Covid-19 is the WMD lie of this generation

Not my words, friends, but those of mathematician Andrew Mather, who was recently interviewed on the UK Column news. Here’s a vital video which you should all see, and please do share it far and wide. This information needs to be seen and noted – we have been lied to for a reason. Don’t forget that.

God Bless you


Things are not as they seem with Covid 19

Oh dear, what on earth is going on? This is going to be a bit of a headline dump I think – I haven’t kept the links for all these, but you can easily search them on the Daily Mail’s homepage if you want more information.

covid cops
What business is it is the police what a shop which sells essential items also sells?
Tragic, but who knows how he caught it? Telling the public to avoid cash for “safety” reasons is part of a bigger agenda
satanic games
How does 664,695 become the biblical 666? Are they telegraphing their agenda?
Of course, people who leave their homes duirng lockdown should expect to get shot at by the police (in a police state).
corona chaos
Social media should never be trusted – don’t listen to people who tell you their local hospital is empty.

The silliness extended even to police pouring black dye into a beautiful blue lagoon:

dyed lagoon

There have also been a number of murders and a few more suicides in the last week or so too, which is tragic. Lockdown is very harmful for those who are vulnerable.

And then there are the people who are doing citizen journalism and reporting from the (empty) front lines of hospitals in their areas:

corona chaos 4


And a video of some other people doing the same:

And what about these cases of people who were wrongly reported dead, or that they died from Covid-19 when they didn’t?

covid 19

covid 19 b

covid 19 c

covid 19 d

And then there is the mystery of – the website which monitors death rates across the EU. These are official statistics. So why does their most recent chart, for week 12 look like this:

euromomo 2

And yet their chart from the first week of January 2017 looked like this (in flu season):


We are being played, don’t you think? The two images above were taken from a recent broadcast from the UK Column. Here’s another from them:

covid 19

Hunger and dirty water are still killing far far more people than this disease.

So what is the agenda? Is this an increadibly sneaky way of getting the “Green New Deal” in the US and UN Agenda 21/2030 in the rest of the world (i.e. global communism)? Some of the headlines would tend to suggest that we should be pleased at the effect on the earth of this shutdown (even though it’s very likely that the knock-on effect will kill far more people than Covid-19 will). Take a look at some of the headlines:

covid eco nonsense

eco utopia

corona eco


We should all be concerned at what the media is doing – the tail seems to be wagging the dog as far as the agenda goes – the media is more obviously on-board with the UN’s agenda than the government for now.

Finally – and I’m sorry for such a long post – here is a video by James Corbett of the Corbett Report about the “spontaneous” clapping for healthcare workers, which has been happening around the world (not just in the UK). It really makes you think!

God Bless you



Tick tock… towards totalitarianism Part II

Whilst Londoners are still packed into tube carriages like sardines, and the borders of this once-great nation are still open to international flights, the police are following dog walkers with drones…

I need a facepalm emoji right here:

drone draconian


Yes, we have checkpoints too:

checkpoints in the UK

Just look at that headline – the totalitarian media are salivating with delight over the destruction of our freedoms.

But something has happened – the once compliant comment section has become a hotbed of concerns and awake people mentioning David Icke! And the comments are getting published. The tide is turning against what this government is doing:

Icke comments

Those were under the top comment – I hope you can read them ok.

The second highest rated comment was this:

second comment

No, it doesn’t even make sense – walking your dog a long way away from people is just an irrelevance to this Covid-19 infection. But we know there’s another agenda.

The media have whipped most people up into such a state of fear that they’d have you locked up for stepping outside – this is the media’s agenda first and foremost, and we know what that means – the elites get what the elites want, unless we resist them by sharing the truth – from factual sources!

How long before they raise up an army of volunteers to police the rest of the public? The police are already inundated with calls trying to dob in neighbours who have had a barbecue! This is the media’s work – not the government’s.

Please be discerning in what and who you listen to regarding what is going on. There are a couple of channels on YouTube I recommend as being balanced and reliable sources of facts, based on research. One is the UK Column, and the other is The Corbett Report. Everyone’s got a theory, and everyone’s got an opinion (including me, as you may have noticed), but very few places can give you the research and links which they are relying on. I am only a commentator.

God Bless you



Public Health England downgrades Covid-19 – so why are the media silent?

Screen shots from the video below:

covid phe 1

covid phe 2

Please watch the video below in full – lots of great information there. There is an agenda here, and it is a murderous one. Not by spreading a virus, but by bringing in laws which are designed to lay the groundwork for the NWO.

Please pray that this is stopped now!

God Bless you


The elites get richer as the world economy burns, by law

Suddenly we have been plunged into an economic freefall. I wrote to my MP today because the government is doing nothing, yet, to help the self employed like me. I work as a gardener, and because that work cannot be done from home, I am free, under the government’s rules, to go to work. However, the shrill message from the media has drowned out the message of the government, and instead has given people the idea that only “keyworkers” should be allowed out of their homes. I was due to go gardening today, and my client had already said that I should work only in the back garden because the neighbours might be annoyed otherwise. Then this morning I got a message from them saying to send a bill marked “banked hours” and they would give me an advance to see me through. I hope my MP will do something, as he is also Health Secretary, to support the self employed who are now being turned away by customers. The government has said it will cover 80% of workers wages, but has said nothing of the sort to the self employed. And there’s nothing we can do about it individually.

Yet here we see that the elites knew something was up, and capitalised on it before anyone else realised. They knew that the economic crash was coming – was this just a sensible understanding of the global market (which has been teetering for years) or was it some other kind of inside knowledge about what was about to happen with this lockdown. It’s suspicious, to say the least, and indeed it’s morally pretty abhorent that they have made this money selling stocks they knew would fall.

insider trading


insider trading 2


The world economy is done – stick a fork in it. This is how they get to bring in UN Agenda 21 – not by consent but through a manufactured crisis, ramped up to the max.

To put things in perspective, we had a bad flu season in 2014/2015, and during that season we lost 28,330 people to flu in the UK. If you take that flu season as being four months long, and ignore the usual early spike in cases which comes with an epidemic year, that’s 236 people dying per day. If you stretch it out over the whole year, it’s 77 deaths per day. We have lost all sense of proportion over this nasty virus – and it is a nasty virus. Shuttering our entire economy won’t prevent infections, only slow them – what it will enable them to do is bring in a totalitarian police state, and create real suffering for real people. Joblessness is no joke – this is a totalitarian move.

God Bless you