Right on cue…

A new scariant has been found, Boris’ freedom day is referred to as a “gamble” and Sajid Javid says that cases could reach 100,000 a day by early August.

These terrorists have the nation in their thrall – they have terrorised the weakest and most vulnerable in society and those people will see such headlines and clamour for the “irreversible roadmap to freedom” to be stopped; to make them feel safe.

What is safety?

It depends on whether you’ve been raised to be fairly self-reliant, independent in thought, in finances etc. Sadly more and more people have been persuaded that Nanny State should keep them safe, and that, due to the terrorists in the media, the state should decide what freedoms people have.

The problem with that is that ALL freedoms entail some risk. Crossing the road could be dangerous if you don’t use your common sense. People are harmed and killed in myriad ways every year – car accidents being a prominent one. Yet we do not ban cars or driving – we accept the risk for the benefits that such independent travel affords us.

But under an international terrorist regime, headed by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other old white men (sorry, I couldn’t resist that dig – I mean why does the press never mention that…?), the public has been subdued and has learned to rely on the state to tell them what to do.

Utter folly.

This is the end stage of a world which has taken the Word of God and censored it. Which has not just leavened His laws but made legal that which God abhors. We are reaping what we have sown, and now we have behavioural psychologists advising the government, and appearing on television as if their “science” is relevant to the safety of the populace from a disease with a 99.7% survival rate. (Oh, and she’s also a communist…)

It’s also clear that 77th Brigade have been very busy, if these screenshots from twitter are anything to go by.

And indeed after the hard work of Senator Ron Johnson to share the stories of vaxxine damaged people, these were the headlines – again there IS a conspiracy, and to fail to see it and accept that as truth is a failing in you, not the person who sees the pattern and knows the validity of it in proving that something is wrong.

Britain will not be free on July 19th – the date for the end of self-isolation has already been changed to August 16th, and watch now as the careful use of headlines and paid trolls causes this latest freedom day date to pass the people of Britain by.

This will not end, because this is the great reset – a great leap forward for the modern era and even more deadly.

Be prepared.

May God have mercy on us all.


Will Boris set England free on July 19th?

In a word, no.

No, he won’t – either they will find an excuse to keep lockdown rolling (another scariant – they can buy all the mutations they want from this company here: Link), or the cyber polygon cyber attack “exercise” by the World Economic Forum, due to take place this week will “go live” and the poor NHS will be the biggest casualty, and of course, we must protect the NHS… If that doesn’t happen, expect a brief respite from lockdown before a new one is enforced due to more positive test results (which they can create using many more cycles than the PCR test was designed to do…)

The government has never stopped lying. They have never stopped presenting data in disingenuous ways. They have acted like terrorists because they are terrorists. The world they want for you is one you will hate with a passion – never-ending lockdowns for any reason they feel like – hey, don’t you know there’s a climate crisis?

So what do we do?

A lady said to me today that the British people can have their freedom back when they take it back. If only it were that simple – the fact is that I lived as normal a life as I could get away with while I was in England. As normal as my friends would allow (and of course their spouses and families – there had to be balance to keep everyone happy). Sadly the fact is that until the majority decide to take back their freedoms wholesale, there is no freedom for us – we aren’t the problem, it’s them others (as we say).

If you can get out of Britain, I suggest you do. Flee! It’s only going to get worse.

If you can’t (or think you can’t, which is the same thing really, because you can), then hunker down for a long and horrible war.

Not a ground war – not a war with an external enemy, but a war in which you, dear believer, are the enemy, and you have to hide from the state and their brainwashed henchmen – who could be your neighbours or former friends.

Remember this – they don’t make war movies about the people who escaped.

If it is time for you to leave, get ready to do so. Make your plans and GO!

I don’t know who this particular message is for – but whoever it is, LISTEN!

May God have mercy on us all.


The road to the Mark of the beast

This is an interview I did with Dr Jackson Snyder last week. Youtube removed it within three or four hours, so Jackson put it up on Daily Motion as a private video with a login. It was removed again within a few hours. So it’s now up on Bitchute, and currently getting views there, praise God!

When you’re getting this much flak you must be over the target!

The video only emphasises the discriminatory nature of the mark, and how it will be an enforcement of an ideology, NOT a chip (although they may try that too…). As we can see with the discriminatory nature of social media, the blackout, the othering, the separation of the godly from the rest of society is beginning.

I hope you will enjoy the video and the research I’ve been doing. Please share it far and wide – we need to be prepared, and those at risk of straying from the fold need to be convicted to turn from their error.

May God Bless and protect us.


The technocrats want to replace God – Part II

God is the creator

They want to be the creators of a new human race and a new world through transhumanism and genetic modification – and they’ve already started.

Part I

The Canadian government, whilst becoming one of the most draconian in the world, is preparing for the merging of man and machine. Another way that the technocrats want to replace God is to make you part of THEIR creation, NOT God’s.

They have written a document which I suggest you all look at (Link). It’s called “Exploring Biodigital Convergence” In it they state: [emphasis added]

In the coming years, biodigital technologies could be woven into our lives in the way that digital technologies are now. Biological and digital systems are converging, and could change the way we work, live, and even evolve as a species. More than a technological change, this biodigital convergence may transform the way we understand ourselves and cause us to redefine what we consider human or natural.

Biodigital convergence may profoundly impact our economy, our ecosystems, and our society. Being prepared to support it, while managing its risks with care and sensitivity, will shape the way we navigate social and ethical considerations, as well as guide policy and governance conversations.

Guided by its mandate, Policy Horizons Canada (Policy Horizons) intends to start an informed and meaningful dialogue about plausible futures for biodigital convergence and the policy questions that may arise. In this initial paper, we define and explore biodigital convergence – why it is important to explore now, its characteristics, what new capabilities could arise from it, and some initial policy implications. We want to engage with a broad spectrum of partners and stakeholders on what our biodigital future might look like, how this convergence might affect sectors and industries, and how our relationships with technology, nature, and even life itself could evolve.

They are considering:

Further down the page, there is a piece called “Good morning, biodigital.” Here’s an excerpt from that: [emphasis added]

As I head to the bathroom, I pause at the window to check the accelerated growth of the neighbouring building. Biological architecture has reached new heights and the synthetic tree compounds are growing taller each day. To ensure that the building can withstand even the strongest winds – and to reduce swaying for residences on the top floors – a robotic 3D printer is clambering around the emerging structure and adding carbon-reinforced biopolymer, strengthening critical stress points identified by its AI-supported sensor array. I am glad they decided to tree the roof of this building with fire-resistant, genetically modified red cedar, since urban forest fires have become a concern.

While I’m brushing my teeth, Jamie, my personal AI, asks if I’d like a delivery drone to come pick up my daughter’s baby tooth, which fell out two days ago. The epigenetic markers in children’s teeth have to be analysed and catalogued on our family genetic blockchain in order to qualify for the open health rebate, so I need that done today.

I replace the smart sticker that monitors my blood chemistry, lymphatic system, and organ function in real time. It’s hard to imagine the costs and suffering that people must have endured before personalized preventative medicine became common.

Also, I’ll admit that it sounds gross, but it’s a good thing the municipality samples our fecal matter from the sewage pipes. It’s part of the platform to analyze data on nutritional diversity, gut bacteria, and antibiotic use, to aid with public health screening and fight antibiotic-resistant strains of bacterial infections.

Supposedly, the next download for my smart sink will allow me to choose a personalized biotic mix for my dechlorinated drinking water.

Today’s microbiome breakdown is displayed on the front of my fridge as I enter the kitchen. It’s tracking a steady shift as I approach middle age: today it suggests miso soup as part of my breakfast, because my biome needs more diversity as a result of recent stress and not eating well last night.

You can clearly see from this that these technocrats have no desire to maintain the diversity of this planet – they will talk about biodiversity whilst creating monstrous, ungodly new plants, animals and specifically moulds and bacteria which they can use to grow things. Of course it will create just the kind of environmental imbalance that almost all man-made interventions have done to date – from DDT to glyphosate.

I urge you to go and read the document, and download it too (there’s a link on their page to download as a .pdf).

They fully intend your world to change beyond what God created, beyond what God set as the parameters of His creation, and into it pour man’s vanity and foolishness and arrogance until it can bear no more.

May God have mercy on our souls.


The technocrats want to replace God

God is all-seeing

They want to be all-seeing – through watching your every move.

God is all-knowing

They want to be all-knowing – through harvesting your data.

God is all-powerful

They want to be all-powerful – through mind control, fear, medical interventions etc.

God is just

They want their own form of justice – a perversion of all that God says is good.

The Mark of the beast will be the enforcement of an ideology. Your exclusion from society will be based on your unwillingness to walk in lawlessness. Remember that the anti-christ is called the man of lawlessness – which law do Christians believe he is against? There is only one righteous law, and that is Torah!

They will, as they are showing now, change the rules of what is acceptable over and over again. You will be made to dance on that narrow line day in day out – today this celebrity is cool, tomorrow they are a bigot for some perceived slight against a POC? That’s what your life will be like, except that unless you toe that line every day, you will have your means to buy and sell cut off.

China has a social credit system, and that is what is being brought in now. It will be brought in on the back of this so-called pandemic. It will stay and grow as they think of ever more reasons to use it. It will not be abandoned because the minds of the people are now so weakened and so traumatised that they WANT this control.

Step by step they will create a technocratic prison. They will be the judge, the jury and the jailer.

Prepare to escape – if you haven’t already made preparations, pray now how to proceed and where God wants you to be.

May God find us worthy of escape from what is coming!

God Bless you


Where is your New Age god?

Here we have Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India – he’s apparently about to spend at minimum £2billion on a new palace for himself, while the poor are struggling in poverty. This is true in all nations – let’s not be foolish and think that other nations do a much better job. However, India has many more poor people than most countries.


We can call him vain, we can point out his greed and wastefulness (Boris Johnson should be forced to stand down for his girlfriend’s expensive taste in wallpaper too). So the money should be the least of our concerns – our concerns should be spiritual. Yes, and there is the heart of the problem, because in Hinduism it is believed that if a person is born low-caste, they are untouchable and that this is their karma. That in fact it harms that person’s ascension to help them (and I will use that word deliberately because it shows the folly of the New Agers even better). If a person is born poor and low-caste (usually they are darker skinned too) then you must not help them, according to hinduism because you are then denying them the opportunity their poverty creates for them to work out their karma and ascend higher in the next life. And that is your New Age god – NOT the God of the bible who says we are to feed the poor, and have mercy on them. We are to clothe them. Our God is a righteous God! He is compassionate and merciful. The New Age god has no mercy.

So as Modi builds his palace, remember that the poor in the New Age (which says all religions worship the same god) will be left to suffer in their poverty. That’s the coming one-world religion.

One more nit to pick in the article, I quote [empahsis added]: “The vainglorious man who now presides over the world’s biggest democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is determined to expunge this symbol of despised colonial rule, and build its replacement far more quickly.”

I will tell you now that Britain is NOT despised in India – in fact it is considered a very valuable thing to be able to speak English and if you can speak it clearly without too much accent that is also to be prized. The press despises it’s own country and people. Shameful gutter press as usual.

God Bless you


The Gates part

Natty title, I thought.

I see this morning that yesterday Bill and Melinda Gates got divorced. After 27 years of marriage they have decided to part ways. This is pretty much all we know right now.

Please forgive the cynicism which is about to pour from my fingers, but I don’t believe this divorce for one moment. I think, I suspect… this is a sham to keep assets protected (her half) from the legal storm which may be about to engulf Mr Gates, the Dr Mengele of philanthropy.

I don’t like to speculate – truly I don’t – but my gut tells me something is wrong in this scenario. It’s certainly a story to watch.

These two have presided over some of the most evil practices ever seen on this planet – a coming democide which has been financed profited from by Bill Gates. The vaxxines are killing and maiming tens of thousands of people. The media are complicit (funded by Gates), the governments and institutions are complicit (also on Gates’ money). There is no end to the evil that is being done to the innocent and ignorant right now in the earth.

Please pray for the innocent today – that God will awaken them to the truth of His presence. That they would be saved and protected under His covering and His covenant.

All Glory be to YHWH!


The Mark of the beast is here

It is happening in Jordan now – preparations to draconianly mandate vaxxination for all citizens through total coercion and – you guessed it – not allowing them to buy or sell without it. Step by step they are going to try this in every country. Get ready.

The National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) published Wednesday their official recommendations for incentive measures for those working in public and private sectors to receive the coronavirus vaccine, according to the official spokesperson for the NCSCM, Ahmad Nuimat.

He said that the aim of these measures is to protect the health and safety of citizens, especially in light of the discovery of the Indian COVID-19 strain. He added that this will also help reach a safe summer.

The incentive measures include:

The private sector:

– All employees working in the private sector who have not received the coronavirus vaccine, are required to do a PCR test every Saturday at their own expense starting June 1, 2021.

– In order to obtain permits for overnight curfews or total lockdowns, the individual must receive at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine starting June 1, 2021.

– It is not permissible for any establishment to exceed the occupancy rate of 50 percent in the event that 80 percent of its staff did not receive the vaccine starting June 1, 2021.

– The closure of every establishment that did not vaccinate its employees with at least the first dose of the vaccine starting Aug. 1, 2021.

The public sector:

– All employees working in the public sector who have not received the coronavirus vaccine, are required to do a PCR test every Saturday at their own expense starting June 1, 2021.

– Canceling all incentive measures for those who did not receive the coronavirus vaccine starting June 1, 2021.

– No employee will be nominated for the Ideal Employee Program and the Excellence Awards if they are not vaccinated.

– Reconsidering the appointment of any employee who did not take a single dose of the vaccine up until Aug. 1, 2021 for the rank of department head and above.

– Those who have not received the coronavirus vaccine, will not be able to participate in seminars, meetings and courses.

– The treatment of COVID-19 patients who work in public sectors and have not received the vaccine will be at their own expense, and the home quarantine period is deducted from their annual leave balance starting Aug. 1, 2021.


Incentives? Those look like draconian punishments to me.

Israel, Jordan – this is going to spread.

Ask yourself this important question: Will you fake getting the vaxxine to keep access to all the usual amenities? If you are willing to stand before men and say you’ve taken the Mark, then I think God may well say you have had it, even if you have not.

You’re going to have to stand on principle. The time has come.

May God give us all strength.


Dr Mike Yeadon on the coming democide – it’s up to you to stop it!


Please watch it!

God Bless you


Are the vaxxinated a danger to the unvaxxinated? It seems they are

I contacted the lovely Jackson Snyder to share my concerns over recent reports of people developing bruising, clots etc after being around those who have received the vaxxine. Beware – this is serious. We don’t know the effects, but we do know that “they” wish to harm us.

Please share far and wide.

God Bless you