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Resolutely dedicated to staying asleep under the power of Morpheus

Ugh. Poppies – yes another ‘blutenmeer’ (sea of blood), this time for the Chelsea Flower Show – let’s remember the dead by displaying the red poppy – symbol of sleep.

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This installation from 2014 has the same theme, with china flowers, and it was called ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, and it’s really rather creepy: (source)


Yes, let us stay asleep; while the homeless huddle in doorways, and the elites plot, let us never forget: (source)

for it to happen again

The media keep WWI and WWII constantly in our minds. I’m noticing more hark-backs now, too, to the poverty of Britain in the 60’s – lots of images to prepare us for this all to happen again.

So let’s spend money, time and effort worshipping Morpheus through his symbol of sleep, the poppy, and let us not, for one moment, break our contract to sleep while we, and our country, are taken into the gaping maw of a fresh world war. Read more by clicking the link below:

The truth behind Remembrance Day

God Bless you


Let’s take a little look at the vile underbelly of the warmongers, shall we?

I am not opposed to fighting for what is right – if God tells you to fight, you fight. If Mr Rothschild and his vile little cronies machinate to get your country to go to war without your express consent – well that’s an act of war in itself, in my view – an act of war on your country by the banksters.


That said, something horrible just happened in Paris – something despicable. I suspect this was a false flag, or at least, like 9/11, they knew it was coming and didn’t stop it. That’s my theory. I’m not pro-islam – I am not. I just know that real evil is running this world, and these things are being played to their advantage.

Let’s take a look at the headlines, shall we?

this is warOne way to declare war is to use the words – no-one currently thinks France is at war, but they are. We’re being set up to join in.

pope wwiii aThe pope too is talking up a third world war. I hope he is against the idea, but knowing he is a Jesuit I am unable to trust his motives in using these words.

warmongersI hope that Piers Morgan will be the very first to put his three sons in uniform and ship them off to the front lines, seeing as he is so happy to bang the drums for war. Katie Hopkins has three children – when will we see them dressed in military uniform Katie? Oh, I get it – it’s OTHER PEOPLE’S children who are going to die to protect this country, yes?

No – we are going to say NO.

I made this video a while ago, and never really shared it. Making it made me cry. I cry every time I watch it. It’s not full of shocking images, it just makes you think and reminds you that we’ve been here before, and we must not allow ourselves to be drawn into this evil again.

There is great evil afoot in this world right now – great evil. It is on the warpath, and it has been for a long time. We have been drawn in bit by bit, and are being prepared for war on the home front. I haven’t written much about that previously – I’ve had pieces written but not posted. I guess they are about to become more relevant.

It’s time to get right with God. Nothing else is going to matter.

God Bless you


The truth behind Remembrance Day

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day – an important day in the calendar when we stand in silence in honour of the war dead. This tradition is a new one, relatively speaking, having been instituted after the first world war was ended on the occultly-significant date of 11th November.

There are many reasons to oppose war – there are many reasons, looking back, that we should see the two world wars for what they were – acts of war by bankers against humanity. When you fund both sides of a conflict, you are the only ones who won’t lose out.

It is in this spirit that I refuse to honour, through the symbol of morpheus (the poppy), those who start and maintain war. It it NOT that I do not wish to honour the dead, nor the wounded – these brave men have believed they were doing a good thing, and not only they, but their families suffered for this. It is that I will not take part in the occult ritual of Remembrance Day. Let me share some snippets about that from Matthew Delooze:

“So I suggest if you have any unshakable beliefs then do not go any further in this article stop reading now and go and buy a Poppy and salute the Queen or your phoney corrupt president over this coming weekend. My information is no good for you if you are set in your beliefs and just want to hear a fairy tale story of escapism (for free of course). I am afraid if you cannot even grasp the idea that you have been programmed to join in rituals that don’t mean what you have been told then there is no point in you going any further with me.

For those like me who have an incredible ache in their soul, for want of a better word, to break free then please read on. Firstly, let me tell you that I too have wore poppies and made my children do the same thing. I am not coming from an angle where I am all knowing I am the same as you. I completely understand the ideology of Poppy Days and I am not trying to stop or persuade anyone to stop joining in Poppy Days if that’s what you want or feel you should do.

Righty Right? Let’s have a look at the Poppy first shall we? That adorable little red flower that we proudly pin to ourselves and display every November. The use of the poppy dates back to ancient times despite the fact that the establishment will tell you different and may suggest that Poppy Day only stems from the Napoleonic wars or maybe Flanders fields in World War One. […]

I will tell you, and I want you to take it in, that the Poppy is related to, like in most Serpent Cult deceptive activity, ancient deities of worship. In this case it is the son of the god known in Greek as ‘Hypnos’ and his name is ‘Morpheus’

Now we are starting to get somewhere!

Morpheus has two brothers named Phobetor and Phantasos and they are known collectively as the Oneiroi. I realise that that some of these names match up with the blockbuster movie called ‘The Matrix’ but I’m not here to tell you that the word Neo is an anagram of the word One. I respect your intelligence too much. I’ll leave things like that to the the phoney fakers that are selling you DVD’s. […]

But I will tell you that ‘Morpheus’ is the god of dreams and his father ‘Hypnos’ was the god of sleep. The poppy is associated with putting ‘people to sleep’ and it symbolises just that. Obviously there is no hiding the fact that the poppy is definitely related to Morpheus especially if you click here or click here Also: Who can ever forget the scene from Wizard of OZ where they are put to sleep in a field of Poppies?

The brainless, the heartless and the cowardly all broke the spell of the Poppy!

So I am sure I have left you in no doubt that the poppy is really symbolic of the ancient gods and represents hypnosis, sleep and dreams. Again we are not just talking putting a few bob in collection tins here we are talking serious symbolic gods and serious occult symbolism. It is time to wake up. Let’s move on eh?.

Symbolically. The Oneiroi were supposed to have lived in a cave near the gates of Hades. If you have clicked on the word ‘Hades’ you will know that Hades stands for the God of the Dead and also for the ‘underworld’ (or lower 4th dimension if you like). Are things starting to click yet? Or are you still under the spell of Morpheus and his father?

Could it be possible that millions of members of the human race, especially those located in the most powerful countries in the world are being conned into taking part in an occult ritual disguised as an act of respect to our brave soldiers? This is the area I wish to take you to. Who would carry out such a wicked deception? […]

I tell you the truth when I say we are all duped on Remembrance Day type rituals and we are unknowingly conned into worshipping ancient deities, and these deities are agents for a deceptive race of entities that are alien to this world. I call these entities and their agents the Serpent Cult.

When we buy a poppy and take part in such ceremonies we are not respecting our brave soldiers oh no my dear brothers and sisters we are worshipping the Serpent through its agents. It is a con trick that is very very deceptive and it is very painful to accept I know. I will have to be blunt to get through to you.

The Serpent Cult agents in the establishment have never given a [******* ****] about our brave servicemen and women. They have no respect for them whatsoever and never have had. Indeed the agents for the Serpent created all the wars our soldiers died in. After the wars the Serpent Cult use the circumstances of the dreadful situation to create symbolic monuments and then get us to agree to them and join in with ceremonies carried out at them. The main aim of the Serpent Cult agents that operate in our establishments is not only to create war and death but also to get you and I to worship the forces that actually create war and death. It is simply a vicious rebirth type circle in which you feed, and unknowingly worship, entities that are actually creating your misery in the first place.

Think for one minute and try to understand that carrying out Remembrance day ritual is in fact an act of worship that is really directed towards deities and not dead soldiers. Wearing a poppy is also just like saying I worship Morpheus, it really is just like a Christian wearing an I love Jesus badge. There is absolutely no difference! We are showing that we worship Morpheus, therefore Hades, by holding rituals around empty tombs. […]

The Serpent Cult has to continually get our permission from us to rule over us. […]

Again the Serpent Cult demand our spiritual surrender throughout the year with Christmas being the biggest act of our spiritual surrender. Is it so hard for you to accept that we spiritually give our souls away in rituals? Is it so hard for you to accept that you have been hypnotised to take part in rituals that you see as being the right thing to do?

You have been led and programmed to take part in such rituals and you are unaware of what you are really doing. If you have read my other stuff over the last few years you will know that I believe our spiritual energy is being sucked out of us during these rituals. Not only that but we actually give the Serpent Cult permission to rule all aspects of our lives, lifetime after lifetime.

Poppy Days are only one way of doing such things. The force behind such scams don’t feel things in an emotional way like you and I do. It is simply one big joke to them to see you duped in such a way that you will attack anyone who tries to point out how you are being duped.

Just like Christmas these type of rituals have an inbuilt defence system in place in which the messenger is stoned by the mob for mentioning such things. There is nobody in this world that has more admiration or other emotional feelings for any brave soldiers that died to protect loved ones than me. It is these emotions that have assisted me to write such an article. It is entirely up to you if you take any notice of me. So I happily tell you I believe that by taking part in the Remembrance Day ceremonies we are only ensuring death and destruction will carry on and we are surrendering our spirits to the keepers of the Gates of Hades and I am sorry to say by doing so you are ensuring that you will come back into this world to play the role of slave to the Serpent again and again. It is time to awaken from the trickery of Hypnos and the dreams of Morpheus. I hope I have got through to you. Please take time to do your own research, especially about Hades, and please feed and heal yourselves, I tell you that my words are true and trustworthy and the act of remembrance ceremonies are really only a worship and acceptance of ‘Hades’.”

I urge you to read the whole article here (Link) because there are many links in the text which will help with definitions and so on for some of the names used here, which I haven’t copied. I may not agree with Matthew Delooze about spiritual matters, as he is basically New Age in viewpoint, however, his information here is really top-notch, and vital if we are to break a spell which has been cast over our nations by the freemasons who set up those figured stones we call war memorials. In every way, please support the families of brave soldiers – if you’re in the UK, you can donate money through various charities, this doesn’t mean you have to accept a poppy.

It has to be said, that whilst the government actively promotes Remembrance Day, and politicians wear poppies, if soldiers are coming home to no home – to living on the streets and begging, then Matthew Delooze has nailed it – they don’t care about our soldiers, they care about forcing us by social license, into pagan worship.

God says in Leviticus 26:1

“You shall not make idols to yourselves; and you shall not set up for yourselves graven images, or a memorial pillar. And you shall not place any stone image in your land, to bow yourselves to it; for I am YAHWEH your Elohim.” Hebraic Roots Bible

war memorial

To add to this, the image on the Cenotaph in London is a laurel wreath – a symbol of the Roman system I have written so much about before. Don’t be taken in, and find other ways to pay your respects to those brave soldiers and their families who have given so much.

The only answer from here on is to refuse to fight in banker wars. This doesn’t mean we don’t owe a debt to those who have already given.

God Bless you


Preparing for the day of adversity

I’m reading an old book at the moment – Nevil Shute’s novel ‘A Town Like Alice.’

It’s very good – a book I fell in love with many years ago after watching it on the TV as an adaptation. I read the book many years ago, and as I’m feeling really poorly at the moment, I decided to read it again. At this time, with what we face, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Set in WWII in Malaya under Japanese occupation, it tells the story of a group of English women who didn’t get evacuated in time, and the Japanese kept promising a prison camp to. They marched for hundred of miles from place to place, and each time they were turned away. They got sick and many died – almost half of them. It’s loosely based on a true story, as Wikipedia recounts: Link

The story thankfully goes on beyond the war and there is good news in there, but what struck me was the feeling of having no control over your own life – being under occupation by a foreign power who mostly didn’t understand you, and certainly did not respect you. This group of English women in a foreign country would not have survived at all were it not for one of them being a native speaker, young and bold enough to get much needed medicines and so on. She also in the end negotiates an end to their marching when their Japanese guard dies. They stayed in one village and planted rice for three years until the war ended.

paddy fields

We may like to think that we will not acquiesce to brutality, to force, to cruelty, but reading this book brings home the harsh reality that our survival instincts are strong enough that we will bow to our enemy to keep him sweet.

Let us remember that – a sobering thought – as we move relentlessly towards a third world war which will never be announced, and we will never be allowed the time to prepare for. The war is limbering up now. I’ve noticed an increase in stories in the media which hark back to the beginning of WWII, and this is deliberate – they are sowing the seeds, placing these ideas into our day so that we will subconsciously accept war when it comes.

This time, let us be aware that we are fighting a war which is not a truthful war, nor a just war. It is a spiritual war – and we must be aware that if we are bowing to the enemy this time, it is to bow to satan himself.

For someone such as myself, who was trained by school, and therefore has a tendency to obey authority, that is very sobering indeed. May we all stand in that day.

God Bless you


The ‘White Helmets’ – a propaganda organisation working for regime change in Syria

Oh this – now this, again, doesn’t surprise me – not at all, but it disgusts me. I think it’ll disgust you too. I’ve mentioned before the desire to “use our heartstrings to pull us down” (that phrase is from an article I quote in this post here: Link). Well what better way to convince the west that we must engage in military action in Syria? Let’s use the victims there now as propaganda weapons against the Assad regime.

I’m just going to give you an aside here for one moment. I recall before all this really got started, but there were murmerings about Syria and about the Assad regime in the press, Glenn Beck came out and said he couldn’t understand this because the Assad regime was loved by it’s people, and thoroughly benign. Within days he came out and said the opposite – what changed his mind? (perhap it relates to the alleged CIA infiltration of his organisation? That was talked about in this interesting interview relating to Libya (Link) – but I digress).

So let me give you an illustration which might make clear the reasons for war, and why the elites might want to dupe us into agreeing to join in:


So, now let me quote from 21stCenturyWire: (Link)

“After four and half years of relentless propaganda being flung around western mainstream media by propagandists, NGOs and Empire serving mouthpieces, one wonders how this stream of effluent still manages to stick to the consciences of the public it serves to deceive.

Yesterday, a Facebook post caught our attention. A Palestinian person based in Gaza posted two photos of child victims in Syria. The photos were accompanied by the caption, “The massacres of Assad regime in Syria #Douma”. The subsequent barrage of comments consisting of the usual plethora of outpouring against Syrian President Bashar al Assad and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) provoked us to investigate further.

What we discovered was a highly organised, western-centric propaganda ring…

[…] Further investigation revealed that in reality, [photographer] Khaled Khatib works for and with the ‘White Helmets’ and his photos are used extensively by the well known EU-backed and UK-based, one man propaganda band, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The SOHR is actually Mr Rami Abdul Rahman, who runs this propaganda feed from his house in Coventry, UK, and who bases the majority of his information on Skype calls to Syria. This information, however, is unilaterally used by the Axis of Interventionism [US, Europe in particular] to justify their proxy invasion of a sovereign nation and their clumsy, murderous 4 and half year-long attempt at the “regime change” of Syria’s elected government, engendering, in the process, the widespread loss of civilian life in Syria at the hands of their proxy armies. More than any other single information source, the SOHR’s propaganda dispatches are used to justify western policy of arming and supporting the multi-headed insurgency in Syria.

[…] The White Helmets are equally suspect. This is a quote from Rick Sterling’s excellent article on the “Highly Effective Manipulators”:

“White Helmets is the newly minted name for ‘Syrian Civil Defence.’ Despite the name, Syria Civil Defence was not created by Syrians nor does it serve Syria. Rather it was created by the UK and USA in 2013. Civilians from rebel controlled territory were paid to go to Turkey to receive some training in rescue operations. The program was managed by James Le Mesurier, a former British soldier and private contractor whose company is based in Dubai.”

“The trainees are said to be ‘nonpartisan’ but only work in rebel-controlled areas of Idlib (now controlled by Nusra/Al Queda) and Aleppo. […] “But White Helmets primary function is propaganda. White Helmets demonizes the Assad government and encourages direct foreign intervention. A White Helmet leader wrote a recent Washington Post editorial. White Helmets are also very active on social media with presence on Twitter, Facebook etc. According to their website, to contact White Helmets email The Syria Campaign which underscores the relationship.”

Now when you add to that the manipulation of the public through the use of falsley attributed images like these:

lies and propagandaWe’re being played. I believe that Syria is biblically significant – I believe that it is not a coincidence, nor mere greed on Rothschild’s part, that we have a powerful war going on right there.

We must say NO! We must resist war at all costs. We must refuse to send our sons and our daughters to fight and die for Rothschild.


You can also read Albert Pike’s three world wars to see what their satanic plan is: Link

God Bless you


UPDATE: For the perfect propaganda piece to underscore this post, look no further that this: Link


Assad’s Strategy Is To Create Refugees
“They want to empty the country.”

They state:

“As long as Assad is in power and he continues to use these tactics, more and more refugees will be created.”

Never join up – never follow orders

Never be a patriot. It’s that simple – that is the message that the jailing of Oskar Groening must mean. (Article at Link)

GroeningThis poor old man, a man who joined up, who followed orders, will now probably die in prison for acts which took place in war time.

So my message to you is this – never be patriotic. Never see an enemy where you might see another human. Switch off the TV, so you can’t be propagandised into believing you have a human enemy (you only have one enemy in war time, and that’s the banker Rothschild and his cronies). Never submit to take up arms for your country. Never fight – be a conscientious objector always, because no matter what, if your side loses, and you live, you will never be free.

I hope you will pray for Oskar Groening – he was a book keeper in a concentration camp. Whatever his views at the time (even if he wholeheartedly supported what was going on) those views were based on lies he was told by a certain Adolf Hitler.

Propaganda is how the elites get their dirty work done.

God Bless you