Karin Smith needs our help

I wrote some time ago about Karin Smith’s accident and medical situation. I quote from there (Link).

Karin was one of the first people I ever heard speak about the horrors of South Africa’s white genocide. She spoke bravely about the, frankly, unspeakable – even though it upsets her to talk about the tortures and murders which take place daily there.

Karin moved to the US with her American husband, but a while ago was hit while in her car, side on, by an illegal, and she was injured badly. She has now begun surgery to fix the damage. She is convalescing right now from the first round of surgery, but has more to go, and needs some financial support and, of course, prayers!

I heard yesterday through Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s show that Karin has numerous trapped nerves and has had to have emergency surgery. She may be facing life in a wheelchair. This brave lady deserves all we can give her – whether you are able to donate, or whether you are able to pray – please do what you can to help this stalwart to continue the valuable work she has started in highlighting the terrible plight of whites in South Africa.

You can donate through her website: www.radiofreesouthafrica.com and if you do so please mark the donation “medical” so that she knows it is to go towards her medical costs (as she has no medical insurance).

God Bless you


Casual racism

Anti-white racism is casually thrown into the media without any level of concern at all. It’s also permitted on social media without censure. In fact it’s fine for anyone to insult white people on the basis of their skin colour. Yet we are the smallest race on earth – a true minority.

Here are a few examples which I’ve gathered over the last few months – I’m sharing them today because of Trevor Noah’s comments which got a prime spot on the Daily Mail homepage without any criticism at all. Whites are fair game…

Casual racism

casual racism 8

casual racism 7

casual racism 6

casual racism 5

casual racism 4

casual racism 3

casual racism 2

white supremacy


racism 101

racism starbucks


casual racism


racism is only by whites


Should women teach or pastor? A few points to consider

I remember hearing Derek Prince talking about women teachers some years ago, and he made an excellent point. He said that if there was no one to teach a woman should do it, but as soon as a suitable man comes along, she should raise him up to take that role. I agree with that position.

I’m aware that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few, and so I want to share some perspectives on women teaching and/or pastoring which will help you see why it might not be the best thing, even if we have no choice at times.

  1. Within the Jewish Karaite (Torah only) movement they have nothing against women teaching. But a woman who is menstruating does not attend synagogue – how can a woman pastor a flock when she is unclean for seven days a month? Who would have sheep and leave them for the wolves for seven days at a time? A woman can share a teaching, but to pastor takes a full time commitment.
  2. Women’s voices are harder for men to listen to than a man’s voice. This might not be something you’ve heard, but I remember reading an article where a transgender man (a former woman) said that he could no longer listen to his female friends voices for long periods of time, and struggled to take in what they said because of the hormones he was receiving. Women’s voices are higher pitched, generally, and so there’s a possibility that a man will really struggle to take in her message purely because he is biologically male. This is a new understanding which science needs to examine. If I can find a link to the article, I’ll share it – there were a number of interesting points which are worth reading.
  3. Iron sharpens iron. But a woman is the weaker vessel – what does this mean for women teachers? Men can argue and debate with a cool head – their emotions are rarely ruffled by such encounters. I would guess it’s rare for a man to be emotionally upset by arguing with another man – he may be irritated or annoyed, but not tearful or exhausted. But for a woman her emotions are intrinsically connected to everything she says, believes and teaches. She could be right or wrong, but the act of confronting and arguing can feel emotionally bruising for a woman. This may also cause her to remain silent rather than confront when confrontation would be the right thing to do – purely because she knows it will be a hurtful encounter.

Women are needed in teaching roles because there are not enough men doing it. We have a different perspective and many of us carry a lot of wisdom. So how can we manage the issues raised above? I have a few ideas.

  1. Share teachings from ministries which you know are established and trustworthy – it’s no longer necessary to direct a person to a physical ministry or write your own material – there are excellent ministries online and when you find a good teaching, share it. We can all be spiritually fed for free these days because of generous ministries who share their teachings online. You don’t have to agree with everything a ministry says to share one of their teachings.
  2. If you are asked to give a teaching or message as I was recently, do so on an as-is basis. Don’t get into debates about it afterwards. If the LORD is calling you to teach or say something, pray about it, and then do it to the best of your ability. Then leave the rest of it to God. The people in the comments section are not your flock!
  3. Minister within the gifts you have. Offer help to those who cross your path and enjoy the process, whoever they are. If they can’t be helped, direct them to other ministries with more or different expertise.
  4. Stay humble! You are not the one who matters – it’s God we exalt!

I hope this article helps to give you a few different perspectives on women teaching and pastoring within a Torah Observant model. Many churches within Christianity are raising up women to teach – perhaps too many given that this may be a detriment to men learning and hearing their messages. It’s certainly something to ponder!

God Bless you



Selah Ministries

Every house built today has a set of plans – someone has spent a long time designing with practicality (we hope) in mind. Every service to our homes must also be routed wisely, and the builder of the house must be able to read and understand those plans in order to end up with a house which is both structurally sound and pleasing (we hope!) to the eye.

Functionality is built into every recipe we use. We know who can be trusted to produce reliable recipes, and we follow those recipes carefully, more or less, to ensure good results which are delicious and healthy (we hope!).

But of course, just as there are different people there are different tastes. Different architects design different styles of homes, and different cooks produce different recipes. Having said that, some basic principles apply: there are structural laws that must be applied to buildings to…

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Brexit: A vote for Farage is a vote for Corbyn

Britain is going back to the polls – again. Only this time to deal with the remainer MPs who have blocked the will of the people by preventing an orderly exit from the EU which we voted for in 2016. On December 12th, this country will either give Boris a majority which he can use to get his Brexit deal through (read: not actual Brexit), or will have handed this country to Jeremy Corbyn by giving their vote to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. And the elites know it!

If my faith was not quite so strong (and remember that if the bullets are whistling past your head, you’re safe – even if you have white knuckles!), my head would be in my hands over this latest attempt by the elites to subvert Brexit and bring this country into chaos. What would suit the elites more than a socialist (read: Marxist) government under Corbyn? After all, their plan, which they have revealed for all to see is global communism under the United Nations Agenda 21/2030! But don’t get me wrong, Jeremy Corbyn is a man I have areas of agreement with, but that doesn’t mean I want him and his crazy pack of wealth-destroying piranhas in power. And of course, Brexit would be ever further from completion.

I have also said that I will not vote – I’ve changed my mind about voting in this last year, because I cannot reconcile the idea of giving a mandate to a local person to make law on my behalf, with my beloved God who says that we are not to add, nor diminish, anything from his Law! Read more: The UK’s political situation is worthy of comment

So I will be sitting this one out, and praying to my God for mercy. This nation is about to either get what it asked for (be careful what you ask for), or make the biggest voting mistake in a Jubilee cycle.

Make NO mistake, a vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is a vote for Cobyn. Unless Farage and Johnson agree to place candidates strategically, this statement is true. Tactical voting is required to keep us from the grip of a Marxist nightmare – a Marxist nightmare which the elites want for all the world.

May God have mercy on us all.