Shunning religion makes countries “wealthier”

I put the word wealthier in quotes because it’s laughable to think that money matters in the grand scheme of things. However the article makes an interesting point, and I quote [emphasis added]:

Shunning religion can boost a country’s prosperity, a study has found.

Researchers at the universities of Bristol and Tennessee found that higher levels of secularism led to higher wealth and a greater tolerance for individual rights.

They examined output figures for 109 countries and the importance of religious faith in those states.

A modest increase in secularisation corresponded to an average £800 increase in output per head within a decade, a £2,000 increase in 20 years and a £4,000 increase within 30. 


Note that, output. This is not individual wealth, but the ability of staff to produce. They are more productive in irreligious societies, probably because they are paid better for more work. It doesn’t matter why, this looks very much like the elite’s dream. Productive drones with no concept of the life they should be living before an omnipotent God!

The article also contains this interesting statistic:

Between 1947 and 2001, belief in the divine declined by 33.6 per cent in Sweden, 19.9 per cent in Australia and 7.2 per cent in Canada, according to research by a Harvard academic.

This is the great falling away. I can’t remember whose talk I was listening to, possibly Dean Gotcher, and I heard the man say that at the early part of the twentieth century theologians really believed that the battle for hearts and minds (and souls) was almost won. Truly a great falling away has happened, and communism (and cultural Marxism) are to blame. These are satans beliefs. Tolerance. Hmmm. Tolerance – we don’t have to tolerate things of virtue, do we? Read more: Homosexuality – tolerance leads to suffering

I note from my other article which mentioned Dean Gotcher that the video has been taken down. Most frustrating. I will add one of his full talks here for you – these talks are worth your time, even more so if you are a parent or a grandparent. The way he explains the battle for young minds is vital for you to know.