Let me just juxtapose these two for you….

First of all take a look at pjama boy:

pajama boy
SJW in his onesie

And if you watch, say, ‘Big Bang Theory’ and other shows, yep this isn’t far from the mark these days. Young western men are far from the cowboy heroes of half a century ago.

Now take a look at these boys:

masai males.jpg
Young Masai tribesmen

Well they look nice, don’t they? Lovely traditional dress etc. Except….

Did you know that their rite of passage to manhood is to go and kill a lion, single handedly, with nothing but a piece of rope?

Borderless world, anyone?


So let me conclude by saying that your young men, America, Europe – this applies pretty much everywhere, really – aren’t going to stand a chance against these warriors in a borderless world.

They have faced down death (some of them do die, or are badly scarred), and your sons have done what exactly?

This isn’t a criticism – it’s just a horrible fact.

God Bless you


Hillary Clinton dropping out? Watch out this next month


Hmmm – I watched this video and thought, indeed the fact that anyone saw her ‘collapse’ was suspicious, but then the ‘double’? Well it’s simple, I think the woman was a double (if  for no other reason than the lack of security around her), but a double could only be present if you had planned for this…. so it begs the question why?

I have my suspicions about what the plan is with Mrs Clinton’s health, having watched her deterioration on show these last few weeks. All of this has been public enough that I think only two possible scenarios have any weight.

First of all Mrs Clinton could be just so desperate for power, to grasp that role as president which her elite pals have lined up for her, that she will narcissistically pretend to be well enough to do this job (when it’s pretty plain she is not). If her medications include any steroids, this could be relevant, as they are notorious for causing outrageous levels of self-belief, grandiosity etc. I met a man recently who’d been on steriods, and he’d bought a Porsche, and something else (another car I think) and his son had to come home from Australia to stop him buying an Aston Martin. I’m not trying to make excuses for Mrs Clinton, however – she has the best doctors, and they should know better than to allow a sick woman to run for president.

The second scenario is much more sinister, I’m afraid. I suspect strongly that this one is the more likely. What if you wanted to cause the election to be stopped? What if you needed to prevent the election, and the best way you could think of was to have Mrs Clinton drop out (possibly even ‘die’ – faked, or real) just in time to have to stop the election, knowing full well that this leaves Obama in charge. Could Obama sign himself into office for a period of time just on an executive order? Could this ‘dropping out’ of Mrs Clinton precipitate an historic third term for Obama? Could this be a fake election campaign knowing that martial law is about to be declared, or an alien landing faked (or the ‘return of the Messiah’)?

I have to say it’s easy to suppose there is more to this than meets the eye. Maybe there isn’t – maybe there is, but this next month is a crucial time for us all to be ready for a false flag or other operation designed to derail a Trump presidency.

God Bless you


Is Donald Trump a Freemason?

Update 22/1/21 here: Donald Trump is NOT a freemason – an update

I didn’t expect this – Farage and Trump on the same stage, and an excellent, if brief, speech by Farage – eloquent as always. Give it a watch:

At the end, however, Farage gives Trump a clearly Masonic handshake.

This is a normal handshake:


My screengrab:

trump farage.jpg

Masonic handshake:


So what is going on here? I was tempted to think that this was a band sign about Trump (you know, beyond his obvious Narcissism), but then I had a look a little deeper – trying to find any confirmation that Trump is indeed a Mason. This is what I found:

mason trump.jpg

Further answers on the same page concur: (source)

mason trumpb.jpg

I actually can’t imagine a man like Trump taking the time to go through the various degrees, can you? Yet this video (Link) claims he is a Mason, and at the end we see Trump RECEIVING a masonic handshake from Sean Hannity:

trump mason c.jpg

Is all this an attempt to discredit Trump? Or will the new boss be like the old boss?

If it’s to discredit Trump, then it’s likely that Farage’s handlers are in on the same plan. I have little time for Farage after he stepped down following the Brexit victory – at the time when he HAD the advantage, and had the mass following to PRESS that advantage, he stepped down. I believe he is a controlled opposition agent – allowed to do what the elites want, but no more. I believe that a bigger nationalist movement was quelled and defused by his antics, and that this was the main plan of his handlers. I’d like to be wrong, but I suspect I’m not. Only time will tell.

Whatever we may think of Trump, goodness he is going to win, and by a landslide. Ted Broer took a straw poll on some tourist buses in Montana and swiftly found that it was about 80% Trump voters! Unless rigged, he’s going to win this election, and I pray that this blesses the world, and not just the USA, because if Clinton wins we enter the dark ages. Civil war will swiftly follow a Clinton win, followed by the use of those blasted FEMA camps!

Trump, Narcissist, or not, means freedom for Americans.

God Bless you


Hillary Clinton – a morally bankrupt lawyer

The legal profession isn’t one many admire. Unless they do some good for you, well, they’ve probably done more harm than good is the prevailing view. When an ill wind seems to blow no good, you can be sure lawyers are rubbing their evil little hands with glee.

Hillary Clinton is one of them.

Please share this video.If you know anyone ignorant of her crimes (moral ones in particular) who is thinking of voting for this witch, please make sure they see this short video.

h/t to elliotlakenews.wordpress.com

God Bless you


Hillary Clinton’s health – why I do not believe she is having seizures

Hillary Clinton is a witch. I don’t think this is disputed – in her leaked emails she has written about sacrificing a chicken to Molech. Hillary Clinton also has indisputed bad health – in fact I have wondered whether she might have lung cancer for the amount of coughing she has been doing. I wanted to see her hands for any tell-tale signs, but there are none (spooning of the fingernails is a sign of lung cancer, although I understand only in later stages, and sometimes does not show up at all – it did not with my father).

So this recent speculation about whether she is having seizures I find rather bizarre. Her so-called seizures are nothing like any form of epilepsy I have ever seen or read about (and I studied this subject quite a lot many years ago).

Her head rolling and jerking are far more indicative of demonic possession, which, let’s face it, is likely in her position. All I have seen indicates a demonic origin, and not a physical one.

Like everyone else monitoring the American election run-up with ever increasing interest mingled, frankly, with dread and horror, I’ll be keeping my eye on Hillary Clinton.



I suggest we all do…. Please pray for her, I know it’s not easy, but we are called to do this.

God Bless you


Handed on a plate to Theresa May – the UK

Andrea Leadsom has bowed out of the race to be PM. The smear campaign against her was orchestrated by a (((media))) which had already chosen May to lead, and was prepared to use disgustingly underhand tactics to ensure it.

Theresa May is pledging ‘serious social reform’, and truly I say God help us all! Her work as Home Secretary brought in more and more draconian rules and regulations. Her words have a chilling echo of Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ – whatever the public want, May is there to deliver us into the hands of the Cabal.

Here she is, in case you hadn’t seen this before, simpering before a synagogue having just handed £11.5 Million of tax payer’s money to the Community Security Trust, which is the Jew’s private security and intelligence-gathering organisation.

theresa may crowned



What bothers me most is the thought that we are one step closer to this triumvirate:

hubble bubble

Only Clinton to go, and we’ll have our three ‘witches’ (Clinton is known to be a witch).

If this bothers you and you wonder where the men are, I’ve got you covered: Link


I have no more words for this.

God Bless you


As in the days of Noah….

This is a hard post to write – I’m not sure what I’m really saying here, but yet I feel drawn to this message today, so I hope it brings something to you, and please leave a comment to give some clarity to these meanderings if you feel you can add some thoughts, or some bible verses. Maybe I’m seeing something in these verses which I’m taking out of context, but, hey bear with me and let me know what you think.

Recently it has come to my attention that Theresa May, our feckless Home Secretary, might become PM. My immediate reaction was to think of what country in the world I could safely flee to – because I believe this woman is utterly evil. I will briefly explain why.

My Canadian boyfriend came to the UK, and when he needed medical treatment he was presented with a bill. Fine, no problem. But at his discharge appointment he was arrested, taken into detention, and kept there for five weeks before being sent back to Canada with a medical escort at goodness knows what cost. He had a return ticket of his own, but no, he wasn’t allowed to use it. He had a fixed address here with me, no he wasn’t allowed to stay here. He was kept in detention at a cost to the country of approximately £100 per day for five weeks, sent back to Canada on Air Canada on a ticket paid for by the British government – yes – all that so that they could also slap him with a ten year ban on returning to the UK. The trauma he suffered is one thing – you can only imagine what that does to a middle aged guy to be slapped in prison. What we discovered, however, during that time, was even more shocking.

Britain is not a signatory to the EU wide agreement on the limitation of detention for those awaiting deportation or seeking asylum. This means that they have a guy in Colnbrook Detention Centre who has been there for 8 years. 8 years in prison for what? Being a foreigner.

It also means, and I know this will shock you to your core, but the UK government actually chartered a flight to deport a young man – can’t have been more that about 19 years old, (Rich said he was like a London schoolboy) to Afghanistan. YES really – we deported a young man to a war zone where he had no contacts, and knew no-one. His parents are UK citizens, yet he has been deported after serving time in prison, we know not what for, but in the UK if you are foreign and you get in trouble and get a two years sentence they can deport you afterwards. He was too young to have been in prison long… just the minimum two years.

Then there was the tale of the Italian guy Rich met who had fallen on hard times, and had gone to someone in authority to ask them to just send him home. What did they do? Bearing in mind this guy was a pensioner – they threw him in detention and deported him.

Why is this all happening?

Because of evil.

In the end times, in Matthew 24:37, Jesus tells us that:

“But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

and in Genesis 6:5, we are told that in the days of Noah:

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

What concerns me is the potential for us, as believers, to fall into those thoughts because of our leaders’ evil acts. It’s all too easy to feel hate. All too easy to want, as many do now in the States after the Hillary fiasco, to ‘break the system’ – yes why not, some will think. I wrote before about ‘ethical drift‘, and I’ll quote:

“The scum that floats on our society is covering every inch – it is having a darkening effect on the once pure waters below. Those of us below, these days, are far more likely to join in with the unethical behaviour we see modelled for us by those on high – we have become resentful of any sense of duty to the country we once might have had – this is a real shame. We have been lead astray by those who the elites have put in charge.”

Ethical drift is ‘unregulated sin’ – something the law (legal statutes) don’t cover. In fact it is the very definiteion of legalism, since it knows the law and skirts it. It comes from evil in their hearts – and we are all becoming darkened by this cloud of evil over our heads.

I’m not going to paint myself as some kind of sweet-natured paragon of virtue on this subject – we all speed from time to time, we all do things which skirt the law – what worries me is that I now shout at the computer screen that Theresa May is a poisonous whore! (Don’t laugh! 😉 )

My thoughts are becoming tainted by negative experiences of authority.

We must somehow find a way to hold onto goodness in these dark times, because when Theresa May, Angela Markel and that evil b**** Hillary Clinton are running the show the world is going to get darker very, very fast.

Stories such as Rich’s are all too common. The Home Office has in it Immigration officers who I know lied to retain him in detention – Rich has the paperwork to prove it. Evil in high places needs to not become evil in our places. Somehow we must try to retain good wholesome thoughts in the face of an evil world, evil leadership and moral turpitude in our culture.

I don’t know how this can best be done, but I pray that God will guide me to have good thoughts, and so somehow, even through gritted teeth if necessary, bless those who rule over us.

God Bless you


Subliminal halos of the rich and famous

This might amuse you a little. Oh how often are the public fooled by little sublminial cues, into thinking our leaders are the good guys. These two made me chuckle today:

Tony Blair

halo 2
Mark Carney – Canadian Governor of the Bank of England

But wait, just do a quick search of ‘Obama halo’ and you will hit the motherload:

halo 3

Wow – did they wish to push this guy’s credentials as some kind of saint.

You may be relieved to find there is only one I can find (so far) of Hitlery:

clinton halo

Ugh! (Oh, and none of Donald Trump!)

I wonder if Obama will leave office after all….

God Bless you


Nancy Pelosi – does she know something about the potential for vote rigging?

Hmmm – what an interesting little video this is…

What do you think of that then? She ‘guarantees’ that Trump won’t be President? That is only possible if she’s confessing to KNOWING that the vote will be rigged, surely! Perhaps this quote from Stalin applies here:


I think if Trump doesn’t get in, a civil war will be started – maybe that’s their plan? I don’t know.

But what I want to share here is a little snippet I’ve not had the chance to share before.

Nancy Pelosi has what is known as Yang Sanpaku eye.

Whaty what what?

Take a quick look at the chart below:


The degree to which the white of the eye shows when someone is looking ahead is a sign of their state of wellbeing. Yin Sanpaku is the top four – the white of the eye shows decidedly between the pupil of the eye and the lower eyelid. The last one is the one to pay attention to – the whites are visible above and to the sides of the pupil. Nancy Pelosi has these:


And guess who else shares that trait? Little ‘Hitlery’ Clinton (the chosen, if Pelosi’s video above is anything to go by):


Very aggressive looking.

Just in case you think that reference to this as Yin and Yang is a departure for this Christian blog – these are qualities of people’s being. A man SHOULD be yang – males who are healthy display this energy. Yin is the feminine energy, which when in imbalance is very unhealthy in a man, and is much healthier for a woman. A woman should not be too masculine or Yang – you can see the issue here! Yin and Yang are just names which the Chinese applied to these qualitites, so this isn’t something to get worried by. These women have taken their male Yang energy to the uttermost – to dangerous levels. I suspect they both have demons in control of them.

Thanks to Whale.to for this info – you can read more about Sanpaku eyes and see more picture here: Link

God Bless you


Trump versus Clinton – a match made in high places

I have a concern. It really hit me yesterday how a cruel deception MIGHT be playing out in America right now. I pray I’m wrong, but hear me out.

You see yesterday I watched this video, by John Oliver:

and I suddenly could see a scenario play out which would provide a one horse race for the ‘chosen’ candidate (not chosen by you, the public, but by whoever is running things behind the scenes…)

Picking on a narcissist like Trump is not hard – the man is clearly very fond of himself to put it mildly. This doesn’t make him a bad candidate – it’s far more honest to be a narcissist whose ego might prevent him from doing a bad job (?) than to be one of the 6% like Obama and Clinton – I certainly suspect they are, anyway.

However, what I realised was that if Trump versus Clinton becomes the mainstream match, it’s going to be a very destructive campaign. These two have both got long histories of bad behaviour (see how nice I am putting it like that? 😉 ) To pull out the stops and get the media to destroy one candidate, it’s more likely to be Trump they destroy, leaving only one horse in the race – Clinton.

Did you even know there was an alternative candidate? An independent by the name of Tom Hoefling, a Christian, no less. You can look at his information on his website at www.tomhoefling.com

If this presidential campaign turns out to be as amoral as I suspect it will be, then perhaps Christians should vote with their conscience, and leave the presidency to God.

What are your thoughts? Did you even know about Tom Hoefling? I heard him on Hagmann and Hagmann’s radio show.

God Bless you