Why did Fascism fail?

We have been told that Fascism was bad. In fact those who began the movement are shunned and derided by the media even today. One amongst them was Sir Oswald Mosley. He and his British Union of Fascists stood against war, and believed in a United Europe of individual nations. He wanted no more “brother wars”. This is an admirable aim.

I watched this video the other day, and apart from the obvious reverence it has for Mosley, you get to hear a lot of him in his own words. It’s well worth a watch.

This article also appeared around the same time, and I thought it fascinating. I urge you to read it all (link below), but I quote from there:

First and foremost, Fascism is an economic system in which a nation’s government plays a central role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labor activity which takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose of safeguarding & advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity unless that business has a positive impact on the nation as a whole and the people of the nation – this is the axiom which determines everything within the economic aspect of Fascism.

In other words, the government asks, “Is XYZ Enterprises good for our nation and our people?” If yes, it’s approved. If no, it’s not approved. When they ask, “Is it good?”, they mean, “Is XYZ Enterprises good for the workers, do they pay a fair wage, do they produce a product or provide a service which advances our nation & our people technologically, morally, spiritually, health-wise, etc???” For example, a pornography company would not be allowed because pornography corrupts people generally and exploits & degrades women particularly. Also, “free” trade agreements (such as what the U.S. has with China) would never be allowed because such trade agreements result in companies sending jobs overseas (where labor is dirt cheap). Such an activity, of course, would undermine a nation’s labor class. This is entirely unacceptable and thus not allowed under a Fascist economic model.

Fascism is based on free enterprise – but with constraints (the primary constraint being, “Is the particular economic activity in question good for our nation/people?”). Also, a businessman can become wealthy in a Fascist country, and the government has no objection to this (this is in stark contrast to Communism). Fascism also encourages private ownership of property (again, in stark contrast to Communism where private property is not allowed). (Link)

That all sounds pretty good. When you listen to Sir Oswald Mosley you cannot help but be moved by the power and wisdom of his words. Fascism is in the interest of the people – it supports free enterprise as long as that does not harm the people. It’s a philosophy, if you like, of growing. It’s a growth mindset – growth of a strong and stable people with their culture and their minds protected from filth so often peddled by, well let’s face it, Marxists/Communists and their ilk.

So why did it fail. You are going to take the words out of my mouth, I’m sure. Because God was not in it, because we, as a people, had turned our backs on God. It is one thing to call yourself a Christian, it’s another thing to walk with God and keep His commandments and His statutes. This we did not do – and so the healthy and well run country we could have had, perhaps, under Fascism was replaced with every despicable lust legalised. We ended up with war followed by debauchery (homosexuality, feminism, abortion) where we could have had strength and peace – and all because we thought we could do it of ourselves. We, as a Fascist nation could stand like the Tower of Babel – doing it for ourselves in the face of God, and God would rightly not allow it.

When we design a utopia, which Fascism could have been (much more than Communism), we stand in direct opposition to God when His Law is not our law.

Praise God that His Law stands forever. Praise God for the revelation of His words to so many again today. Praise God that He is merciful to those who love and trust in Him.

God Bless you


Symbolism is not coincidence – the “Gender Unicorn”

Oh my. It can be easy to let folks off the hook when symbolism appears ‘misused’, yet I believe that where we notice symbolism it is indeed a sign! God wants us to be aware of the agenda. And believe me there’s an agenda…

The latest foray into destructive Cultural Marxist social engineering for children is the ‘Gender Unicorn’:


Now, just ignore the rest of the form here – just notice the Unicorn. The Unicorn is thinking a ‘rainbow’ – first of all the rainbow (God’s symbol perverted for modern consumption) is a symbol NOT of all sexualities, but ONLY of perverted sexualitites. It is symbolic of the LGBTQ etc. crowd. So you’re starting off on something which is deliberately designed to queer students thoughts about themselves.

But the most prominent fact about the Unicorn is the occult significance of using that beast. I’ve mentioned the Unicorn in previous posts – particularly one about Illuminati clothing. I quote from there:

I start with their ‘Unicorn offering’ – there were so many more than these, and the Unicorn, according to Constance Cumbey, is significant to the New Age Movement (I quote from her book A Planned Deception)

a planned deception snippet

So beware, this isn’t just make believe for kids, this is a powerful force spiritually being invoked for evil purposes.

So here we have that symbolism turning up on clothing the unsuspecting public wears, signalling their willingness, in absence of knowing what they are ‘consenting’ to!

So now the agenda becomes more open and more obvious.This agenda is the DESTRUCTION of gender norms – in fact to turn every child into a confused, off balance, disconcerted little snowflake/Narcissist in order to destroy western civilisation. Let me be clear – white western civilisation.

unicorn gender

Because this isn’t going to be tried on African nations, nor in China, for example. It’s also not going to work on immigrants coming to Europe. Oh no. African and/or Muslim migrants aren’t going to bow to this insanity. Did you know in South Africa, lesbians are raped – gang raped – to “straighten them out”? Can you imagine what these bastards will do to your confused and vulnerable children when they become the majority in the once-great-now-introspective-snowflake-land of Europe? I hate to think.

So, what to do?

In another previous article, I wrote:

We must speak while we can – because the gag is coming soon – we will be silenced on this as we have been on homosexuality. We will be stopped from speaking the truth because they don’t want to hear it.

These are the times we must remember that Christianity is repellent to those who have strongholds of evil. We can, however, pray for them.

All this has come to pass so fast – this slide into filth and evil. What will we, who are holding onto the truth, do when we are faced with a generation of vulnerable, messed up children, many damaged beyond repair. I’m afraid we will be at the mercy of the elites, and these, their pawns.

So please avoid symbols and images in your own home. Don’t allow that evil Unicorn into your child’s pencil case, or onto your child’s favourite stationery or clothing – keep these symbols and their occult, demonic strongholds, out of your homes and lives. And pray.

God Bless you


My most viewed post might surprise you

I just want to put the most viewed post on my blog since day one into the spotlight for a moment.

Demonised otherkin and body modification

There must be  a reason why this post gets so much traffic. I know it’s been shared numerous times by those who disagree with it (hence the comments it’s had), but I also know it’s being viewed almost every week, and several times each time. I’ve never had a post come close for its traffic levels, and so to get back into the subject, I went and re-read it.

I wondered if there was anything to add to it after all this time? I could only think of one thing – of course transgender.

Yet transgender is mainstream now, guys! I mean, really – you can be anything you want (not yet a Unicorn, but maybe someday soon).

And who is involved in this travesty? But The Tavistock Centre – part of our publicly funded NHS.

transgender lies tavistock.jpg

Are they connected to the very same Tavistock Institute which has messed with our heads through its psyops since it was founded? I don’t know…

So very soon it will be illegal to state that transgender is wrong, that this is demonic, and that these poor folks need prayers, they need counselling, and they need a strong dose of truth, and not to be pandered to in ways which will raise their suicide risk to 41%

No boy who thinks he’s a girl ever is. No girl who thinks she’s a boy ever is. They just have a desire to avoid being what God made them. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t.

Yet we also know that antidepressants have a strong correlation with transgender feelings,and I’ve written about it before. Link

In a decade or so we’ll have stall for the Unicorns too – and you’ll be clapped in irons (oh the irony) if you dare to so much as doubt the veracity of their ‘wisdom’

The surgery these folks want to have to become ‘themselves’ is no different to the black tattoed eyeballs of the demonic guys pictured in my original article on otherkin and body modification – indeed it will become accepted as a form of body modification, rather than what it is – a spiritual sickness mediated, quite possibly, by pharmakeia in the form of antidepressants.

We must speak while we can – because the gag is coming soon – we will be silenced on this as we have been on homosexuality. We will be stopped from speaking the truth because they don’t want to hear it.

These are the times we must remember that Christianity is repellent to those who have strongholds of evil. We can, however, pray for them.

God Bless you


An open letter to the Soldiers of Odin

I appreciate the desperation that all Europeans who are awake and aware must feel  regarding the influx of violent and oppressive Islamist ‘refugees’. It’s disgraceful that this has occurred and continues to be accepted by our governments. The issue here is that you, allying yourselves to the Norse god Odin, are allying yourselves to the very same demonic god that the Islamists worship – namely Satan.

There is ONLY one True God, His name is YHWH, and if you ally yourself to Him, and humble yourself before Him, He will fight for you.

Two factions, each being run by the devil cannot succeed in creating any good. Odin is a false god.

Oh and before anyone tries to tell me that my God isn’t all that – let me be clear, I have EXPERIENCED my God. He has performed miracles for me! Read the Old Testament and you will see how God acted – He was not a silent or inactive God, He was Mighty! El Gibbor! Mighty God!

I have witnessed my God – have you witnessed yours?

Who will act to save Europe? Will it come from two demons fighting, or from the very Creator being worshipped?

Please reconsider your allegiance – the very future of Europe depends upon it.

God Bless you


A prayer request

Could I ask you to pray for me? I seem to have come under attack because I am going to church! This has happened to me before, and it’s very frustrating. I go to church and then either I cannot sleep (two nights in a row now) or get ill! Do you think the devil might not want me to have fellowship with other Christians? I think so!

As we are battling – against the unseen – would you please pray for me? For at least the clarity and wisdom to see where this is coming from? Thank you.

God Bless you


NHS psychiatrist tells patient she needs deliverance – now being struck off!

It doesn’t pay you to be a Christian in the so-called ‘caring professions’ – from nurses who have been sacked for offering to pray for a patient, to this poor chap who sincerely recommended a patient seek help with a spiritual problem – well, speaking the truth can be bad for your career. (Link)


This man is probably entirely correct in his assessment – certainly drugs are no cure for any psychiatric condition, let alone a spiritual one! However, the bible is full of stories of deliverance, and the church is full of folks who have experienved deliverance.

This man believes the bible – please pray for him and for his patient who needs it very much too.

God Bless you


The loneliness of the long-distance runner – a metaphor for the Christian walk?

I was reminded of this book title the other day:

long distance runner.jpg

How often do we, as followers of God, feel alone on a long and difficult journey?

I think I feel that very keenly.

In my time as a Christian, I have met many wonderful people, some of whom are around still, and some of whom are only recently arrived, and all are such a blessing, but some of whom turned out to be cursed and brought all their difficulties into my life, marring what I was so desperate to keep clean for my own (newly-won) safety.

I was thinking the other day of friendships, and how we need to exercise some caution when opening our hearts, homes and lives to new people. This isn’t to sound paranoid, just that new friends don’t come with a card from the re-homing shelter saying ‘hates other dogs’ or anything else so helpful. They come in sometimes with secret bags of very dirty laundry which smells and you don’t realise until piece by piece they are washing that laundry in your friendship, creating waves of drama you didn’t expect. Sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes it’s simple, exhilarating, refreshing and wonderful. Sometimes you actually get to help, or at least support, but when do you stop if you can’t, and how do you extricate yourself from the bonds that get created during the ‘honeymoon’ of shared connections and shared dreams?

This is a question I haven’t yet got answers to. I do know that cursed individuals in your life can act like a foot in the door to everything you’ve been trying to keep closed and out – allowing in demonic activity in areas you thought you’d got fixed.

For me it’s always financial – I can tell when I have someone cursed in my circle of friends. My income will drop significantly, and stay down if I don’t act. This isn’t just about frienships either – I once got involved in a business I thought had great potential, and very quickly things began to go wrong. I noticed the drop in my income, and called the guy up. I told him frankly that I suspected he had a curse on him, and could I help?

He told me he believed that if he had the golden egg, that on the way to sell it he’d drop it and break it. If he had a golden egg the bottom of the market for golden eggs would drop out before he could sell it, making it worthless. This was his experience in life.

He told me that he’d been about to go into business with a man who died suddenly just before the paperwork was signed for their venture. His luck – if you want to call it that – was appalling.

I offered to help, and I never heard from him again.

My income went back up.

So how do we know, and how do we deal with other people’s curses? If you’re within a church, I hope that church is involved in deliverance ministry (unlikely in the UK), because then you have back up to help the person you know needs that help. Deliverance, however, without acknowledging the sins (and even the sins of the fathers) that brought it on is to fail to deal with it fully. If the curse is not dealt with, you have to find a way to break away from what is ultimately a fruitless relationship.

No-one wants to be that friend – the one who turns their back. No-one. We all want to rescue those we see in peril. We want to ensure they get saved, get clear, stay clear. But some people are under a strong delusion sent by God. Nothing you do will change that. If you stay and try to help, you will be harmed, and you may even risk God’s wrath.

Can anyone help me out here with some bible verses which talk about this issue? This isn’t an issue of being unequally yoked in many respects, some of these folks are church-going Christians – they just simply don’t recognise the need to deal with their past, often because they are under the impression that once you are saved/baptised/in the body of Christ, that somehow you are made clean. That is not from the mouth of Yeshua, who taught the LAW! The law tells you what sin is, and you must repent of that sin. That we have grace is true, but to say grace covers all sin without acknowledgement and repentence of that sin is naive and unscriptural.

So the journey we have, when we know this, can be quite lonely, and quite painful – leaving behind those who can’t be around us without harming our walk. I don’t think this is true for all Christians – I believe that some Christians are made of a special kind of stuff and can help the lost more effectively – but not in relationship with them, in counselling them. I know that I am quite easily influenced, and so I tend to stay away from those who want to mould me – whether they are a typical bad indfluence, offering booze and swearing, or whether they are Christians with a particular colour of doctrine which I don’t accept – there is always the desire to ‘fit in’ and please our friends! I have to remember to please God!

No conclusions here – no answers, just a painful moment of recognition that walking with God can be a lonely place.

God Bless you



Otto Koning – a great collection! MUST WATCH

Otto Koning was a missionary in the jungles of Indonesia, and his experiences are such wonderful examples for us Christians today! I commend these videos to you, and suggest you bookmark this post and come back so you can watch them all!

God Bless you