Would you help me please?

Over the last few months I have suffered worse and worse symptoms – I really had no idea why things were only getting worse when I was trying so hard to be healthy. I kept fiddling with my diet, and I kept blaming one or two ingredients, and yet somehow excluding them didn’t solve the problem. My balance was getting worse, and I was suffering from brain fog, muscle weakness and light- headedness as well. I was due to see my GP about my iron levels – just a check up, but I felt God telling me to tell him about my muscle weakness too. Then on the day I was due to see him, I had the word B12 come into my head – vitamin B12.

I went to look at symptoms of B12 deficiency, and noticed a few familiar things (tingling hands and feet for example). I didn’t have much time and didn’t dig deeply into the subject, but spoke to the GP about that and the weakness. He arranged blood tests and referred me for a scan as well to be sure.

Amazingly, the right information came to me when I came home and dug more deeply – my goodness, I thought, I’ve had some of these symptoms for years! When I thought back, I realised that some of the neurological effects of B12 deficiency (which are very serious, and should NOT be ignored) I had been experiencing for over a decade. I was horrified.

When I spoke to the GP again, he was curious about what I was saying and decided to refer me to a gastroenterologist. This is because I seem to have absorption issues for iron too (probably celiac). This was a step in the right direction, but I continued to decline, and the symptoms seemed to be overwhelming.

Evidence in hand I went back to the GP and spoke to him – bless him, he agreed to start treatment straight away, even though I won’t see the gastroenterologist for another two months. The injections have just begun, and I can already feel some changes in my balance, which is such a blessing.

So I am urging you to please share this link far and wide: http://www.b12deficiency.info/signs-and-symptoms/

I guarantee you need to know what B12 deficiency is, if not for yourself, then for others, and don’t be like me, on the floor almost before anything is done!

I also ask you please to help me out. Over the last few months I have got into debt. This is partly due to the weather affecting my work (pesky winter), but also due to these symptoms which made me reluctant to get out – even walking about is hard when you feel like you are floating. I have become quite isolated, and although the debt is not huge it is a stress I could do without while I am recovering. I have set up a youcaring page, and I hope you will contribute and share, and if you can’t help in that way, please pray for me instead. Thank you!

Help Lis bounce back from severe Vitamin B12 deficiency!

To be able to concentrate on getting well without the weight of debt hanging over me would be wonderful at this point. I also ask you to share so that the issue of Vitamin B12 deficiency can be highlighted. It’s so often misdiagnosed! If it’s misdiagnosed the symptoms may be “treated”, but the underlying cause will continue to worsen. This issue needs more attention from all of us.

God Bless you




What is Selah here for?

There are two plans for your life – one is God’s plan, and one is Satan’s. I want to use this blog to bring you the best and most inspiring stories – good news – and I also want to share with you what I can see of Satan’s plan in action – because we must be as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves. That is the bad news, and you need to know it.

So there’s good news, and there’s bad news. I hope you’ll stick around for all of it, and remember to take a moment to click on Good News before you leave – top yourself up with something joyful before you go!

God Bless you


Selah – ‘pause and calmly think of that!’

Why would I suggest that you ‘pause, and calmly think of that!’?

Selah is a word used frequently in the Psalms to tell you to do just that – what you just read – think about it – take your time! Let it sink in!

God wants to reach you daily through His Word – so take some time in the scriptures to do this – read, then Selah!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

God Bless you!


Please pray for a miracle for Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans 2.jpg

This little boy has been on life support for some time. As before with Charlie Gard, the doctors want him to die rather than go somewhere else for treatment (for his own good, obviously – can’t have anything to do with pride, can it?). They have, along with the parents, been back and forth to court – the doctors to end his life support, the parents fighting for his life. The child’s rights, we can see clearly, have been separated from the child’s. This is morally abhorrent in cases like these!

But today I saw this headline –

Alfie Evans.jpg

The doctors removed his ventilator assuming he would die quickly, but he is breathing unaided – this is quite amazing. I hope you’ll take a moment to pray for this miracle which has left the doctors “gobsmacked” to be extended now that God alone is in control!

The courts have rejected the father’s attempt to take the child to Italy (in spite of having no treatment options available to him in the UK). I do not know what the Italian doctors think they can do – but we serve a God who can and does do miracles!

Please, Heavenly Father, heal this boy, in Yeshua’s Name we pray! Amen!

God Bless you


South Africa… again

More bloodshed, more anti-white hatred. It’s heartbreaking.

south africa.jpg

south africa 2
He was told by his attackers that they “hate whites”

I quote:

‘The four of us were enjoying a barbecue and having a drink and it was a lovely evening and then these men came round the corner and one of them just shot Heila dead through the heart. 

‘I didn’t see it myself as I had been bundled to the ground and was having my head beaten against a wall and when I was threatened with knives and guns and was sure I was going to die.

‘They had triangular yellow masks on under balaclavas and orange boiler suits and it was almost like they were in uniform.

‘The three of us that were still alive were dragged in different directions and beaten and tortured with the threat of death from knives and guns and I didn’t know if my wife was still alive. […]

Brenda unknown to David had managed to untie herself and jumped over a steep ledge behind the house three metres onto the hard earth and begun running through the bush in the pitch black to safety.

David said: ‘She ran a quarter of a mile through the harshest vegetation you can imagine with snakes and scorpions out there and jagged rocks and thorns and even got through a barbed wire fence.

‘These five guys left after about two hours of putting us through hell and convincing us were going to die but then they left and Shaun said although tied up he was going to wriggle to the neighbours home.

‘How he got there I don’t know but he managed to wake them up banging on the door.

‘They raised the alarm and the South African police turned up and when Brenda saw it was safe she was able to shout out in the dark and let them know where she was and was rescued.



Nurtured by whites, helped and protected by them, the black population in South Africa grew and grew. Then, wracked by guilt, perhaps – induced by those with this agenda in mind – they handed over power to the majority. A majority who had been taught to hate them by (((Marxists))).

Now every white life in that beautiful country is at risk. Malema is not calling for the deaths of all whites “yet” – but he says they are cutting the throat of “whiteness”.

What is whiteness, by the way? Productivity, long-headed planning, maintenance, intelligence and civilisation. Whiteness also contains one very special ingredient, which is being used against us right now – altruism.

What will it take for whites in Europe and America to realise that the waves of immigrants coming into our countries are NOT for our benefit (and it’s not our altruism towards them, either). Whites are now subject to what I call “casual racism” all the time in the media and it’s allowed – how about this corker from BoredPanda.com from the other day?

casual racism

You know exactly the outrage if that headline was to refer to blacks, or Asians etc. No, but whites are a “legitimate” target – and whilst this might seem mild, what it leads to is what South Africa is experiencing now.

Please pray for South Africa!

God Bless you


A new name for the hidden hand? Excuses, excuses!

There’s no conspiracy guys – no rigged elections, and no collusion. No. There are no issues with electronic voting  – be sensible, people! 😉

No, the real cause of voting anomalies is:

“invisible alien particles from outer space”

Cosmic particles, in fact. Yes, they really think we’re going to swallow this. I quote:

Travelling at the speed of light, vast hordes of invisible alien particles from outer space are changing the result of elections, sending planes plummeting from the sky and causing smartphones to freeze, scientists have warned.

Originating in cosmic rays from outside our solar system, the tiny particles constantly bombard the Earth, with millions hitting each human on the planet every second – without anyone noticing.

However, they are capable of interfering with computers in a potentially devastating way.

For they can, on rare occasions, cause a single bit of information to “flip”.  This can be enough to force a computer to reboot, knock a passenger jet out of its autopilot mode and even change the result of a computerised election count by thousands of votes.

According to scientist Professor Bharat Bhuva. You can read the rest of the article here and have a little chuckle. Go on. You could probably do with one. Link

This comment by pacohope to that article rather casts doubt on the whole theory:

This is the most ridiculous nonsense about an election. Back in 2003, the official report on the anomalous Belgian election basically shrugged. They said “we can’t find a bug in the software, so it must have been a random bit flip.” That’s the entire scientific treatise on the thing. This professor Bharat Bhuva has been going around saying “Not only was it a bit flip, but the bit was flipped by cosmic rays.” But there’s literally ZERO evidence. It is SO much more likely that the original Belgian report just got it wrong. It’s most likely was just a bug in the code they didn’t find. If a single bit did magically flip, it’s far more likely to be a garden variety hardware error, not cosmic rays.

Original citations from the time of the Belgian election are here:

Nothing like pouring a bit of nice cold realism onto these theories. 🙂

God Bless you


Goldman Sachs Analyst: Curing Patients Not a Sustainable Medical Business Model

There’s that word “sustainable” again. This from GreenMedInfo.com:

One of the most reviled companies in the United States recently gave Americans yet another reason to distrust their power: A recent Goldman Sachs report reveals the company questioning whether or not curing chronic illness is compatible with a sustainable business model.

In an internal report viewed by CNBC about the potential of the biotech industry and gene therapy titled “The Genome Revolution,” analysts asked: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”

“The potential to deliver ‘one shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing,” wrote analyst Salveen Richter. “However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies,” analyst Richter wrote in the April 10 report.

“While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.“

Richter cited a Hepatitis C drug manufactured by Gilead Sciences that achieved a 90% cure rate. As CNBC noted:

“The company’s U.S. sales for these hepatitis C treatments peaked at $12.5 billion in 2015, but have been falling ever since. Goldman estimates the U.S. sales for these treatments will be less than $4 billion this year, according to a table in the report.”

In light of the reduced profits as a result of the success of the drug, Richter wrote:

“GILD is a case in point, where the success of its hepatitis C franchise has gradually exhausted the available pool of treatable patients. In the case of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, curing existing patients also decreases the number of carriers able to transmit the virus to new patients, thus the incident pool also declines … Where an incident pool remains stable (eg, in cancer) the potential for a cure poses less risk to the sustainability of a franchise.”

Indeed, cancer is a highly profitable disease. In 2015, the world spent $107 billion on cancer drugs, and according to 2016 projections, that number was expected to grow to $150 by 2020. Further, Gilead Sciences, which Richter singled out as a company losing profits due to cures, was still the second-most profitable pharmaceutical/biotech company in the world in 2017, earning over $12 billion in net income.

Richter, who did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment, offered several ideas to cope with the ‘problem’ of healing patients. He suggested targeting large markets, such as those suffering from hemophilia, because “Hemophilia is a $9-10bn WW market (hemophilia A, B), growing at ~6-7% annually.” in addition, he advised clients to target disorders with high incidences, such as spinal dystrophy, as well as focus on “[c]onstant innovation and portfolio expansion.”

Additionally, Ars Technica reported, the analysis “hints that, as such cures come to fruition, they could open up more investment opportunities in treatments for ‘disease of aging.’”

Goldman Sachs confirmed the authenticity of the report to Ars Technica but declined to comment on its contents.

© Saturday, April 14th 2018 GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here http://www.greenmedinfo.com/greenmed/newsletter.”

God Bless you


Facial recognition used to catch fugitive among 60,000 concert-goers in China

We should be very concerned about this – the article treats this as though it’s some kind of amazing breakthrough, but others have had their lives ruined by errors in these systems. Facial recognition cameras are not fool proof!

Its the ultimate music lover’s fantasy – being picked out of the audience by your idol at a huge rock concert for a fleeting moment of on-stage fame and adulation.

But in China, you are more likely to be picked out by one of thousands of police surveillance cameras which link people to crimes through advanced facial recognition technology.

That’s what happened last week to a 31-year-old man who was held by police for questioning over an “economic dispute” as he waited with more than 60,000 fans of Hong Kong’s Jacky Cheung for a night of pumping Cantopop.

The suspect, who was identified only as Mr Ao, had driven almost 60 miles to the concert in the south-eastern city of Nanchang with his wife and several friends, reports say.

But shortly after the music began, police approached him to say that his facial features indicated he was wanted in connection with an economic crime they had investigated in the nearby Guangxi region.

“The suspect was shocked that he was found among tens of thousands of people, “ said Li Jin, a local police officer, according to the China Daily.

It’s the latest example of facial recognition being used to catch suspects for a wide range of crimes and misdemeanours in China.


It’s Orwellian in the extreme!

Here’s the other side – what happens when it goes wrong, and I urge you to read the full story linked at the end. This is only part of a much longer story – the poor guy was put through the mill!

It was just after sundown when a man knocked on Steve Talley’s door in south Denver. The man claimed to have hit Talley’s silver Jeep Cherokee and asked him to assess the damage. So Talley, wearing boxers and a tank top, went outside to take a look.

Seconds later, he was knocked to the pavement outside his house. Flash bang grenades detonated, temporarily blinding and deafening him. Three men dressed in black jackets, goggles, and helmets repeatedly hit him with batons and the butts of their guns. He remembers one of the men telling him, “So you like to fuck with my brothers in blue!” while another stood on his face and cracked two of his teeth. “You’ve got the wrong guy,” he remembers shouting. “You guys are crazy.”

Talley was driven to a Denver detention center, where he was booked for two bank robberies — the first on May 14 and the second on September 5, 2014, 10 days before his arrest — and for assaulting an officer during the second robbery.

After surveillance camera images of the September robbery were publicly distributed, three of Talley’s acquaintances called in with tips to the police hotline, noting similarities between Talley’s appearance and the robber’s. A detective then showed photographs of both the May and September robber to Talley’s estranged ex-wife. “That is Steven,” she told him. “That is my ex-husband.”

The identifications justified Talley’s detention, even though he claimed he had been at work as a financial adviser for Transamerica Capital when the May robbery took place. Talley said he was held for nearly two months in a maximum security pod and was released only after his public defender obtained his employer’s surveillance records. In a time-stamped audio recording from 11:12 a.m. on the day of the May robbery, Talley could be heard at his desk trying to sell mutual funds to a potential client. Nine miles north, a white male wearing a black baseball cap, red athletic jacket, white shorts, and black sneakers entered a U.S. Bank, where he threatened the teller, hid $2,475 in his shirt, wrestled with an off-duty officer, and jumped down a flight of 10 stairs to the parking lot. At the same time as Talley was trying to close a deal, parking lot surveillance tapes show the robber tumbling with the officer, escaping his grip, and jogging away.


Steve Talley is now fighting for compensation, his story shared publically as a warning to others of what can happen when things go wrong. Do you think China compensates its mistaken identity victims? Do you think they are ever seen again, more importantly? We mustn’t let China’s use of this technology convince us that it’s effective or safe.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the article linked above:

“It is dangerous for a video examiner to tell the court that the person on video is the defendant. If it were that easy, there would be little need for trials in a surveillance society and that’s a frightening thought.”

You have been warned.

God Bless you


The UK is implementing UN Agenda 2030

Britain has a pothole problem. They have sprung up everywhere and for some reason they aren’t getting filled. This is dangerous for road users, whether car drivers or those on motocycles or bicycles. In many of the Daily Mail’s comment sections, there are folks full of ire that we are spending money on bombing Syria when we can’t even get our potholes filled!

But sadly as with all the nudge tactics of our rulers, the potholes are just that – a nudge. Local authorities state they don’t have the money to repair roads, and this is the beginning, surely, of those roads being deemed “unsustainable.” UN Agenda 2030’s Sustainable development goals will require “unsustainable” things to be defunded, leaving people with the stark choice of whether to stay living in rural areas where they get fewer and fewer services or move to a smart city. The headline says it all:


The National Farmer’s Union has just stated that:

‘Some local authorities have suggested they don’t have enough money to maintain the entire network of rural roads. We fear this could lead to closures and huge disruption for local communities.

‘Farmers and other people in rural areas would be forced to make huge diversions to make journeys that are currently half a mile or so in length, but closures would lead to motorists having to loop round much longer routes.’


And of course if they’re having to drive further that’s also unsustainable – many rural folk are low waged, and travelling further will only make the choice to move to a stack and pack high-rise in a smart city ever easier to make.

Which is what the government wants. They want the rural communities to be lost, and they have an agenda to bring that in, using carefully couched language, some of which has rather a cold tone to it:

leave no one behind.jpg

Leave no one behind? What about those who WANT to live in rural communities? Hmmm – you can read the full report from the UK government here: Link

So I have written to the chairman of my local branch of the NFU today to put this to him, and I will let you know if I get a response. The NFU has a voice, I told him, and they must use it! They must come out against Agenda 2030 while there is still time to stop it.

God Bless you


Trump lights the touchpaper

Oh dear. This isn’t good.



I think this game of conkers has gone far enough. Unfortunately the elites who really control things are pulling his strings, and Trump has fallen for a lie. There was no chemical attack, but if they can produce a teensy bit of footage, the outrage will ignite Trumps fury and they can get on with their proxy war in Syria.

But why now? Yes, that’s a very good question? The reputation of Russia has been dragged through the mud ever since Trump took office (prior to that Obama was trying, but it wasn’t working). Every lie that has been spread about the Russians and their attempts to influence elections or whatever was all because of this Syrian conflict.

At this point Syria has almost completely won the war with Russia’s help, and so a false flag was needed to try to convince the public (? really? we don’t matter, perhaps to merely convince Trump et al) that Assad had decided to attack his own people right at the point where the war was won. The issue is that the United States cannot allow Assad to win this war, nor the Russians to help him to victory – every means, fair or foul, must be used to create a new military threat there, and allow ‘Murica to wade in with its size 10’s and made another bloody mess!

f in freedom.jpg


All of this will be laid at the feet of the next generation – a tax on all their future earnings. War is not cheap.

We see that Theresa May has decided not to leap into Syria “without evidence” however I suspect she may be persuaded (I pray not!).

All any of us can do at this point is to continue to SPEAK THE TRUTH to whoever will listen – people in the supermarket queue is necessary!

Some people are awake – these are the top two comments on the DM article linked above:

top two comments

Not one of the top ten comments support this action.

I’m tired of banging this drum, but while I see injustice, I have to speak out about it. Again, I urge you to listen to and support the UK Column. This was their Monday show – they talked extensively about the “evidence” or lack of in Syria for this chemical attack amongst other things.

I pray that Assad and Putin will be protected and able to do their jobs. I pray for wisdom and clarity for Trump and May and the other puppets – let them not be used to form a third world war!

God Bless you