are the better seedbed for deception. Women are naturally inclined to a level of sensitivity for others that renders us poor leaders, and often poor decision makers. Our natural sensitivity can cause us to be deceived by satan and his “reasoning”, whereas, I would hope, a man would either not hear, or not heed, that voice of ‘reason’. We women are too kind. Too compassionate.

Everything satan says is reasonable, or starts out that way. Everything he teaches, whispers and gives images to in the mind begins as kindness, and slowly becomes Gehenna itself. Gehenna is full to the brim now with perverts who are perpetually aflame with lust, with needs which can never be met. Whether their lusts are sexual or other – they are constantly in need of a greater, bigger and deeper portion. Kindness, to them, would be freedom from their sin, but that isn’t legal anymore. It’s not legal to help a homosexual be set free from his demons through prayer and fasting.

In being kind to homosexuals we have constrained the man of God from doing the works of God. Freeing the captives? No, kindness says the man of God must take a big step back – backed into the corner he can only preach a diluted creed. Because the bible is unkind? The God we love and who loves us, is ‘cruel’? Or worse, He didn’t mean what He said, and we should re-interpret His words in light of our own understanding, or some historical nugget, so that perversion can be allowed in, embraced, and placed in a position of teaching and pastoring the flock?

Homosexuals in the churches. Transgenders flaunting their demons (because mark me that is demonic – these poor souls don’t know freedom from their affliction even when given the body they believe they should have – because God does not make mistakes). They were never in the wrong body to begin with.

Kindness can be anything from giving candy to a child as a treat (leading later to obesity), or it can be letting your child stay up and party the night before exams (which they then fail). Kindness can look like whatever you want it to. It can look like ‘self love’ or even, much worse ‘self-respect’.

It is separation from God.

Is God cruel? No – God is righteous. We can only be righteous when we follow in His ways and do what He wants us to. Our righteousness – our kindness – is as menstrous rags before Him. And that’s yucky.

God Bless you


Presented with comment

Fifty years ago today we legalised, in the United Kingdom, homosexual sex.

perverts on parade 2

perverts on parade 4

agenda 1

Some simple questions: is the world a better place? What does God say? What did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah?

God Bless you


State sanctioned lies, sickness and depravity

Just when you thought that the sewer couldn’t be any more caked in filth, this is the latest from my government in the UK: (Link)

gender blah 1

Yes, you don’t even have to admit to your doctor that you’re questioning your gender – no one will disabuse you of your foolishness, and you (clearly) don’t even need to be transitioning medically – in other words, just as my dear American friends have already found to your cost, men with big hairy chests, and winkies can say they’re women. How much longer before the foolish UK embraces the Target philosophy of letting perverts into women’s bathrooms?

Here’s a quote from there:

“It comes after Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this week suggested she was preparing to reform the Gender Recognition Act, saying that ‘when it comes to rights and protections for trans people, there is still a long way to go’.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said May would have his support if she allowed transpeople to ‘self-identify’ their gender.

He said legislation could be passed with Labour’s backing, despite the prime minster’s deal with the socially conservative DUP.”

Yes the DUP might not stand with this agenda (for an agenda it is!). In fact I’d go so far as to alter Mrs (Dis)May’s quote and say:

‘when it comes to the agenda to push lies, sickness, and depravity, there is still a long way to go.’

Because that is truly what she must surely mean.

What struck me most, as is so often, were the comments. One of the most stunning comments I think I have ever read in the DM is the third one here from a chap in China:

gender blah

He says “I live in China and I can assure you all expats here are 100% sane…. as is the government! I expect lots of red arrows but I couldn’t live under the Junta you guys do.”

Did you get that – an ex-pat living in China feels that our system of government is unbearable to live under. I share his sentiments, and I look forward to the day when (God willing) I get to leave this country for a simpler life away from the Cultural Marxists of Britain (and the rest of Europe).

However, in amongst the top comments there was also a gem for those of us who still retain a (fairly black) sense of humour:

gender blah 2

God does not make mistakes. Those who think they are something they are not are fooling themselves. Those who go further and destroy the body God gave them commit an offence towards the creator. Those parents who allow, foster and connive with their children’s silliness are especially evil.

I’d say God help my country – but His wrath is being poured out and only repentance will suffice to turn it away. That repentance is not coming anytime soon, and the continuing storm of stupidity, evil and lies is here.

God Bless you


The Advertising Standards Authority are now social engineers

Yes, the ASA, who are responsible for making sure that advertising is not misleading, are now branching out into social engineering (for which they are not qualified!). This article from the Daily Mail states: (Link)

Traditional portrayals of housewives are to be banned from advertisements in a crackdown on sexist stereotypes by watchdogs.

Depictions of women being solely responsible for cooking, cleaning and childcare in commercials will disappear.

But at the same time, it will become wrong to suggest only men are capable of doing DIY or are useless when it comes to chores and caring for babies.

The changes come from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which argues that these stereotypes are limiting the aspirations of both women and men.

So it’s sexist for a woman to be in the kitchen cooking (we mustn’t offend the feminazis, must we?), yet what is clear to those of us who can think is that the removal of this ‘stereotype’ is JUST as much a limitation of girls aspirations! In fact of course, it’s a satanic subversion of everything which God says is right, pure and proper.

In case any of your are in doubt on my views on this (as a woman) – God’s blueprint for me is clear – I was created to be a helpmeet to a man. That was what He created Eve for, and that’s what He created me for too. He did not make me to be a CEO, but I could still be a CEO, if I could do that without compromising the role He created me for. To care for and nurture a husband and family is what God created women for.

The ASA wants to play its part in finally doing away with that. When organisations, whose main purpose is to make sure that misleading claims are not made for a product or service, start interfering with the structure of advertisements for a, frankly, satanic agenda, they’ve gone too far!

The public are entitled to see ‘traditional’ depictions of women and men, just as we are forced to tolerate seeing transgender women in advertisements for mother’s day! (Makes me glad I don’t watch television anymore!)

It is simply wrong to allow one, and yet deny the other. It is clear that satan’s agenda rolls on…

advert comment 1

God Bless you


The medical profession: A confluence of hellish activities

It is truly hellish when the medical profession, who we (some of us) trust to make us well decides to abandon all pretence, and vote to make it the very POLICY of it’s union to ‘decriminalise’ abortion.

This would bring in abortion up to full term. This is absolutely horrifying.

Yet it is now the policy of the BMA, on a majority vote. This means that the union could soon be lobbying government for a law change. One doctor is now leaving the BMA because of this. A good comment from that article:

comment bma.jpg

We also now have Scotland following Wales into an ‘opt out’ organ donation system. This means, effectively, murdering one person to save the life of another. Organs come from living people, not dead bodies! This is a stepping stone to doing the same in England. Read: Organ donation and the myth of ‘informed consent’

On the basis of that article I have contacted Dr Paul Byrne myself and asked him to write to the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, to ask her to stop this law change.

Now, in today’s news, we have a doctor claiming that transgender women (born male) should be able to have womb transplants on the NHS. This is our national “health” service which is already under incredible financial strain. Here’s one of the better comments:

comment trans womb.jpg

Yet this is straight out of Cloward and Piven Strategy. More entitlements means a broken system, and a broken system means people will clamour for safety, and that could mean anything. The best of two options? The devil or the deep blue sea?

I’ll finish today by posting this wonderful video for you, and I urge you to watch it through to the end, even though the pictures of their lovely son after his chemo will make you cry. It’s time to recognise that the medical profession, with its vaccines that maim and kill, its chemo that kills 25% of cancer patients, its Liverpool “Care” Pathway which is still on-going, and at one time was claimed to be killing 130,000 elderly in the UK every year – is NOT on the side of God, not on your side, doesn’t adhere to “THOU SHALLT NOT KILL”, nor even it’s pagan oath to “first do no harm” – it’s now a killing machine with little or no conscience.

Watch, please, and share:

God Bless you


Planned Parenthood’s satanic agenda rolls on

Just when I thought the tide of evil from this organisation was beginning to be stemmed by Pro-Life messages, and Donald Trump, I found out that Planned Parenthood now have another income stream in the pipeline.

Gender reassignment.

Yes, you heard that right. Perhaps you already knew, but I found this out only a couple of days ago by reading Twitter, and it began with this ridiculous piece of propaganda:


Let’s do away with male and female and replace them with…? Nevermind – I’m preaching to the choir here. Then I saw this in the replies:

pp agenda

I thought, “WHOA! What?”

So I did a bit of digging, and it’s true. (Source)

planned parenthood.jpg

Planned Parenthood – an organisation which is supposed to provide family planning, yet pushes abortion, well, now it’s showing even more it’s true colours. This is a satanic organisation, bent on pushing whatever the leftists (really, they are Marxists) want to make popular. Of course this is going to be very profitable, and surely (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the states provide at least some funding to these Planned Parenthood offices from taxpayers money? This is, yet again, not what America needs to be doing.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Elites with a sinister agenda are behind this. Pollution is part of it, and media hype is also. Read more:

Transgender issues linked to anti-depressants

So what antidepressant was Steven on when he decided to become a woman?

Another danger of the transgender push

God Bless you


Abuse of government power in defining “mental health” – a juxtaposition

It’s not the first time, oh no, but this needs to be commented on, and these two articles juxtaposed so that you can see, if nothing else, the immense irony!

Firstly let me clarify that in the Soviet Union, psychiatry was abused as a method of silencing political dissent:

There was systematic political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union,[1] based on the interpretation of political opposition or dissent as a psychiatric problem.[2] It was called “psychopathological mechanisms” of dissent.[3]

During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used to disable and remove from society political opponents (“dissidents”) who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted the official dogma. (source)

On the basis of that understanding, let’s just take a quick look at these two articles – I quote: [emphasis added]

Recently, Virginia public schools ruled that transgender bathrooms would be allowed in Virginia public schools, and it also made a school law stating that if any student criticizes the transgender agenda in Virginia public schools they will be expelled. Now to me, that is just leftist bullcrap public schools cannot censor free speech on campus it is unconstitutional to do so. And for some reason, the public school system in the United States thinks hate speech should be censored as they continue to indoctrinate children with liberal ideals. (source)

And compare that with this: [emphasis added]

After all of the recent coverage Intellihub News & Politics has given to the Targeted Individual community, exposing the Deep State for what it’s worth, the NY Times recently came out with a hit piece in an attempt to take away the validity of the matter. […]

The author went on to point out that anyone who believes in “gang stalking” or believes that they have seen “operatives” may in fact be nuts.

Additionally, in the piece, the author made mention of how some mental health “specialists” believe that “these individuals represent an alarming development in the history of mental illness: thousands of sick people, banded together and demanding recognition on the basis of shared paranoias.” (source)

Oh the irony! So targeted individuals are crazy, but the transgender community: “thousands of sick people, banded together and demanding recognition” is absolutely fine, and will be enshrined and protected in law, and any dissenters silenced/expelled/re-educated.

This is pure Cultural Marxism – (I mistyped that at first as Vultural – yes, almost more appropriate – they are Vutures!)

Keep speaking the abhorrent truth people – the take over is in full swing.

God Bless you