What is Selah here for?

There are two plans for your life – one is God’s plan, and one is Satan’s. I want to use this blog to bring you the best and most inspiring stories – good news – and I also want to share with you what I can see of Satan’s plan in action – because we must be as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves. That is the bad news, and you need to know it.

So there’s good news, and there’s bad news. I hope you’ll stick around for all of it, and remember to take a moment to click on Good News before you leave – top yourself up with something joyful before you go!

God Bless you


Selah – ‘pause and calmly think of that!’

Why would I suggest that you ‘pause, and calmly think of that!’?

Selah is a word used frequently in the Psalms to tell you to do just that – what you just read – think about it – take your time! Let it sink in!

God wants to reach you daily through His Word – so take some time in the scriptures to do this – read, then Selah!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

God Bless you!


Abortion – the right to murder? And what men can do to stop it….

It’s an odd thing as a childless woman to see the protests around the world against any curbing of abortion rights. It seems a woman’s right to choose is simply a woman’s right to kill her child. It’s so blatant that these women KNOW that they want to kill their child, and their protests reveal this as their determination. Take a look at this lady (I use the term loosely) in Ireland:

women want to kill their children.jpg
Covered in blood – one Irish would-be-child-killer
going to abort.jpg
These girls, pictured in a Polish protest, are tame by comparison

And what do we see in amongst these protests – we see commenters saying silly emotive things – just wait for my blast when you read this:

christian compassion udder.jpg
The person who responded really nailed it, don’t you think?

Yes, why don’t you try milking our ‘Christian compassion’ teat – come on – let’s all be so ‘Christian’ (code in their worldly minds for the kind of love, which is really indulgence, which says that sin is OK), that we empty ourselves with compassion for your mistakes, for your incomprehending ungodliness which says that if the ‘error’ you made was to get pregnant that this is NOT the will of God, and it’s OK to kill it? What?

The ‘milk of human kindness’ is what this person is getting confused over, and Christians are not called to be wet, and soppy and complaisant – we are called to speak TRUTH. We are called to be compassionate, yes, but not accepting of SIN! Christians are pro adoption, but not pro abortion.


But let me continue, because this is a very important issue. Here’s the Irish protest again:

would you.jpg

Here’s your task, men – take a good look at these ‘wimmin’ and remember to make a decision next time you’re thinking of screwing a woman – is she a potential child-murderess? Frankly I cannot imagine many men finding these harridans attractive enough, unless wearing beer goggles, to want to partake of their ‘well-trodden path.’

In fact, let me distill this down to this simple phrase, in the most common vernacular I can muster:

Don’t chuck your muck up any woman you can’t trust to be a good mother to your children.

Have I said that plainly enough?😉

As women reject womanliness, so men will reject the qualities we always inspired in them – protectiveness, provision, love and care. Instead women are becoming little more than ‘any hole’s a goal’ f*ck-buddies. More fool this generation – God will not be mocked.

God Bless you


Sources: Keep your rosaries off my ovaries! Thousands march through streets of Dublin in protest at Ireland’s abortion ban

Poland Might Change Its Abortion Law But The Internet Is Fighting Back

Historic England now ‘queering’ history


Historic England.jpg

This beautiful building, which has featured in the TV drama ‘Poirot’ has a secret homosexual history (which we must now have forced down our throats). I quote:

A unique and sprawling mansion built ‘in response to homophobia’ has been awarded Grade-II listed status as part of a project recognising Britain’s ‘queer history’.

St Ann’s Court in Surrey was once home to the stockbroker Gerald Schlesinger and celebrated landscape architect Christopher Tunnard.

The property was masterfully designed so that the couple’s bedroom could be split into two separate rooms – enabling them to keep their relationship a secret at a time when homosexuality was a criminal offence. […]

Historic England has listed, upgraded or updated listings for six locations across England which are of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) value.

Other locations include the grave of writer, musician and Egyptologist Amelia Edwards, the London home of Oscar Wilde and the house where Benjamin Britten lived with his partner, the tenor Peter Pears. 

Historic England said this was part of a major initiative ‘to improve understanding and recognition of England’s diverse heritage, tackling under-recognition of the major influences and contributions of communities including LGBTQ, Black and Minority Ethnic Groups, disabled people and women in building the nation we live in.’ (source)

No, it’s called ramming it down our throats that even the history we cherished as ‘normal’ was in fact infested with homosexuals, thus justifying the dominance of their agenda today. Notable by their absence in the last sentence there were straight white men….


God Bless you


Hillary Clinton dropping out? Watch out this next month


Hmmm – I watched this video and thought, indeed the fact that anyone saw her ‘collapse’ was suspicious, but then the ‘double’? Well it’s simple, I think the woman was a double (if  for no other reason than the lack of security around her), but a double could only be present if you had planned for this…. so it begs the question why?

I have my suspicions about what the plan is with Mrs Clinton’s health, having watched her deterioration on show these last few weeks. All of this has been public enough that I think only two possible scenarios have any weight.

First of all Mrs Clinton could be just so desperate for power, to grasp that role as president which her elite pals have lined up for her, that she will narcissistically pretend to be well enough to do this job (when it’s pretty plain she is not). If her medications include any steroids, this could be relevant, as they are notorious for causing outrageous levels of self-belief, grandiosity etc. I met a man recently who’d been on steriods, and he’d bought a Porsche, and something else (another car I think) and his son had to come home from Australia to stop him buying an Aston Martin. I’m not trying to make excuses for Mrs Clinton, however – she has the best doctors, and they should know better than to allow a sick woman to run for president.

The second scenario is much more sinister, I’m afraid. I suspect strongly that this one is the more likely. What if you wanted to cause the election to be stopped? What if you needed to prevent the election, and the best way you could think of was to have Mrs Clinton drop out (possibly even ‘die’ – faked, or real) just in time to have to stop the election, knowing full well that this leaves Obama in charge. Could Obama sign himself into office for a period of time just on an executive order? Could this ‘dropping out’ of Mrs Clinton precipitate an historic third term for Obama? Could this be a fake election campaign knowing that martial law is about to be declared, or an alien landing faked (or the ‘return of the Messiah’)?

I have to say it’s easy to suppose there is more to this than meets the eye. Maybe there isn’t – maybe there is, but this next month is a crucial time for us all to be ready for a false flag or other operation designed to derail a Trump presidency.

God Bless you


White race doomed – and here’s a few examples as to why….

Oh this depresses me. When I see anti-child/anti parenthood articles in the Daily Mail, well you know this is designed to continue to advance the narcissistic ‘me, me, me’ generation, and their continual reference to self in every decision. You see once upon a time children were a natural part of life you just got on with – you had kids, it wasn’t really optional, and in fact you were considered to be unnatural if you didn’t want them, and an object of pity if you couldn’t have them. Once birth control made them optional, the narcissism of choice took over. Why spend your money on a child when you could have a foreign holiday every year?

Today that narcissism pours out all over the internet. (source)


Yes, raising kids is hard work, I’m sure. I was never blessed in that way – I was one of the duped generation. But when I see these women who have children spilling the beans online about how they wish they had never had them, I think they are incredibly odd. I can imagine having times when you wonder why you bother – you know, the terrible twos and the terrible teens, but the love, you see, I cannot imagine that not overcoming it all.

I wonder if caesarean section births are to blame for this – they impact both mother and baby in ways the medical profession refuses to acknowledge (they can cause developmental delay in the child, which looks a lot like ADHD, and they can impair bonding from the mother, as the hormones released through normal birth are not there).

It’s the comments on the article, however, that really got me. These are the comments I made and their ratings. I don’t think I’ve ever been so unpopular for telling the truth. But these women must be able to keep dusting their empty wombs, and polishing their iPhones, I guess. More important than caring for the next generation. We are really screwed, aren’t we?


So Soros will continue to restock the farm with migrants, and white girls will continue to act as traitors to their race, by withholding their fertility for money (career), which is surely a form of reverse prostitution (which is is only another form of prostitution for Mammon, I guess), and these white girls, some of whom are travelling to the Calais Jungle to have sex with refugees, are the ultimate traitors of all:


Ugh. This article makes an extremely profound comment, and I quote:

“Feminism has created a social environment which has made it nearly impossible for women to fulfill this most basic biological function of reproduction, and so they seek to abolish it by any means necessary.

Their bodies and their underlying, basic animal psychology doesn’t really care whether or not White men respond to their monkey sex behavior and abolish feminism, or if they just replace us with foreign men who won’t tolerate feminism.

So no. The sex isn’t about sex. Because although virtually everything in life is about sex, sex isn’t about sex. Sex is about reproduction.

And women who are put in a position where their ability to reproduce is being blocked will respond will [sic] sexual behaviors which look extremely strange to men who have not taken the red pill.”

What hope is there, when white women round on anyone who says that children mustn’t be considered optional – how sad that I only realised that too late. Will this next generation realise in time?

God Bless you


Juxtaposing comments by Bel Mooney

Let me just start by saying that over here in the UK Bel Mooney is an Agony Aunt for the Daily Mail newspaper. She has a weekly column in the paper helping others with the problems of their lives. I have rarely read it (unless I think the subject matter useful or relevant in some way).

Now, I am not going to sit in judgement on this woman – only God knows her true heart. It’s just hard to feel that there isn’t a huge gap in her thinking here. Let me start with her article about her darling dead dog. I know what it’s like to lose an elderly dog – my goodness it’s painful, but, well read on:

Anyone who has felt the devastating loss of a beloved pet will understand the aching void it leaves.

Here, off the top of my head, is a list of things I miss since I lost my beautiful Maltese dog Bonnie last year: my friend; playmate; counsellor; anti-depressant; admirer; confessor; baby; thing of beauty; grateful recipient of devotion.[…]

Every single night I stretched out my right arm to the space where she had always slept on our bed and felt about with my fingers, letting my hand hover about four inches from the duvet — exactly where she would have been — bouncing them on emptiness, concentrating hard, as if that would let me feel silky dog hair.

This was all done with no sound, hardly a breath, because I did not want my husband to know. I mean, reaching out for our dog in the darkness? Really? Talking to her inside my head and willing her furry self to be there?

No, admitting such a thing makes a person look utterly pathetic. Just like secreting one of her collars (a turquoise one decorated with silver conchos that I bought in New Mexico) under my pillow every night. You do not have to tell me. […]

When you reach out to living creatures with a full heart, they say, miracles can happen. And so it proved with what happened next.

Bonnie used to sleep on top of the duvet, pressed up behind me against the curve of my legs. That was her place. Now, as I watched the horses, I felt her there. A sudden pressure, almost a shove against me.

The room seemed to hold its breath. The silence roared as I felt that little push again. Bonnie was nudging me, telling me that she was there.

I spoke aloud. ‘Bonnie? . . . ’ The silence enfolded us.

‘I know you’re here, Bonnie,’ I said. She was.

There was no mistaking the feeling of that little animal mass; for 14 years I was accustomed to its insistent heft. Of course, I know some people will reckon a sick woman on anti-biotics will imagine she feels the presence of her dead dog. Poor thing! But recording here what is absolutely true, I rejoice in not caring a mouse’s breath what anybody thinks.[…]

In 2010, I’d set up a Facebook page in Bonnie’s name to help market a series of children’s books I’d written about her.

Now, in the cold black morning, I quickly called it up and bashed out these words: ‘This is Bonnie’s spirit writing with ethereal paws. I woke Bel from her sleep to make her realise she had to make a Christmas donation to Happy Landings animal shelter.

‘They do wonderful work and that’s why she is a patron. So I’m watching her at her desk now, just after 4.30am, writing a cheque in a card to the team, led by Lyn, and the assorted creatures they care for so well.’ […]

My husband digs a small hole at the base of each one, and I start to divide Bonnie’s ashes between them.

And it feels to me — as we both carry out our quiet tasks in the May sunshine, that all the loves and the losses in my life have become one, intermingling and fusing for ever.

As I reach the last rose, immediately in front of the summerhouse where Bonnie and I used to sit and read and snooze, a sudden impulse makes me moisten a finger, dip it in the ashes, and place those last atoms of my pet on my tongue.

Surprised and moved, Robin follows suit, and then I tip the last ashes into the roots of the last rose. This feels fitting. At her end, she tasted my tears; now I receive her back into myself and make it a beginning. (source)

Alright – that’s enough! What did I just read, you may be thinking – believe me those are only a small selection of the incidents in the article which make clear to this audience that Bel Mooney is, well, devoted (and I think that’s the correct word, biblically) to her dead pet. You really should read the full thing to appreciate the New Age claptrap in all it’s glory – and, again, I don’t blame Bel for this – these same emotionalism/spiritualism-themed articles appear all over the place all the time, encouraging this kind of viewpoint (and opening doors for active demons).

Now for her comments on her abortion. Yes, you read that right.

Obvious Child tells the truth about abortion and that’s something few women would shout openly and which pro-life groups would rather suppress.

For the fact is that for many people who have had one, including myself, an abortion is no big deal.[…]

I can honestly say I’ve never felt sad about having a very early termination at the end of 1980. My son was born in 1974, smaller than average and treated in special care. Then in 1975 I endured 16 hours of labour delivering a stillborn son at full term.

In January 1980, I had my daughter prematurely by caesarean section, contracted a dangerous infection and heard a succession of bleak warnings from doctors about my baby’s health.

The prognosis was uncertain and the future looked frightening and exhausting in equal measure – though at the time I had no way of predicting just how hard it would be.

That’s why, 11 months after my daughter’s birth and pregnant again at the age of 34, I was so relieved to hear my new GP tell me: ‘If you were my daughter, I would counsel a termination.'[…]

Like Donna in the film, I was thoughtful, but determined about having an abortion.

And from that day until this, I have never experienced a moment of regret about that decision. For the sake of my health and in order to care for my sick child, it was the right thing to do. (source)

As a dog lover, I understand her pain over her loss of her pet (who by the way had lived a full life into an old age). But to speak only days later in the same paper of her abortion and say it was no big deal – you see why I feel I have to juxtapose these two viewponts and suggest that these show a worrying trend in our media; that they display some pretty *ucked up priorities? Is it just me?

I was never blessed with children. I never had the opportunity to be a Mum, yet I cannot imagine for a moment being glib about an abortion, and yet encouraging excessive (and spiritually dangerous) mawkishness over a pet.

Thoughts please?

God Bless you


The Liverpool “Care” Pathway is still being used – by another name

This will make you very angry indeed. What an absolute DISGRACE the NHS is. Privatise it – go on, and then families can sue it with impunity, and only its shareholders will suffer.

Before I get into this latest story (and my condolences go out to the family – perhaps they should consider crowd funding a private prosecution?), let me make clear that young doctors are clueless about the abilities of the elderly or the value of their lives. Ask any 20 year old and they probably think that being over 80 is just a waste of time, yet my father was a very robust worker even into his eighties – chopping longs and so on. He pottered away every day, and his life was useful and enjoyable to him until his cancer overcame him (when he was blessed to be allowed to die at home).

This case just beggars belief. I quote: (source)

Winfred Brogan, a former mill worker, from Wigan, was taken to hospital just after 9pm on November 7, 2013, suffering from pneumonia and sepsis, and was seen by the junior doctor at 2am.

The report said available medical evidence did not support the idea that she was dying. But three hours later the doctor put her on the LCP.

Her family objected and asked for her discharge. Mrs Brogan was discharged later on November 8, but without antibiotics recommended by a consultant.

She was re-admitted on November 13 after her condition worsened and died the next day. The report said it was ‘difficult to understand the haste with which the decision [about the Pathway] was made’.

The Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust has apologised to the Brogan family. It told them it had contacted the ‘experienced’ junior doctor, who no longer works for the Trust, to arrange ‘a discussion with him about his actions’.

Two words to the family – SUE HIM!

And this last bit will wring some hollow, bitter laughter from you:

A report by an investigator from the Ombudsman’s office said it could not be said for certain that Mrs Brogan died because of the decision to put her on the Integrated Care Pathway – the version of the LCP system designed to ease the last hours of patients that was used by that hospital.

Really? She had sepsis and you didn’t give her antibiotics at the first opportunity? I would guess that that decision would be why she’s dead. Utter scum these QUACKS and their ‘legal’ minded enablers.

Right, that’s my rant for the day. I despair of this country as a whole, but the NHS makes me sick (and that’s only partly funny).

God Bless you


The Daily Mail is now a sewer like Buzzfeed!

homosexual abomination.jpg

This is total reprobate filth. I have absolutely no further comment to make.

See also: A glimpse into the sewer, and a tribute to Mary Whitehouse

God Bless you