About Lis

Hi there, I’m Lis, and I am writing this blog just to make you think a little about your relationship with God and His Son, Yeshua (Jesus). I want to share with you things that I find around the net, and provide a Christian perspective on news items.

I blog around 6 days per week – not on the Sabbath, of course, and also not on feast days.

I love to research – when I find a good rabbit hole I can be digging for a while! I try to share my research with all links intact so you can read the original documents for yourself. If you find a broken link, please get in touch with me – and also if you have feedback for me!

You can reach me at helianthemum (at symbol) gmail.com

I hope this blog will bless you and get you to selah – pause and calmly think of that!

God Bless you



3 thoughts on “About Lis”

  1. could someone please take your computer away? i dont like the way you tell everybody the truth. ok jokes beside. you live in the 15th centry man. i mean common, how can you be that stupid?


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