The Daily Mail is now a sewer like Buzzfeed!

homosexual abomination.jpg

This is total reprobate filth. I have absolutely no further comment to make.

See also: A glimpse into the sewer, and a tribute to Mary Whitehouse

God Bless you


The Daily Mail censors South Africa comments AGAIN!

I have to keep posting these – there has to be a record somewhere of what is being censored in the MSM – how important to keep showing that, try as we might to raise this issue, we have not been ALLOWED to tell the truth about South Africa.

The other day there was anĀ  an article about a woman who had posted this image on her Twitter to a storm of condemnation:

muslim majority.jpg

When whites are a minority, we know what it’ll be like: South Africa, so I commented:

comments they won't allow sa crop.jpg

Needless to say this was too close to the truth for the Daily Mail to allow out there, and the comment did not appear.

Then yesterday they had an article about South Africa – someone had been out to SA taking drone photographs of the disparity of the dwellings of the rich and the poor. I commented as a reply to another commenter (click for bigger)

sa comment crop.jpg

I also commented: (again click for bigger)sa comment 2 crop.jpg

Neither appeared. Interestingly the comments on that article were moderated – why would you need to moderate comments on an article about aerial photographs of SA? Take a look at what was allowed:

moderated comments on an article about SA crop.jpg

Just vague comments and questions – nothing of any substance. I am disgusted with the DM for this. If you want to see the article you can find it here: Link – and also note that the article appears in the TRAVEL section of the paper?! Wow – not even worth the political attention of readers. Disgraceful. I’ll share couple of troubling things now, both thanks to

sa farmers

stop white genocide

We MUST act to support South African whites NOW! Can you act as a sponsor for someone seeking to leave SA? Look into your immigration laws – if you are wealthy or have work, can you sponsor a white South Africa worker and their family to come to your country? If you can, then please consider this – get in touch with me via the About Lis page. I have contacts who would love to hear from you, I’m sure. We have to do everything we can both for those leaving, and for those staying – first and foremost – PRAY for South Africa, please!

Also please consider a donation to Karin Smith – she needs a secod surgery and she’s not over her first yet. The wonderful folks at (South Africa Faily Relief Project) made this wonderful little video as a tribute to Karin’s hard work and dedication. Keep them and her in your prayers please. This fight is for the life of our race – if they can get away with this in SA they can get away with it here (and they plan to).

Please share the video far and wide – it’s good for both Karin and for the whole movement in general.

God Bless you


Racist blacks shoot themselves in the foot

I watched this little video yesterday with a deep sense of unease at the way that those writing (some of whom, it appeared, were white themselves) were bandying the word ‘white’ not as an adjective but as an insult – one even claiming that getting a gorilla shot to save your life was evidence of your ‘white privilege’ – oh yeah!

However, thank you Daily Mail, the headline reveals today that his parents are indeed black. (Link)

shot in the foot.jpg

Perhaps we should now point the finger at the feckless parents? Except were we to say that, and use the word ‘black’ as anything other than an adjective, we’d be hauled over the coals as racists.

The thought never crossed my mind either way when I saw the story, but the outcry provoked me to take a look, and this is what I found. I have a little smile on my face as I hope the SJW’s (social justice warriors) feel just a tad embarrassed today… just a tad….

God Bless you


Curiouser and curiouser…

The Daily Mail has been lambasted here on this blog for censoring comments related to South Africa and the white genocide taking place there. I’ve written about it on numerous occasions. You see previous posts here:

So today I logged in and found that one of those comments from yesterday had emerged, sometime much later in the day yesterday! One of them got through!

comment appeared.jpg

Now why it didn’t show up when posted, yet my later one showed up immediately on the same article, I can’t say. I just think it’s curiouser and curiouser…

Still they will not mention the genocide, and as I shared earlier, Malema of the EFF says they are ‘at war with whites’ – now you watch what happens.

Please pray for South Africa.

God Bless you


Daily Mail censorship – even in unmoderated comments

Oh yeah, banging this drum again – it has to be done, because the more pieces there are out there DOCUMENTING this censorship, the more likely they are to think twice about continuing to do it.

Here goes…

An article regarding a brave South African-born (white) soldier who lost both legs below the knee fighting on the side of Britain in Afghanistan – well, hey, let’s just reject HIM for British citizenship! Why not – I mean both his parents are here in the UK, let’s just send a guy who has prosthetic limbs and only one fully functional hand to live in a place that’s not safe for whites. Makes sense (to the twisted minds of the UK government). So I commented on this article, and comments were not being moderated yet this comment:

DM comment genocide

Did not appear. So I thought, it’s the ‘g’ word, genocide. So I’ll try again:

dm comments 2

Nope siree Bob – no, I must have mentioned South Africa – odd that this would be picked up by any logarithm seeing as the article is about a South African person? How odd.

So someone else made a comment which I could reply to without mentioning white genocide:

dm comments 3

That one got through. So we can mention the mechanism for genocide (Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 if you are European/American), but not the genocide taking place right now in SA. *fumes*

I also noticed, on another article, an interesting anomaly, which leads me to suspect that they are playing about with the arrow counts on various comments. I had down-arrowed this comment (which causes the arrow block to highlight red), and then when I clicked through to the ‘best rated’ comments, it was there, showing still the highlight from where I clicked it, but not the score from me clicking it…

dm false voting


I have to assume that the fuming and spouting I see (much of which I can safely say I agree with) on DM comments, is what the NWO will ALLOW you to fume and spout about. UN Agenda 21/2030 is public – the South African white genocide is hidden.

So each time I get censored I will write about it here, because these are the things they DON’T want you to know or hear about, and that leads to some interesting speculation as to WHY!

God Bless you


South Africa mention gets censored again by the Daily Mail


I keep trying, but it’s like this:

don't mention the war
Don’t mention the war!

Yes, we must not mention it, reasons the UK media, but why?

Why can South Africa not be mentioned. I wrote this comment on an article about the Swedish report which blamed Swedish culture for the rape attacks and violence against whites from the migrants they have let in. (Yes, they really are blaming the victims).


But no, this comment has not appeared, even though I left out the word ‘genocide’ this time.

No, South Africa is the test bed, and the f*cking press know it (excuse me swearing but I am so angry about this!). The press are complicit in genocide of the white race, and are hiding the first of the victims so that we cannot know, and cannot prepare ourselves accordingly.

I am glad you found this blog today, if you are new here. Get ready, because a global communist take-over requires the deaths of Christians and whites. Without that there will be resistance. We must resist NOW, and SPEAK UP!

Please share this post, and all my posts on South Africa with any white friends you know who haven’t woken up yet – this bee in my bonnet is not going away, and I suspect it won’t for a long, long time to come.


God Bless you


Daily Mail comment censorship – update

I wrote previously that I had written to the Daily Mail regarding censorship of comments regarding the genocide of whites in South Africa:

I wrote previously that all my attempts at highlighting the very real threat of genocide of the white minority population in South Africa had been censored by the Daily Mail. Indeed the post I made this morning has also not appeared – I posted the comment when there were just 13 comments on the article, and now there are 464, and you guessed it, mine is not among them!

So I have written to the Daily Mail to ask them why this is! Here is my email:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Three times now I have tried to highlight in the comments section of various of your articles related to South Africa that the country is heading towards a genocide of the minority white population. Each time my comment has been censored. Would you please explain why this is?

This important issue should be front page news reporting, yet your paper seems happy to leave the public in the dark about what is happneing there! I would have thought that allowing comments that highlight this issue, which is a known an accepted fact, as stated by, would be in the public interest.

I await your response with interest.

Yours sincerely

Mrs L Goodwin

I will be sure to let you know what response, if any, I receive!

God Bless you


Well I will now share the response I got:

DM response

I wrote back and asked:

Dear Kate,

I do not see how highlighting the growing genocide in South Africa could be construed as offensive to anyone – perhaps you would explain that to me? My comments were in no way inflammatory or offensive, they were merely to highlight this phenomenon which seems to get no coverage in the news here in the UK.

Perhaps you could amend your comment logarithms to allow such important messages to be published?

Kind regards

Mrs L Goodwin

That was on the 19th – to date I have had no further response. I’m guessing the Daily Mail is content to censor this issue for reasons which I suspect but cannot prove.

God Bless you