The truth is dangerous

any truth.

If you are an atheist (I suspect more an agnostic) like Stefan Molyneux and you want to speak the truth to people, you will experience persecution. You don’t need to be a Christian to be speaking the truth, as he is trying to do against a barrage of violent hatred from the Left. Your speech will not be protected because it is the truth. This video is his message about how bad the situation is out there – and my fellow believers need to take note. Stefan Molyneux is experiencing persecution – this is what persecution looks like.

I would ask you to pray for Stefan. He is trying to do good, and what he needs is to come to Christ. He has the bravery and boldness to speak that truth were he ever to receive it. I would pray that he does before it’s too late.

These two memes I will share with you – they really make you realise that some on the Right are coming to faith for perhaps the wrong reasons (pragmatic ones, not real faith-based ones), but it is interesting none-the-less to see that people are making and sharing memes which express the view that a society run on Christian lines is what made us great. We can never be great without God, however, because it is His greatness and His glory!


And another:

beautiful doctrine

The recognition of looming social collapse isn’t enough, we must realise WHY godlessness results in social collapse! We cannot salvage a feminist/homosexual rights society and tack on Christian values and expect it to survive. We must promote God first, and His laws, allowing everything else to follow from that – because of Him. We cannot do it of our own strength no matter how hard we try,



Please pray for a miracle for Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans 2.jpg

This little boy has been on life support for some time. As before with Charlie Gard, the doctors want him to die rather than go somewhere else for treatment (for his own good, obviously – can’t have anything to do with pride, can it?). They have, along with the parents, been back and forth to court – the doctors to end his life support, the parents fighting for his life. The child’s rights, we can see clearly, have been separated from the child’s. This is morally abhorrent in cases like these!

But today I saw this headline –

Alfie Evans.jpg

The doctors removed his ventilator assuming he would die quickly, but he is breathing unaided – this is quite amazing. I hope you’ll take a moment to pray for this miracle which has left the doctors “gobsmacked” to be extended now that God alone is in control!

The courts have rejected the father’s attempt to take the child to Italy (in spite of having no treatment options available to him in the UK). I do not know what the Italian doctors think they can do – but we serve a God who can and does do miracles!

Please, Heavenly Father, heal this boy, in Yeshua’s Name we pray! Amen!

God Bless you


Another danger of the transgender push

A mother’s love… and a mother’s narcissistic desire to have a… girl? Instead of a boy? Yes, it could happen – or a gay son, rather than a straight one (that’s an old story, many decades long). Now? Now you can dress little Bobby up in a frock and tell him he’s a girl? Well you could – some children might just do it. To please you.

So what made me write about this? What made me come to the conclusion that a narcissistic parent might, however subtly, coerce or other wise ‘create’ a ‘transgender’ or ‘non-binary’ child. It was this quote from Ian Ogilvy’s new autobiography: (Link)

“With hindsight, I realise what might have prompted the question. My mother, I now strongly suspect, wanted me to be gay and always had. 

When I was four, she sent me to a fancy dress party all dolled up, not as a pirate or a soldier, but as a little girl in a blonde wig and party frock.

And a few years later, when we acquired an 8mm cine camera, she had me play the part of a winsome girl in a pink dress, skipping round the flowerbed plucking roses — and then shaking my fist at the camera, tearing off my wig and standing there revealed as a horrible, rude boy.”

Thankfully Ian Ogilvy didn’t want to go along with it!

Today however, society is run very much differently to when he was a child. Today it’s all about the self – and it’s narcissitic. I believe that this narcissitic culture is going to ‘breed’ a whole new generation of special snowflakes – and each one, each type, must have their own special set of ‘rights’.

However, we know that God doesn’t make mistakes – transgenderism should be viewed with both compassion but also with truth. You are what your genes say you are, and anything else is false.

God Bless you


Banning cash – the FT gets behind the New Age to push modern Nazism

Oh yes! Those evil fiends want to remove our right to privacy in our financial transactions. Do you know what it costs a small business to accept a credit card payment? Last time I saw, it was something like £1.48! For the non-profit where I saw that sign, this is a huge dent.

Here’s a snippet from Libertyblitzkrieg

“….the Financial Times publishes an article titled, The Case for Retiring Another “Barbarous Relic.”  When you start to see increased propaganda about banning cash, you know the status quo is very scared and things are getting very serious. You’ve been warned.” (read more here: Link)

Oh yes – well let’s take a quick look at Constance Cumbey’s book, the hidden dangers of the Rainbow. This is where Constance is comparing the bible to the New Age authors:

Dangers of the rainbow snippet cCash will be banned.

This is part of the great ‘religious movement’ towards a one-world government, a one-world religion, and total oppression of the masses.

We must not consent.

God Bless you


I own my house, but I still pay rent…

It’s called council tax. I don’t really own my house, do I? I understand that services have to be paid for, but I also know that I cannot reduce my bill by not using services. It’s a form of legalised (rather than lawful) extortion.


Well with the advent of new laws (Link) proposed in California, which would require adults to be vaccinated or face jail, this begs the question – do I own myself?

If I don’t, at what point did I sign a document to say I rescind my right to self-government? I don’t remember doing that. In fact I’m pretty sure I would have remembered a Faustian pact like that.

Was your grandfather or father called up – conscripted – during the first or second world wars? The same issue applies – we don’t own ourselves, except that we do.

We MUST assert our rights, and refuse on every ground (and there are lots) to allow things we believe to be wrong to be foisted on us, our children, our homes, our schools and our churches.

I believe that the reason the state has got so handy at taking kids away from parents is to prepare them for just such laws – how many will dare to refuse if they face losing their kids if they refuse vaccination?

(I recommend that you don’t sign them over to the state in the first place (Link))

Instead of allowing this over-reach by government, we must HOLD DOCTORS FULLY LIABLE THEMSELVES. A few class actions from parents, just for the distress caused by having their kids forcibly vaccinated is a good start.

vaccine ingredients

We must use the tools we have, and resist, resist, resist, at every turn this walk down the dark alley to oppression.

God Bless you


The strawman and you, politics, the UN, NGOs and the consent of the governed

This video is vital viewing for all. You need to know the cage you’ve been put in, and this video, even though it is long, is required viewing to be able to understand how the laws of man have been used to confine and enslave us.

This is well worth two hours of your time.

Let me just talk a little more about law – this comes from the UN’s own ‘Rule of Law’ website:

“The notion of the “rule of law” stems from many traditions and continents and is intertwined with the evolution of the history of law itself. The Code of Hammourabi, promulgated by the King of Babylon around 1760 BC, is one of the first examples of the codification of law, presented to the public and applying to the acts of the ruler.” Read more here on the UN site: Link

Babylon is not a place we associate with good things, so this doesn’t surprise me.

The UN wants it’s laws to be ratified and accepted worldwide. Yet neither you nor I have ever had a vote on what these laws might contain. Not only that but the list of NGOs that consult with the UN is staggering: Here’s the list as at 2008 (I can’t find a more up to date version of this due to the UN website’s poor search facility): Link – the document is over 100 pages long. The Lucis Trust appears on page 80, and they are the organisation pushing for a one world religion based on the theosophical works of Alice Bailey.

Here’s the list I found of 181 NGOs just in the field of population and development from 2014: Link – this includes 16 different branches of Planned Parenthood International, based in different countries – like Kenya, where abortion is extremely restricted… hmmm….

NGOs or NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS are basically special interest groups – charities, foundations and so on. We pay for them through direct (charitable donations) or indirect (government subsidy, and profits of large corporations) to mould international law without any consultation whatsoever with any but those connected to that special interest. These organisations depend on the very problems they highlight, to have a purpose in being, and therefore, like all charities, they do not seek to enable the population, but to render them dependent, so as to keep their jobs. The public don’t get a say at all in any of this, as this social engineering is being conducted outside the governmental framework.

Of course some of this law seems laudable, like the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which I’ll cover in more detail another day). However any law from outside a country like Kenya, which forces the government to not discriminate against an individual because of their gender or sexuality becomes a tool picked up on by ‘activists’ (NGOs) to further an agenda which is being furthered only through these backdoor means – the public won’t accept a direct and open shift to this, they have to be forced by increments. So Kenya might go from not discriminating against an individual to comply with the UN Charter, to having to force it’s own public to accept and tolerate the promulgation of homosexuality by NGOs funded by outside interests with a desire to destabilise their culture (like Mr George Soros, a Rothschild agent). Tolerance leads to suffering

So, watch the video and remember that you have a choice how you interact with the state – the United Kingdom is supposed to be ruled by the consent of the governed. Not if the government are to be believed:

what theresa may really thinks

So, do you consent?

God Bless you