No Jab, No Pay? That has to be the Mark of the Beast

Please click on the link in the above text and watch the video.

Please be aware that this vaccine is NOT a traditional vaccine but an RNA vaccine which genetically modifies humans to produce antibodies. The company making it calls these vaccines “software for life”.

Do not take the jab. All vaccines are unclean, anyway – containing dog and monkey cells. That’s a no from me!

God Bless you


The dangers of ignorance, and why it’s engineered into society and the media

Why does the press lie to us daily? Why are doctors lauded, when poisoning patients with chemotherapy? Why are stories showing an alternative approach to living always skewed to make the subjects seem irrational?

Social engineering requires a steady stream of lies. It’s hard to believe just how many things we’re lied to about every day, but in this world, which satan is the god of, is there anything we should trust? Our ignorance is very dangerous, but it’s also absolutely necessary for evil to flourish and succeed:

GMOs: Those who know how bad they are for the environment, and people, and the soil microbiome won’t eat them. Those who eat them don’t know.

Glyphosate soaked wheat: Those who know how dangerous this chemical is won’t eat it. Those who eat it don’t know.

Medicine: Those who know how many lives are lost to (and harmed by) the (p)harmaceutical and medical cartel every year try to avoid any contact with said cartel. Those taking drugs, and trusting doctors don’t know.

Cancer: Those with cancer who know how dangerous chemo is, won’t allow it to be administered. Those who do allow it, don’t know.

Electromagnetic radiation: Those who know how dangerous WiFi and smart meters are won’t have one. Those who will have one, don’t know.

Organ donation: Those who know the truth about organ donation would never agree to be on an organ donor register. Those who are on the organ donor register (and campaign for an opt-out system), don’t know.

Vaccines: Those who know how dangerous vaccines are won’t allow their children to have them. Those who allow their children to have them, don’t know.

I could go on, and on.

There’s a pattern – the state’s plans – in fact satan’s plans – rely on our ignorance. The media feeds our ignorance every day with carefully written confections of lies, mistruths, and misdirection. Like a conjurer, with sleight of hand, the truth is concealed under carefully worded heaps of opprobrium.

Ignorance is a multi-trillion dollar industry. It allows them to take our sons to war, to persuade us to allow children to change their gender, pushes ‘tolerance’ on those with strict morals, and allows those with lax morals to hate on us with impunity.

When we are ignorant, we are capable of a lot of sin, and we are capable of believing lies, and those lies can harm us greatly. The truth is scary when it’s so far from the mainstream media fodder we are fed every day.

I often see people post in frustration “Wake up sheeple!” but there’s nothing wrong with being a sheep unless your shepherd isn’t Yeshua.

There’s no conclusion here – I have no words of comfort. Doctors keep poisoning patients, and they keep consenting to it; our food and our skies are full of poison – most are ignorant, but even those who know can do little to change what satan is doing.

God Bless you


Clicking ‘Like’

I wish there was a button that just said ‘Thank You’ – as in ‘Thank you for telling me this awful thing you just shared.’ Like? No, I hate most of what I’m reading these days, and I’m frequently, frankly SPEECHLESS, but by goodness I am grateful for the bloggers who put time in to check and share the stories and opinions they do.

Keep on keeping on, everyone!

God Bless you


Third trimester whooping cough vaccine push in Australia gets a boost from fake baby/Mom propaganda video

Take a look and tell me what you think (Link), that baby looks fake to me. It doesn’t matter, it’s all pro-vaccine, pro-poisoning propaganda, and from the comments there it’s working beautifully. The public, turkeys all, are voting for Thanksgiving. How sad.

Particularly given the FACTS about vaccination (which no doctor seems to know, let alone share):

vaccine sids

Hmmm, that sounds like bad news for the pro-vaccine lobby…

whooping cough


whooping cough 2

Ummm… no wonder no-one wants to admit this truth to ALL parents, who might choose to not take ’10 vaccines’ rather than risk whooping cough.

This push for vaccination in pregnancy isn’t just irresponsible, it’s a crime against humanity.

God Bless you


Double standards of the Daily Mail

Why should I be surprised? But on a day when the Daily Mail headlines the fact that 12 children will die this year due to lack of BEXSERO vaccine for Meningitis B: (Link)


it quietly admits in an other article that 600 preventable, yes PREVENTABLE stillbirths occur every year within the NHS.

I quote: (Link)

“Britain continues to have one of the highest rates of stillbirth in the developed world – worse than Estonia, the Czech Republic and Croatia, according to The Lancet.

About 600 stillbirths could be prevented each year if hospitals stuck to guidelines, listened more to parents’ concerns, and investigated more thoroughly, a report found last November.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has pledged to halve the stillbirth rate by 2030.”

If saving lives was the plan, you’d tackle the stillbirth problem, but the issue is to get the obedient public to ask for their kids to be poisoned with vcaccines, whilst ignoring the grief-stricken parents who didn’t get to raise their child because of NHS failures. Jeremy Hunt also appears to be in no hurry to resolve the problem – he’s aiming to halve the rate of stillbirths in the next 15 years…

The Daily Mail is a NWO tool! Ugh!

God Bless you


Watch out – Daily Mail is machinating for a meningitis vaccine for all children under eleven

I thought something was ‘up’ when I saw the tragic story, in the Daily Mail, of a child dying from meningitis. Then the next day, another story appeared – this time a famous former rugby star whose son had meningitis but survived.

Then another story and another – the shortage of meningitis vaccine being yet another headline. Today we have the call going out for all children under eleven to be vaccinated against meningitis… so I think my reaction earlier in the week was spot on. It was a propaganda drive. I thought I would just show you so you can see the search results on the Daily Mail for meningitis – look at the dates:



The article saying that 500,000 are calling for the vaccine says (Link)

More than half a million people have signed a petition demanding that all children under 11 be granted access to a lifesaving meningitis vaccine.

The growing campaign was last night backed by doctors, MPs and health charities, who said it was a disgrace that British children are still dying from the disease.

Growing campaign? Started by whom?
Thirty people die every year from meningitis – it’s nasty and I’m not down-playing that, but to POISON every child under 11 with BEXSERO vaccine to reduce that number (which is not guaranteed, as it doesn’t cover all strains of the illness) makes NO SENSE!

To give some balance, this is the view of Vaccine Awareness Network (you can read the full view and drug data sheet here: Link) [My emphasis added]

VAN UK’s Commentary on the Data Sheet:

A new meningitis B vaccine is to be introduced into the UK vaccination schedule for babies. According to the data sheet, the manufacturers think that 78% of the 1,000 different meningitis strains will be ‘susceptible’ to vaccine-induced antibodies – so if their estimation is correct, 22% of meningitis strains will not be covered by this vaccine. They may well use this as an explanation in the event that people are affected by meningitis after vaccination.

The vaccine is a DNA vaccine made in e-coli cells. It contains aluminium and so increases the aluminium burden of children.

Parents should be aware that the vaccine is still in the experimental phase and has a black triangle on it to reflect this. This means it is in the final stages of a medical trial, the last stage of which is looking at what it does to the general population.

Long-term antibody response is not known.

The vaccine also causes ‘unusual cry’ (cri-encephalique – a neurological reaction of vaccination or of viral or bacterial infection that causes brain irritation) at a very common level (MORE than 1 in 10 children),

This is the highest rate of ‘unusual cry’ I have ever seen for any vaccine. It isn’t a mild side-effect and some children go onto develop encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or suffer cognitive decline after a prolonged, high pitched crying event. Neuropediatrics listed some neurological reactions to whole cell DPT vaccination (that they said aren’t specific to that vaccine alone) which are dangerous to children:

‘Listed in order of increasing severity, observed adverse reactions include irritability, persistent, unusually high pitched crying, somnolence, seizures, a shock-like “hypotensive, hyporesponsive” state, and an encephalopathy.’

(Neuropediatrics. 1990 Nov;21(4):171-6.).

The unusually high pitched cry, which is the same as the unusual cry listed in the meningitis B vaccine data sheet, is in their list of potentially serious neurological events after vaccination.

If the vaccine is administered with other vaccines (as the health authority intend to do), then the child has a high risk of having a fever (69-79% of babies up to six months old, vaccinated with multiple vaccines including meningitis B vaccine had a fever, compared with 44-59% of babies who had the meningitis B vaccine alone).

Pain at the injection sites, change in eating habits and irritability was also more common when the vaccine was co-administered.

Babies who had multiple vaccines were more likely to be given fever reducers, which incidently, reduce antibody count and may increase the chance of autism. ( and Autism. 2008 May;12(3):293-307. doi: 10.1177/1362361307089518).

The manufacturer suggest that separating the vaccines (not administering multiple ones at once) may reduce the risk of side-effects.

The vaccine has never been studied for its effect on human fertility.

It isn’t known whether it is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Vaccinated nursing rabbits were studied for adverse events in offspring and none were noted but they were only followed for 29 days.

The data sheet didn’t mention whether it has been tested for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potential.

Would you risk harming your child – causing seizures, potential encephalopathy/encephalitis  JUST to ensure they don’t end up with meningitis?

It seems counter intuitive. Meningitis is a VERY small risk, the vaccine is a KNOWN risk – I can’t say I could every consider injecting aluminium and goodness knows what other toxins into a child or even my pet!

To read my other articles on vaccines click the links below:

We need to use our heads and resist propaganda when we see it – it’s easy to be emotive, but for a risk this small, we must be ready to let children take their chances.

What are your thoughts?

God Bless you


I own my house, but I still pay rent…

It’s called council tax. I don’t really own my house, do I? I understand that services have to be paid for, but I also know that I cannot reduce my bill by not using services. It’s a form of legalised (rather than lawful) extortion.


Well with the advent of new laws (Link) proposed in California, which would require adults to be vaccinated or face jail, this begs the question – do I own myself?

If I don’t, at what point did I sign a document to say I rescind my right to self-government? I don’t remember doing that. In fact I’m pretty sure I would have remembered a Faustian pact like that.

Was your grandfather or father called up – conscripted – during the first or second world wars? The same issue applies – we don’t own ourselves, except that we do.

We MUST assert our rights, and refuse on every ground (and there are lots) to allow things we believe to be wrong to be foisted on us, our children, our homes, our schools and our churches.

I believe that the reason the state has got so handy at taking kids away from parents is to prepare them for just such laws – how many will dare to refuse if they face losing their kids if they refuse vaccination?

(I recommend that you don’t sign them over to the state in the first place (Link))

Instead of allowing this over-reach by government, we must HOLD DOCTORS FULLY LIABLE THEMSELVES. A few class actions from parents, just for the distress caused by having their kids forcibly vaccinated is a good start.

vaccine ingredients

We must use the tools we have, and resist, resist, resist, at every turn this walk down the dark alley to oppression.

God Bless you


Vaccines – more on the deception

This great image is of a billboard opposing, and trying to educate the public, on vaccines.

Anti-Vaccine-BillboardNow why on earth is this so important? Why THIS message – that vaccines working is a lie? Because it is very dodgy science to begin with – conceptually!

So you’re going to mix up a veritable witches brew (see my previous article on this here) and then add an adjuvant to make the immune system react to it… Excuse me? What is the body reacting to? Not the animal and human derived materials, no, but the adjuvant. This is supposed to confer immunity? That doesn’t make sense – if you can explain the rationale, please let me know!

But then there is the absolute MASS of scientific data which shows that, in both humans and animals, vaccinations CAUSE the diseases they are supposed to protect you from, and that is without the long term side effects of being injected with unsafe amounts of metals and other adjuvant to ‘make them work’.

Have a few examples, quoted from one of the best online resources for vaccine information,

“13 Kids Get Whooping Cough, ALL were Vaccinated

Thirteen kids in the Smithtown School District has contracted pertussis, a highly contagious bacterial infection also known as whooping cough, Suffolk County Health Commissioner James L. Tomarken announced Tuesday.

Cases were confirmed in St. James Elementary School, Tackan Elementary School and Nesaquake Middle School, and the health department has advised school officials to begin infection control measures.

According to the health department, all the infected children had been immunized, which explains why they only came down with mild cases of the infection.

Source: SmithtownPatch, 21 June 2011. […]

82 People Get Whooping Cough, All were Vaccinated.

Authorities Say ‘Still Get Your Vaccine!’ (Yes, that is such a good sales pitch, makes me want to get 10!).
Thursday, the Alamance County Health Department said they now have 82 confirmed cases. The Health Department also said all of those cases had previously received the pertussis vaccine.

The vaccination for whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has changed. Back in 1991, doctors reformulated the vaccine because some children were having severe reactions to the original vaccine.

“What we’re finding is that this vaccine is safer. But, the downside is that it’s not producing antibodies that are as protective as the old, cellular pertussis vaccine. The answer to everyone is…look, you still get the vaccine,” Guilford County Health Department Medical Director Ward Robinson said.

Source:, 24th February 2012. […]

103 Cases of Whooping Cough – NOT ONE Unvaccinated Person Caught it!

Bass called the outbreak “an extraordinary situation” that began in December and has grown to include more than 103 cases that are either confirmed or probable, with an almost equal number falling into each category.

“It certainly has been a learning curve,” he said. But he and Shapley-Quinn praised the school system, and in particular public information officer Jenny Faulkner, for effectively working with the health department. The school system has worked with the health department to identity “close contacts” of students with confirmed or reportable cases in order to notify families.

Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract that can last for many weeks. Symptoms include a runny nose, low fevers, coughing fits and vomiting.

Bass said the system has a “really good vaccination rate,” which “raises questions about the vaccine itself” and its effectiveness in preventing the disease.  He and Shapley-Quinn said it’s likely the Centers for Disease Control will study the situation to examine those questions.

SHAPLEY-QUINN SAID there’s no instance of a child who had not been vaccinated getting pertussis, though the health department is waiting to receive paperwork to confirm for certain one student was up to date on the shots.

After pertussis was found at B. Everett Jordan Elementary School, Shapley-Quinn said, “We gave out 700 courses of preventive antibiotics in that school alone.”

With approval from the CDC, the health department began shifting its approach in an effort to balance disease prevention and overuse of antibiotics, which can weaken resistance of the body’s immune system. Now, families of students considered close contacts of those with confirmed or probable cases of pertussis get a letter that says “If you have a cough, see your doctor” instead of automatically being offered the antibiotics.

Source: The Times News, 14th March 2012.

That’s just three examples, and all whooping cough – take a look at the three full pages of cases, many logged in MEDICAL JOURNALS showing the ineffectiveness of vaccines. Link Link Link

For animals, the same is also true:

Close-up-dog leptospirosis

More tragedy – more suffering – caused by pharmakeia and it’s roman tentacles – spreading the lie that vaccines protect – they don’t they HARM. Read more here


Do you ever remember old people when you were a kid (I’m going back 30-40 years here) saying ‘I’ll take my chances.’ The medical profession and government want to remove from you the right to ‘take your chances’ and allow your kids to do the same.

Vaccination is a very profitable procedure, and when it causes long term side effects, these create even more profit as people are medicated for those too.

Long term there will be depopulation as a result, but then as Zbigniew Brzezinski said:


Your body is yours – the government does not have the right to impose forced medication on anyone. Your kids are your property – they don’t have the right to do this to them either. Statute law is not a good enough reason – under common law it is assault!

God Bless you