Machete attack in Germany – again, everything is as it appears….

… if you’re actually looking. I’m sighing as I write this because I’m so TIRED of the apparent ‘game’ now. It’s depressing!

machete false flag.jpg

Hmmm, let’s take a quick look a bit closer:

Where is the blood? That machete appears to be clean.


The ‘perp’ – he’s been hit by a car. After ‘hacking’ a woman to death, he’s got no blood on his clothes. Only a bump on his head bleeding.


Germany attack
Scene of the ‘victim’ – where is the blood? – not a splatter on the pavement – no blood anywhere.

Years ago I used to belong to a humour forum where a common acronym was ‘POGTFO’ – which stood for ‘pics or get the f*** out’ – in other words, show us pictures or it didn’t happen. It came back to me today because we keep being given ‘pics’, but when you examine them, no it didn’t happen – certainly not as we’re being told.

I call false flag on this one. Depressing though that is – and it’s not because I WANT these things to be real, I just hate that we’re being lied to. Germany now has armed police on the streets – yes really. So all this was for that agenda?

The NWO continues apace, and I need to keep writing about it while I’m still allowed to.

God Bless you


Milking the story of Jo Cox – and the curious case of the comments they won’t allow

So Jo Cox was an MP who was killed by a man when she intervened in an argument he was having with someone else. However, as you can see, he was clearly a ‘right-winger’ and this story is now being milked for all it’s worth…

milking it.jpg

So the death of this woman (or ‘death’ – you’ll see why I say that in a moment) is now a pro-remain tool to discredit any opposition to the velvet glove of European power.

false flag2.jpg

If you disagree with her you have now allied yourself with a man who admitted he had mental health problems. If you disagree with her you are a narrow minded right-wing bigot. If you are for ‘Britain first’ you will be tarred with the same brush as those in the US who want to make America great again. Yes, basically nationalism must be crushed by making it so vile, so unacceptable, that society will shun you.


Jo Cox’s husband is hereby elevated from the position of being merely a human being with an opinion to being ‘right’ (or rather ‘correct’: we can’t say right anymore, because that’s tantamount to Nazism ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Of course Nigel Farage, and his poster, is clearly responsible for an argument which happened between a random man and someone else which Jo Cox intervened in and which got her killed. Or did it? Because I see no tears. None.

cox parents.jpg
Jo Cox’s Mum and Dad

false flag.jpg

Dry eyed. Now of course they could be hopped up on tranquillisers from the Doc, for all I know, but they don’t look anywhere near as grief stricken as I would expect – in fact they look like so many other people you see after a false flag.

I’m not saying that this is a false flag – but it’s being used as effectively as if it were. Thus either way, it is being used to skew the vote coming up this Thursday, and indeed I get the impression that this is rather timely as they were planning to rig the vote anyway. I mean how embarrassing if all the polls said one thing and then the vote came out differently. That would be awfully like the rigged vote of the general election of 1992, when all the polls said Labour would win, and then somehow they didn’t. How interesting….


So I made a few comments to that effect – that as they were perhaps planning to rig the vote anyway, that it is rather useful to make political capital out of a tragedy. Needless to say, they didn’t get published because, you know, censorship ๐Ÿ˜‰

comment censorship 3


comment censorship 2


comment censorship 1

Don’t mention the TTIP!

So here we have a ‘tragedy’ turned into political capital by the same corrupt Oligarchs which drove us into the EU all those years ago. We weren’t told the truth then, and we aren’t being told (much of) the truth now.

We must vote out.

God Bless you


Stefan Molyneux on Brexit, and a little bit more on miscegenation

Whilst I might not agree with everything Stefan says, this is an excellent piece, and reveals some interesting things I didn’t know – that basically Turkey, a MUSLIM country, is holding the EU to ransom for free movement, VISA free, for its people, or else it’ll let the immigrants flood into Europe. He also says here that 12m Turks are planning to come to the UK if/when they get EU membership.

Well my very favourite fish and chip shop is run by a Turk, and he is here because he is Christian and was being persecuted in Turkey. Can you imagine how he might be feeling, knowing that this country is heading for a muslim explosion (a resident, voting muslim explosion)?

None of us want to see unlimited immigration, but someone does. It is, it would seem, the Talmudists. I am not going to call these people Jews – the Jews are the Karaites, to me – 40,000 true believers who follow Torah. The Talmud is a document so foul that it contaminates the minds of young Orthodox believers into a hatred of everyone other than themselves (including those righteous Karaites, who they persecute, even in Israel). These are those who call themselves Jews and are not, but do lie.

Revelation 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

So what do the Talmudists want? I quote:

“We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions. Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples” Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich’s summation of the progress of his tribe, the Modern Tribe of Jews, toward their goal of the One World under Jewry. Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest on January 12, 1952

And they are promoting it:

white genocide at target
A screen grab from dear old Target, that politically ‘savvy’ store.


Another company supporting white genocide


white genocide2.jpg
And this woman, repeatedly seen in the Daily Mail, and who apparently likes the black c*ck – apparently the dads aren’t so keen to stick around.

We have to wake up and smell the coffee – there has been a plan, long afoot, to convince us there is such a thing as overpopulation – but there is not, and if we had even just KNOWN our BIBLES we would have been able to REFUTE THAT but we DID NOT! God says he will make us as the sand on the sea shore:

Genesis 22:17 “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;”

and He didn’t say ‘until you get too many and then I’ll tell ya to stop that.’ The very idea that God cannot provide for as many people as He creates is disgraceful. This plan, a Talmudist plan, has been in the making a very long time. They have planned to seduce us with films and advertising to firstly break the wall which women always held – no sex before marriage. Then to deliberately reduce offspring and separate sex from both love and procreation. The list goes on.

Now it is to give us yet another whim – that a white woman should choose a black husband, and a white man a black wife, and destroy their own race. This has been publicised and promoted through the media over and over, and now as shown above, in advertising.

Immigration is a weapon, and the word racist, which can be safely leveled at me right now is another weapon against anyone who disagrees with the Talmudist agenda. In fact it’s kinda perfect in away, because in Cultural Marxism you accuse your enemy of the very things you do. They – THEY are anti-white racists. They aren’t pro black, or any other colour, they just choose to destroy the vestige of their brethren – the other lost sheep of Israel, to take control of a global government unopposed. To do this they must get rid of whites and Christians.

I am glad that the God I know is a God of JUSTICE.

God Bless you



Controversy ahead – MUST READ

Are you nice? I’m sure you are – in fact you’re probably a total sweetheart. If you love God, it tends to make you into a nicer, more compassionate person. As my dear friend said to me yesterday, some churches have taken their compassion to the point where they have denied the truth (in the case of our conversation this related to whether homosexuality is a sin), and embraced sinners without any acknowledgement of their sin as sin! Yikes!

Well what is happening in Europe is a similar kind of ‘kidnap of conscience’ – it’s easy to be told to be nice. It’s easy to be reasoned with beyond the point of REASON! God says ‘lean not on your own understanding’ – very important. In the case of the migrant crisis I want to say that your gut is probably closer to the truth of the matter than your mind right now.

So I’m going to ask you a question. This is where the controversy is.

If another country was invading your country by boat, would you mourn those who were lost at sea in the attempt? Surely you’d petition your government to get out there with gunships and strafe their vessels with gunfire. If you were moved sufficient to rescue those who were in the water, you’d intern or deport them, at the very least, and probably more likely keep them as prisoners of war.

Yet we are being bombarded with images of dead children – the press is concerning us with the children of our enemies, and make no mistake these invaders are our enemies, they have not come here to be like us, but to make us like them. To rape white women (genocide) and take our money. They don’t want our prosperity, they want our wealth. They have not come to find a good job and contribute, but to steal our wealth (in fact have it given to them on a silver platter by our traitorous and treasonous governments).

So let us remember when we read that 2,500 invaders have been lost at sea, that this , even this, has not deterred one muslim or one black from Africa from taking their children on a boat in the same way, risking their lives.


I remember a year or two back reading a piece written by a muslim woman who said she was happy to use her children as a human shield knowing that our compassion would prevent us from shooting her if she had her child in front of her, and if they did shoot her child, well, she’d just have another. No compassion – these people are NOT LIKE US, and must be KEPT OUT of our precious Europe. Let us not make the same mistake South Africa made, and let us not, worst of all, suffer as we forced them to suffer, through sanctions for their apartheid, which they needed to keep order in their country.

I have so recently woken up to this, and it is no coincidence that South Africa should be pressed so hard on my heart that I have wept, and continue to, for their people.

On a happier note, I’ll share a prophet in the next post – good news for South Africa, if not for us, and if not for now.

God Bless you


Daily Mail censorship – even in unmoderated comments

Oh yeah, banging this drum again – it has to be done, because the more pieces there are out there DOCUMENTING this censorship, the more likely they are to think twice about continuing to do it.

Here goes…

An article regarding a brave South African-born (white) soldier who lost both legs below the knee fighting on the side of Britain in Afghanistan – well, hey, let’s just reject HIM for British citizenship! Why not – I mean both his parents are here in the UK, let’s just send a guy who has prosthetic limbs and only one fully functional hand to live in a place that’s not safe for whites. Makes sense (to the twisted minds of the UK government). So I commented on this article, and comments were not being moderated yet this comment:

DM comment genocide

Did not appear. So I thought, it’s the ‘g’ word, genocide. So I’ll try again:

dm comments 2

Nope siree Bob – no, I must have mentioned South Africa – odd that this would be picked up by any logarithm seeing as the article is about a South African person? How odd.

So someone else made a comment which I could reply to without mentioning white genocide:

dm comments 3

That one got through. So we can mention the mechanism for genocide (Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 if you are European/American), but not the genocide taking place right now in SA. *fumes*

I also noticed, on another article, an interesting anomaly, which leads me to suspect that they are playing about with the arrow counts on various comments. I had down-arrowed this comment (which causes the arrow block to highlight red), and then when I clicked through to the ‘best rated’ comments, it was there, showing still the highlight from where I clicked it, but not the score from me clicking it…

dm false voting


I have to assume that the fuming and spouting I see (much of which I can safely say I agree with) on DM comments, is what the NWO will ALLOW you to fume and spout about. UN Agenda 21/2030 is public – the South African white genocide is hidden.

So each time I get censored I will write about it here, because these are the things they DON’T want you to know or hear about, and that leads to some interesting speculation as to WHY!

God Bless you


How to close an open society – UK version

Inviting people who don’t like your country’s way of life, and who have an enclave mentality; who want to do anything other than blend into your culture, to come and live in your country, is an act which most western governments have done in the last twenty-five years.

We in the UK have done it, America has done it – many of these people are Muslims, but we also have large numbers of Polish and Portugese people here, among others, and they tend to cluster together too. They are certainly not in the main extremists (in the US you are considered to be an extremist if you are a Bible-believing Christian today).

But it’s the perfect ruse. Governments have had plenty of time to start and build this. There are cities in the UK which are no longer British in any visibly identifiable way. London, Leicester, Bradford and Birmingham. Let’s not forget Rotherham – where white girls were groomed, and abused by Muslim men. This was not dealt with, not talked about because of the Politically Correct policy of over-sensitivity to the needs of these ‘outsiders’, who don’t want to be British, but want to live in Britain. It’s been a long-time plan – whether consciously, or sub-consciously, to close our open society with these people.

How is it done?

Simple. Tolerance leads to suffering.

First of all you allow a few in, and let them set up their areas – it wouldn’t matter what religion they were, by the way, or nationality – it’s only a fact that many are Muslim, that is not the issue, it is the desire to be within a country and still be separate from it’s culture. The Chinese have done the same in Vancouver, B.C.

Then you get them radicalised – I suspect some of this has been state sponsored – judging by the weeping husbands of these missing Muslim wives:


But even if you discount that possibility, the ever deepening of the depravity of western lifestyles, in the face of increasing Muslim immigration to the UK was bound to cause them to hate the native population even more as time has gone on. As a Christian, I can understand much of what they dislike about our culture, even if we disagree on the solution to it.

You then allow these people a voice in your country – which the native population don’t like. You force the native population to TOLERATE this. You pass laws making sure that they tolerate it. You even splash all over the front pages how ‘evil’ these people are, so that the Brits feel even more angered and shocked that it’s been ‘allowed.’ Take for example this:


And then this:

Bin Laden

So the media winds up the native populous, and effectively shows the people that the government has no power to deal with ‘extremists.’ Of course we will never know the truth about these people, and that’s deliberate too.

So then, you criminalise ‘Hate Speech’ whilst pointing at the radicalised and enclave-minded people, and the natives clamour for laws to be passed to silence them. The media gets behind this too, and makes everyone feel better, never mentioning any downside to the plan.

You criminalise, as Theresa May wants to, groups where people discuss anything which is radical – whilst pointing at the (manipulated and radicalised) Muslims. The native population clamour for them to be silenced and stopped.

dave extremistLink

You fake terrorism in foreign countries against our own people. Yes you do. All the while you are pointing at the Muslims.

You arrest people who are planning to leave the country because they are planning to join ISIS, you say. Whilst ignoring the families of those who have left to do just that, and who say the secret services manipulated and radicalised their wives, causing them to leave (see image above of the weeping husbands).

The laws that are being passed to stop *points* those people over there, are equally applicable to the native population who clamoured for those laws to prevent the perceived, actual or even faked activities of *points* those people over there – within our own country.

When it comes to disagreements with the government’s position on issues which should be matters of personal freedom of speech, these same laws (EDOs) are now being threatened against our own chuches, and against anyone who speaks out against the government narrative. I wrote about this previously: Link

This ploy is being used to great effect in the UK, to silence the thinking middle class, and it is also being used in France where the (fake) Charlie Hebdo killings, and the fake Bataclan massacre became the springboards for a raft of anti-free-speech legislation, and legislation against the use of cash. Because cash is what terrorists use… Yes really.

When will we all wake up to the crime being perpetrated against us?


That is we who are kind, we who are moral, we who are loving, whether we are Christian, Muslim, French, Canadian, black, white or whatever. The public are NOT generally racist, we are generally easily manipulated, and the government, the Tavistock Institute, and MI5 and MI6, and GCHQ – they know this, and they manipulate to get the very effect THEY want. They really work for satan.

You were made in the image of God. You belong to God, and God loves you. He is working to unite you with himself through the only door He gave us – Yeshua (Jesus). Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy – if there is theft, if there is trouble, if there is destruction, those who work to perpetrate it are NOT on your side, no matter how you have been manipulated into seeing and believing things are.

The government looks like it is passing laws in response to things outside it’s control – and yet, it is not. It is allowing things to happen, and machinating things to happen, to get the effect they want. 64.6% depopulation is expected in the UK by 2025.

deagel uk

How is this going to happen without a war on home turf, I wonder? I pray, and I ask you to pray, for a deep repentence in the British people, and in the leaders of this country – turn back to God, and admit your sins.

God Bless you


South Africa mention gets censored again by the Daily Mail


I keep trying, but it’s like this:

don't mention the war
Don’t mention the war!

Yes, we must not mention it, reasons the UK media, but why?

Why can South Africa not be mentioned. I wrote this comment on an article about the Swedish report which blamed Swedish culture for the rape attacks and violence against whites from the migrants they have let in. (Yes, they really are blaming the victims).


But no, this comment has not appeared, even though I left out the word ‘genocide’ this time.

No, South Africa is the test bed, and the f*cking press know it (excuse me swearing but I am so angry about this!). The press are complicit in genocide of the white race, and are hiding the first of the victims so that we cannot know, and cannot prepare ourselves accordingly.

I am glad you found this blog today, if you are new here. Get ready, because a global communist take-over requires the deaths of Christians and whites. Without that there will be resistance. We must resist NOW, and SPEAK UP!

Please share this post, and all my posts on South Africa with any white friends you know who haven’t woken up yet – this bee in my bonnet is not going away, and I suspect it won’t for a long, long time to come.


God Bless you


Clicking ‘Like’

I wish there was a button that just said ‘Thank You’ – as in ‘Thank you for telling me this awful thing you just shared.’ Like? No, I hate most of what I’m reading these days, and I’m frequently, frankly SPEECHLESS, but by goodness I am grateful for the bloggers who put time in to check and share the stories and opinions they do.

Keep on keeping on, everyone!

God Bless you


An open letter to the Soldiers of Odin

I appreciate the desperation that all Europeans who are awake and aware must feelย  regarding the influx of violent and oppressive Islamist ‘refugees’. It’s disgraceful that this has occurred and continues to be accepted by our governments. The issue here is that you, allying yourselves to the Norse god Odin, are allying yourselves to the very same demonic god that the Islamists worship – namely Satan.

There is ONLY one True God, His name is YHWH, and if you ally yourself to Him, and humble yourself before Him, He will fight for you.

Two factions, each being run by the devil cannot succeed in creating any good. Odin is a false god.

Oh and before anyone tries to tell me that my God isn’t all that – let me be clear, I have EXPERIENCED my God. He has performed miracles for me! Read the Old Testament and you will see how God acted – He was not a silent or inactive God, He was Mighty! El Gibbor! Mighty God!

I have witnessed my God – have you witnessed yours?

Who will act to save Europe? Will it come from two demons fighting, or from the very Creator being worshipped?

Please reconsider your allegiance – the very future of Europe depends upon it.

God Bless you