Article on vaccines to fight antibiotic resistance shows the public are AWAKE!

This article (Link) is everything that is wrong with the UK – the government fund a study and it shows that more vaccines will reduce the need for antibiotics by fighting bacteria, and therefore reduce the risk of bacterial resistance.


Vaccines are VIRAL, and bacteria, well, they’re bacteria, and that is not vaccination but inoculation. Not quite the same thing, and there is, as far as I’m aware, NO evidence to show that any immune response to a bacterial inoculation lasts at all – hence why it’s a waste of time having a tetanus shot. If anyone can correct me on that – please do, with peer reviewed or other research material please!

So, depopulation, well it’s the real name of the game, isn’t it. I’ve written about the hypocritic oath before, haven’t I? Oh, I’m sorry I meant the Hippocratic oath…

“First do no harm”

Hmmm – mercury shot? Aluminium? These are harmful. Take your needle away from me right NOW!

So as always, I scroll down to the comments and click to see the best rated comments. This was a moment of JOY this morning to see how many people, out of the few comments present, were actively awake to the real agenda at play. Kudos to the public – I’ll be re-checking the comments later to see if they’ve been messed with (I’ve seen that before, long story I won’t go into today!).

vaxxer shill

Note not just the comments but the ratings for each one.


This guy really gets it, and knows what’s really going on!

It is heartening to see – please take a moment to pray that these awake folks might also know Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour!

God Bless you



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