If this is an “outrage” what does that mean?

You do know it’s OK to be white, don’t you? We’re the smallest race on earth at just 6.5% of the world’s population. Our lives matter, but according to the hard left media and their goons at Burnley police, to say that white lives matter is tantamount to a crime (and believe me, if they can find anything to pin on these guys, they will).

Yes, they are “outraged”:


And in case you think this is a one off reaction, take a look at this tweet:

All lives do not matter, white lives do not matter – no only Marxist lives matter, because BLM is not about blacks, it’s using blacks to take down capitalism. That much is clear from the appalling reactions that black conservatives have had to their words in response to BLM. We are being tsunamied with lies in the media and on our television – obviously all lives matter!

But the “outrage” continues!

Oh dear:


I am not a one for honours, nor am I one for images, but come on! This is biblical!

In 2 Samuel 22:41 is read, as part of David’s song of deliverance:

You have also given me the necks of my enemies, So that I destroyed those who hated me.

2 Samuel 22:41 NKJV

We have GOT to stop this Marxist tide of FILTH before it’s too late – but how? Only repentence will deliver us, only humility before our God! Silence in the face of this evil will NOT quell it. But any words, any actions without God – without walking rightly with Him are USELESS!

To finish, I’m going to add Zachary Bauer’s latest video – he’s just started doing a series to rebut the recent piece by Wretched on the Hebrew Roots movement:

Please watch to the end – Zach makes it so clear, and puts it well. We only have to look around us to see that lawlessness has NOTHING to do with man’s laws – it’s God’s laws which matter.

God’s Laws Matter – maybe it’ll catch on!

God Bless you


Does Amazon support genocide? We’re about to find out…

I came across this image the other day:

I wondered, today, whether the scrawling out of the faces was real, and part of the cover image, or whether it was something done for the photograph. I wasn’t prepared for what I found, and read. (Link)

It states in the first paragraph:

Climate catastrophe, police brutality, white genocide, totalitarian rule and the erasure of black history provide the backdrop for stories of love, courage and hope.

So I reported the book to Amazon – if you scroll down the page, you’ll see a band where there are three options, please report this book in your own country, and let’s see if we can get it banned.

No one of any race should be subject to genocide, and genocide should never be talked about as if it’s something which has a positive outcome.

Please take a moment to let Amazon know that you don’t want it to support genocide.

God Bless you


“Year Zero” brings a false history to destroy the white race

It’s no secret that the NWO intends to flood Europe with African migrants – the plans are all in place, and the UN has even produced a video to persuade us that this is a “good thing”:

Note the use of the language: “irregular” migration (not illegal?).

And alongside this migration we have also seen the beginnings of new and ever bigger lies being told to us by so-called scientists. How about this one?:

anti white

Yes, folks, that is propaganda at it’s finest. Let’s just invite Africa to come and live in Europe and then sow the lie that they were always here – indeed, as this video shows, that they believe they were the foundation of our civilisation:

The short answer to the question, “Did Africans build Europe?” is no, they didn’t.

But this lie serves a purpose – it’s not an idle activity, pushing all this propaganda on us. It’s for a real and genuine plan – the plan to kill all white people (or breed us out of existence).

If you’re not sure that’s the end game, you only have to look at South Africa, where this lie, propagated over a few generations, has led to barbaric murders of whites, and inaction by government to stop it.

Persuading blacks that come to Europe that we stole that land from them in some mythical past, will be the catalyst for the destruction of our people on a mass scale here. It’s perhaps one generation away.

Are you going to resist? It is already almost impossible to speak the truth publicly, yet are you sharing this truth in private? It isn’t easy. Those of us who love our race must stick together against these lies.

May God wake up our people before it’s too late.

God Bless you


Karin Smith needs our help

I wrote some time ago about Karin Smith’s accident and medical situation. I quote from there (Link).

Karin was one of the first people I ever heard speak about the horrors of South Africa’s white genocide. She spoke bravely about the, frankly, unspeakable – even though it upsets her to talk about the tortures and murders which take place daily there.

Karin moved to the US with her American husband, but a while ago was hit while in her car, side on, by an illegal, and she was injured badly. She has now begun surgery to fix the damage. She is convalescing right now from the first round of surgery, but has more to go, and needs some financial support and, of course, prayers!

I heard yesterday through Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s show that Karin has numerous trapped nerves and has had to have emergency surgery. She may be facing life in a wheelchair. This brave lady deserves all we can give her – whether you are able to donate, or whether you are able to pray – please do what you can to help this stalwart to continue the valuable work she has started in highlighting the terrible plight of whites in South Africa.

You can donate through her website: www.radiofreesouthafrica.com and if you do so please mark the donation “medical” so that she knows it is to go towards her medical costs (as she has no medical insurance).

God Bless you


Casual racism

Anti-white racism is casually thrown into the media without any level of concern at all. It’s also permitted on social media without censure. In fact it’s fine for anyone to insult white people on the basis of their skin colour. Yet we are the smallest race on earth – a true minority.

Here are a few examples which I’ve gathered over the last few months – I’m sharing them today because of Trevor Noah’s comments which got a prime spot on the Daily Mail homepage without any criticism at all. Whites are fair game…

Casual racism

casual racism 8

casual racism 7

casual racism 6

casual racism 5

casual racism 4

casual racism 3

casual racism 2

white supremacy


racism 101

racism starbucks


casual racism


racism is only by whites


Don’t mention the war (on whites)!

There’s a real and genuine conspiracy going on, and heaven forfend if you notice it, and question the weirdness of continually being bombarded with images of black and white mixed race couples on random articles. It’s rare to see anyone question it in the comments, so I was pleased to see someone even notice it.

This was the article: (Link)

misceg 4.jpg

It’s also noticeable that this couple are NOT in a bed at all. No matter – they have the right colouring to be “right on” with the Marxists in charge.

Here is the top comment: (note the comments are NOT moderated)

top comment misceg.jpg

That comment got a lot of replies. Some accused her/him of being racist. Many also agreed these images are all too common, and you’ll notice the first reply correctly identifies this as a Marxist affirmative action goal. I tried to add (carefully, using spaces in between the letters to avoid filters): “K a l e r g i Plan. Look it up”

It didn’t appear. I tried again. “K a l e r g i  P l a n – look it up”

It also didn’t appear. This means that the Daily Mail has set up a filter for that word (including spaces). This shows their complicity! Within the comments on their articles we must not notice the actual conspiracy – the war on whites – we must not raise it and we cannot name it: The Kalergi Plan.

That it is real and is happening is no longer up for debate. In fact it’s so in our faces now that we can be sure they really think we’re utterly stupid and a bit more miscegenation propaganda won’t go amiss.

May God help us – and may He forgive us for all the ways in which we have allowed satan to lead us astray and away from His law.

God Bless you


The countdown to South Africa’s famine begins…

Land expropriation has begun. Taking land away from “privileged” whites and giving it to blacks is supposed to be a way to “make up for” the past “wrongs” of whites. However, the white farmers feed and support South Africa, and very few blacks farm successfully. Taking land is what the black population wants to do because it sees what the whites have created with it. They think that buildings and irrigation systems and machinery just “are” – the concept of maintenance, the idea of having to continually work on a property to keep it nice – this doesn’t cross the minds of most SA blacks. It would be the equivalent of giving a stately home in Britain to someone with no idea how to budget, let alone any knowledge of the continual round of works which must be done to stop the roof from leaking.


So a tragedy is going to unfold – a famine will come in the land if this policy continues. I pray that white farmers will be able to get a deal from the government which will allow them enough money to leave South Africa with their lives and their families intact. I have heard that Russia and Australia are offering expedited VISAs to help South African white farmers move to a safe refuge. I hope this policy will be extended to other countries.

I also pray for the rest of the whites of South Africa – that they will survive, that they will fight and that they will win. I pray that the leadership will finally see sense and stop all this nonsense before that great country is reduced to a hollowed out (by bankers) disaster.

You can read more here: Link

God Bless you


Traitor: Macron urges Europeans to reject the “leprosy” of self-will

Oh goodness! What a slimeball!

Talks are underway with UN agencies over plans to set up so-called ‘regional disembarkation platforms’ in countries like Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia. 

The European Commission said it envisaged deals that fully protect migrants rescued at sea, under a proposal that will be debated at next week’s EU summit in Brussels.  […]

It comes as French President Emmanuel Macron warned that populism was spreading across Europe like ‘leprosy’ and that Europeans should fight more vigorously instead of criticising the actions of pro-European governments like his.


Yes, you read that right – talks are underway to create camps for MIGRANTS – you’ll notice they don’t even try calling them refugees anymore. The plan is white genocide, coming to a country where YOU LIVE. And Macron is telling us to embrace our NWO future. No thanks. (I note on the article that the comments are moderated in advance – i.e. the agenda must be protected, and you aren’t going to get your voice heard. No wonder we are all “populists” now!)

Bible quote time:

Revelation 17:15

And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

Revelation 12:15-16

And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

Yes, they are coming, they are meant to destroy us, and this is a judgement of God. We must repent if we are to be protected in the time to come.


Genocide by white feminism and female “empowerment”


I saw this headline today, and unlike the usual stories in the Daily Mail where there seems to be a lot of interest in couples, for example, but only if they are mixed race (promoting the Kalergi Plan) this one was different. This one was about the women who are going to save the world by not having kids (even though they want to).

And three out of four of them are white.

Because whites breeding (in spite of being the smallest race on earth) is just something the MSM and their masters don’t want to encourage. I quote:

Oonagh Dalgliesh is the first to admit she feels broody. She is enchanted by the idea of watching a baby grow up, of marvelling at that first crooked smile, those tentative first steps and the fledgling attempts at independence that melt most mothers’ hearts.

Even so, she has decided she will never experience the joy of discovering she is pregnant.

At 32, Oonagh is certainly of child-bearing age. With a well-paid job as an events manager, she is financially solvent. And for the past year, she has been in a serious relationship with a man who is longing to become a dad.

So what has prompted this momentous decision? Put simply? Her desire to save the planet.

‘Humans are the greatest single driver of climate change and greenhouse gas contributions, of deforestation and the acidity of the oceans,’ she explains earnestly.

‘The only thing that will fix these problems is to have fewer people on the planet. I don’t see it’s justified to make more people than we already have. Yes, I have a maternal instinct, but I will never change my mind.’


So she is dating a man who wants kids, but won’t consider his needs or wants? Yeah.

She’s an empowered female. She thinks it’s her decision, but really it’s a decision which has been forged in the false narratives she’s read and believed. The elites would be so proud to read this piece – their lies and propaganda have infiltrated the very minds they want to destroy – the minds of white people. Because it’s not just her life she’s ruining, it’s her partner’s too.

When the Daily Mail depicts relationships it depicts race mixing:

promoting misc.jpg
Promoting miscegenation – the Daily Mail

People who sleep eight hours have more orgasmic sex | Daily Mail Online

and when they depict childless women in a manufactured “positive light” they are white. The genocide of whites is a real plan – it’s the Kalergi Plan.

Feminism was the first step – emboldening women to go and get their own jobs (become tax payers), and have their own money (emasculate their husbands), become consumers of goods designed and sold to them (creating a waste crisis – Read: I need to write about soap dishes) and even in the midst of this they were dissatisfied. Do you think Eve was satisfied? Not once she’d been presented with forbidden fruit.

Next came free love (promiscuity) and the promotion of homosexuality for men (“What harm can it do?”), and then abortion (“healthcare”) and then divorce. Each step played out in their front rooms for them to absorb and internalise – watching the Hollywood lies and feeling ever more dissatisfied with their lot. It became more and more about Me Me Me! The narcissism this engendered in women is something which has had far-reaching consequences for the following generations. Divorce became inevitable, and women wanted freedom. They broke their homes – their children becoming more and more incapable of maintaining their own relationships as a consequence.

Now it’s transgenderism in children (manifesting the mother’s narcissism), and the supposed ecological crisis of “climate change”.

Women are easily persuaded into the most foolish of beliefs by appeals to their feelings, their emotions. It’s not rational, it’s not sensible and it’s deeply destructive.

Bit by bit women have led a march – a march into absolute slavery. How far contrary to God have we walked?

We have walked so far from God that in my country you dare not open your mouth to criticise what is obviously wrong. We have 900 police in London looking out for hate crimes on social media whilst machete gangs roam the streets mugging, wounding, stabbing and killing innocent people. The crime crisis is there for a reason too – because multiculturalism DOESN’T WORK! But we got that through female empowerment too.

Tragically in all this the people who have lost out most of all are, you guessed it, women.

Because giving in to our whims has only temporarily sated out need to not feel dissatisfied, we are easily persuaded to feel dissatisfied all over again over something else. We have also lost the ability to get and keep a man – many women are so battered and bruised from dating that they are almost incapable of romantic love past the age of 35. We’ve gone about getting that which is most fulfilling the wrong way. We ignored God’s way, and did it “our” way – which is really satan’s way. In the process we have destroyed men, masculinity and the next generation.

Once upon a time we added our strength to our husband’s – we wanted to be the women of Proverbs 31! We knew our husbands should be respected, and they were our leaders (so we didn’t burn out with stress). We’ve made ourselves and our fellow men very unhappy indeed.

Satan is delighted, and even the church fails to stand against the wrongs done and promoted.


Virtue signalling the royal family – and a bit more on race and the lost tribes of Israel


Did you happen to read recently that our Queen Elizabeth is related to Mohammed? No? Well indeed someone has managed to find a link – sure to please the diversity crowd no end.


But as if that wasn’t bad enough (why do I say bad? wait…) we are now faced with the press drawing parallels between Queen Charlotte (wife of George III) and Meghan Markle, soon to be a Duchess of the realm.

Queen Charlotte is reputed to be “mixed race” – yes, this is the claim. Here’s a picture of her:

queen charlotte.jpg

She was described (rather cruelly, in my view) as being famously ugly. However, she has large features which might make one think she was mixed race. Until you look at her parents:

Look at their features! Of course their daughter resembles them. But there’s a rumour – yes a rumour, that Charlotte is mixed race, and here’s what the salivating Guardian has to say on the matter:

It is a great “what if” of history. “If she was black,” says the historian Kate Williams, “this raises a lot of important suggestions about not only our royal family but those of most of Europe, considering that Queen Victoria’s descendants are spread across most of the royal families of Europe and beyond. If we class Charlotte as black, then ergo Queen Victoria and our entire royal family, [down] to Prince Harry, are also black … a very interesting concept.”


This revision of history, or the desire to do so, you will note goes only one way – yes, against whites. Whites are to be expunged from history where possible – their (our!) crowning achievements are to be ripped from us, and our cherished history re-written. And they wonder why more and more whites are standing up and saying  “It’s OK to be white.”

Diversity is about destroying us, and as we are the lost tribes of Israel you can bet this will continue apace – what will stop it? What can stop it? Only repentence and returning to the LORD and to OBEDIENCE!

I find, as an end note, that almost every race on earth APART from whites is more humble and willing to be obedient to God than we are. Even amongst those whites who profess to know Christ, mostly they will not obey the word of God – they call it legalism. Yet Joseph Dumond has been welcomed in Africa and in the Philipines – those people love and are willing to obey the LORD – they will be saved, and what wonderful people they are!

All the time white atheists are helping satan to destroy my people, and I can do nothing but write these posts – I’m sorry in a way that I am mostly preaching to the choir! I can only hope that they reach those who are willing to read them and heed the warnings.

Oh and as for my white friends – they are mostly non-believers. One couple are telling their children to not have kids. All that while they plan their dotage surrounded by their children and the benefits they bring. They are selfish, yes – they are foolish too. Everything they have worked for will be lost, but as long as they are cared for in THEIR old age, what difference does it make to the world, or to their children? I can only keep encouraging them to think differently. I am glad they don’t mind me speaking my mind.

God Bless you