The Daily Mail – censoring comments!

Why should I be surprised? I made a reply to the top comment on their latest article on the Cologne attacks on NYE (Link). I made the point that there had been numerous sexual attacks on males that night too, and that the media hadn’t reported on it. My comment was clearly not acceptable to them, and has not been published.

No-one wants to acknowledge that vile people abused both men and women that night  in Cologne. To do so would mean what? What are they afraid of? What does it mean if we acknowledge that even men are not safe, and that approximately 25% of the sex attacks in cologne were on men. Rapes and sexual assaults.

But their censorship doesn’t end there, either. In addition I also made a comment on Katie Hopkins piece about the evils of positive discrimination (Link) – I said it was racist – again my comment was not published.

Yet on her article, look at the top rated comments:

fake green arrows.jpg

You don’t need to know what the sausage thing relates to, to see that this is faked – one commenter even notes: “As if by magic, the fake green arrows appear”. Out of the top ten comments only one is on the article, every other one is a lewd comment about her and a sausage.

Let me also add another example of DM censorship: this lady, a South African judge called Mabel Jansen, had some of her comments leaked, and now apparently she is a racist for speaking the truth from her own experience of life in South Africa (which is the rape capital of the world, but the way, followed today by Sweden).

These were her comments: (Link)

truth about SA rapes.jpg

The usual outrage in the comments, so I commented that South Africa stands at stage 6/8   of genocide. Genocide against the minority white population – this is from Genocide watch, and that what this lady is saying is sadly true.

Again, my comment remains unpublished, and not only that but the article has now been removed from the Daily Mail’s front page…

Bread and circuses.

That’s all we’re allowed.

Apparently anything else is too good for us.

God Bless you


The Daily Mail’s manipulated comments facility

Oh this had me pretty angry yesterday – so obvious to any commenter who checks. This was the story that I commented on as a first-time commenter:


As no-one appeared to have commented I wrote: “This is Agenda 21 housing! (Now Agenda 2030). Tiny rabbit-hutch houses is what they’d like us all living in!”

Then I had to register, and then went to the article again and couldn’t see my comment so wrote it again (ended up posting it twice, never mind…) and then this happened:

My comment, according to my account showed this:

politicised dishonesty at the dm

Yet at the same time the bottom of the ‘Best rated’ tab showed this:

dm comments

My comment should have been there, no? I think so! So I thought I’d just take a quick look at the ‘Best Rated’ comments:

politicised comments policy on show

Of course – in favour of the tiny little rabbit-hutch houses. The same thing happened later on an article about Syria – perhaps I should be charitable and say they the Daily Mail’s comments facility wasn’t working last night… but I will be watching DM!

God Bless you



The milk of human kindness (or why I still read the Daily Mail)

Sometimes I can find reading online news a tad depressing (well indeed VERY depressing at times). But sometimes it’s worth that trawl to find a gem like this:

pay it forward.jpg

The note reads: “So sorry you are having to look for this card. Have a coffee and bite to eat on me. Pay it forward one day. Much love x”

You can read the article here: Link

What a beautiful gesture! Sometimes I am in awe of the kindness and blessings that humans are able to bring in times of darkness. Thank you to the mystery benefactor, indeed a Good Samaritan, in Chineham – you didn’t just brighten a dark day for Jeannie Healy, through the newspaper, you brightened it for many more.

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me.

God Bless you