Resolutely dedicated to staying asleep under the power of Morpheus

Ugh. Poppies – yes another ‘blutenmeer’ (sea of blood), this time for the Chelsea Flower Show – let’s remember the dead by displaying the red poppy – symbol of sleep.

just in time.jpg

This installation from 2014 has the same theme, with china flowers, and it was called ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, and it’s really rather creepy: (source)


Yes, let us stay asleep; while the homeless huddle in doorways, and the elites plot, let us never forget: (source)

for it to happen again

The media keep WWI and WWII constantly in our minds. I’m noticing more hark-backs now, too, to the poverty of Britain in the 60’s – lots of images to prepare us for this all to happen again.

So let’s spend money, time and effort worshipping Morpheus through his symbol of sleep, the poppy, and let us not, for one moment, break our contract to sleep while we, and our country, are taken into the gaping maw of a fresh world war. Read more by clicking the link below:

The truth behind Remembrance Day

God Bless you


Clicking ‘Like’

I wish there was a button that just said ‘Thank You’ – as in ‘Thank you for telling me this awful thing you just shared.’ Like? No, I hate most of what I’m reading these days, and I’m frequently, frankly SPEECHLESS, but by goodness I am grateful for the bloggers who put time in to check and share the stories and opinions they do.

Keep on keeping on, everyone!

God Bless you


Presented WITH comment


Please be aware that PHOTOSHOP software has only benefitted those who wish to oppress humanity through propaganda. This is just one more disgusting example of these crimes against humanity – you, me and those in these images – we’re all being used by those in charge.

God Bless you


Depopulation – is it part of the ‘refugee’ plan?

You wouldn’t immediately connect thousands, indeed hundreds of thousands, of so-called ‘refugees’ entering a country as being a cause of lower population, would you? Not at first glance, anyway. Yet, which lists it’s sources as:

“Sources: US Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, World Bank and European Union”

They predict the following for Germany:

deagel germany

And for Sweden:

deagel sweden

And for Norway:

deagel norway

And for the UK:

deagel UK

And for Greece (where many migrants are entering now – read Jane Burgermeister’s excellent piece on this here: Link)

deagel greece

Do you still think it’s a coincidence? I don’t – I think it’s a deliberate ploy to bring the war to our very doorsteps. No more war by drone, no more so-called ‘surgical strikes’ – what a laughable phrase that was, anyway. No more war in far off places where we can’t see it or be harmed by it. No, the war is coming to a town near you.

The bible says to flee to the wilderness. Are you preparing to ‘bug out’? Maybe it’s time you did. I know I will be…

God Bless you


Is ISIS creating an American/NWO puppet caliphate to deceive Muslims and the world?

Well this was unexpected – but a small suspicion and a little research yielded questions, and I thought I’d share them with you.

Flags with gold braid edges are meaningful – they indicate that the place they are in is under military or admiralty law. I quote: (source) – my emphasis added.

The Law of the Flag

This time-honored law outlines the way flags are used by all nations on Earth. Originally most foreign trade was conducted by sea and the ship captains would fly the colors, or flag, of the country under whose protection they would be traveling.

This practice continues to the present day. The ship, its cargo, crew and passengers are subject to the laws of that country. The ship’s master, or captain, is empowered to enforce the laws of the country of the flag being displayed. Aboard that ship, the captain was the final judge of the law. This is also why marriages performed by boat captains are legal and binding.

When the ship would go into port to do business, others could see the flag flying on top of the ship. That was the captain’s way of giving notice about which country and set of laws he represented. The others had to be willing to do their business according to the represented country’s laws. If they did not agree, they did not do business with that captain.


This is the term for raising a flag on land. Walls or fences around an area create an enclave, or enclosure. The rules of the country whose flag flies within the four corners governs the property and people inside the enclave. This is how embassies are established with foreign countries.

For example, if you are traveling in another country and visit the American embassy, the area inside the embassy walls is considered American soil. Everyone within is under the jurisdiction of American laws. Any flag with yellow fringe around three edges is immediately recognized as a military flag. At sea, these are known as Admiralty flags.

Traditionally, they are flown during times of war. During time of war, when an admiralty flag is raised on land, it is an identifying point for troops. However, during peace time, the military or admiralty flags has not traditionally been displayed in general public areas.

Which flag is legal?

The international community only acknowledges the legitimacy of the red, white and blue American flag as symbolizing the United States of America. The yellow-fringed flag does not represent the U.S.A. For example, if you enter a courtroom that displays a yellow-fringed flag, that is your notice that the laws of the United States that are based on the Constitution, are not in effect at that location. Instead, the military laws are in effect for everyone within that room. This is why it matters which flag is being displayed.

fringe flag

More information: Link

Now take a look at ‘ISIS’ – this particular picture is a very popular one, showing them with, what’s that? Admiralty flags? Gold fringed admiralty/military flags? Say it ain’t so!


Hmmm, do you remember this post (Link)? There’s a reason those guys amongst VERY few others have the gold fringed flags – like the tall men with covered faces I showed in that post, perhaps they are not ‘native’ to that region?

If those flags four-quarter a place, will they have created their caliphate?

Do you think they have chosen this themselves? Well it’s possible, but as so few of their flags have the fringe, I think that these flags could be the west’s contribution to creating a terror state of their own – a mirage to bomb, and a mirage to control Islam as well. Islam will be deceived into thinking this is THEIR caliphate, but what if it’s not? What if it’s an American/NWO run puppet caliphate?

Is this a stretch? I don’t know, but again I’ve seen that we’re being shown not only videos of ISIS gaffes – a guy trying to fire a missile through a small hole and blowing up the building he was standing in (Link) (and it makes me wonder how they are getting those – I mean really, HOW ARE THEY OBTAINING THIS FOOTAGE? That’s a worthwhile question). We’re also being shown their training videos, and these are rather interesting (you can see them at the link above).

covered faces and an admiralty flag

Covered faces? On men? And are those American style desert boots? Oh and hang on – that’s an gold fringed flag right there, being held by the guy at the end.

covered faces and an admiralty flag video

Again – covered faces and there’s that gold fringed flag. This is NOT a coincidence. These are conincidences:

pure coincidence

Are we being set up? A puppet caliphate is perfect for the war on terror which is designed to terrorise YOU. YOU are the enemy, not Islam. The public are to be brought low, destroyed.

Get right with God today – don’t wait.

What are your thoughts – leave me a comment!

God Bless you


Veterans for Peace have dumped their medals outside Downing Street

These brave men and women who have served in the military have come to the conclusion that war is not the answer, and have dumped their medals in Downing Street as a protest against the Syrian airstrikes:

throwing down medals.jpg

You can read the whole article and watch their video here: Link

I say, thank you for your service, and thank you for your decision now to stand against war. All wars are banker wars – we know that now. Let us never forget those who have died in battle, those others who have come home wounded, and others still who have been left homeless on their return from military duty, by the state who cares not for them once they have served their purpose to the Rothschild banking corporation.

We must say NO to war.

God Bless you


Shame on my MP

Yes, my MP voted in favour of slaughtering Syrians – any Syrians, because, well, it won’t exactly be reported if they miss their targets and blow up some kids, will it?

say no to war 2

I wrote to him on Tuesday and told him I wanted him to vote with my conscience, as my representative, and he wrote back with a screed of reasons why we must go to war. Well, sorry, sunshine, you’ve been DUPED!

The war has been planned for a long time, and if you doubt that you need to listen to this history of evil and corrupt power, from William Stuart:

Bankers make a lot of money out of war, just as they make a lot of money out of debt – all money is debt! When you see images like this:


You can see that not only have they destroyed these places in order to install both puppet regimes and Rothschild owned central banks, but they have also destroyed these places because the minute ‘peace’ is declared the country will be thrown into un-repayable debt in order to rebuild what Rothshild’s puppet ‘allies’ have destroyed. This way they are placed in slavery to the Rothschilds and their military industrial complex.


Ladies, it’s time to stop dating soldiers, bankers, arms manufacturers and be done with those who make their money out of corporate evil.

It’s up to US!

beautiful woman meme b

pretty woman meme

Say no to war by making a personal commitment to make moral decisions based on your principles that you are going to stand by from now on. Ethics are going to count in the coming war – because it’s coming…

Hagues bombshell

God Bless you


Controlled opposition groups – masks and channels for your dissatisfaction

I’ve noticed over the last few year the plethora of videos, campaigns, petitions and groups all designed to ‘unseat’ the status quo. They want a new world order, they just aren’t admitting whose NWO agenda this is. I’ve see it recently with this group: (source)

billion people revolution.jpg

This group is determined to have a ‘revolution’ – they are in fact inciting violence and acts which any normal person would call ‘terrorism’ – just the phrase Lone Wolves Prowl should warn you this is controlled opposition – nothing but a heavily backed organisation could claim that phrase and not be visited by the boys in blue (police), as it smacks of the ‘lone wolf’ shooters so often claimed to be the perpetrators of vile shooting sprees. Watch their video – just the music alone, you know they are trying to whip up your anger and emotions:

They espouse radical ideas for revolutionaries, and use the title ‘RULES FOR RADICALS’ which is a book title by one Saul Alinsky – a book he dedicated to lucifer himself. Here are their rules: (my emphasis added)

Eight ancient (and not-so-ancient) lessons for world revolutionaries:

1. There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all those who profit from the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in those who would profit from the new order — the lukewarmness arising partly from fear of adversaries who have the laws in their favor, and partly from the incredulity of mankind who do not believe in anything new unless they have had actual experience of it. —Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

2. A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another. —Mao Tse-tung, Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan

3. One’s concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one’s distance from the scene of conflict. —Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

4. The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy’s useful actions but allow his useless actions. —Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

5. It is bad to be led about by the enemy. You must always be able to lead the enemy about. —Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

6. The primary thing when you take a sword in your hands is your intention to cut the enemy, whatever the means. Whenever you parry, hit, spring, strike or touch the enemy’s cutting sword, you must cut the enemy in the same movement. It is essential to attain this. If you think only of hitting, springing, striking or touching the enemy, you will not be able actually to cut him. —Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

7. You decide your own level of involvement. —Tyler Durden, in Fight Club

8. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. —The Once-ler, in The Lorax (Dr. Seuss)

And notice, if you will, the agenda: (my emphasis added)

“In every major city of the world, we will come together in our rage, sorrow, compassion, defiance and determination. A revolutionary carnival against the whole dysfunctional system that keeps us on the brink of climate catastrophe, financial meltdown and World War Three.

Just as with so many previous movements, there is always a pro NWO element which they stick in to keep humanity moving in the direction their master satan desires. Yes, the banking system stinks, and absolutely we are on the brink of an unwanted war, but climate change? You are joking right? I mean that is so utterly discredited now that it’s laughable, but let’s paint all those who are against war and evil banking pratices as being pro the NWO climate change agenda. Right-on!


I have seen this again and again – a good film about the evils of banking ends with a tale of humanity’s ‘one-ness’ and our personal ‘divinity’ and how we can ‘choose’ a different path, and ‘change’ what is happening to us. Spiritual NWO New Age LIES!

I want to warn you now, if you cannot and will not accept Christ, and if you cannot and will not get right with God by placing yourself under the protection of His precious and perfect law, you are going to see strife like you have never known.

Whoever is behind the billion people march is the very same set of forces behind the NWO, WWIII, the New Age one-world religion and all the concomitant lies from the very father of lies himself.

Be warned!

God Bless you