Karin Smith needs our help

I wrote some time ago about Karin Smith’s accident and medical situation. I quote from there (Link).

Karin was one of the first people I ever heard speak about the horrors of South Africa’s white genocide. She spoke bravely about the, frankly, unspeakable – even though it upsets her to talk about the tortures and murders which take place daily there.

Karin moved to the US with her American husband, but a while ago was hit while in her car, side on, by an illegal, and she was injured badly. She has now begun surgery to fix the damage. She is convalescing right now from the first round of surgery, but has more to go, and needs some financial support and, of course, prayers!

I heard yesterday through Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s show that Karin has numerous trapped nerves and has had to have emergency surgery. She may be facing life in a wheelchair. This brave lady deserves all we can give her – whether you are able to donate, or whether you are able to pray – please do what you can to help this stalwart to continue the valuable work she has started in highlighting the terrible plight of whites in South Africa.

You can donate through her website: www.radiofreesouthafrica.com and if you do so please mark the donation “medical” so that she knows it is to go towards her medical costs (as she has no medical insurance).

God Bless you


Please pray for a miracle for Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans 2.jpg

This little boy has been on life support for some time. As before with Charlie Gard, the doctors want him to die rather than go somewhere else for treatment (for his own good, obviously – can’t have anything to do with pride, can it?). They have, along with the parents, been back and forth to court – the doctors to end his life support, the parents fighting for his life. The child’s rights, we can see clearly, have been separated from the child’s. This is morally abhorrent in cases like these!

But today I saw this headline –

Alfie Evans.jpg

The doctors removed his ventilator assuming he would die quickly, but he is breathing unaided – this is quite amazing. I hope you’ll take a moment to pray for this miracle which has left the doctors “gobsmacked” to be extended now that God alone is in control!

The courts have rejected the father’s attempt to take the child to Italy (in spite of having no treatment options available to him in the UK). I do not know what the Italian doctors think they can do – but we serve a God who can and does do miracles!

Please, Heavenly Father, heal this boy, in Yeshua’s Name we pray! Amen!

God Bless you


South Africa… again

More bloodshed, more anti-white hatred. It’s heartbreaking.

south africa.jpg

south africa 2
He was told by his attackers that they “hate whites”

I quote:

‘The four of us were enjoying a barbecue and having a drink and it was a lovely evening and then these men came round the corner and one of them just shot Heila dead through the heart. 

‘I didn’t see it myself as I had been bundled to the ground and was having my head beaten against a wall and when I was threatened with knives and guns and was sure I was going to die.

‘They had triangular yellow masks on under balaclavas and orange boiler suits and it was almost like they were in uniform.

‘The three of us that were still alive were dragged in different directions and beaten and tortured with the threat of death from knives and guns and I didn’t know if my wife was still alive. […]

Brenda unknown to David had managed to untie herself and jumped over a steep ledge behind the house three metres onto the hard earth and begun running through the bush in the pitch black to safety.

David said: ‘She ran a quarter of a mile through the harshest vegetation you can imagine with snakes and scorpions out there and jagged rocks and thorns and even got through a barbed wire fence.

‘These five guys left after about two hours of putting us through hell and convincing us were going to die but then they left and Shaun said although tied up he was going to wriggle to the neighbours home.

‘How he got there I don’t know but he managed to wake them up banging on the door.

‘They raised the alarm and the South African police turned up and when Brenda saw it was safe she was able to shout out in the dark and let them know where she was and was rescued.



Nurtured by whites, helped and protected by them, the black population in South Africa grew and grew. Then, wracked by guilt, perhaps – induced by those with this agenda in mind – they handed over power to the majority. A majority who had been taught to hate them by (((Marxists))).

Now every white life in that beautiful country is at risk. Malema is not calling for the deaths of all whites “yet” – but he says they are cutting the throat of “whiteness”.

What is whiteness, by the way? Productivity, long-headed planning, maintenance, intelligence and civilisation. Whiteness also contains one very special ingredient, which is being used against us right now – altruism.

What will it take for whites in Europe and America to realise that the waves of immigrants coming into our countries are NOT for our benefit (and it’s not our altruism towards them, either). Whites are now subject to what I call “casual racism” all the time in the media and it’s allowed – how about this corker from BoredPanda.com from the other day?

casual racism

You know exactly the outrage if that headline was to refer to blacks, or Asians etc. No, but whites are a “legitimate” target – and whilst this might seem mild, what it leads to is what South Africa is experiencing now.

Please pray for South Africa!

God Bless you


Would you help me please?

Over the last few months I have suffered worse and worse symptoms – I really had no idea why things were only getting worse when I was trying so hard to be healthy. I kept fiddling with my diet, and I kept blaming one or two ingredients, and yet somehow excluding them didn’t solve the problem. My balance was getting worse, and I was suffering from brain fog, muscle weakness and light- headedness as well. I was due to see my GP about my iron levels – just a check up, but I felt God telling me to tell him about my muscle weakness too. Then on the day I was due to see him, I had the word B12 come into my head – vitamin B12.

I went to look at symptoms of B12 deficiency, and noticed a few familiar things (tingling hands and feet for example). I didn’t have much time and didn’t dig deeply into the subject, but spoke to the GP about that and the weakness. He arranged blood tests and referred me for a scan as well to be sure.

Amazingly, the right information came to me when I came home and dug more deeply – my goodness, I thought, I’ve had some of these symptoms for years! When I thought back, I realised that some of the neurological effects of B12 deficiency (which are very serious, and should NOT be ignored) I had been experiencing for over a decade. I was horrified.

When I spoke to the GP again, he was curious about what I was saying and decided to refer me to a gastroenterologist. This is because I seem to have absorption issues for iron too (probably celiac). This was a step in the right direction, but I continued to decline, and the symptoms seemed to be overwhelming.

Evidence in hand I went back to the GP and spoke to him – bless him, he agreed to start treatment straight away, even though I won’t see the gastroenterologist for another two months. The injections have just begun, and I can already feel some changes in my balance, which is such a blessing.

So I am urging you to please share this link far and wide: http://www.b12deficiency.info/signs-and-symptoms/

I guarantee you need to know what B12 deficiency is, if not for yourself, then for others, and don’t be like me, on the floor almost before anything is done!

I also ask you please to help me out. Over the last few months I have got into debt. This is partly due to the weather affecting my work (pesky winter), but also due to these symptoms which made me reluctant to get out – even walking about is hard when you feel like you are floating. I have become quite isolated, and although the debt is not huge it is a stress I could do without while I am recovering. I have set up a youcaring page, and I hope you will contribute and share, and if you can’t help in that way, please pray for me instead. Thank you!

Help Lis bounce back from severe Vitamin B12 deficiency!

To be able to concentrate on getting well without the weight of debt hanging over me would be wonderful at this point. I also ask you to share so that the issue of Vitamin B12 deficiency can be highlighted. It’s so often misdiagnosed! If it’s misdiagnosed the symptoms may be “treated”, but the underlying cause will continue to worsen. This issue needs more attention from all of us.

God Bless you



Wonderful news: Australia considers fast-tracking visas for White South African Farmers

This is just brilliant!


I quote: (Link)

Australia’s conservative government is considering fast-tracking visas for white South African farmers so they can flee their ‘horrific circumstances’ for a ‘civilised country’.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who came to power last month, has vowed to ‘escalate the pace’ of redistributing land from wealthy whites to poorer blacks. 

The fact that their plight is being acknowledged at the highest levels in Government in Australia is great news in itself, but to consider such a move as fast-tracking visas for them makes me feel both elated and also very sad. It should never have needed to come to this. That is has is a damning indictment of the South African government. Shame on them!

Please I ask you to pray fervently that this move will go ahead and provide a successful route to save the lives of farmers who are at risk of violent torture and death at the hands of savages.

God Bless you



Three years blogging today!


I didn’t know – and wordpress told me. It’s hard to think back now to how my views have changed in the last three years. Has blogging helped? I think it has. Blogging has introduced me to more concepts than I would have found in a newspaper. More open and well-argued opinions and theories. More tragedy than anyone should have to endure. And more evil than we could believe our trusted health guardians capable of.

Yes, my views have changed. I have become perhaps more cynical of the lies in the media. I have become more doubting of the claims of the so-called “alternative” media too.

But one thing has shone through all of that worldly stuff – I cling ever closer to God! Why do I cling? Am I afraid of the world? No – I’m afraid of deception, because that puts a barrier between us and Him. So I seek Him and His word – and I close my mind around his word!

Deception is rife. It’s everywhere. It’s in the preposterous, but also the entirely believable. The believable is more dangerous, and the desirable even more so. How many of us could resist a comforting lie if it’s what our heart wants?! But surrendering our hearts to God and saying YOUR WILL, NOT MINE helps. The only way to know His will is to read His word!

The paring away of lies, of falsehood is only one aspect of our walk with God though. That is, in some respects, an intellectual path, and for me, that was the walk I had to take. I had to stop leaning on my own understanding! I had to get into the word of God to STOP my intellectual reasoning from getting in the way of my walk. My battle was partly with me!

But in many other respects this blog could come to an end and I could move away and shift my focus into something far simpler. Something not even slightly cerebral. Perhaps that will be my next adventure – to live in the wilds with my man and get truly back to basics. In the following post I’m going to share a show with Zach Bauer, and you need to listen to this, because the depth of his learning about God and His word was greatly increased when he began smallholding. I hope that is next for me – but far away from here! God willing!

This blog continues to draw visitors from around the world. I will finish by saying a big thank you to all my followers – thank you for sticking with me – some from the very early days. The shifts in my views have chased a few away, and drawn ire from others, but that was a necessary part of the journey I think!

As a final P.S. those of you in Torah may be like me and without a group or church to meet with. That isn’t an easy thing to deal with, and it can be very isolating. I’m going to add today all my favourite Torah teachers to the Resources page, so that you can find some spiritual food for your Sabbath rest and study. I hope these teachers are a blessing to you, but as with everything, use discernment, and close your mind around the word of God! If any of you are without fellowship and are in need to prayer, please use the email address on the About Lis page and contact me. I am happy to pray for your needs!

God Bless you


Charlie Gard and family granted US citizenship

charlie gard.jpg

Thank you, America, for giving this child and his family a chance to get out of the clutches of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the courts that wish to prevent his further treatment. I hope now that GOSH will be forced to release him so that he can get over to America for treatment.

It is vital that we do not forget that prayer is the very best hope this little boy has – and we must also remember that the medical fraternity are not godly.

However, these parents should never have had their rights as parents infringed upon by the state and the courts. It should be a case of their child, and their choice – otherwise, whatever next? You’re seeing it already in California with mandatory vaccination.

The government do not know what’s best for this child, or any other (that’s a laughable notion, in fact), and whilst only God knows truly what is best, these parents must now, surely, be set free to take their child to doctors who have hopes for his LIFE and not his death!

You can read the rest of the Daily Mail article here: Link

Please pray for Charlie, his family and the whole situation.

God Bless you


Witches target Trump with mass occult ritual

Prayers are needed for President Trump – please keep him in your daily prayers! My emphasis added below:

“It’s not just a political battle anymore. It’s spiritual warfare now.

Exorcists, witches and occultists “in a number of magical groups” are announcing plans for a ritual designed to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him.”

It’s to happen Friday at midnight at a variety of locations across the nation, and again every month until Donald Trump is no longer in office.”

via Witches target Trump with mass occult ritual

God Bless you


An update on sweet Harvey

I am so sad to say that my poor little dog Harvey passed away this afternoon. He’d got pneumonia, and had had a bad weekend. His antibiotics weren’t working, and this can be the case for dogs with chest infections. I’m devastated that this darling boy who I was so hopefuly would turn a corner simply couldn’t, and slipped away very suddenly.

I am grateful to God for the years I had with him.

Please pray for me as I deal with this appalling loss, and this gulf of silence I now find myself in (cats are so quiet!).

God Bless you


Prayers needed please….

My dear little old dog, Harvey, is very poorly right now – and he’s back off to the vet again for the second time this week with breathing difficulties and not wanting to eat. Please pray he gets through this – his medication has messed up his electrolytes badly, and I think this is the problem. Please pray for an affordable solution for him, so that I can keep him with me for at least a while longer.

Oh, and please pray my exhaust on my car holds up on my journey there and back tonight (it’s broken, and I can’t get it fixed until tomorrow).

Thank you all.

God Bless you


UPDATED to add: The vet called and wants to do a blood test, so said to come tomorrow when his meds have worn off. At least this means the car exhaust will be done first. Please pray he has a comfortable night – he seems really uncomfortable at the moment, so it’s hard for him to rest. Thank you all. x