Reg Kelly – What to do When You’re in Big Trouble

I enjoyed listening to this guy preach a great message. I hope it blesses you too!

God Bless you



Pets: have we made our homes and our hearts unclean?

What?! Are you serious?

Hear me out.

Not long ago I saw a tweet posted by someone who had just lost their dear dog, and I will confess I wept for him. The owner had written “Goodbye […] the sweetest boy there ever was, gone far too soon. I’ll miss you terribly.” I had just lost dear Edgar, and yet here I was looking at another person’s grief and knowing that feeling. Losing a pet is real pain, an emotional wrench.

But later, those words “gone far too soon” echoed as I saw this image. Sorry.

gone too soon.jpg
During the first trimester of pregnancy, the preborn child is developing at a rapid pace.

What have we done, as a society when we have more empathy for animals in distress than humans? When the pet industry is a multi-million pound industry selling coats, leashes, collars and fancy food bowls for your dog (or cat), yet America alone is aborting over a thousand children a day!

What on earth have we done, when we are heartbroken over an animal and say he was “gone too soon”, but would never say that about an aborted “foetus”?

This post is hard to write, but what I am saying here needs to be said. We have got our priorities ALL wrong! Good grief, every dog that ends up in a shelter gets more sympathy than a child put up for adoption.

More people are choosing dogs over having kids (you’d be amazed how many times images like this one appear on the net).

descent of man.jpg

So I repeat – what have we done?

We have made our homes unclean with these animals, and we seem to have made our hearts unclean with them too. As I wrote before – their hair gets in everything and we even might end up eating it! The number of times I see people letting their dogs kiss them, and slobber all over their lips – yikes I used to have a dog who used to try to lick my lipstick off, which all those years ago I thought was cute!

We have got to grow up – we have got to get serious about obedience, and we have got to stop idolising pets (which I am not saying we all do, but we’ve all seen and witnessed, I’m sure).

We have got to earnestly seek the LORD in these matters and start putting our money where our mouth is, and stand with God instead of the world. We need to walk the walk of righteousness, and not just pay lip-service to it.

Satan is destroying us – for lack of KNOWLEDGE! Yet the Law of Moses is clear. We need to be ready to stand for the unborn, and for fellow humans – and if our hearts have more love for dogs and cats than people, then we had better repent!

I appreciate that I may sound like one of those “evangelical” ex-smokers who tells you that your cigarettes are a “filthy habit” – but the fact is, he’s right, and he’s seen the light. Don’t be angry at the messenger, even if the message is annoying you!

To read more about the first trimester abortion images and see the rest of them, please click this link. There’s also an interesting discussion in the comments there.


God Bless you


Of shrews and Jezebels…

I have some thoughts forming which I’m just going to write and see where they go. I was “impressed” (more like outraged, actually, as you would expect) by this article, written by one of the greatest narcissists in journalism today, Liz Jones of the Daily Mail. Don’t get me wrong here – no hate – but I have read her diary for years (I don’t know why!), and I know how her mind works. I know that everything is someone else’s fault, and that she is nigh-on incapable of being understanding, gentle or selfless (at least in print!). She believes herself to be all those things, but somehow the rest of us can’t see it, and indeed see her as a self-absorbed and somewhat comical figure. I feel immense sadness for her – somehow she has gone though life with narcissism affecting all her relationships and cannot see it. I know other people like that personally, and it has brought them great sorrow.

Back to the article. Liz was interviewing a woman who has written three “self-help” books, which, in my opinion, are based on inculcating narcissism (me me me!) into more women (because men don’t generally read this stuff). This first quote sets the stage (Link for the full article):

When a book with the tantalising title The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** landed on my desk last year, I was intrigued. Even more so by the subtitle: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have With People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do.

Right. I continued to read, and Liz says:

I spend my life doing things I don’t want to, with people I can’t stand. I always try to please everyone and my unwillingness to challenge authority has made me bankrupt. Reading the introduction, with its no-nonsense, funny approach, made me think differently. I do matter. I deserve a nice life.

She goes on to tell us that the author of the books, Sarah Knight, has changed her life and is sharing the steps she took. Her first two books are million sellers! The second book is called “Get Your S*** Together”. Hmmm.

The article is designed to push Sarah’s third book, called “You Do You”. Oh dear. Please take a moment, if you will, to remind yourself of how we, as believers, view ourselves. The idea of being ourselves (with all the fleshly stuff left alone), and saying that’s OK, is not really the way we want to be. I am the clay, God is the potter – let Him have His way, NOT mine! As someone who has sinned a lot prior to knowing God I can say that doing things “my way” was really bad for me! Anyway, back to the quote, because this is where we see Jezebel really come through: [my emphasis added]

Which brings us to her new book, You Do You: How to be Who You Are And Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want. ‘I want to guide people towards self-acceptance and confidence,’ says Sarah, ‘even if you possess any of the “flaws” outlined in the book. I’m not trying to change who you are. I want to help you change how you feel and cope with the way others treat you.’ And the anxiety and depression? ‘I know how to nip it in the bud.’

Wow. A self-help guru who is depressive, anxious, imperfect… ‘That’s why they call me the anti-guru,’ she says. ‘If you’re a Negative Nancy, stop thinking of that as negative. You’re a realist. Your pessimism helps protect you from bad outcomes because you prepare. There’s nothing wrong with that. The book’s not called You Improve You – it’s called You Do You for a reason.’

Surely you need to have a big ego to think that way? ‘Ha ha, you noticed! Why is saying someone has a big ego never a compliment? Are people afraid of confidence? This is who I am. I went to Harvard. I was the first female president of the 152-year-old college theatre group. I had a great career. I’ve written two bestselling books. These are facts and I don’t see why I wouldn’t acknowledge them. My brand is about candour.’

Yikes! Wow! Um… I have no words for that! This is the last “food” that modern women need! This is worse than mere feminism, this is narcissism!

Which takes me onto a second set of thoughts. You see Sarah is just a nice looking girl – perfectly presentable with a big smile. She looks perfectly normal, yet underneath she is someone who believes that she should be putting herself first. Self-sacrifice is a trait of femininity. When that goes, you are left with shrewish narcissistic behaviour which is just plain harmful to husbands and families.

So my second set of thoughts relates to men. My man friend has been divorced twice. He has suffered at the hands of the mothers of his children. He knows the pain of “modernity” and feminism. Today is International Men’s Day. I want to share some thoughts which might be hard for men to accept. You see my man friend thinks I am beautiful. To him I am, and that is a wonderful thing! But what lies beneath beauty is what men need to take a much closer look at. So far so good, I am pleasing to him – I hope that continues! But men are visual creatures. They are attracted by the way a woman looks. Can any man tell the difference between a shrew and a proper woman (wife material)? Sarah’s husband is happy – they’ve been together 18 years and married for ten. He is clearly content. I hope so!

But so many men are making fundamental errors in choosing a woman by her appearance and not the content of her character, and somehow that has to change. In days gone by when make-up was seen as “whorish”, and little but powder and rouge were applied, a girl was a girl. You could see she was young, and you could see she was healthy. Now women online will often not only paint their faces, they will filter their photographs so that men have no idea what they are getting.

before and after a
Before and after make up

It’s not just the acne scars – it’s that often a man doesn’t know a woman before he sets his heart on her. He goes by what he sees, and he is dazzled by her make up! In fact how much do both sexes project on each other based on looks? Based on presentation?! I have been guilty of this in the past, and I understand the error first hand. One former friend told me that he always believed that beautiful girls were nice girls – that he projected on them that they were nice, kind, gentle etc., because of how they looked. This is such a massive error!

Courting a girl, and really getting to know her, is vital for a man to decide if she is going to be in alignment with his plans for their life together! No sex! Just getting to know each other. Being on the same page is so important. It saves so much grief!

My final comment is one of pure realism: no matter how pretty the girl is now, if you are really blessed and she doesn’t break your heart, you will end up with her looking little like she does now when you are old together.  Yes, a man needs to see attractive qualities in his woman, but he also shouldn’t place her beauty above her inner qualities. After all the beautiful Brigitte Bardot went from this:

brigitte bardot

to this:

brigitte bardot today

As all old ladies do!

I think she looks pretty amazing actually, for her age.

So can you spot a shrew? Are you making decisions made on looks instead of the content of someone’s character? If you see any of Sarah Knight’s books on your girlfriend’s bookshelf, it might be time to leave!

God Bless you


And lastly for today – the Queen’s coronation

This little snippet came my way at the end of an article about the supposed affairs of Prince Philip. I have no interest in his private life, and I’m glad to say there is so little evidence for this that it was another confection from the media – a piece really designed to undermine the institution of marriage rather than being anything based on truth. But right at the end, almost as an afterthought, a tiny nugget was revealed, and I want to share it with you in case you had not heard this before.

‘The Coronation was a deeply moving spiritual experience for her,’ said the Queen’s cousin Margaret Rhodes, ‘especially the part which wasn’t filmed — when she stood bareheaded, wearing only a white linen shift as the Archbishop of Canterbury marked the sign of the cross on her with the words: “As Solomon was anointed by Zadok the priest, so be thou anointed, blessed and consecrated as Queen over the people thy God hath given thee to govern.”’ (source)

The Queen is meant to be the defender of the faith – it is she who is the head of the Church of England. Yet she has not upheld the Law of Moses. Unlike Solomon, who we all know, fell away into sin due to his many foreign wives, our Queen has represented solidity and morality in her own life, whilst keeping almost complete silence on moral issues for her entire reign.

Her people have fallen away into sin. The Law of Moses has been flouted again and again by her government. She has reigned over a parliament which legalised abortion and homosexuality 50 years ago. She said and did nothing publically.

God gave her a people to rule over, and we have not kept God’s Law (and in fact her church has continually taught that it is done away with). The church is no longer an arbiter of morals. The church has fallen away.

Perhaps we should take some time to pray in a concerted effort to bring Queen Elizabeth back into line with her correct duties to God – for her own sake and for the people’s! Will you pray with me?

Heavenly Father, we are aware of great sin in our own lives and in the lives of our people – we have not kept Your Law, and we have sinned against You. You set Queen Elizabeth over us, and like the church, she has kept silent on matters of morals and the Law of Moses. I pray LORD You will bring her back to Your Law, that she might lead the country spiritually into righteousness, that we might find favour in Your sight. We pray LORD that You will stay Your anger from this country, and from its people and cause Your Law to be read in all our churches, that we might know You, and repent and come back into obedience to You. LORD please turn the hearts of the people back to You and bring both peace and repentance to this nation. This I pray in the blessed name of your Son Yeshua! AMEN!

I pray you have a wonderful Shabbat – May God Bless you!


Transgender rape – now in the Daily Mail

I know I’m being VERY blunt about this, but sex (gender) matters. It matters in the eyes of God. Any person who has sex with someone of the same sex is a sinner unto death! It doesn’t matter if that person claims they were “born in the wrong body” or not. Chromosomes, genes – they don’t lie, and surgery doesn’t change them! God knows the truth, and when a transgender person has sex with someone this information must be disclosed! This should be a legal requirement.

Here we have an example of the media trying to normalise this rape (because rape it is – rape by deception). My emphasis added.

One of Britain’s youngest transgender patients has admitted she does not reveal her past to her lovers because they should be able to ‘tell the difference’.

Deana O’Riordan, 25, from Devon, had a sex change on the NHS shortly after her 21st birthday.

After her operation, she spent £4,000 on breast enhancement surgery to take her from a small B to a D cup.

Miss O’Riordan suffered from psychological torment at being male throughout her childhood and even tried to cut off her own penis aged six.

The barmaid is now enjoying living life as a woman, but refuses to let her boyfriends know about her past as a boy called Dean.

Some have reacted angrily after finding out, but Miss O’Riordan said it is not their right to know.

‘I’ve been with guys who have not known about it,’ she said.

‘Obviously if I did date a guy and things were getting more intense I would tell them because it’s a part of my life, but if I’m just having fun like a normal girl would in their 20s, then I don’t have to explain myself.

‘Afterwards, one of them said ‘why didn’t you tell me?’ and I said ”I don’t come with a manual”.

‘You met me for who I am, if you don’t like it, you know where the door is.

‘I’ve gotten to this place in my life now. If a guy can’t accept me for me completely, why would I want to be with him? 

‘If they can’t tell the difference, why should I tell them?’ (source)

Because they have the right to know – they have the right to not be deceived into having a homosexual encounter! This is sin! Where is the protection for the majority against these unnatural people?

When will this sin end? Where will it end? This country is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah! Children aged two are being taught by drag queens! The C of E is happy for boys to wear a tiara – where is the leadership? And a school teacher is about to lose his job for mis-gendering a student by mistake (by the way, he’s a Christian, so this persecution should be no surprise!).

And remember, it’s you, who have the truth in the form of God and His Son, and the bible – it is you who is intolerant! The left have no tolerance for us!

Another brief post to follow.

God Bless you


The religion of kindness – painting yourself into a corner

God says to us that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Do you understand what that means? Someone once described it as being like a menstrous rag. From cleaning my own menstrous rags (!), I can tell you that that is pretty yucky, isn’t it! When we lean on our own understanding, deciding what it is to be righteous, we are capable of the most appalling crimes in the eyes of God, and all because we are so kind.

I have a friend who tells me that, as she is not a believer, that her religion is kindness. I love her – her whole family – and I feel great empathy for her position. Once upon a time, before God revealed himself to me, I would have said that was a pretty good position to take. A religion of kindness – what kind of world could we have based on that?

I’ve written before that ‘tolerance leads to suffering‘ – well kindness will get you backed into that corner even faster. Compassion for sin? Tolerance, legalising, promoting and teaching of sin? We have all those going on today. Homosexuality was legalised 50 years ago this year in the UK, as was abortion. They were made legal, and that was the first step, and if you didn’t like it, take a step back. Then it became a crime to hate homosexuals. Take another step back. Then we have to be careful not to offend homosexuals. Take another step back.

The young girl who had sex before marriage and ended up with an unplanned pregnancy – what could be kinder than to let her get rid of it so she can go on and pretend like it didn’t happen? Murdering a child becomes an act of kindness to the child carrying it. It is evil in the sight of God!

Kindness – our version of kindness – is a blank slate for satan to write on, our delicate, sensitive, compassionate ears are shell-like for satan to whisper in. And so it goes on. Now children can choose their gender. This has sprung up, not out of nowhere, but out of the seedbeds of mens (and women’s) hearts. In fact women’s hearts, as satan knows of old, are the better seedbed for deception. Women are naturally inclined to a level of sensitivity for others that renders us poor leaders, and often poor decision makers. Our natural sensitivity can cause us to be deceived by satan and his “reasoning”, whereas, I would hope, a man would either not hear, or not heed, that voice of ‘reason’. We women are too kind. Too compassionate.

Everything satan says is reasonable, or starts out that way. Everything he teaches, whispers and gives images to in the mind begins as kindness, and slowly becomes Gehenna itself. Gehenna is full to the brim now with perverts who are perpetually aflame with lust, with needs which can never be met. Whether their lusts are sexual or other – they are constantly in need of a greater, bigger and deeper portion. Kindness, to them, would be freedom from their sin, but that isn’t legal anymore. It’s not legal to help a homosexual be set free from his demons through prayer and fasting.

In being kind to homosexuals we have constrained the man of God from doing the works of God. Freeing the captives? No, kindness says the man of God must take a big step back – backed into the corner he can only preach a diluted creed. Because the bible is unkind? The God we love and who loves us, is ‘cruel’? Or worse, He didn’t mean what He said, and we should re-interpret His words in light of our own understanding, or some historical nugget, so that perversion can be allowed in, embraced, and placed in a position of teaching and pastoring the flock?

Homosexuals in the churches. Transgenders flaunting their demons (because mark me that is demonic – these poor souls don’t know freedom from their affliction even when given the body they believe they should have – because God does not make mistakes). They were never in the wrong body to begin with.

Kindness can be anything from giving candy to a child as a treat (leading later to obesity), or it can be letting your child stay up and party the night before exams (which they then fail). Kindness can look like whatever you want it to. It can look like ‘self love’ or even, much worse ‘self-respect’.

It is separation from God.

Is God cruel? No – God is righteous. We can only be righteous when we follow in His ways and do what He wants us to. Our righteousness – our kindness – is as menstrous rags before Him. And that’s yucky.

God Bless you


Is ‘Decree and Declare’ Scriptural?

I am reproducing this article from in full because I think this is such an important message for believers today. I’d love to know what you think! Leave me a comment! You can find the original article here.

by Denver Cheddie

Our Father, I decree and declare that thou art in heaven;
for had we not done so, Thou mightest have fallen from heaven like lightning
We speak forth your kingdom on earth and decree that thy will be done
We confess that our daily bread is provided
We declare that we are forgiven and we release forgiveness to our debtors
We are loosed from temptations, we bind the evil one IN JESUS NAME
For we declare that thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever amen.
… The Lord’s Prayer according to the “decree and declare” movement (it’s not actually in the bible)

I once prayed a public prayer, after which a fellow believer commended me for the spiritual growth they noticed in my life. I was bit flattered and I almost blushed, but how did they know I grew spiritually? It was because they heard me make “declarations” in my prayer. Now I actually did no such thing. My prayer might have sounded something like this, “Lord I pray for the pastors in our country, that they will be shepherds who feed the sheep, that they will not run greedily for material gain, but will be servants of the people.” The person erroneously believed that I was making declarations because they misunderstood my sentence structure. I was actually petitioning God for all these things, not declaring any of them to be so.

Then I wondered, since when is making declarations in prayer a sign of spiritual maturity and growth? Most Pentecostals don’t petition God for anything anymore. They no longer make supplications. Instead they decree something to be so, and they declare it. A typical prayer might sound like this, “I decree and declare that pastors will shepherd the flock.” Actually this is just the latest variation of the positive confession movement – following closely on the heels of “name it and claim it”, “confess it and possess it”, and “blab it and grab it”. The only difference really is that “decree and declare” seems to thrive on alliteration rather than rhyme. Other than that, it’s the same thing. Ironically, proponents of “decree and declare” often declare, “this is not ‘name it and claim it’ I’m preaching”. Of course it is!

So everything that I wrote regarding Positive Confession also applies here. In that article, I actually go into details on all the scriptures that are twisted to teach positive confession. In this article, I address mainly the underlying issues behind decreeing and declaring – the extent of the believer’s authority and submission to God’s will.

Scriptural vs Unscriptural Declarations

Now let’s make some necessary distinctions. Everything you say is technically a declaration. Declare is an English word and there is nothing sinful or unscriptural about it. If I say “I’m going to work now”, that is a declaration. I declared my intent to go to work. There are many such declarations in the bible. The difference is that for most of us, declaring my intent to go to work does not actively cause me to get to work. My intent to go to work together with my effort to drive myself there is what gets me to work. Declaring that intent has absolutely nothing to do with it – it is not the active cause that results in the effect. “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus” is a declaration, but saying so does not make me the righteousness of God. It is Christ’s atonement on Calvary that makes it so. So there is nothing ever so special about a declaration. Every praise to God is a declaration – God is great. But saying that he is great does not make him great. He is great on his own, and in fact that is why I say it. It is not so because I say it. I say it because it is so.

This is an important point that illustrates the differences between people like myself and the “decree and declare” movement. I believe that declarations are not causative, but they believe that they are … especially when coupled with decreeing. They decree something to be so, by saying it. Then by declaring it, they cause it to happen. Of course they understand that it’s not happening by their own power, but by God’s power and authority that resides in them. For example, “I decree and declare that the job interview will be successful and the job will be mine.” That’s a typical prayer. So why not just pray “Lord I petition you to give me favor in this job interview and that I will be hired for that job.”? There are some subtle differences. The first one appears to have more authority. And also the second one appears uncertain if it is God’s will for you to have that job.

On the less extreme end, most decree-and-declarists are just using vocabulary that they learned from others. That is, when they pray “I decree and declare that this job is mine”, they mean in their hearts exactly the same thing as “Lord I humbly recognize your sovereignty and petition you to give me this job in accordance with your will”. It is just their terminology that is conditioned to the only Christian environment they have ever known. In such cases, I don’t really have an issue. I do have an issue, however, with the more extreme variants, the ones who actually believe they have more authority that what God gave them, and those who seem more interested in their own will than God’s will.

Main Scriptures

A favorite scripture of the “decree and declare” movement is Romans 4:17, which says “…calling those things which are not, as though they were”. Their interpretation of this is that we can call (decree and declare) things which presently do not exist or realities not yet realized as though they did. We do not as yet have the job, but I decree and declare that I do. Then according to Romans 4:17, it will happen. This is THEIR interpretation of that scripture.

To get the correct interpretation, I don’t even have to read the entire chapter. All I need is the entire verse. “Abraham believed God, who calls those things which are not as though they were”. What else do I need to say? This is an attribute of God not man. Abraham did not have this ability – that’s why he trusted God. God had promised him that his old wrinkled body would have a son through Sarah’s dead womb. Abraham had no ability to make this happen. Instead he trusted God or believed God who had this ability. Very important: the ability or power resided with God not us. Abraham never confessed or declared anything. God declared it and made it happen.

Well shouldn’t we strive to be like God? In some ways yes, but in some ways we can’t. The attributes of God can be categorized as incommunicable attributes and communicable attributes. The incommunicable attributes are what makes God distinct from man. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. We can never be omnipresent. Even the devil is not omnipresent. These are incommunicable attributes. But God is also holy, righteous, loving. These we are called to emulate. These are the communicable attributes. Romans 4:17 describes one of God’s incommunicable attributes – one of those that clearly distinguishes him from man. We simply do not have this power.

Another scripture is Job 22:28 – “thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established”. That sounds very straightforward, but the question is WHO said that? It was not God. It was not one of the Bible authors. It was Eliphaz, one of Job’s friends who was described as a miserable comforter and who was actually rebuked by God for not speaking what was right (Job 42:7). Another scripture that seems to teach decree and declare is Psalm 2:7 – “I will declare the decree: the Lord has said …”. If you read that verse carefully, the decree is the part that GOD said. The psalmist then declares that decree. In other words, we cannot decree anything, only God can. However, we can declare it. Declare is a common word used in the Psalms to mean praise, boast, proclaim. So essentially this verse is teaching us to boast about God’s decrees, tell everyone about them. That’s what declare means.

How Much Authority Do We Really Have?

In Matthew 28:18 Jesus declares, “Behold all authority in heaven and earth is given to ME (Jesus). Go and make disciples”. Somehow we read these scriptures and we mentally insert the line “and I give this authority to you”. But read it again, it does not say that. He did not say that he was giving this authority to us. There were occasions when he sent out his disciples (prior to his ascension) and he gave them authority to cast out demons and heal the sick (Luke 10). When he ascended into heaven, he also seemed to give us authority to heal the sick and cast out demons (Mark 16). Jesus only gives us authority to do what he commissioned us to do – preach the gospel, disciple the nations, heal the sick, cast out demons, etc. He does not give us ALL authority.

When the disciples cast out demons, they used language such as “come out of her in Jesus name”. When they healed the sick, “Be healed in Jesus name”, “Rise up and walk”. They did not pray “Lord please cast out this devil”. Because God gave them the authority to cast out devils, they just had to use that authority. They did not have to pray for God to do it. Similarly when Moses cried out to God at the Red Sea, God chided him “Why are you crying to me? Use the rod that I gave you.” (Exodus 14:15) So Moses stretched forth the rod and parted the sea. This only happens when God actually gives authority to do something.

Did the disciples always pray this way? The answer is NO. They only commanded the sick to “be healed” and demons to “come out” when they were healing the sick, casting out demons, or on the rare occasion when they raised the dead. When Paul was bitten by the viper (Acts 28:3), he did not rebuke the devil or exclaim “the devil is a liar!” He just ignored it and carried on with his business. When Peter was in jail, the people prayed (Acts 12:5). When Paul and Silas were in jail, they sang praises (Acts 16). No decreeing or declaring.

When Paul was given a thorn – a messenger of Satan to buffet him, did he speak to that thorn to go away or rebuke the demon of thorns? No, he pleaded with God (2 Corinthians 12:7). He simply made petitions. In the Lord’s prayer, we are taught to pray “deliver us from the evil one”. This prayer demonstrates an understanding of the fact that God is in control even over the devil, and it humbly petitions him to not let the devil have his way with us. Most of the times when the disciples prayed, they prayed like regular people – they made petitions and supplications. Paul taught us to not fret and worry but to make our supplications known to God and let his peace reign in us (Philippians 4:7). He did not teach us to make declarations.

The decree and declare movement overestimates our authority. They believe that Jesus has given us all authority and that we can speak (decree and declare) anything especially financial blessings. They bind and rebuke devils that do not even exist. It is not uncommon to hear them bind and rebuke the demon of back pain and the spirit of poverty. The only times the disciples ever rebuked a demon was when they were casting it out of someone else or healing the sick. They never rebuked financial spirits, because they understood clearly what the bible taught regarding finances – give to God and HE will rebuke the devourer. The entire counsel of scripture teaches that if we work hard, invest wisely and give to God, He will cause our work to prosper.

They also understood when sickness was the result of demonic activity and when it was the result of fatigue or some other natural cause (2 Timothy 4:20; Philippians 2:25-30). You can’t bind or take authority over fatigue. You just need to rest. Not every attack of the enemy requires us to cast out a demon. Sometimes we just have wrestle and resist (Ephesians 6). Jesus gives us only as much authority as we need to do the work he called us to do. We DO NOT have ALL authority, especially to do things outside of God’s will and to build up our own kingdoms. Only Christ has ALL authority.

Thy Will Be Done

The Lord’s prayer (how Jesus taught us to pray) contains a line that says “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. An essential part of praying is submission to God’s will. God values qualities such as humility and brokenness. God hates arrogance and presumption. I would much rather pray, “Lord if it is your will, please work things out in your sovereignty so that I can get this job. Show me what I need to do in order to put my faith into action.” That’s humility before God and utter dependence on him. It also displays an understanding of how God works. “I decree and declare that this job is mine” sounds a bit more arrogant because it presumes authority that we do not really have. It also does not seem concerned whether this job is indeed God’s will. I would much rather pray the way Jesus taught me to pray, even if certain cliques in the church think I am less spiritual than they are. That’s OK, I would rather be scriptural. It is still possible to pray persistently and violently without resorting to decreeing and declaring.

Another reason I prefer to pray in the traditional way is because I don’t see anyone in the bible praying “declarations”. It’s just not there. Many of Paul’s prayers are recorded in his epistles. I cannot think of a single place where he decreed and declared anything. God gave him a thorn in his flesh – a messenger of Satan to buffet him. On three occasions he pleaded with God to remove it. But God refused and that was the end of it. Paul never decreed and declared that the thorn would be removed. He never spoke to it, he merely petitioned God. If this were someone other than Paul, they would have been castigated for their lack of spiritual maturity evident through their poor vocabulary. When he understood that it was not God’s will for it to be removed, he left it at that. God did not deliver him, but gave him understanding of the situation – understanding which helped Paul deal with the trial.

The devil cannot possess Christians, but he can attack us in other ways. If the devil is “buffeting” you, first pray for God to lead us not into temptation, i.e. examine if there is any unconfessed sin in your life. Then pray to God to deliver you from the evil one. If God chooses not to, then ask for understanding of what he is trying to accomplish. This is how Jesus taught us to pray, and notice how far removed it is from decreeing and declaring. See my article on witchcraft for a more in-depth discussion on the workings of the devil.


What I find disturbing about contemporary trends in the Charismatic movement is the strong emphasis on saying more so than doing. How do Charismatics walk in the Spirit? By saying “I walk in the spirit”. How do they crucify the flesh? By saying “I crucify the flesh”. It’s amazing and funny how this has become culture. It is within this culture that unscriptural doctrines like decree and declare thrive. This doctrine overestimates the believer’s authority and seeks to establish our will rather than God’s will.

The bible simply does not teach that we have any authority or power to decree and declare things to happen. Only God has such power. Instead we ought to petition God for our daily bread to be supplied and our needs to be met. One is humble, the other is presumptuous. One is scriptural and timeless, the other is just the latest passing fad.

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Job 22:28 clearly teaches us that we can declare things and they will be established.

That is what Job 22:28 says – “You will also declare/decree a thing and it will be established”. But WHO said this? Was it God? Was it Job speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit? The answer to both these questions is no. It was one of Job’s friends, Eliphaz who made this statement. These men were called miserable comforters, having said some things that were right and some things that were wrong. The bible merely records what they said. It does not mean that what they said was necessarily right. The bible accurately records the fool’s thoughts “there is no God”. The fool of course is wrong. Later in Job 42:7, God actually chastised Eliphaz for not speaking that which was right. So this scripture cannot justify the practice of decreeing and declaring.

Psalm 2:7 teaches us to “declare a decree”.

Psalm 2:7 says “I will declare the decree: the Lord has said …”. This scripture does teach us to declare a decree, but what does declare mean and what is a decree? The verse clearly shows that a decree is what the Lord has said, not what we say. In this case, the decree was “You are my son, this day I have begotten you.” This is what God said. Then the psalmist declared that decree. Declaring simply meant saying it, or boasting in it. It is a common word that is used in the Psalms e.g. “I will show forth all your marvelous works” (Ps 9:1). It’s the same Hebrew word. It is not a magic phrase, but simply an expression of praise to God. So what this scripture teaches is that GOD makes decrees (not us), and we can boast in them – declare them, tell others about them, etc. This is nowhere near what the decree and declare movement teaches.

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