Hormonal contraception is abortion

You might want to make yourself a cup of tea (or fetch something stronger) before you read this. I had no idea, and I bet you didn’t either. In fact many doctors didn’t know this. Hidden from us by the (p)harmaceutical industry, the very definition of pregnancy was changed to ensure that these drugs could not be called abortifacients.

I have been blessed (oddly) to be someone who reacts rather badly to pharma drugs, so I have to be very careful and take few, and rarely, things which are necessary. I was never in a position to use the pill, although I took the morning after pill two or three times over the years (and reacted badly). After I became a believer, it dawned on me that perhaps I had been pregnant during those times, and I had to repent. It grieved me that I may have been responsible for that, although I didn’t know if I was.

That wasn’t on my mind however when I came across a random meme:


I counted up (34 was my score, by the way – 34!) and came across number 32, and immediately went to look up whether this could possibly be true. Oh absolute horrors, it is. I’ll quote from this excellent article, and I urge you to go and read it all. [Emphasis added]

In order to prevent pregnancy, birth control pills employ several mechanisms. First, the synthetic hormones may convince a woman’s body that she is pregnant. This can stop the ovaries from releasing an egg. The Pill also makes it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg, because the hormones thicken the cervical mucus, making it difficult for the sperm to live and move. The Pill also creates changes in the uterus and fallopian tubes that can interfere with the transport of sperm.[1]

Despite the hormones’ ability to prevent the release of eggs, sometimes a “breakthrough ovulation” takes place. How often this happens depends upon several factors, such as which kind of pill the woman is taking, how consistently she takes her pills, and even how much she weighs. Even with correct and consistent use of the Pill, some formulas allow ovulation in less than 2 percent of cycles, while others allow a woman to ovulate during 65 percent of her cycles.[2]

When a woman ovulates, she can become pregnant. However, the Pill has mechanisms that can cause an abortion before a woman knows that she has conceived.

These mechanisms include preventing the fertilised egg from implanting in the wall of the uterus. This causes it to starve and die.

Previously doctors had considered that life begins at conception (a view I’m sure you all share). In order to get around this issue, the definition was changed: [emphasis added]

Because many women would never have agreed to use a drug or device that could cause an early abortion, those in favor of such contraceptives knew that the issue had to be resolved. In 1964 a Planned Parenthood doctor speaking of another type of abortifacient birth control recommended that scientists not “disturb those people for whom this is a question of major importance.” He added that judges and theologians trust the medical community, and “if a medical consensus develops and is maintained that pregnancy, and therefore life, begins at implantation, eventually our brethren from the other faculties will listen.”[9]

One year later the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) decided to redefine pregnancy. In its words, “conception is the implantation of a fertilized ovum.”[10] Instead of defining conception as fertilization, ACOG decided that life begins nearly a week later, at implantation. At the time they said that this was because pregnancy could not be detected before then. Today science is able to detect pregnancy before implantation, but the ACOG still won’t correct its definition.[11]

According to this article (Link) the number of chemical abortions these medications cause is really shocking:

Some researchers (using very conservative figures) have calculated that the birth prevention pill directly causes between 1.53 and 4.15 million chemical abortions per year in the United States — up to two and a half times the total number of surgical abortions committed every year!

Let me put that in perspective:


I’m sure you are as appalled as I am.

This issue applies to all hormonal birth control, from oral contraceptives to implantable types.

So what to do?

If you have taken or used hormonal contraceptives in the past, or are now, you need to find out the method of action in the brand or type you use. Once you know how it works, and whether this issue has affected you, it’s time to draw close to God and to declare yourself, as His child, grieved to have been duped, and repentant for the consequences of that. The medical profession has yet another “black mark” against them for lying to the public. Informed consent only works if you are informed.

To be sharing this with you all is both a source of grief but also I am somehow relieved too, in that we can now say we know and decide how to go forward with the facts out in the open.

When we are ignorant of the truth we can be manipulated to make bad choices. Now we know we can decide to do things differently. Be gentle on yourself – you didn’t know the truth, but you do now.

God Bless you



The NHS health crisis in the UK – what are the causes?

Is this an appropriate discussion for a blog that is supposed to talk about theology and the will of God? You’ll see why it is in a bit – this is a fairly long post!

We are being regaled with the story that the NHS is having a winter crisis due to flu. They are pushing the vaccine (yet they say it’s not effective – what it is is poisonous!). They (the media) are saying that we have an ageing population, and that we also have a problem with “health tourism” (that, for the uninitiated, is people coming here from foreign countries just to get free treatment on the NHS).

So let me give you some background.

Under the last socialist government, the NHS saw a large expansion of new hospitals. This was done under PFI – Private Finance Initiative. This brought in private money to (badly) build new buildings for medical staff to use. Health authorities have to pay for these buildings and have contracts in place to ensure that they are maintained at exorbitant cost. When the contract says that the administration must pay over £600 to get a lightbulb changed, you know something is wrong. I wish I could give you a reference for that figure, but it’s from an article from many years ago.

So indeed now it is shouted from the rooftops that the Tories (Conservatives) have made big increases in the NHS budget.

NHS spending.jpg

How interesting then that bed numbers have gone down! In fact the NHS runs at around 88% bed occupancy, which doesn’t allow for any kind of winter bug crisis, does it? The number of beds we have per 100,000 population is one of the lowest in Europe:


bed stats.png

So funding has increased, yet bed numbers have fallen. Why is that? Because the increase in funding is presumably being paid into the pockets of the PFI fat cats who the so-called “socialist” government put our health service into the hands of.

To cap it all, the way that foreign visitors are treated when they need health treatment in the UK beggars belief! Let me tell you a story:

When a Canadian friend visited me in the UK and ended up with a diabetic foot infection some six weeks after arrival, he was triaged by our 111 telephone service to the local A&E department, and we were told to get him there within the hour. He had a red line on his foot indicating he was going septic. Diabetes and infections do not go well together! It could have been fatal, and so of course they kept him in and pumped him full of antibiotics. But here is where it gets interesting (and, frankly SILLY!).

The NHS has a “code” system. This is probably quite similar to the US system for medical treatments. The code for a diabetic foot infection meant that the hospital is paid £4,200 by the NHS for that patient and the bed is available for 21 days for that illness. This would be what he owed after treatment. He would be billed, and the finance department hounded him daily for it.

Of course, most patients are sent home much more quickly, and certainly in his case, as a former paramedic, he was perfectly capable of administering his own medication at home. Once the infection had shown it was responding to treatment his medical team was as keen as he was for him to come home and vacate that bed. This would be for another patient, equally bringing in £4,200 for the bed!

But instead of being sent back to me with his medication and visits from the district nurse to change the dressing, the consultant, pressured I believe by the finance department, decided that he must stay. The consultant said that it would be on her head if anything were to happen to him.

Then another excuse – you don’t have a GP! I tried to get him registered, but couldn’t do so without him there, and when we told the consultant we wanted to take him out to get him registered, she said that if he left the hospital, that he would be deemed to have discharged himself and would be charged a new fee (of £4,200, presumably) when he returned. He felt like a prisoner! Indeed he was a prisoner.

I managed to find a GP practise who were able to register him over the phone, but still, no he couldn’t leave, because he hadn’t been trained to administer his antibiotics. He said to them, “Right let’s do this now, just dummy up with some saline, and let’s get this done.”

“No, no you have to prove you can do it with the real medicine,” he was told. And so the next day when I arrived to visit he was fuming because the nurse had come to administer his medication and “whoops” she’d already mixed it, so it wouldn’t count for his training. We knew that he had to do this for three days in a row to prove competency. Oh yes. We also knew that the 21 days was fast coming to an end. 21 days in which he had sat, “blocking” a bed, fully dressed and receiving medication just once a day. ONCE. A. DAY.  We could have driven him in daily, couldn’t we? But, no…

So I was ready, frankly, to punch someone at this point, (I thank God that I didn’t!!!!), and I came back the next day to find he had successfully completed the first of his three “test runs” – with only the next day to go until his “code” ran out. I wondered what they would do as they could bill him again for another £4,200!

The next day I got a call to say they were discharging him. Had he done his three days to prove competency? No – he’d done just two, and they were happy to let him go as his “code” was at an end. By hook or by crook, (by dishonesty) they kept that man in that bed, preventing someone else from using it, when you know anyone else would be sent home much sooner to free up that bed. Absolutely stupid – but how typical of the NHS.

But here is where it becomes farcical. Of course they wanted paying. They set both immigration on him, and also a debt collection agency. He, being Canadian, had a local government in British Columbia, which will pay such costs. You would have thought the NHS would have been willing to comply with their one condition to receive that payment, wouldn’t you?  – that the bill be itemised. But no – the NHS won’t itemise bills. So in the end they never got paid.

And common sense tells me that if you are going to rely on foreigners having medical insurance (indeed, had he had medical insurance) they would have also required the bill to be itemised?! American friends, can you confirm that to me? I cannot imagine any insurance company paying out on a bill which was not itemised!

So with this kind of silliness going on in the NHS no wonder it’s in trouble. The government is happy to see it fail bit by bit so that more and more contracts (pieces of the system) can be run by private corporations for profit.

Indeed, the local district nurses who came out to change his dressings every day told us they were paid by SERCO (the biggest corporation you’ve never heard of). Other parts of the system are now run by Virgin Care. Ah that kindly figure, Richard Branson, eh? Who doesn’t pay, it seems, UK corporation tax on these businesses. And who sued the NHS when he lost an £82 million contract, and walked away with an “undisclosed settlement” (i.e. money we need for actual patients). The system has allowed, for a long time, companies to sue the NHS if they don’t get the contract they think they should have – what a shabby system! And then again the system is paying for people to produce documents and charts showing the Pantone colours for the NHS identity – money which could be better used, don’t you think?

NHS tints
Seriously? This was paid for instead of another bed for a patient.

So how does this come back to God – what’s the link here? We, as a people, have been beguiled by lying quacks (strong language, but if you read this link you’ll understand just what I’m saying here) into believing that health comes from the doctor, that we don’t need to take responsibility for our own health, and that indeed, pills are safe, and medical procedures are safe. This is not the case.

Our Great Physician is Yeshua! We must always go to God FIRST and not as an afterthought. Medicine is in fact dangerous, and diagnoses (dire-gnoses) are sometimes curses! Don’t let your doctor give you a badge, a label, a curse. Go to God with your health issues, and let Him guide your treatment. This doesn’t mean you won’t see the doctor, indeed last year I was told to go and see my GP for tests and this turned out to be such a blessing because it changed my view of my health and empowered me to make the changes I needed to improve my health further. It’s not all bad! And of course they saved my friend’s toe, foot, leg, life!

When we depend on God first, we stop over-burdening a system which indeed requires our dependency on it. The medical cartel is a satanic cartel which wants to get you dependent on it – and wants you to believe it has the answers for health, when in fact health is not an absence of symptoms, but is a vibrant state of well-being!

Finally, when considering the “funding” issues in the NHS I must also frankly state that while our government continues to pay for bombs to kill innocent people in foreign lands there really is no shortage of money – there is just a wrong priority in place. I am reminded of this quote:

rockefeller scum

And then yesterday I found this new one (assuming it is a genuine quote):


And here’s another quote:

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” —-Bertrand Russell,1953

Creating fear in the wake of creating dependency on a system which kills a large number of people every year is a sure way to induce illness, compliance etc. Did you know that when you are stressed you don’t digest food properly? Just one thing which leads to illness. And then, when you realise that 25% of cancer patients die from chemo drugs, and chemo is ineffective for 97% of cancers you begin to wonder why on earth this system still administers it?!

The NHS will do just fine. People would do better to (mostly) keep away from it, and certainly from its pharmakeia.

God Bless you


The dangers of ignorance, and why it’s engineered into society and the media

Why does the press lie to us daily? Why are doctors lauded, when poisoning patients with chemotherapy? Why are stories showing an alternative approach to living always skewed to make the subjects seem irrational?

Social engineering requires a steady stream of lies. It’s hard to believe just how many things we’re lied to about every day, but in this world, which satan is the god of, is there anything we should trust? Our ignorance is very dangerous, but it’s also absolutely necessary for evil to flourish and succeed:

GMOs: Those who know how bad they are for the environment, and people, and the soil microbiome won’t eat them. Those who eat them don’t know.

Glyphosate soaked wheat: Those who know how dangerous this chemical is won’t eat it. Those who eat it don’t know.

Medicine: Those who know how many lives are lost to (and harmed by) the (p)harmaceutical and medical cartel every year try to avoid any contact with said cartel. Those taking drugs, and trusting doctors don’t know.

Cancer: Those with cancer who know how dangerous chemo is, won’t allow it to be administered. Those who do allow it, don’t know.

Electromagnetic radiation: Those who know how dangerous WiFi and smart meters are won’t have one. Those who will have one, don’t know.

Organ donation: Those who know the truth about organ donation would never agree to be on an organ donor register. Those who are on the organ donor register (and campaign for an opt-out system), don’t know.

Vaccines: Those who know how dangerous vaccines are won’t allow their children to have them. Those who allow their children to have them, don’t know.

I could go on, and on.

There’s a pattern – the state’s plans – in fact satan’s plans – rely on our ignorance. The media feeds our ignorance every day with carefully written confections of lies, mistruths, and misdirection. Like a conjurer, with sleight of hand, the truth is concealed under carefully worded heaps of opprobrium.

Ignorance is a multi-trillion dollar industry. It allows them to take our sons to war, to persuade us to allow children to change their gender, pushes ‘tolerance’ on those with strict morals, and allows those with lax morals to hate on us with impunity.

When we are ignorant, we are capable of a lot of sin, and we are capable of believing lies, and those lies can harm us greatly. The truth is scary when it’s so far from the mainstream media fodder we are fed every day.

I often see people post in frustration “Wake up sheeple!” but there’s nothing wrong with being a sheep unless your shepherd isn’t Yeshua.

There’s no conclusion here – I have no words of comfort. Doctors keep poisoning patients, and they keep consenting to it; our food and our skies are full of poison – most are ignorant, but even those who know can do little to change what satan is doing.

God Bless you


Ghoulish ‘ethicist’ wants euthanasia for coma patients, so that organs can be removed

Zoe Fritz.jpg
Zoe Fritz ‘ethicist’ and proponent of medical murder

Oh yes, she wants to push coma patients to the point where they can be declared dead and their organs removed  (vivisection). I quote: (source)

Hospital patients who are in a permanent coma should be given drugs to hasten their deaths so doctors can harvest their organs for transplants, a prominent hospital consultant said yesterday.

New laws should sweep aside the legal ban on euthanasia and allow the organs of those killed to be removed for transplant, Dr Zoe Fritz argued. […]

…Dr Fritz, a consultant physician at Cambridge University Hospitals, and a medical ethics academic at Warwick and Cambridge universities, said that where a patient is going to die ‘it could be in a patient’s best interests to actively end their life with a drug that would stop the heart both to minimise potential suffering and in order to be able to have vital organs donated.’

How, Dr Fritz, is it in the best interests of patients (in a coma, and therefore unable to CONSENT) to have any trace of hope removed that they might live, and oh by the way you’ll only die when we CUT OUT YOUR STILL BEATING HEART!?

Oh but it’s OK – she only wants to do this with patients who have expressed a previous desire to be an organ donor! From the same article I quote:

Dr Fritz said in her paper that instead of withdrawing nutrition and hydration, courts should be required to consider how a patient would have wished to die and their preferences on organ donation.

It added: ‘If the conclusion from this consideration – with appropriate safeguarding – is that they would wish their life to be actively ended facilitating the donation of their organs, then this should be respected.’

Well, phewee – I mean they’ve consented, right? No – consent requires INFORMED consent. No-one has ever given informed consent to be an organ donor.

Vital organs come from LIVING people, not dead bodies. What she is calling for is drugs to be used to cause a) brain death (a false definition of death), or b) cardiac death (another false definition of death, which can be declared in less than a minute in some US states). Then they intend to vivisect a LIVING human for their organs.

This is outrageous, and must never be allowed.

I commented, of course – let’s see if my comment gets published. This is what I said (while half asleep this morning!)


Please share this post far and wide!

God Bless you


Right, I’m about to go off on a rant – Organ donation

I saw this video today. Watch it please (don’t let children hear it – the language is rather bad).

Coleman Sweeney – the world’s biggest asshole, eh?

No, I think the bigger assholes are the ones who LIE to the public that VIVISECTING this guy for PARTS is OK at all!

Again we come back to the issue of informed CONSENT. No one has ever given informed consent to be an organ donor – to be vivisected. No one would be an organ donor if that was known.

So Coleman Sweeney wasn’t just an asshole, he was an asshole who got to be cut up on an operating table whilst still alive. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Not on anyone.

Would you?

God Bless you


Medical word-magic

I promised I would do a post on this subject a while back, and so I thought I would put it together and give you a little info on this.

Doctors have the backing of government – laws are created that say only a doctor can claim to cure (even though drugs generally don’t cure anything). Drug companies make billions every year and every year hundreds of thousands of peolpe die from medical treatment, medicines, misdiagnosis, neglect, complications and so on. If they couldn’t give you a label in the form of diagnosis in the first place you might be more charry about accepting drugs from them.

This article is designed to get you thinking about the way diagnosis labels us as ‘ill’.

You will be astounded at the underhand way that language can be used – in fact if you watched the John Harris video I put up, (Link) you’ll not be so surprised – in fact you’ll be quite used to the idea of Latin (the Roman system) being used to subjugate the masses from time immemorial…

So I’m going to break down some Latin disease names for you now.

Let’s start with a simple one: Fibromyalgia. First of all there are no current tests available to prove that you have anything wrong with you if you do get this diagnosis (dire-gnosis!). So let’s see what the likely scenario is: You’ve been visiting your doctor for some months complaining of muscle pain. They have tried this and that drug, but nothing has made the pain, or you, go away. You may end up with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. What is Fibromyalgia. It’s muscle pain – exactly what you told your doctor you had. Fibro is fibre and myalgia is muscle pain. Pain in the fibres of your muscles.


Let’s do a more complex one: Myasthenia gravis.

My (muscle related)

asthenia (weakness)

gravis (grave, or serious)

So Myasthenia gravis is grave muscle weakness. That is not to belittle this condition, which is a serious one for those who suffer from it, but until very recently there were no tests for this condition, and even now the testing available is very new, so may prove later to be less than helpful.

You need to understand that there are many conditions where a Latin word-label is given, and where a demonic cause is then over-looked. If you are a Christian, it’s vital you go to God first! Link

Let’s do another:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS)

Poly – many

cystic – cysts

Ovary – your ovary that stores and releases your eggs

Syndrome – well let’s see the dictionary definition, shall we?

syndromeSo basically your ovaries are growing many cysts and this creates a condition which is counted as a syndrome, with all it’s multiple facets and symptoms. This isn’t a cause – there isn’t a known cause – doctors now claim that genetics may be a factor, which is convenient, but not very helpful.

I’m not in anyway doing this to belittle illness – it’s just that we need to grasp the nettle here – if the devil makes you sick, or sin makes you sick do you want the devil to provide you a drug (pharmakeia), and your doctor to give you a label (dire-gnosis), or would you rather get straight with God and be healed?

The spiritual causes might be sin, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness – I even read a story once of a woman who got sick after she prayed to receive a thorn in her side, like Paul had – she felt it would make her a better Christian. In fact she had just agreed to get ill, and demons had done the rest.

Sometimes we are under a curse because of sin in our families – this can look superficially like it’s genetic – a family where there is consistent disease through generations. This is the work of the devil, but all doors to him must be closed, repented of and sealed with the blood of Christ to stop it.

There are many times in the bible where Yeshua healed the sick. Sometimes, He cast out demons to do it, one time He used His spit on their eyes, or other times He simply agreed with their immense faith that His word alone was all that was needed.

He said:

“And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick.” Luke 5:31

But this is taken completely out of context! Now read the context:

30The Pharisees and their scribes began grumbling at His disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with the tax collectors and sinners?” 31And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. 32“I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”” Luke 5:30-32

Yeshua is our Great physician – trust on Him, and be healed.

If you’re curious to look up an illness, a good place to start is to do an internet search for medical pre- and suffixes. If you aren’t sure how to spell your illness, ask your doctor to write it down for you. It is not a coincidence that many patients cannot even pronounce their own ailment, nor ever see it written down – that is another way of preventing you from learning about your condition.

God Bless you