Green Sabbath: Sunday Lockdowns for “Gaia” and Jubilee for the Earth

This is a must see video – please watch and share. It’s time to wake up.

God Bless you


Jesse Lee Peterson Highlights

What a great man Jesse Lee Peterson is – a Christian, an activist and a man of character. This is a great collection of his media appearances. He’s not liked by the left, and that should tell you everything you need to know.

God Bless you


“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

I’m tired of this old aphorism being trotted out to in relation to the covid crisis – a crisis which required a decisive response at the start but which is now entirely a crisis continued, maintained and extended by government. It’s no longer a stupid government mistake, and whereas it was perfectly possible to forgive the miscalculation at the beginning of the crisis, it is no longer feasible to accept the continuing nonsense when deaths are now so low.

The problem now is how to end this situation. It’s not going to happen at the ballot box – another tired aphorism is this:

People in the UK voted for Boris because of Brexit. We never thought that he’d prove to be so inept – I would say it would be far fairer to say “you buy the product you’re sold, not the product you get” – in the case of this government we were sold a lie.

Whilst Brexit was sort of done, the covid crisis has been handled with such ineptitude that it can only be viewed as the willful destruction of this nation’s economy – and people still have no clue how serious it is. Redundancies are going to come in the next month as the furlough scheme ends, and they fully intend to lock everyone down again on the basis of test results not hospital admissions. This nefarious group of knaves has got their eye on the prize.

That prize is the total control of you and me.

With a destroyed economy they may have us all on benefits – a form of UBI (Universal Basic Income). Is it a coincidence that our main national benefit is called “universal credit” – that doesn’t seem so far from China’s “social credit score” either, does it?

And that’s what this boils down to. Once we’re all dependent, we won’t be able to resist so easily – don’t want a vaccine, then no benefits for you! They want us all to eat less meat, for the sake of the environment – you won’t be able to afford meat! Want to protest? That’s a £10,000 fine.

This country is no longer a democracy and many people are loving that – they can’t wait to get this over with, and believe something like this:

And now the government is calling upon a nation of bored and tetchy stasi to dob in their neighbours if they have seven people in their garden instead of six, threatening a criminal record for those who get caught.


What have we become? This is not desperation in the face of a serious threat, this is coercion in the face of a manufactured crisis in which you or I could be threatened with arrest for not wearing a mask which will do nothing to protect us or anyone else. We could be hauled before the courts for failing to limit a family gathering to the required six people.

This is about control. It’s not about a virus, and it’s not about safety. It’s about seeing how compliant you are willing to be – what your social credit score will be when they’ve got you 100% at their mercy.

Believe me they want you to be 100% at their mercy.

If you have not written to your MP, please do so today.

If you have not written to the Prime Minister, please do so (you won’t get a reply, but enough comments in volume, politely pointing out that this is unacceptable will help).

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Speak or be silenced.

We’re already being silenced – I tried to post part of this quote on an article yesterday in the Daily Mail:

This was the headline:

This was my comment:

Needless to say it did not appear amongst the other moderated comments.

May God help us!


Is Boris trying to destroy Britain?

The simple answer is yes, if yesterday’s back-track into a new level of lockdown is anything to go by. We are now limited to no more than six people meeting together, either publicly or privately.

There we go, down the toilet – the whole economy is teetering on the brink of total meltdown and he’s talking about testing and case numbers. The public are increasingly uneasy about the ever-changing and more and more ridiculous rules. None of the government’s rules make sense under the circumstances, yet there they are. Suppressing a virus which you need a test to know you have is ridiculous, but now we have to face restrictions being imposed for these cases when no restriction is needed.

Is it the same where you are? What have you done about this injustice? What can you do?

You can write to your MP or representative – politely point out your views and tell them what you want them to do – they work for you.

You can write to the Prime Minister, or President of your country – tell them what you think, again politely. Tell them what you want them to do, or ask them to explain what they are doing. I did this with Boris Johnson, and although I doubt I will get a response, I have done what I could do. Please would you do the same?

Get involved in protests where it is possible for you to do so (obviously not in Australia right now, which is knee-deep in Orwell’s 1984 and it’s gettin’ higher).

If you can’t visit a protest, you can still write to your MP to tell them you stand with the protests – that’s what I did.

You can also get involved in consultations – this one is about the UK government’s aims to release, administer and promote unlicensed vaccines. I told them in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t support that and why.

We have all got to do what we can. Each one of us may feel like we’re alone, spitting in the wind. But if we all spit in the wind it’ll make a storm that can’t be ignored!

We must stand up to this tyranny in every way we can – in every capacity. We must say what we think and how we feel if we stand any chance of stopping this terrible situation which should never have happened. We’re being lied to every single day by the government and by the media – the agenda at hand is nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with control.

God Bless you


Does Jesus know you right now?

Jesus, also called Yeshua or Yahoshua in the Hebrew, told us that in the day of judgement, He would tell those who proclaim His name and do wondrous works in His name:

If you are walking in lawlessness He doesn’t know you NOW. Thinking that your lawless ways are going to get you into Heaven is to ignore His clear words.

To walk as He walked is to obey Torah.

May God Bless you


Just in case you thought your organs weren’t worth protecting…

I’ve heard the argument that it’s not worth making the effort (effort???) to opt out of organ donation now, because if you’re old they won’t want your organs – believe me, murdering the elderly is right up there on the elite’s to do list, and they’re working on ways to make your old “unviable” organs viable again for transplantation right now. The following is from the Daily Mail (link at the end of the quote). My comments are added in bold.

Despite the lack of organs available for patients on transplant waitlists, organs from older, deceased donors are frequently thrown away. (No such thing as a deceased donor unless it’s for non vital organs. This kind of “deceased” is a made up notion that neither you nor Joe Bloggs in the street would think of as “death”)

But a new study suggests organs from elderly donors can be ‘rejuvenated’ by making them ‘younger.’

Researchers say anti-aging drugs can ‘turn back the clock’ on hearts, livers, kidneys and lungs by getting rid of cells that are linked to organ rejection in transplant patients. […]

‘Older organs are available and have the potential to contribute to mitigating the current demand for organ transplantation,’ said corresponding author Dr Stefan Tullius, chief of the Division of Transplant Surgery at the Brigham.

‘If we can utilize older organs in a safe way with outcomes that are comparable, we will take a substantial step forward for helping patients.’  […]

But, in new research published in the journal Nature Communications, the team demonstrated the effect of a class of drugs called senolytics, which target and eliminate old cells.   

As organs age, a group of cells called senescent cells tend to accumulate. Because they no longer divide like younger cells do, the body doesn’t go about destroying them.

What’s more, senescent cells release cell-free mitochondrial DNA (mt-DNA), which is recognized by the immune system and activates an inflammatory reaction.

Studies in the past have linked this process to organ rejection. 

But using senolytic drugs will force senescent cells back into a regular cycle so they can split and the body will get rid of them.

The researchers tested this theory in old mice with a combination of the senolytic drugs dasatinib and quercetin. […]

He hopes the drugs organs can be effectively with senolytic drugs after they are harvested from a donor.

‘We have not yet tested the effects clinically, but we are well prepared to take the next step toward clinical application by using a perfusion device to flow senolytic drugs over organs and measure whether or not there are improvements in levels of senescent cells,’ he said. (Link)

So here we have the elderly being used as spare parts – you will note that the drugs used to reverse the signs of ageing are not being given to LIVING patients to help them live. The drugs used (including the supplement quercetin, which you can buy and take for yourself) are being used on living mice in the experiment, and they are planning to try to perfuse harvested organs with them in order to get this benefit pre-transplant. How long before they decide to just keep the patient on life support and give them the drugs to make the organs healthier prior to harvest? They are a bunch of murderous quacks, so nothing would surprise me. All it takes is an “ethicist” who doesn’t have any moral qualms, like perhaps this lady, and anything is possible?

As a quick final note, I’ll add here that the elderly – talking to, listening to and recognising the wisdom of the elderly, is one of the things the elites want to banish from our society. They have done everything they can to harm as many old people as possible through this Covid nonsense. How can you have a “Year Zero” approach to changing society if the elderly can still be heard, and their wisdom and experience listened to? This talk of a Great Reset – it’s not a reset, people, it’s the great leap forward, and will cause just as many deaths, if not more. These communist ideologies require us to jettison our past, our history and the elderly are the bearers of that knowledge and understanding. Without them, we have the child soldiers of the Khmer Rouge.

I pray I’m wrong, but history repeats, and the devilish communist ideology continues to fascinate the ungodly in their hopes to take as many people as possible to hell with them.

If you are in the UK and you’re ready to opt out, here’s the link – you are not the property of the state! Protect your organs.

May God Bless you


No Jab, No Pay? That has to be the Mark of the Beast

Please click on the link in the above text and watch the video.

Please be aware that this vaccine is NOT a traditional vaccine but an RNA vaccine which genetically modifies humans to produce antibodies. The company making it calls these vaccines “software for life”.

Do not take the jab. All vaccines are unclean, anyway – containing dog and monkey cells. That’s a no from me!

God Bless you


Sinners against the Most High God are now a “protected group” – the Bible to be banned in Scotland?

This beggars belief – but is only to be expected when believers say that “the Law is done away with” – how can any part of it stand if even one part is taken away? Homosexuality is a sin – we don’t need to read that in Paul, although we do. We find it in the Torah. Dressing as the opposite sex is also a sin – God says is it an abomination – it’s not legal under Torah (Deuteronomy 22:5). If we had stood, as Islam does, on matters which God says are RIGHT, we could turn this tide. But if one law is removed, then it’s only a matter of time before lawlessness rules over believers, and we are now witnessing that.

God Bless you