Prayer revival for the Children of Israel

Prayer revival needs to begin with:

  1. Acknowledge WHO you are! (The children of Israel, whether grafted in, or from the rootstock)
  2. That God YHWH is your God (New Age concepts like one god for all religions are NOT the God of the bible)
  3. Ask God for the blessings – and bless each other!

Numbers 6:22-27 reads:

22 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 23 “Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, ‘This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:

24 “The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.” ’

27 “So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.”

Whose name is upon you? Whose name is upon your family and your household? Bless your family always according to these words.

God Bless you!


Letter to Justin Welby from Jews for Justice

This letter exemplifies the horrors being set in train by, again, socialist governments around the world as they exclude and other the unvaxxed. Please read and share.


Monday 10th January 2022

Dear Rev. Welby,

On behalf of the organisation Jews for Justice I am writing to express our concern at your recent comments that it is somehow immoral to take a personal decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

I will not lecture you on the principles of bodily sovereignty and Christian inclusiveness, but I will alert you to the lessons of Nazi Germany.

The current ‘othering’ of the unvaccinated precisely reflects the ‘othering’ of Jews in 1930s Germany.

I speak not of the Holocaust but of the events that preceded the Holocaust.

The German parliament abolished the constitution on 23rd March 1933, allowing Adolf Hitler to take complete control. Two years later the Nuremberg Laws excluded Jews from citizenship and introduced a ‘citizenship certificate’ for the rest of the population in order to ensure their compliance to the regime.

On 23rd March 2020 the British Prime Minister overrode the (unwritten) constitution and placed the entire country under house arrest without precedent. A little less than two years later the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for health workers and vaccine passports for the public at large will exclude the unvaccinated from the full rights of citizenship and ensure the compliance of anyone who does possess such a passport with the diktats of the regime.

National Socialism in Germany subjugated the rights of individual citizens to the collective will of the state; exactly the same is now happening here in Britain.

It is impossible to deny the parallel between the first two years of the Nazi regime in Germany and the last two years in Britain.

Furthermore – although public hostility to Jews in Nazi Germany was evident from the beginning of the regime in 1933 – Jews were not sent to concentration camps in any large numbers until 1938, nor enclosed in ghettos until 1939, nor forced to wear yellow identifying badges until 1941; and it was not until that same year of 1941 that concentration camps became extermination camps.

So it was not evident in the mid-1930s where hostility to Jews in Germany would eventually lead. But we know what happened, and it is our duty to ensure that we learn the lessons of history.

The function of our organisation Jews for Justice is to use our unique position as British Jews to warn the public at large how history is in danger of repeating itself. This is our sacred duty to our ancestors who died in the Holocaust.

In Nazi Germany, the confinement of Jews within ghettos and their ‘evacuation’ to concentration camps was justified by the regime on grounds of public health, in particular the threat of typhus. The very same ‘public health’ justification is being used today to restrict the civil liberties of those who choose not to be vaccinated.

People in public life such as yourself who stir up hostility to the unvaccinated are no different from those Nazis who stirred up hostility to the Jews in 1930s Germany. If you cannot see the parallel it is because you are closing your eyes deliberately.

You will also be aware that the German churches were conspicuous in their failure to speak out against the crimes of National Socialism. You are repeating that mistake.

Finally, we are appalled that you should recently have compared the silence of politicians on the subject of ‘climate change’ – a hypothetical future threat, based entirely on modelling – to the silence of politicians on what was happening in Germany in the 1930s, yet have yourself been totally silent about an actual, global attack on human rights, which threatens the immediate destruction of liberal democracy in Britain and around the world.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Barr
(on behalf of Jews for Justice).

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God Bless you


Will Israeli Jews stand up now, or risk being wiped out?

As if the corona-bogeyman wasn’t bad enough already, the vaxxine drive is something else entirely. Dr Zev Zelenko has called these injections, bluntly, “the poison death shot.” I think he has a point – an experimental gene altering therapy being injected willy-nilly into whoever, of whatever age, and then, oh by the way, those rare blood clots, heart attacks and strokes don’t seem to be so rare after all. As the narrative crumbles and the terrorists governments double down on their endless demands, Israel is at a crossroads. This people – many of whom are religious – have been injured and harmed, and they have died in droves after these injections. Now they have been told by Israeli Health Ministry vaccination advisory committee member and deputy chief of Israel’s biggest hospital Professor Arnon Afek:

“Those who think we won’t need to take more boosters are wrong. We will need to take the 4th shot, the 5th shot, the 6th shot, and the 7th shot.”

(You know that what were once called conspiracy theories are now just spoiler alerts, right?)

We’ve been warning – those in the new media, in the grassroots research, protest, resistance and sousveillance field – that this was part of the plan. Endless jabs for endless pharma profits and a “greenpass” (commiepass) to control you, turning freedoms into privileges for obeying the state. I’ve said before that they want to replace God (and part two), taking full control over the people, being all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful.

Israel is being told a truth which is coming to all countries. If you don’t stand now you will have NO FREEDOMS LEFT. You are being funnelled into taking the mark of the beast.

With the numbers of deaths and maimings from the poison death shots on the rise, can Israel buck the trend and stop their leadership from wiping them out? It could take as little as one generation to do this. It’s a disaster for their genetic heritage, just as it is for all races and all nations. These jabs must be stopped and the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity held to account in a court with a second Nuremberg trial, followed by capital punishment.

Let’s pray to God for His intervention, and His protection during these dark and evil times.


Reclaiming the language in the face of terrorism

I eat a lot of chocolate, I really love the stuff. Perhaps it’s time to call myself a “chocolate extremist”. Perhaps you like one of Britain’s favourite biscuits rather more than most people – you could dub yourself a “Hobnob extremist” – what am I getting at here?

The language has been weaponised against us for long enough. The creation of the phrase “conspiracy theorist” has been used to dismiss valid concerns, valid research and valid truths for decades now. So many of the “theories” have been proven true that it’s laughable and ought, by now (were it not for media collusion) to be impossible to maintain it as a slur.

The only logical conclusion at this point is that we have been lied to fundamentally and consistently for decades.

So how to we reclaim the language? How do we end the weaponisation of words against us? Perhaps we should refer to those who walk lockstep with everything the media tells them to do and who deny the reality of sinister machinations (not even hidden by the likes of the WEF) “coincidence theorists”.

We should certainly be referring to those in positions of power and control as terrorists, because to call them fear mongers is insufficient. Indeed with decades of psychological experimentation complete, they know exactly the effects of their mental cruelty on the public and where this will inevitably lead.

They know about the suicides, the depression, the loss of confidence, and the dependency on the state for money. They know about the pride of those who are “curtain twitchers” dobbing in their neighbours for small infractions of the coronavirus rules last year. They know just who is elevated by crisis and enjoys the cult-like rituals it has brought into being. They know who is most likely going to make a good SS guard for any future gulags they have planned. They know who will break and who will soar – who will comply through weakness and who will comply through zeal.

So we must reclaim the narrative at every opportunity. Offer that nosey neighbour a nice brown shirt. Offer to polish their jackboots for them. Remind those wavering that “you can’t comply your way out of tyranny” and remember to call out evil wherever you see it. Asked to show a green pass, say “I don’t have the mark of the beast” and break the media narrative’s hold in their minds whenever you can.

It isn’t cruel to make people think – it’s a kindness to do that. Stand and be that lone voice in your social circle if you must – be the one rejecting all that the government demands you believe. Kick out against the pride of the new stasi, and put out a loving and lifting hand to those breaking under the strain of government terrorism.

And pray – above all pray.

God Bless you


So, where are we…?

On the roadmap, where are we? How much farther do we need to go before people wake up to the tyranny? How long have we, who did not believe the lie from the beginning of this tyranny, been waiting for the others to wake up?

So many times I have read comments from others who are aware of the lies we’ve been told in the media and from our governments, saying “This ought to wake a few people up!”, and yet little seems to change.

Most countries, including Ukraine, are moving towards tyranny in their own ways. Here, teachers have lost their jobs due to refusal to vaccinate – what can be so precious about this vaccine that doesn’t work, and is in fact provably connected across the world to rising infection rates, illness, hospitalisations and deaths? What are they really trying to do? Is it the transhuman agenda, or is it more about the vax pass controls?

Whatever it is, we are being funnelled towards the mark of the beast, and in my best Russian I have had to master the phrase “У меня нет знака зверя” – I have no mark of the beast.

Tyranny is stalking each nation, and each nation’s inhabitants deal with it differently. Many here engage in illegal non-compliance, and have bought fake vax passes. Others have lined up to be jabbed, and believe everyone should. Others have stood their ground in protest. Venues, equally, have reacted differently to the imposition of the vax pass – some are full on covidian, and will not allow entry without the pass, at which I turn on my heel and walk away, wondering what that poor soul will do for a job when the business goes bust, as it inevitably will if they continue. There is no social safety net here – none. There is a pension of $100 per month for the elderly – it is not enough to survive on. There are no unemployment benefits, and so many businesses – deprived, thankfully, of government cash, simply flout the rules and do not ask for the pass. Many venues like that exist locally and I relish spending my money with them knowing I am helping them stay in business and survive this holocaust of the free market which the government is so keen on.

And why are governments so keen on this destruction and the sacrifice of hard working people’s earning ability? It is to render us servile pets of the state, dependent on the hand outs which are designed to bring us to the mark of the beast. Without independence the people will either obey or quite possibly starve.

It’s all about control – the failed vaccine is proof that democide was the plan all along. Control was the plan all along. Compliance was the plan all along, and finally the mark of the beast was the plan all along.

Watch for the faces of wickedness plastered all over the media – the evil men and women who are merely pawns in this global takedown. Each of them part of the picture, but not the whole picture, because if you removed even one person from the situation it would change nothing – each evil person is only one head of the hydra which is behind it all. Satan himself is behind this and we do not wrestle with flesh and blood – it’s not Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab who we battle with, no it is the powers and the principalities we battle with, the spiritual wickedness in high places.

This is a time of refining. It is a time of letting go, and of moving to a simpler, purer and more focussed faith, and a deeper and more searingly honest relationship with God, knowing what is coming, and wanting… just more time for the still-so-many who are not saved.

Keep praying, fellow saints, and in memory of Rob Skiba, please keep praying at 4:44pm each day to see the turning back of the evil which is being done against mankind.

Please leave a comment to let me know how things are in your part of the world. Do you have vax passes? Are businesses enforcing them? I’d love to know.

God Bless you


If you were a pregnant mother and smiling doctors came to you with murder on their minds

The following is from Jon Rappoport’s blog – he used to be found on wordpress, until he was de-platformed for writing the truth. Please visit the blog here, and sign up to his newsletter.

I’ve been writing a series of articles demonstrating that much medical research rests on the murder of infants.

In particular, vaccine research.

Several key cell lines are derived from fetal tissue. And doctors obtain that tissue by removing fetuses from pregnant mothers; the fetuses are alive; the doctors then kill the fetuses by cutting out their kidneys or their brains or hearts.

How were (and are) these pregnant mothers approached by doctors?

Are the mothers provided with anything resembling informed consent? Do the mothers sign agreements to keep quiet about what the doctors are going to do to their babies? How many of the mothers have no idea what is about to happen? Are the mothers paid?

There are mothers out there who can speak up. They should.

If YOU were a pregnant mother, what would you say if a doctor told you: “We understand you don’t want your baby. Fine. We want to plan your abortion and schedule it. We’ll be there. You can contribute to medical research by allowing us to remove your infant from your womb, fully intact, and alive. Then we will take your infant’s kidneys, to obtain tissue for research on vaccines. By removing your baby’s kidneys, we will be killing him or her. He or she will be on the table, breathing, heart beating, and we will kill him or her.”

What would you say?

How many mothers in the past hundred years do you think were informed in this way—after which they gave their consent? Zero?

THIS is what my series of current articles is about.

The fetal cell line called HEK 293 has been used to test COVID vaccines. The available evidence, and obvious physiological factors, point to the murder of a female baby to harvest her tissue for HEK 293.

I’ve emphasized, and will continue to emphasize, that this horrific serial murder of infants surely demands all people of faith reject the vaccine.

But of course, I’m not just talking about the 5 billion people in the world who claim to be religious. I’m talking about everybody. Everybody with a shred of conscience has a compelling and urgent reason to turn away from the vaccine. Read more

Will you take action to end this practice? Do not collude with evil.

God Bless you


Presented with comment

Revelation 13:15-16 “And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

May God have mercy on us all.


Subliminal Halos of the Rich and Famous Part VIII

Continuing on from my previous selection, here we have some more propaganda images. Note the religious imagery – the halos, the wings, the “celestial” rays anointing these people with light. Be wary of leaders who are pictured like this!

Let’s start with Tony Blair, former Labour Prime Minister of the UK – his government were the ones who decided to open Britain’s borders and force “multiculturalism” on the country to “rub the noses of the middle class in it”. He also started a war on the basis of the “dodgy dossier” at the time of Sir David Kelly’s supposed suicide.

Tony Blair with his linear halo
Gazing up, carefully lit…
A halo of (EU) stars
Lit by “celestial” rays
Interesting and blatant propaganda image – once upon a time Labour would have relished using an image of the flag, but now it’s absolutely impossible for the left (or right) to use this flag – they are all lackeys of the internationalists.

Now to Kier Starmer:

Labour leader Kier Starmer
Kier Starmer with his hair lit to form a halo.

A circular painting?

Matt Hancock with a painting by, I believe, Damien Hurst.
Oliver Dowden now has that painting in his office – perfect halo fodder!


Dominic Raab with golden wings.
Gladys Berejiklian of Australia – weird image, doesn’t have a pleasant feel to it at all.

Emanuel Macron has had quite a few halo images, but these are new to me:

Emanuel Macron – power pose, halo, careful lighting.
Macron with a halo of lights.
This image of Macron fascinated me – it has such a negative, fractured quality to it.

Boris Johnson – still being depicted (apparently quite happily) as a buffoon. I don’t know whether the buffoon image is designed to keep people from holding him to account – I strongly suspect it is – a ploy if you will. How could anyone be horrible to a loveable buffoon, right?

Boris carefully photographed from below to make him look imposing, halo of a rainbow.
Close up of the same.
Weird, hitlerian salute from Boris in this one. I think it’s meant to be a somewhat dismissive wave – an acknowledgement as he walks past the cameras, I suspect.

These last two images are rather stunning – yes they really do expect you to not notice these kinds of placements. I doubt this was set up deliberately, but the choice of image was made after all the images were seen, and there’s a reason they choose these!

But let’s not forget the corona virus (crown virus) testing.
Weird and fascinating image – these images happen in a split second! They are not chosen at random.

I hope you enjoyed this selection. As we move into darker and darker days (no I’m not talking about the time of year, sadly) I suspect we will see more imagery of this type. Powerful images, clever lighting, religious tones… all will be needed to control and subdue the angry populace.

May God have mercy on us all!


Subliminal Halos of the Rich and Famous Part VII

And I have a bumper crop for you! My goodness some of these are fascinating. I hope you will enjoy them. If you find ones that I don’t have and which you think are really good, do share a link in the comments below!

I’m going to cover a bit of the imagery used today – because not only halos per se are used, but also beams of “celestial” light are also used to light the subject, and as you will see with Vladimir Putin at the end of this post – an amazing shadow can also be used to subconsciously affect the public.

Let’s start with Justin Trudeau – there are so many examples – I apologise to my Canadian audience if this is a bit unpleasant for you. Hold on, there are other halo recipients after this. These pictures of Justin Trudeau are in no particular order – I don’t know when they were taken.

“Celestial” rays
A crown of lights.
A crown of stars from the EU
A halo of light behind, and his hair lit up as well.
Two points of light – almost like tiny horns on this one. Light is important, as is the angle – photographed from below, He seems more dominant, and more manly.
Great image with a stylised maple leaf in the background.

Now for the equally if not more vile Jacinda Ardern – the chatelaine of that prison colony we used to call New Zealand. Again, apologies for the number – yes she has been very evil, but we need to consider very carefully how she is portrayed to the public – these images work, there’s a reason why they use them. As you will note from previous posts on this subject, Trump got just a couple of these images during his tenure.

A crown of flowers
“Celestial” rays of light anoint Jacinda in the eyes of the public.

Photographing leaders with light halos was even used in Margaret Thatcher’s day as you can see from this older image:

Oh, I’m sorry this post isn’t improving because next up is Biden:

We could say that these pictures of Biden are rather repetitive, but you can clearly see, these were taken during different events – he is wearing a different tie in each. The problem is that when you deliberately set up your “set” for this kind of image, it’s hard to avoid that angelic halo appearing… And yes it is deliberate.

Is it also deliberate when Glenn Beck does the same thing? Quite possibly, buy you’d have to ask him about that:

Now, I have absolutely heaps more of these, so I will do another post soon, but I did promise you an amazing picture of Vladimir Putin – there is a reason that these images which may appear in front of a photographer’s lens for a mere split second – caught in the rapid fire of multiple exposures are chosen for the ultimate press print.

The portrayal of a beloved leader is always done a certain way – the press know which side their bread is buttered. In the west, as we see, certain leaders are anointed by the press (by those behind the press) for a season to accomplish some work, some scheme, some agenda. As we can see, the public are fed these images to appease them – to convince them that these people are good, “saintly” and trustworthy. It is not accident that religious type imagery is their favourite way to do this.

I hope you enjoyed these.

Keep watching for the evil around us all – portrayal of our leaders in a certain lights, and propaganda images and stories are bound to increase as we head into totalitarianism.

God bless you


Right on cue…

A new scariant has been found, Boris’ freedom day is referred to as a “gamble” and Sajid Javid says that cases could reach 100,000 a day by early August.

These terrorists have the nation in their thrall – they have terrorised the weakest and most vulnerable in society and those people will see such headlines and clamour for the “irreversible roadmap to freedom” to be stopped; to make them feel safe.

What is safety?

It depends on whether you’ve been raised to be fairly self-reliant, independent in thought, in finances etc. Sadly more and more people have been persuaded that Nanny State should keep them safe, and that, due to the terrorists in the media, the state should decide what freedoms people have.

The problem with that is that ALL freedoms entail some risk. Crossing the road could be dangerous if you don’t use your common sense. People are harmed and killed in myriad ways every year – car accidents being a prominent one. Yet we do not ban cars or driving – we accept the risk for the benefits that such independent travel affords us.

But under an international terrorist regime, headed by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other old white men (sorry, I couldn’t resist that dig – I mean why does the press never mention that…?), the public has been subdued and has learned to rely on the state to tell them what to do.

Utter folly.

This is the end stage of a world which has taken the Word of God and censored it. Which has not just leavened His laws but made legal that which God abhors. We are reaping what we have sown, and now we have behavioural psychologists advising the government, and appearing on television as if their “science” is relevant to the safety of the populace from a disease with a 99.7% survival rate. (Oh, and she’s also a communist…)

It’s also clear that 77th Brigade have been very busy, if these screenshots from twitter are anything to go by.

And indeed after the hard work of Senator Ron Johnson to share the stories of vaxxine damaged people, these were the headlines – again there IS a conspiracy, and to fail to see it and accept that as truth is a failing in you, not the person who sees the pattern and knows the validity of it in proving that something is wrong.

Britain will not be free on July 19th – the date for the end of self-isolation has already been changed to August 16th, and watch now as the careful use of headlines and paid trolls causes this latest freedom day date to pass the people of Britain by.

This will not end, because this is the great reset – a great leap forward for the modern era and even more deadly.

Be prepared.

May God have mercy on us all.