Smithsonian Lists Signs of ‘Whiteness’ You Should Be Aware of

Critical Race Theory (anti-white racism) is spreading throughout the halls of power in the USA.

I quote from the video below: “How in the world, can White Americans oppress people, if we don’t even have the power to stop things like this from being shared.”

We don’t have power – we are the scapegoats for a fake problem, the “solution” to which is new global anti-white-racist-communist purge.

If you don’t believe that we are the scapegoats, just look at this headline:

From wattsupwiththat (Link)

The anti-white hatred being promoted in the media (both mainstream and social media) every day, against the smallest race on earth, is criminal and evil. Here are just a few examples:

Beware – if you won’t take the knee, if you know history and recognise the prominent role Whites have had in building an amazing civilisation, you are going to become an enemy of the state.

And moreover, if you know what is happening in South Africa, where 1/3rd of the White population now lives in squatter camps, you will see that what happened there is what is now happening here.

It’s only a matter of time.

Get right with the LORD while you still have time – whichever race you are!

God Bless you


Casual racism

Anti-white racism is casually thrown into the media without any level of concern at all. It’s also permitted on social media without censure. In fact it’s fine for anyone to insult white people on the basis of their skin colour. Yet we are the smallest race on earth – a true minority.

Here are a few examples which I’ve gathered over the last few months – I’m sharing them today because of Trevor Noah’s comments which got a prime spot on the Daily Mail homepage without any criticism at all. Whites are fair game…

Casual racism

casual racism 8

casual racism 7

casual racism 6

casual racism 5

casual racism 4

casual racism 3

casual racism 2

white supremacy


racism 101

racism starbucks


casual racism


racism is only by whites


The countdown to South Africa’s famine begins…

Land expropriation has begun. Taking land away from “privileged” whites and giving it to blacks is supposed to be a way to “make up for” the past “wrongs” of whites. However, the white farmers feed and support South Africa, and very few blacks farm successfully. Taking land is what the black population wants to do because it sees what the whites have created with it. They think that buildings and irrigation systems and machinery just “are” – the concept of maintenance, the idea of having to continually work on a property to keep it nice – this doesn’t cross the minds of most SA blacks. It would be the equivalent of giving a stately home in Britain to someone with no idea how to budget, let alone any knowledge of the continual round of works which must be done to stop the roof from leaking.


So a tragedy is going to unfold – a famine will come in the land if this policy continues. I pray that white farmers will be able to get a deal from the government which will allow them enough money to leave South Africa with their lives and their families intact. I have heard that Russia and Australia are offering expedited VISAs to help South African white farmers move to a safe refuge. I hope this policy will be extended to other countries.

I also pray for the rest of the whites of South Africa – that they will survive, that they will fight and that they will win. I pray that the leadership will finally see sense and stop all this nonsense before that great country is reduced to a hollowed out (by bankers) disaster.

You can read more here: Link

God Bless you


Black Lives Matter – apparently not ALL lives, though…

Let me just dump, very quickly, this picture of morons. Yes, morons- these are useful idiots – being used by the hidden hands of the like, I expect, of George Soros and his ilk.

Mostly white people saying black lives matter in the United Kingdom (and being a real nuisance at the same time)

Now let me juxtapose that with this image from South Africa:

Yeah – because white lives don’t matter in South Africa – oh NO!

Whites – WAKE UP! If you think that Black Lives Matter, and not ALL LIVES MATTER you’re in for a nasty shock when these people get power (which will be when they’ve out-bred you).

Look to South Africa if you want to know how bad it will be for you and your children.

Truly if black lives mattered then this would not be true:


I have no more words. NONE!

God Bless you


Why major church says all whites are racist – ‘no matter what’


“The United Church of Christ caused a stir when its social-media associate wrote a post for the church’s blog recently that listed “10 ways you can actively reject your white privilege.”

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, was horrified that a mainline Protestant church would post something like that online.

“It’s wrong for the church to be doing this,” Peterson told WND. “I mean, the church, and this church in particular, has become a secular church. It’s not about God. It’s not about love. It’s not about salvation. It’s not about forgiveness and overcoming sin. It’s about hating white people and making them feel guilty.”

In addition to being a UCC social media associate, Marchae Grair, who authored the post, is the editor of New Sacred, the UCC blog at which she published her post. She began thus:

“White privilege. It’s the phrase bigots hate to hear and progressives love to denounce.

“If you are white and clicked on this blog, [you are] to be congratulated for naming your privilege, you can stop reading in a few characters.”

Naming your privilege is a good starting point, Grair explained, but it’s insufficient – white people, even guilty white liberals, must actively reject their white privilege so as to “dismantle white supremacy.” Grair addressed her list of “10 ways you can actively reject your white privilege” to her “anti-racism allies.”

After giving her white allies nine tips on how to be sensitive toward people of color, Grair’s 10th and final tip reads, “Recognize that you’re still racist. No matter what.”

She explained: “White people always benefit from institutionalized racism, no matter how anti-racist your ideologies may be. You can’t disconnect yourself completely from the racism from which you benefit, and recognizing that is a large step in rejecting white privilege.””

via Why major church says all whites are racist – ‘no matter what’

God Bless you


Racist blacks shoot themselves in the foot

I watched this little video yesterday with a deep sense of unease at the way that those writing (some of whom, it appeared, were white themselves) were bandying the word ‘white’ not as an adjective but as an insult – one even claiming that getting a gorilla shot to save your life was evidence of your ‘white privilege’ – oh yeah!

However, thank you Daily Mail, the headline reveals today that his parents are indeed black. (Link)

shot in the foot.jpg

Perhaps we should now point the finger at the feckless parents? Except were we to say that, and use the word ‘black’ as anything other than an adjective, we’d be hauled over the coals as racists.

The thought never crossed my mind either way when I saw the story, but the outcry provoked me to take a look, and this is what I found. I have a little smile on my face as I hope the SJW’s (social justice warriors) feel just a tad embarrassed today… just a tad….

God Bless you


More racism – and a warning

This video I came across this morning – I actually watched it. Yes I did, and I was disgusted and appalled! Why? Well you watch it for yourself, my comments are below the video:

Ok, well let’s start with the facts – yes many people were oppressed – yes MANY. Whites were slaves too. The Irish in particular (how else did America get to have so many Irish? They went there as slaves and later as servants). So blacks and whites were BOTH slaves, but the AAPF won’t tell you that. (Read more here: Link)

We see as the video continues that rocks appear and they trip up the coloured folks, and holes appear which someone had dug, and they fall in. No mention of low-paid whites at all, who are equally vulnerable to losing out against better educated people. They also show ONLY the white male making and keeping any money – really? And finally at the end the white man builds himself a ‘travellator of privilege’ and moves forward to win (even against the white woman who clearly is also ‘oppressed.’)


So what’s my beef with this?

First of all not only do I not know anyone who ever had an old-boys network to call on (and I went to a private school), I also know many whites who are living in poverty! The majority of the poorest in this country (the UK) are white – only because of numbers not because of any skewing of the state or society against them.

But secondly what really gets me is the ignorance of the video’s target audience.

The AAPF are dependent on fostering the idea of the oppression of blacks. Without that they’d be out of a job. If you think that the AAPF wants a ‘travellator of privilege’ for you because you’re black – think again! If you ever got that they’d be OUT OF A JOB!

White privilege is a lie fostered by those who need to keep blacks truly oppressed – and they are oppressed by the notion of racism and worse – white ‘privilege’ – which is pretty much antithetical to the American way of life.

So let me be clear, the AAPF want blacks to have a ‘travellator of privilege’ as much as the 0.1% want them to (or anyone else to). They don’t, and they are using anyone who falls for videos like this (which they probably fund as well…) to foment hatred towards whites. And that is really dumb.

God Bless you