The world in 2025 (according to the elites)

I’ve written before about the information provided on, and today I noted someone had looked at that post (Link), and so I went back to Deagel to see what the latest updates are. This will shock you, but just get your head around the fact that this information is the elite’s plan. It’s not a forecast based on anything but their evil plans to destroy certain countries, and bring about a one-world government.

Who exactly? The sources of Deagel’s information are none other than, and I quote:

“Sources: US Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, World Bank and European Union.”


Let’s take a look, because it makes for interesting reading: (You can check all the info, and see the rest of the other 209 countries here: Link)

Ok, let’s start with the US


Population falls from 324 million, to 54 million? An 83.2% drop! With all the immigration going on? And look at the military budget: down from $612 billion to just $8 billion. Hmmm.

Let’s look at Russia:

Russia 2025

Russia’s population staying pretty stable. Military spending goes from $64 billion to $154 billion?! Oh, I see, these buzzards are determined to try and start WWIII?!

Now Japan. Remember that Fukushima pollutes the place still daily:


Population drop is smaller than the US, but still significant, from 127 million people down to 109 million. Military spending goes from $44 billion down to $17 billion. Wait, did Japan just overtake the US as a military world power? Hmmm

How about Germany, how do they envision (and plan) that migrant influx to help the ageing population then?

Germany 2025

Oh, so 50 million people will be lost, huh? Military spending will go from $42 billion to just $7.6 billion. France will be spending far more at $16 billion….

And my country. Li’l old England? The UK’s forecast looks appalling:


This country with just 14 million people living in it? A 78.4% drop? Military budget slashed from $51 billion to a mere $1.3 billion. What on earth do they have planned for us?

More importantly, what does God have planned for us? What are our sins, and can we turn away His wrath with sincere repentance. If our HEARTS change towards God, and we turn to Him full of remorse, He may spare us, but this judgement, should it come to pass, will be deserved.

If you are a believer, you are going to need to be ready to leave.

I don’t think there is anything else to say.

God Bless you


7 thoughts on “The world in 2025 (according to the elites)”

  1. All the Anglo saxon, protestant first world countries must go according to the elites. Europe, Australia, Norway, New Zealand and of course the U.S. will be obliterated. The countries who survive and thrive according to Deagle are the 3rd world countries.

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  2. I’ve been curious as to exactly why they hate white European ancestry so much….why are they flooding us with refugees to dilute the white gene pool? Not that anyone is better than anyone else…but it sure is curious why there is such a war on white ppl. If you believe the lost tribes of Israel are white and spread out across Europe it starts to perhaps make some sense. It’s always been about the bloodline for them.

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    1. Yeshua said that He came for the ‘lost sheep of the house of Israel’, and when you think how much of Europe was Christian centuries ago, and now we’ve certainly had a ‘great falling away’ into atheism etc. It says nothing good about whites that this is true, and I believe it is. It is a sign of why we are under judgement. Thanks for the link, I’ll give that a watch.

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      1. Yes, I just recently learned about the lost tribes of Israel being caucasian/European ancestry….I had not known this before….but now it all makes alot of sense why they are so obssessed with wiping us out. The video link is nothing special. I just wasnt sure if you were aware of it so I googled videos on it and just chose one. I havent watched the whole thing but the guy seems really interesting

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      2. I have suspected it for a while. One thing that made me wonder was this couple of articles:
        When combined with this curious piece about Jews in ancient China, I wondered even more.
        I believe that as Christians and whites are the only people on earth to have zero protection from verbal etc. attacks, there also has to be a link there.

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      3. Wow thanks for those links. I just read Part 1 of the first one there and its excellent! Looking forward to the rest.

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