It’s been a week

Yes, quite a week, if you know what I mean! Well, I’ve been without my computer for a week, due to some obscure scheme of the devil’s I’m sure. I mean my poor IT guy – he’s the best – but we could not work out why it was misbehaving. It’s sorted now, and it’s always heartening to finally log back in and see that life on the blog continued as always, with views from all over the world. Thank you to those of you who have come past the last week and read something, and maybe shared one of the bees in my bonnet.

I was left all week, not without internet completely, but having to use Wifi and my little tablet computer. On that little tablet computer there is a tiny memory card with many wonderful videos on it. I’m going to share two here, which although I have watched them many times before, I needed to hear again! You, perhaps, do too. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Otto Koning, but even if you have, this weekend, take time to listen to him again, and enjoy the humour, and the insights that come from his wonderful testimonies.


Shabbat shalom!

God Bless you



Flat Earth = Satanic Lie? Then Why Does it Bring People to God? Flat Earth Testimony

Miranda’s testimony is profoundly moving, and beautifully presented. Once flat earth gets you (once you ‘get’ it), you can never again doubt the truth of God, if you ever did. You know that His word is truth and can be trusted in all things. Praise be to God in the highest!

God Bless you


Good news! A testimony of God’s healing

I want to share this with you, because it’s miraculous. I’m going to show you an icky picture – my dog had a cyst or growth of some kind in his mouth. No idea how long it had been there – I only found it because he seemed to be chewing something one evening while I was eating my dinner (ick!) and suddenly there was blood! Oh no! I looked and he had this huge growth.

26102015645I deliberately didn’t make that image too big – it’s pretty gross!

Well, being skint and unable to afford the vet, I considered my options. The first one which came to mind was to tie a string around the very thin base of it, and it would just drop off after a while. This is how lambs tails are docked, so it ought to work for this too, I thought. I spoke to my more medically savvy boyfriend, and he concurred.

So I tried that, and the string disappeared! I must have knotted it wrong. I tried again, and he got it off again! The third time he wasn’t even going to let me try. I gave up, and thought I’d look again in his mouth in a few days – I’ve poked it enough, perhaps it’s sore.

I prayed to God to heal him, and I think I also cursed that little lump too.

Well a week or more later, he came to me for a fuss, and thought I’d just have a look at it again. Well it’s gone.


Now that is a miracle, and it’s God. I’m so grateful for that, and so blessed by that.


God Bless you