What’s the real issue with Dominic Cumming’s behaviour?

Why are the public outraged? Is it because we all think that the lockdown was necessary? No. Is it because we all think that he should be made an example of? No. Is it because we are lefties who want to bring him down? No.

It’s because we all obeyed.

We did what the government continually told us every day to do. People didn’t, and haven’t seen their parents in months. They haven’t been able to see dying relatives. They haven’t been able to attend funerals for those relatives they’ve lost. People have lost money, and many people have lost their jobs or even entire businesses due to these “guidelines”.

We’ve isolated and obeyed. And that’s why we are angry.

Dominic Cummings has done exactly what we were told not to do. And yes they were guidelines, not law, but then why have people been fined? Why have the public been terrorised they way they have? These rules don’t apply to a government advisor? Then clearly a) he didn’t believe the rules were necessary in the first place, b) he thought he was above those rules, c) he thought he could do what he wanted, and his mate Boris would have his back (which turned out to be true), or possiby all three.

Dominic Cummings didn’t break the law – because there is no law on this. Dominic Cummings caused Boris Johnson to break the trust of the public by defending him when he broke rules we all adhered to. We obeyed those guidelines, and people have lost their lives because of it – through lack of testing and screening, through lack of surgical appointments in EMPTY hospitals.

This nonsense has to stop, the lockdown was put in place to “flatten the curve” so that the NHS could cope. The 4,000 bed Nightingale Hospital in London treated just 41 patients. The NHS can cope. So why is this stupidity continuing? Because there is another agenda.


God Bless you


When the Daily Mail is desperate to keep to the Government’s narrative…

Oh gosh! This is quite shocking. I’ve not seen such blatant manipulation of comments on the Daily Mail, possibly ever!

Here’s the headline (seriously):


Yes, seriously he went for a drive to “see if his eyesight was okay”? Let’s just let that slide – there are some funny memes on that page, I’ll share one here:

Ho hum…

The issue with the article is that the Daily Mail decided to moderate the comments. There have been several articles today in which the public has been allowed to vent it’s spleen over the way Dominic Cummings has been allowed to lord it over the rest of us. There’s a lot of public anger. So which comments did they allow through? Here are the top four:

Look at the votes! My goodness, they really are desperate to help the government out. Perhaps because the government is one of their biggest advertisers right now, paying them lots of lucre to tell people to “stay at home” or whatever other piece of nonsense advice they won’t be following themselves.

There’s no way back from this for Boris – his goose is cooked, and he needs to admit the fraud of the lockdown – because it’s over.

God Bless you


The Corona-chaos lockdown is NOT for your health

I saw this comment on a forum I go to, and I thought it was ao good I’d share it:

When the State tells you it’s safe to go to The Home Depot to buy a sponge but it’s too dangerous to go to a florist and buy flowers—it’s not about your health.
When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee—it’s not about your health.
When the State bans dentists because it’s unsafe, but deems abortion visits safe—it’s not about your health.
When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s too dangerous, but allows in-person lottery ticket sales—it’s not about your health.
When the State tells you it’s too dangerous to golf alone, fish alone or be in a motorboat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week—it’s not about your health.
When the state puts you in a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their health—it’s not about YOUR health!
When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor of chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential—it’s not about your health!
When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting,


Thank you to brave Americans like Shelley Luther, who have stood up to tyranny! Thank you – your leaders have to listen to you. Ours, in Britain, do not.

Destroying the economy is part of a much bigger plan to destroy the people’s independence, and without independence, we are owned by the people who give us funds to house, clother and feed ourselves. I don’t want to be owned – I belong to God!

The UK government is going to have to stop this lockdown if it hopes to prevent civil unrest.

God Bless you


If you don’t know what they have planned for you…

listen up. It’s clear:

UN death plan


I can’t put it any better than one of the commenters on this article who said:

It’s simple to understand for those not blinded by dogma – a 6% reduction – and all we had to do was crash the world economy – make millions unemployed – destroy business – this is your dream come true zed [another commenter] – for most of us it is a nightmare. We have been given a sharp lesson on what the Green Deal is – a return to 19th century living. What will we have to sacrifice to get a 12% reduction?

We won’t have to choose between human lives and the planet – the death rate will only increase as food shortages bite, and people simply cannot make their way in life. This was the elite’s plan, and the judgement of God all rolled into one.

Don’t believe me that it’s the judgement of God? Watch my interview with Dr Jackson Snyder to see:

God Bless you


Fake Covid-19 deaths and empty hospitals – from the horse’s mouth

Numerous witnesses. I’ll begin with a doctor and Senator:

Now for more witnesses:

horses mouth 11

horses mouth 10

horses mouth 9

horses mouth 8

horses mouth 7

horses mouth 6

horses mouth 5

horses moth 5

horses mouth 4

horses mouth 3

horses mouth 2

horses mouth 1

These are those I found in the last few days – there will, I’m sure, be more.

There is an agenda – that agenda requires your compliance, and fear is the best way to acheive it. The big statistics we’re being shown do not make sense in comparison to other countries. But they’ve got to get their vaccine manufactured, and injected into you – the next post will reveal their new great hope for just such a vaccine.

God Bless you



The only way out of Coronachaos is…

The NWO or standing up and saying no.

Which do you prefer?


Those of us who know that Bill Gates wants his vaccine and that our governments want to track us – we have a duty to share the truth and to warn people.

On the one hand the press is full of stories like this:



When the deaths are only a bit higher than usual – typical of previous flu seasons.

And this:

Supply chain


The public are being terrorised, and of course, the economy junked. What might just save the day?

tracking app


I said they wanted to track you, didn’t I?

I quote: [emphasis added]

A new NHS phone app has been created that could eventually allow ministers to lift the stringent lock-down that has brought Britain to a halt.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the ‘contract tracing’ software would allow people who become unwell to warn those they had been in touch with ‘over the past few days’  so they can ‘act accordingly’.  

NHSX, the health service’s technological arm, is believed to have been working on software which uses bluetooth technology, alongside Google and Apple, who run the two main smartphone operating systems.

Speaking at today’s daily news conference Mr Hancock said:  ‘If you become unwell with the symptoms of coronavirus you can securely tell this new NHS app and the app will then send an alert anonymously to other app users that you’ve been in significant contact with over the past few days, even before (they) have symptoms so that they know and can act accordingly.

‘All data will be handled according to the highest ethical and security standards and would only be used for NHS care and research and we won’t hold it any longer than it’s needed.’ 

So we’ll only track you because we have created a need to, and we’ll only do so while we need to (which will be until Bill Gates creates a vaccine which will also maim or kill many people, as vaccines do). The comments on that article are very good – the top ten show that people are well and truly awake – not one of those ten are in favour of it.

vaccine truth

Against the backdrop of constant terrorism from the press, there are green shoots of resistance against this tyranny. I think of them as two beautiful fingers, held up against the forces keeping a population under “house arrest” (that’s what the police would like).


Oh dear, not quite the obedient little sheep they thought we were.

two beautiful fingers

Men in lycra offending the Daily Mail readers, oh dear!

But as we still have this kind of tyranny being exercised:

essential travel


The message still hasn’t got through to the Gestaplod of, yet again, Cambridge Police, that we don’t want their idea of policing!

The article shares a statement from the NHS Addenbrookes Hospital Newsletter, as follows: [emphasis added]

“We have received a very small number of reports from staff who have been stopped by the police on their way to work and asked to confirm if their travel was essential.

 “When staff showed their NHS ID and said they were on their way into or from work, they were advised by the police officers that this was insufficient evidence of essential travel. 

“Following these reports the Trust has been in discussions with Cambridgeshire Constabulary. It has confirmed it will remind all police officers that such an explanation together with an NHS ID badge is sufficient evidence.

“We consider this matter to be resolved, however, if any members of staff continue to experience any difficulties, please report them immediately to HR / medical staffing, so that this can be escalated further.”

I repeat, as we still have this kind of tyranny being exercised, we must start to think of ways to bring this to an end. This lockdown is going to kill far more people than it saves. Even if you are pro-vaccine, you must concede that by the time a vaccine is produced, there will be no money to pay for it with a defunct economy. The facts speak for themselves – this is not to belittle the virus (a lab-grown virus, at that). We just must have an economy functioning if we are going to pay for the NHS in the future.

It’s time to send a message loud and clear (and lawfully). End the lockdown now. Get Britain back to work.

stay at home

The message above would be better worded like this:

Get Britain back to work

Fund the NHS

Save lives!

God Bless you


End the Lockdown!

I don’t know where to begin today. I have found such a slew of appalling information that this may become a real mess of a post. There’s no particular order to these headlines and videos, so here goes – a round up, if you like, of the latest evidence in the case against the lockdown and the total destruction of the economy of the West. Here goes:

She states:

The decision for unprecedented government mandated lock downs has been based on the alleged death rate of COVID19.

Is this death rate based on truth? Are the reported deaths from COVID19 truly deaths from COVID19?

To address this question we need to discuss death certificates, since death certificates are the basic source of information about mortality.

History changing decisions are being made due to these figures, despite the fact that they are flat out wrong! Few people know how much individual power and leeway is given to the physician, coroner, or medical examiner signing the death certificate.

How do I know this? I’ve been filling out death certificates for over 30 years.

More often than we want to admit, we don’t know with certainty the cause of death when we fill out death certificates. So even before we heard of COVID19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned.

When it comes to COVID19, there is the additional data skewer that is, get this, there is no universal definition of COVID19 death. The CDC, updated from yesterday, April 4th, still states that “mortality” data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID19. (hat tip to Link)

And we have every reason to suspect the numbers – every reason because those who are putting these figures out are very clear that they are false – by design:

flu deaths

These are the ONS statistics showing the beginning of the Covid-19 illness – much higher, at that point, were influenza and pneumonia deaths. The blue line indicates the five year average, and the red line the 2020 figures for influenza and pneumonia. They were lower in 2020, and here we are seeing them in comparison to the Covid-19 figues. Hmmm. But there’s more:

flu deaths 2

Deaths mentioning influenza, pneumonia and/or Covid-19 can be counted in both categories – thus your statistics are bunk – inflated deliberately to cause panic and have the public beg for a destructive long-term lockdown which is killing people (and it’s only the beginning of the deaths from the poverty they are creating deliberately). Before I move to look at those deaths, here’s the CDC:

assumed cause of death

If Covid-19 has caused, or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death it will be counted by the CDC. So this again skews the data deliberately. In Italy, they have acknowledged publicly that only 12% of the death toll from Covid-19 were patients who died exclusively from that illness. Around 50% of patients had three or more underlying co-morbidities! Here’s Dr Birx:



This can only be to hype up the figures to frighten the public.

But wait, what if Dr Fauci wasn’t all he seemed? What if this guy was an avid Hillary supporter, who “loves” Hillary? Would you trust that guy? Take a look:

Fauci email


Visit Link to read more.

And then there’s the slight problem that the current Director of the WHO is a member of a terrorist organisation – a Communist, terrorist organisation. *facepalm*


When are these guys going to stop digging – the internet cannot be stopped, humanity cannot be prevented from sharing the truth – the truth which is found in their own documents, the conspiracies they are and have been involved in for centuries – the cat is well and truly out of the bag, and you know what cats are like, they are not going back in!

END THE LOCKDOWN – we know what the game is, and we know the plans they have for our destruction. We know – we can see, and the pieces of the puzzle fit together all too perfectly. We know that there is a risk that 150,000 people will die in the UK from poverty, joblessness and suicide due to them losing their jobs:

150000 deaths


We know that in Tennessee there have been more suicides since the lockdown than Covid-19 deaths:



We know that there are 1.5 million people in the UK who are going all day without eating because they don’t have enough money for food, or access to shops at the moment, due to the lockdown. Remember that even those who have managed to apply for Universal Credit are often made to wait five to six weeks for their first payment. They simply cannot pay their bills and buy food.

Hunger UK lockdown


And we know that we are facing the potential loss of 5.8million small to medium sized businesses in the UK who the banks have failed to help, even after they were told to by the government:




If one  person from each of those 5.8 million businesses becomes a net receiver of tax monies instead of a taxpayer following this utter debacle of a lockdown (and let’s face it it will be a far higher number than that), we will struggle to pay for the NHS. The NHS we decided to destroy the economy to protect. A more futile, short-sighted thing we have never seen in a century!

Here are the stats from the States for possible levels of unemployment:

end the lockdown 1

Absolutely horrifying.

That is not to diminish this horrible disease – thanks to China getting money from the US, this disease was developed in a lab. A must watch video here:

From the transcript: [emphasis added]

I think I found the smoking gun here uh there was a recent scientific study published in antiviral research 10 February 2020 by three scientists from France and one from Montreal who did a genetic analysis of the Wuhan corona virus and they said quote it may provide a gain of function of the 219 corona virus for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other viruses let me repeat that may provide a gain of function to the 219 coronavirus for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other lineage corona viruses […] that’s the smoking gun for a biological offensive biological warfare agent – gain-of-function properties is a tip-off it’s only useful for offensive biological warfare activity and it is typically conducted in either uh, it’s so dangerous, either a bsl-4 or a bsl-3 facility and there in Wuhan you have the only bsl-4 facility in China so I I think it’s clear it came out of this lab.

So we know the downsides of this lockdown – we know our economy is being destroyed, we know that ventillators are killing the patients, we know that the elderly are suffering, left alone – as are many others. We know that domestic violence is up. We know that businesses are likely to be lost, and we know that the figures are bunk. We know, for example, that in the UK, the epicentres of Covid-19 are in London, and Birmingham, and that one third of those worst affected are black and middle eastern – obviously we know that is because they are not suited to living in northern climes, they are deficient in Vitamin D which protects from illnesses like these. Just as whites in Australia have high rates of skin cancer, because that’s not our native habitat either.

We know that in outlying areas beyond these cities, the hospitals are quiet, that routine, but important work of screening, of providing surgery for cancer patients, etc. is on hold.

The lives lost to this lockdown are a stain on this government. Whilst I am delighted that Boris Johnson has gone home today, I want to see this lockdown ended now, on the basis of real statistics – the true levels of Covid-19 being substantially lower than reported.


God Bless you


Wonderful and welcome words from Trump

I saw Donald Trump’s comments regarding the health of our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, this morning and they warmed my heart:

‘I want to send best wishes to a very good friend of mine, and a friend to our nation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson,’ Trump said at his daily White House briefing. 

‘We are very saddened to hear that he was taken into intensive care this afternoon a little while ago. And Americans are all praying for his recovery.

‘He has been a really good friend pretty something special. Very strong. Resolute, he does not quit. Does not give up.’ Link

These words – his warm and effusive positivity about Boris really show exactly why Donald Trump has been the success he has in so many areas of his life. To give such a positive message, sharing positive attributes like Boris’ strength and his resolute character, really will, I’m sure, make Boris feel supported and cared for. It is also wonderful to hear that Americans are praying for Boris, just as so many Brits are right now. I really hope and pray that Boris beats this quickly and is able to continue leading this nation as we come out of this dark time – let’s be positive and say that that will indeed be soon.

God Bless you


Is Covid-19 a novel disease?

We have been reacting to this “coronavirus” pandemic as if we understand what it is – this NYC Emergency physician has a different opinion. He is saying that the protocols medics are using currently are harming rather than helping patients because this is a new disease which requires a totally new approach – one which he wants medical researchers to look into urgently. I’m going to put all three of his videos up here – please watch them and share them – this is important information.

God Bless you