From 2020, you’re just spare parts under May’s murderous regime

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When we think of evil, we recall the pictures of the holocaust, or images of the killing fields. We might think of those awful pictures of a man with a gun to his head, waiting to be shot, his body swiftly thrown into a ready-dug trench. Perhaps we recall earlier histories of barbarity, including the Spanish inquisition, and the human sacrifice of the savage and ignorant Aztecs.

We wouldn’t think of our own time, we wouldn’t think of our current government, because we wouldn’t – couldn’t – surely believe that our leaders were involved in hoodwinking the British public to be vivisected (dissected alive) for their organs. But that is indeed exactly what they have done since the organ “donor” register was created. Now, the government has passed a law which sets the default to “donor” for all people. Most won’t make a fuss, or opt out, because they don’t…

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Siener van Rensburg’s Prophecy for England

You can watch the whole series, read chapter by chapter, on the Loving Life 2020 Channel, but I thought I would share this one because it’s about my country, and I strongly suspect it will shortly come true.

God Bless you



Just in case you’d never considered why leaven is a symbol for sin…

I heard once of a house where they had stored some fresh yeast. The owners had gone on holiday, and when they returned the house had been lifted off it’s foundations. We Brits may find that hard to believe, but I think it was an America family, and a wooden house could certainly be lifted right up like that.

When we consider what the world is currently ramming down our throats, calling it truth. What they serve us daily in our diet of “news”, and call it truth. We should be very careful and view with suspicion EVERY thing we are told is truth, because I tell you now there isn’t one trick the devil won’t pull to bring you to the brink of aiding and abetting him to build his New World Order, and destroy you, good Christian.

I’ll drop Shofar Mountain’s latest sermon here, because he does a good job of talking about how we should feel about Babylon falling – don’t let emotive language fool you into feeling sorry for the enemy. It’s too easy – we are kind at heart!

Finally, a quick reminder. What is sin?

God Bless you


The Left want to remove choice – from whites (only!)

My body, my choice!

Oh, that only works in certain circumstances. The left want to take your choice, because as a white, you are racist (apparently). Your choice should be limited, by law. Because…

Anti-white racist, Terry Smith, says in the description of his book, called “Whitelash”:

If postmortems of the 2016 US presidential election tell us anything, it’s that many voters discriminate on the basis of race, which raises an important question: in a society that outlaws racial discrimination in employment, housing, and jury selections, should voters be permitted to racially discriminate in selecting a candidate for public office? In Whitelash, Terry Smith argues that such racialized decision-making is unlawful and that remedies exist to deter this reactionary behavior. Using evidence of race-based voting in the 2016 presidential election, Smith deploys legal analogies to demonstrate how courts can decipher when groups of voters have been impermissibly influenced by race, and impose appropriate remedies. This groundbreaking work should be read by anyone interested in how the legal system can re-direct American democracy away from the ongoing electoral scourge that many feared 2016 portended.


This book is anti-choice, and specifically anti-white.

It should be considered to be hate-speech.

Keep watch, because your rights are diminishing daily.

God Bless you


Censored by the Daily Mail again!


This time their algorithm prevented me from making an anti-racism comment on an article which had unmoderated comments. There’s no need to “moderate” when you can get your algorithm to do it for you, DM!

This was the article:


This guy terrified a white women to hysteria because she drove badly. Then he made T shirts of the incident, because she’d told him she has a black husband. He called her a “Karen” which is an anti-white racist meme. I commented:

Then I clicked to submit my comment:

But my account shows I’ve made no comments today:

Which word was it? Anti-white? The phrase anti-white racism? Goodness knows, but perhaps we should now assume that the Daily Mail is anti-white, and pro-racism (as long as it’s aimed at whites).

God Bless you


Yes, please take all the statues down

All of them, the statues of Marx, and the statues of Martin Luther King, the statues of Jesus, and the statues of all these “great” men. Take down the graven image of Churchill, and take down the graven images of “keyworkers” which is being made right now, at a cost of goodness-knows-what, to honour those who carried on working during the Covid-19 psyop.

Take them all down. All the graven images. Melt them down, or crush them to dust.

Do us all a favour.

And then repent of your idolatry, ok?

To finish, this piece from Newsweek (Link):

Was Jesus white? Well the northern ten tribes went north, and we northerners are white, so I’m guessing he didn’t look too different from us. Bearing in mind that causasians come from that area originally, and that Iran means “land of the Aryans” – yeah, he was probably white.

But – NO STATUES PLEASE! It leads to idolatry.

God Bless you


If this is an “outrage” what does that mean?

You do know it’s OK to be white, don’t you? We’re the smallest race on earth at just 6.5% of the world’s population. Our lives matter, but according to the hard left media and their goons at Burnley police, to say that white lives matter is tantamount to a crime (and believe me, if they can find anything to pin on these guys, they will).

Yes, they are “outraged”:


And in case you think this is a one off reaction, take a look at this tweet:

All lives do not matter, white lives do not matter – no only Marxist lives matter, because BLM is not about blacks, it’s using blacks to take down capitalism. That much is clear from the appalling reactions that black conservatives have had to their words in response to BLM. We are being tsunamied with lies in the media and on our television – obviously all lives matter!

But the “outrage” continues!

Oh dear:


I am not a one for honours, nor am I one for images, but come on! This is biblical!

In 2 Samuel 22:41 is read, as part of David’s song of deliverance:

You have also given me the necks of my enemies, So that I destroyed those who hated me.

2 Samuel 22:41 NKJV

We have GOT to stop this Marxist tide of FILTH before it’s too late – but how? Only repentence will deliver us, only humility before our God! Silence in the face of this evil will NOT quell it. But any words, any actions without God – without walking rightly with Him are USELESS!

To finish, I’m going to add Zachary Bauer’s latest video – he’s just started doing a series to rebut the recent piece by Wretched on the Hebrew Roots movement:

Please watch to the end – Zach makes it so clear, and puts it well. We only have to look around us to see that lawlessness has NOTHING to do with man’s laws – it’s God’s laws which matter.

God’s Laws Matter – maybe it’ll catch on!

God Bless you


Organ Donors: Here’s what they’re NOT telling you!

Jackson Snyder kindly interviewed me last night about organ donation and the truth behind the facade of donation after death.

Please listen and share this video on your social media, reblog this – get this out to everyone who needs to hear this message.

My thanks to Jackson for being a wonderful host and for giving me the opportunity to share this information. If you don’t know his channel, please take a look and subscribe!

God Bless you


Does Amazon support genocide? We’re about to find out…

I came across this image the other day:

I wondered, today, whether the scrawling out of the faces was real, and part of the cover image, or whether it was something done for the photograph. I wasn’t prepared for what I found, and read. (Link)

It states in the first paragraph:

Climate catastrophe, police brutality, white genocide, totalitarian rule and the erasure of black history provide the backdrop for stories of love, courage and hope.

So I reported the book to Amazon – if you scroll down the page, you’ll see a band where there are three options, please report this book in your own country, and let’s see if we can get it banned.

No one of any race should be subject to genocide, and genocide should never be talked about as if it’s something which has a positive outcome.

Please take a moment to let Amazon know that you don’t want it to support genocide.

God Bless you


What’s the real issue with Dominic Cumming’s behaviour?

Why are the public outraged? Is it because we all think that the lockdown was necessary? No. Is it because we all think that he should be made an example of? No. Is it because we are lefties who want to bring him down? No.

It’s because we all obeyed.

We did what the government continually told us every day to do. People didn’t, and haven’t seen their parents in months. They haven’t been able to see dying relatives. They haven’t been able to attend funerals for those relatives they’ve lost. People have lost money, and many people have lost their jobs or even entire businesses due to these “guidelines”.

We’ve isolated and obeyed. And that’s why we are angry.

Dominic Cummings has done exactly what we were told not to do. And yes they were guidelines, not law, but then why have people been fined? Why have the public been terrorised they way they have? These rules don’t apply to a government advisor? Then clearly a) he didn’t believe the rules were necessary in the first place, b) he thought he was above those rules, c) he thought he could do what he wanted, and his mate Boris would have his back (which turned out to be true), or possiby all three.

Dominic Cummings didn’t break the law – because there is no law on this. Dominic Cummings caused Boris Johnson to break the trust of the public by defending him when he broke rules we all adhered to. We obeyed those guidelines, and people have lost their lives because of it – through lack of testing and screening, through lack of surgical appointments in EMPTY hospitals.

This nonsense has to stop, the lockdown was put in place to “flatten the curve” so that the NHS could cope. The 4,000 bed Nightingale Hospital in London treated just 41 patients. The NHS can cope. So why is this stupidity continuing? Because there is another agenda.


God Bless you


When the Daily Mail is desperate to keep to the Government’s narrative…

Oh gosh! This is quite shocking. I’ve not seen such blatant manipulation of comments on the Daily Mail, possibly ever!

Here’s the headline (seriously):


Yes, seriously he went for a drive to “see if his eyesight was okay”? Let’s just let that slide – there are some funny memes on that page, I’ll share one here:

Ho hum…

The issue with the article is that the Daily Mail decided to moderate the comments. There have been several articles today in which the public has been allowed to vent it’s spleen over the way Dominic Cummings has been allowed to lord it over the rest of us. There’s a lot of public anger. So which comments did they allow through? Here are the top four:

Look at the votes! My goodness, they really are desperate to help the government out. Perhaps because the government is one of their biggest advertisers right now, paying them lots of lucre to tell people to “stay at home” or whatever other piece of nonsense advice they won’t be following themselves.

There’s no way back from this for Boris – his goose is cooked, and he needs to admit the fraud of the lockdown – because it’s over.

God Bless you