Watch out – Daily Mail is machinating for a meningitis vaccine for all children under eleven

I thought something was ‘up’ when I saw the tragic story, in the Daily Mail, of a child dying from meningitis. Then the next day, another story appeared – this time a famous former rugby star whose son had meningitis but survived.

Then another story and another – the shortage of meningitis vaccine being yet another headline. Today we have the call going out for all children under eleven to be vaccinated against meningitis… so I think my reaction earlier in the week was spot on. It was a propaganda drive. I thought I would just show you so you can see the search results on the Daily Mail for meningitis – look at the dates:



The article saying that 500,000 are calling for the vaccine says (Link)

More than half a million people have signed a petition demanding that all children under 11 be granted access to a lifesaving meningitis vaccine.

The growing campaign was last night backed by doctors, MPs and health charities, who said it was a disgrace that British children are still dying from the disease.

Growing campaign? Started by whom?
Thirty people die every year from meningitis – it’s nasty and I’m not down-playing that, but to POISON every child under 11 with BEXSERO vaccine to reduce that number (which is not guaranteed, as it doesn’t cover all strains of the illness) makes NO SENSE!

To give some balance, this is the view of Vaccine Awareness Network (you can read the full view and drug data sheet here: Link) [My emphasis added]

VAN UK’s Commentary on the Data Sheet:

A new meningitis B vaccine is to be introduced into the UK vaccination schedule for babies. According to the data sheet, the manufacturers think that 78% of the 1,000 different meningitis strains will be ‘susceptible’ to vaccine-induced antibodies – so if their estimation is correct, 22% of meningitis strains will not be covered by this vaccine. They may well use this as an explanation in the event that people are affected by meningitis after vaccination.

The vaccine is a DNA vaccine made in e-coli cells. It contains aluminium and so increases the aluminium burden of children.

Parents should be aware that the vaccine is still in the experimental phase and has a black triangle on it to reflect this. This means it is in the final stages of a medical trial, the last stage of which is looking at what it does to the general population.

Long-term antibody response is not known.

The vaccine also causes ‘unusual cry’ (cri-encephalique – a neurological reaction of vaccination or of viral or bacterial infection that causes brain irritation) at a very common level (MORE than 1 in 10 children),

This is the highest rate of ‘unusual cry’ I have ever seen for any vaccine. It isn’t a mild side-effect and some children go onto develop encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or suffer cognitive decline after a prolonged, high pitched crying event. Neuropediatrics listed some neurological reactions to whole cell DPT vaccination (that they said aren’t specific to that vaccine alone) which are dangerous to children:

‘Listed in order of increasing severity, observed adverse reactions include irritability, persistent, unusually high pitched crying, somnolence, seizures, a shock-like “hypotensive, hyporesponsive” state, and an encephalopathy.’

(Neuropediatrics. 1990 Nov;21(4):171-6.).

The unusually high pitched cry, which is the same as the unusual cry listed in the meningitis B vaccine data sheet, is in their list of potentially serious neurological events after vaccination.

If the vaccine is administered with other vaccines (as the health authority intend to do), then the child has a high risk of having a fever (69-79% of babies up to six months old, vaccinated with multiple vaccines including meningitis B vaccine had a fever, compared with 44-59% of babies who had the meningitis B vaccine alone).

Pain at the injection sites, change in eating habits and irritability was also more common when the vaccine was co-administered.

Babies who had multiple vaccines were more likely to be given fever reducers, which incidently, reduce antibody count and may increase the chance of autism. ( and Autism. 2008 May;12(3):293-307. doi: 10.1177/1362361307089518).

The manufacturer suggest that separating the vaccines (not administering multiple ones at once) may reduce the risk of side-effects.

The vaccine has never been studied for its effect on human fertility.

It isn’t known whether it is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Vaccinated nursing rabbits were studied for adverse events in offspring and none were noted but they were only followed for 29 days.

The data sheet didn’t mention whether it has been tested for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potential.

Would you risk harming your child – causing seizures, potential encephalopathy/encephalitis¬† JUST to ensure they don’t end up with meningitis?

It seems counter intuitive. Meningitis is a VERY small risk, the vaccine is a KNOWN risk – I can’t say I could every consider injecting aluminium and goodness knows what other toxins into a child or even my pet!

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We need to use our heads and resist propaganda when we see it – it’s easy to be emotive, but for a risk this small, we must be ready to let children take their chances.

What are your thoughts?

God Bless you