Do you need cheering up?

I know I do. Today I am feeling quite depressed with what’s happening in the world. I’m just praying that God will a way for each of us during this oppressive time.

So I’ve trawled my hard drive for the least snarky funnies I can find – the ones which will hopefuly make you laugh a proper belly laugh – because we could all do with one of those right now.







passive aggressive club

got fired

I hope these cheered you up a bit. I’m going to go and bake a fruitcake now – a rare treat!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Shabbat Shalom to my fellow believers!

God Bless you


A few funnies for a Friday







Oh and this last one isn’t meant to be a funny, but it would seem, in the wake of the latest judicial proceedings in the Brexit saga, that the joke is on the British people – from our own Brexit voting leaflet prior to the vote:


Very funny UK government NWO stooges.

Have a wonderful Sabbath, people!

God Bless you


Now…. don’t laugh

Really. We can’t help it, we are ruled over by evil people, hidden behind the scenes. I ask you to bear with us as we try to get our country back from these scumbags.

Here we have Toxic Tessie our new PM:

that's how we feel about theresa may.jpg
Yes, Theresa, we know that feeling well….

And here’s your first stop contact for all foreign counties, our new Foreign Secretary, Boris ‘Buffoon’ Johnson

buffoon boris
Yes…. really

It’s rather sad. I have to say on a serious note that appointing Boris as Foreign Secretary is designed to reduce our standing in the world, in order to persuade us all to scuttle back into the EU before we’ve even managed to leave.

Perhaps I’m too cynical….

Nah, that’s not possible in this circus!

God Bless you


The War on Terror – a darkly funny satire (and rather prescient for 2010)

A friend sent me this last night, and I laughed. Oh how I laughed – great hollow howls of laughter at the absurdity (and the truth of the situation). It’s a satire imagining looking back on the War on Terror from 30 years in the future. It’s a must see!

God bless you


Subliminal halos of the rich and famous

This might amuse you a little. Oh how often are the public fooled by little sublminial cues, into thinking our leaders are the good guys. These two made me chuckle today:

Tony Blair
halo 2
Mark Carney – Canadian Governor of the Bank of England

But wait, just do a quick search of ‘Obama halo’ and you will hit the motherload:

halo 3

Wow – did they wish to push this guy’s credentials as some kind of saint.

You may be relieved to find there is only one I can find (so far) of Hitlery:

clinton halo

Ugh! (Oh, and none of Donald Trump!)

I wonder if Obama will leave office after all….

God Bless you


For goodness sake – lighten up!

It’s been one of those weeks – very up and down here with rather more stress at certain points than I would have liked. I hope your week has been more balanced than mine! However the great weight God has placed on my heart for South Africa continues to weigh heavily – please will you keep them in your prayers and keep thanking God for hearing our prayers and answering them? I hope He hears my prayers, anyway!

So for goodness sake let’s have a moment of levity – can we? I think we should, and this will hopefully have you giggling like a kid.

Now I have to confess that this is an April Fools joke. I think however that it would make the perfect tool for a complete take over, don’t you? I can imagine we’d all be rolling around getting more and more drunk, and sounding like Smurfs while the tanks roll by.

Gosh my humour is getting dark these days! 😉

Ah well, please enjoy your Sabbath tonight and tomorrow – hug your spouse, and spend time with your kids. Pray, of course, and also rest. The battle, ongoing, will wait for a day – a day which is for the LORD.

God Bless you


What does the bible say about sarcasm?

“I was only joking!”

Yes I recall hearing that, and the other phrase:

“I didn’t mean it.”

…said to me many times when I was at school, where I was bullied; said indeed by the bullies themselves.Of course their words hurt me, and destroyed my self-esteem. It was only at the point where I stood up to my teachers and became a rebel, that suddenly I was ‘popular’ at the point where I was leaving school. In fact the bullying stopped when I had speech training coaching. As my voice changed, and my confidence rose, the girls changed towards me.

Yet we see sarcasm around us all the time. I hear it even when evangelists sneer at others, giving them demeaning epithets to dismiss them – ‘cotton candy Christians’ is one I’ve heard a lot. Ugh!

How many times do we as adults say the very same thing?

Sarcasm is seen as a sophisticated form of humour, it’s seen as a sign of intelligence in humour. So what does God think ofpeople who use words they don’t mean which are hurtful and cruel? (And it would be just as bad to say things which are falsely nice and flattering when they are not meant!).

Proverbs 26:18-19 Like a madman who throws Firebrands, arrows, and death,
19 So is the man who deceives his neighbor (acquaintance, friend) And then says, “Was I not joking?” (AMP)


I think we need to be careful in our walk, and in our TALK!

God Bless you