About Lis

Hi there, I’m Lis, and I am writing this blog just to make you think a little about your relationship with God and His Son, Yeshua (Jesus). I want to share with you things that I find around the net, and provide a Christian perspective on news items.

I blog around 6 days per week – not on the Sabbath, of course, and also not on feast days.

I love to research – when I find a good rabbit hole I can be digging for a while! I try to share my research with all links intact so you can read the original documents for yourself. If you find a broken link, please get in touch with me – and also if you have feedback for me!

You can reach me at helianthemum (at symbol) gmail.com

I hope this blog will bless you and get you to selah – pause and calmly think of that!

God Bless you


7 thoughts on “About Lis”

  1. could someone please take your computer away? i dont like the way you tell everybody the truth. ok jokes beside. you live in the 15th centry man. i mean common, how can you be that stupid?


  2. hello, I wasn’t sure where I could add a comment. I just finished an article titled “Teresa May Warmonger” I was reading along curious about the subject Then I got to one line that troubled me a bit. The statement read: WHITES SHOULDN’T BE FIGHTING EACH OTHER. Am I reading more into it or is it saying what I think it is saying? Maybe you can shine a little light on the subject.


    1. What do you think I’m saying? I’m certainly not saying that non-white are our (or anyone else’s) enemies, but I am clear that young German men were not the enemies of young English men in either of the two world wars. I am certain that our only enemies are those who are trying (and in those wars, succeeded) to make us fight each other. Young Russian men are not the enemies of young American men – that is as true today as it ever was. The elites just keep trying to get us to believe otherwise.


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