Dear milennials,

This is the Milennial vote map. Milennials didn’t get their way on November 8th

May I just give you some advice, seeing as you’re feeling so hurt about the Trump win in the US Presidential election? I think these points are important ones if you are going to ever get your say, because I don’t see your situation getting any better in future generations. You know why?

Because you’re not having kids. You’re probably not planning to! You’re living your life for you – which means you, like my generation (I’m 45) are being, and have been, duped.  However, from this member of the duped generation, to yours, let me tell you, you have time to turn this around.

First of all let me tell you what will happen if you DON’T turn this demographic genocide around. You’ll end up being a minority in your once great country. You might not think that’s a problem – South Africa voted for this very thing (the turkeys, for Thanksgiving, if truth be known), and now face legal discrimination in their own country. They are a tiny minority. Believe me, you already are, if you’re white, a tiny minority. Because all across the world, you are part of just 8% of the population. We are the smallest minority race on earth. Being a minority on earth is not a problem, if you’ve managed to carve for yourself a homeland of your own, but when others rule over us, well it ain’t going to be pretty.

And the issue of childlessness might seem a small one to you now, but the muslims who are entering your country, and who you probably think are ‘right-on’ and good people, well they’re having 8.1 children PER WIFE.

They are going to out-number you in a generation. In another twenty years from now, they’ll hold sway in your elections if you do nothing. Complaining ISN’T going to sort this out – in fact the very candidate you voted for, who didn’t get power, Mrs Clinton – she wants open borders just so that that will take place – the end of the white majority in the USA.


I’m sure you won’t believe me when I tell you this is important. I’m sure you’ll think I cannot possibly know what I’m talking about, but with age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom, and I can tell you that the world looks a hell of a lot clearer at aged 20 than it does at aged 45! Why? Because we learn and we grow, and every last one of you progressive leftist social justice warriors will, I promise you, WILL, be right-wing by aged 45. I was a leftist once upon a time (at aged 20), but I changed my mind – why? – because life, and the world simply works better with that viewpoint.

The older members of the left – the exceptions? What about them? They are simply those who make a life out of teaching you to be a self-hating white person. Who have made their living sowing seeds of destruction into the American dream.

So, in closing, if you want a say in the future, have a family. Otherwise, you’re going to disappear into obscurity, like they want you to.

God Bless America



Two videos about South Africa – MUST WATCH

Please take time to watch/listen both these videos – I commend them to you to give you an historical basis for the current issues in South Africa.

Why should you care what is happening there? Because what is happening there is what is planned to happen here in the UK, and over with you in the United States – and, of course all across the rest of  Europe, Canada and Australia.


How are you going to prepare? How are you going to respond? Failure to prepare and to respond will result in a genocide of the white race.

This is a subject I keep plunging back into, in spite of the tears, and in spite of how it breaks my heart, precisely because it breaks my heart, and this quote always comes to mind:


Whatever we can do, even if it is ONLY to speak, we MUST speak.

God Bless you

Lis forecasts UK population to fall by 64.6% by 2025

You realise that is less than a decade? *tic toc* This is less than a decade, and yet the population is forecast to fall from 64 million to 23 million in that timeframe. What catastrophe could they possiby have in mind for us?


They? Yes – the information provided on comes from:

Sources: US Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, World Bank and European Union.

I know I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating, because we’re just not getting it – look at the sky yesterday well it’s even worse today – they started well before I was up, and the sky is already pale and silvery and it’s barely 11am.

This is genocide – is this how they plan to kill us all?

Who knows, but all I know is that the UK and US are in for the biggest drops in population, and we need to turn to the LORD now. Let’s not waste another day in fighting to cut off the heads of the hydra that is evil – let’s side with GOOD today and forever more. God is not an easy road, He’s not an easy choice, but when you know Him you want nothing more than what He gives you to fight each day.

For me, I am finally learning to trust Him daily. It’s not been easy, but it’s getting easier, because He is good, and not because I am.

God Bless you


Does Ntokozo Qwabe approve of the white genocide in South Africa?



This man is a racist. As a white who was brought up to DESPISE racism, I see what he is very clearly. He’s a racist. He hates whites. He is no better than any other racist of any other colour or nationality. I can only assume that his hatred of whites is acceptable to the ‘intellectuals’ at Oxford. This Rhodes Scholar who hates whites – well I have to ask: Does he approve of this?:

SA genocide3

Does he support this viewpoint?

SA genocide2

Does he think this is EVER justified?

white genocide

Please sign the petion to get him thrown out of Oxford:

Sponsor Oxford : Oxford University to REVOKE Ntokozo Qwabe’s scholarship with immediate effect.

If we truly have said goodbye to racism in the UK, we must say goodbye to Mr Qwabe.

God Bless you


Dear ladies of Sweden,

I read this (Link) and I had to comment. Here’s a screengrab of the page:

sweden suicide

I know that your hearts are in the right place, but you seem to not know the risks you face in the future as you put yourselves second to those who are entering your country as economic migrants (and believe me they are not there for the weather!)

White genocide is coming to Europe. It’s coming through miscegenation, which has been promoted vigorously in Hollywood and in the world of media whores like the ‘Kartrashians’. “Pretty white girls want a big black d*ck,” – that’s what my ex-boyfriend used to say. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but I do know that whites  having mixed race children is playing into the hands of the elites who want to bring in the Kalergi plan, which you can see below. Whatever the draw, it is in the interests of neither race, and has been deliberately promoted by the media.

If you don’t believe me that the white race is under attack, take a look at this, and go here: Link

kalergi b

And then, worse, watch the trailer for this documentary about the white genocide taking place in South Africa, another wonderful country built up by whites, and then ‘equalised’ by liberals, and now destroyed day by day and family by family by the blacks – all because they have been taught to hate.

You think Muslims won’t do the same to you when they have outbred you?

Think again:

Jealousy and greed are powerful motivators for violence, rape and destruction. And I quote:

“Sonia Hruska (a former Mandela supporter) says: “As a business owner, I can get 25 years in jail time if I employ a White person, for instance. It is totally ridiculous; you cannot have imagined that affirmative-action could have gone so far”

So there you have it, readers! White citizens — whose own ancestors successfully  invented and built SOUTH AFRICA into a 1st world nation, and governed until 1994 when political power was foolishly handed over to incompetent Blacks — are now denied the means to support themselves through race-discriminating laws, followed by official refusal of government welfare benefits to help house and feed their now destitute families.

But you won’t read of their plight in Western newspapers.” (source)

Whites who built a prosperous country in South Africa – a country which not only fed itself but had enough food to export, now has to IMPORT food – how long can that situation continue?

Violence, rape and destruction have already come to your country, Sweden. But you are bending over backwards for them – you are having your kindness and your reasonable nature used against you by those who seek GENOCIDE.

This will be a white genocide – a slaughter by rape (what white girl with damage from rape, or carrying a mixed race baby from rape will ever go on to have another child with a man of her own race?). It will be a slaughter by violence – assault and oppressive fear that will keep you shut in at home, not daring to venture out. Genocide by poverty – economic migrants cannot be sustained in your economy – you’re already BROKE!

This is truly genocide by political correctness – as good as the turkeys voting for Christmas.

Watch what is happening in South Africa, if you want to see what is coming for you. This is not just about Islam, it’s about the destruction of the white race.

And just in case you don’t know the history of the white race, I highly recommend this article: Link

What is happening in my own country, England, where migrants are handed welfare that the Brits don’t seem to be able to obtain is the thin end of the very same wedge we see in South Africa.

Whether it will be sharia law or mob rule – the intention is to wipe certain people out and replace them, us, with a mixed race who can be controlled.

God Bless you


I also highly recommend you read and watch the following:

More from Joseph Dumond – The Curses – MUST WATCH

Sexuality in Islam – Ann Barnhardt MUST WATCH

More on the American wildfires

Please make sure you read my previous post on this (here: Link), I’ll just quote briefly from it:

“UN Seen Starting Fires In North Central Washington – William Mount

Is it true? Could it be? Are they really out to destroy the forests that they have been systematically killing off with the geoengineering poisons? Many have stated that the forests are dead. Dane Wigington has stated that the trees are dying, that wildlife has left, and that the air is so dried out by the geoengineering that it is more conductive – so even just a lightning bolt could start a serious wildfire. But William Mount has this, and I quote:

“I just received a report from an eye witness that watched a White Colored UN Helicopter land on a mountain near Republic Washington and 2 men got out and started a brush fire.”

Well the lovely Janet, who reads this blog, commented and provided some interesting information:

“I have connections to this area, and I would not be surprised. The fires last year destroyed about 300 homes in a rural, low population county, including a high school classmates’s and including a town right on the Columbia River. Last year the people in charge basically sat on the fire for 3 days, building a website but essentially telling firefighters to stand down. The firefighting efforts have been better this year (although 3 firefighters died when their vehicle left the road), but the forests are totally fried with geoengineering, something I just learned about. No need to approve this comment. We went to feast in Montana, and I saw the same kind of odd fires there, even in October.”

She went on to say:

“There is no question that the fires are burning very hot, I have pictures that I took of rocks split sheer through with heat from last year’s fire. My childhood friend’s parents lost their rural home this year and said these fires are ‘from hell’. Maybe she is not far off.”

I wondered whether the aluminium on the trees and grasslands could be increasing the temperatures of these fires (it’s very likely as aluminium burns at over 6920°F!)

Then on Sunday I found an alert on Steve Quayle’s site, which chimed in perfectly with this, and I had to share it – you can read the original here: Link

“My son-in-law is a wild land firefighter based in Chelan, WA. As I’m sure you are aware the fires in Washington are some of the worst in the nation right now. I spoke with him last night after he came off of a 20 day shift. He has been battling the Wolverine fire which lies in a very remote part of the county only accessible by Boat or Helicopter. This is the same remote area that the U.S. Army Airborne division has been using to practice helicopter mountain training. ( While battling the fire and establishing fie lines around Holden Village, he and his crew came upon two Blackhawk helicopters on the ground in a remote part of the forest. He said that soldiers drew their weapons on his US Forest service fire crew and told them they couldn’t be in the area because it was a restricted Military zone. He said all of the soldiers were in US Army uniforms, but two of them appeared to be Russian (wearing US Army uniforms) and in his opinion the Russian soldiers seemed to be in charge. My son-in-law challenged the soldiers stating they were there to save structures threatened by the fire and they would continue to do their job, at which point all the rifles in the company pointed at him. At this point he said he actually felt threatened for his life and he and his crew retreated going around the helicopter crew. This led to a discussion as to whether or not the US Army had been involved in possibly starting the fires which now burn approximately 135,000 acres.[My emphasis added]

So what is going on here? I said previously:

“…it makes sense when you look at what the END goal is. The end goal is a world government. The only way you’re going to get that and get everyone to agree to it is if you take their homes, destroy their farms, poison their water and create a global catastrophe.”

Is this ecocide before the genocide? If so how on earth are the military accepting such orders? Are they being brainwashed? I can only assume they are. The geoengineering may be organised with a fleet of ‘drones’, thus requiring very little human action (just a few to organise and program the flights), but if anyone is starting these fires, they have committed a crime against humanity.

God Bless you