Black Lives Matter – apparently not ALL lives, though…

Let me just dump, very quickly, this picture of morons. Yes, morons- these are useful idiots – being used by the hidden hands of the like, I expect, of George Soros and his ilk.

Mostly white people saying black lives matter in the United Kingdom (and being a real nuisance at the same time)

Now let me juxtapose that with this image from South Africa:

Yeah – because white lives don’t matter in South Africa – oh NO!

Whites – WAKE UP! If you think that Black Lives Matter, and not ALL LIVES MATTER you’re in for a nasty shock when these people get power (which will be when they’ve out-bred you).

Look to South Africa if you want to know how bad it will be for you and your children.

Truly if black lives mattered then this would not be true:


I have no more words. NONE!

God Bless you


An important video and some comments on a borderless world

This video which I watched yesterday is worth your time. I think he’s presenting the facts here – the Pope is a tool for bringing in a one-world government.

What I genuinely take issue with is the notion that a borderless world will mean we are free from excessive government control. What it will mean is the race of every African, every Indian to come and live amongst us, creating massive white flight – this is a known phenomenon. There may not be anywhere good to go, but we’ll leave rather than stay amongst people who couldn’t get themselves and their nations out of slum living, let alone demonic worship.

A borderless world also means something much more profound, but hidden, will have to happen. Right now your strawman – your birth certificate, is a sign of your value to your country. It is often said that these are floated on the stock market, but I have never seen any compelling evidence of this. However, you do belong to your country – that is why you have to have permission to enter and live in another. Our movement is monitored to ensure that ‘escaped slaves’ are returned, via deportation, if necessary, from places they would like to be, for example the UK, or the USA.

Our bank loans are, I’m sure, secured by the nation’s wealth in human resources – in other words, if population falls we cannot claim to have enough slaves to repay the loans. Banks aren’t stupid (evil, yes, stupid, no).

So for us to have free movement, all our collateral ‘value’ would have to be transferred to, you guessed it, a one-world government. Something we don’t wish to see. So Jeff Berwick who did the video – perhaps you be careful what you wish for!

For more on the strawman – watch the video I posted here: The strawman and you, politics, the UN, NGOs and the consent of the governed

God Bless you


More racism – and a warning

This video I came across this morning – I actually watched it. Yes I did, and I was disgusted and appalled! Why? Well you watch it for yourself, my comments are below the video:

Ok, well let’s start with the facts – yes many people were oppressed – yes MANY. Whites were slaves too. The Irish in particular (how else did America get to have so many Irish? They went there as slaves and later as servants). So blacks and whites were BOTH slaves, but the AAPF won’t tell you that. (Read more here: Link)

We see as the video continues that rocks appear and they trip up the coloured folks, and holes appear which someone had dug, and they fall in. No mention of low-paid whites at all, who are equally vulnerable to losing out against better educated people. They also show ONLY the white male making and keeping any money – really? And finally at the end the white man builds himself a ‘travellator of privilege’ and moves forward to win (even against the white woman who clearly is also ‘oppressed.’)


So what’s my beef with this?

First of all not only do I not know anyone who ever had an old-boys network to call on (and I went to a private school), I also know many whites who are living in poverty! The majority of the poorest in this country (the UK) are white – only because of numbers not because of any skewing of the state or society against them.

But secondly what really gets me is the ignorance of the video’s target audience.

The AAPF are dependent on fostering the idea of the oppression of blacks. Without that they’d be out of a job. If you think that the AAPF wants a ‘travellator of privilege’ for you because you’re black – think again! If you ever got that they’d be OUT OF A JOB!

White privilege is a lie fostered by those who need to keep blacks truly oppressed – and they are oppressed by the notion of racism and worse – white ‘privilege’ – which is pretty much antithetical to the American way of life.

So let me be clear, the AAPF want blacks to have a ‘travellator of privilege’ as much as the 0.1% want them to (or anyone else to). They don’t, and they are using anyone who falls for videos like this (which they probably fund as well…) to foment hatred towards whites. And that is really dumb.

God Bless you


Slavery – the state of modern man

…and woman.

So, you have a job, and you are working 40 hours a week. My neighbour has a job like that, after two years of unemployment. He’s very happy. Yet, he’s told me that he has to go to bed at 8pm every night because the job is very physically demanding. Even after a couple of months, he is still exhausted. I worked out that he now has a total of 20 hours per working week, awake, in which to wash, prepare his lunch for the following day and have something to eat.

He’s a slave.

Oh no? You, like many, might think that he’s earning good money. I suspect the job is at minimum wage, and that after he’s paid his council tax and utilities, he’s still got a good wedge left for leisure activities, which he now has very little time or energy for.

If you HAVE to have a job to earn BANK NOTES (which aren’t real money), so that you can pay for goods and services which you cannot avoid (like property tax), you are a slave. If you don’t believe me, try not paying your council tax, and you will find you don’t even own the house you paid off the mortgage on, in full. They will take it.


Women’s lib was not about freeing women, it was the usual satanic pact, where we women were duped into swapping our lives for something depicted to us as being more glamorous, at huge cost to future generations. In those days, had you told a woman that her decision to work full-time would have devastating knock on effects for her grandchildren, she would have listened, I think. Today, women would say ‘what grandchildren.’ Women think slavery is freedom.

boa mural
This image, from the Bank of America – this is one of four murals they commissioned (because they make so much money off your money). You can read an analysis of the images here: Link. I see the woman in this image as isolated, she is the feminine, and she is imprisoned. She is a puppet on strings which stretch up to the black sun – an occult symbol.

In fact the idea of women’s lib was to get more people paying tax and destroy, for once and for all, the concept of full empoloyment. In the 1960’s in the UK, you could, so I understand, walk out of one job in the morning and be hired again in the afternoon somewhere else – full employment means one thing – worker power. When you have full employment, people are happy, confident, and have enough money. When you destroy that, you create uncertainty, fear and a sense of lack. You create poverty in both fact and in prospects.

If you create a society where endless immigration and the outsourcing of jobs makes getting a job like musical chairs, well, some people are going to be unemployed. But if you are unpemployed you are a real nuisance to the state, because you cost so much, sitting there in miserable poverty. Oh yes. But don’t look at the other column of the balance sheet, will you? Don’t look at how has never made a profit, yet has a turn over of millions of pounds every year. Don’t look at how they destroyed highstreet book shops that actually paid taxes, will you? No. Don’t look at that. And whatever you do, don’t look at tax avoidance. No.


Real freedom is not available in the so-called free world. In the United States, you cannot legally live off grid on your own property. You have to have municipal water and electricity attached – why? Well maybe it’s because they want to bombard you with RF radiation from the smart meter, or maybe it’s because you will be forced to earn actual (fake) money to pay the standing charge for the connection alone (whether you use it or not).

What is the answer to all this. If you are government, it is to lie, to propagandise, to allow banks to continue to steal the wealth of individuals – your campaign contributions rely on it. If you are a citizen, it’s time to pray to God.

I have experienced God’s providence so many times. I have had money arrive just when I needed it. I have been blessed by His generosity, and somehow, there has always been enough to pay the utilities. I am thankful to Him for that. God is the creator of all things – money is not hard for Him to bring you. You must be willing to work – whether that is as a housewife, or as a gardener, or in running your own small business (there’s a lot of freedom in that, even though you still have bills to pay) – you don’t have to be doing the 9-5 unless that is what you choose. God Blesses us in ways we sometimes don’t realise until afterwards.

Rely on Him.

God Bless you


Tsipras: a puppet for the elite buy-out of Greece?

Tsipras’ government have just added 10% VAT to food. VAT for those who don’t know, stands for VALUE ADDED TAX – this is designed for all those things you can live without – luxury items (although in the UK it’s on condoms and sanitary towels – hardly luxuries). We don’t put it on real food – it’s on biscuits, but not on cakes (there’s a lot of debate on that I won’t go into). It’s on confectionary. It’s not on fruit and veg.

Some European countries add VAT to food at a few percent – this is not even noticed by the wealthy, but is ENTIRELY REGRESSIVE as a TAX when it is on things people cannot live without. It is effectively stealing from the poor. To pay the bankers. Yes, it should be considered a crime.

Then of course, Tsipras is also SELLING OFF GREEK ASSETS. Can I ask you – who do those assets belong to? The Greek people – Tsipras has no right to do this! To put it on a par – imagine the UK selling off the Isle of Man to some shady moneyed magnate! Or putting it up as collateral on a loan!


What is so offensive about all this is that Tsipras campaigned as a leftist politician. He asked the people in a referendum what they wanted (how much did that referendum cost by the way? They are very expensive to arrange), and then ignored the answer they got:


So just why and how does Tsipras continue to do these things which are against the Greeks?

Tsipras sorosHe’s a puppet, folks. And just in case you think that Soros is just one guy with too much money – according to sources, he is a Rothschild agent. That explains everything, doesn’t it? But why Tsipras?

cipraSo Tsipras is no ‘fluke’ he has the right background, doesn’t he? If anyone can verify the information here and give me a second source, that would be great.

If what I have found is correct, then we can be sure that this man was set up to fail, and Greece will become destitute, it’s poor enslaved – all to please Ms Merkel, the effective (although not crowned) head of the new Holy Roman Empire.

God Bless you


Stefan Molyneux on Planned Parenthood – MUST WATCH!

I am not always a fan of Stefan’s videos, but he has absolutely nailed this argument over Planned Parenthood and your relationship to the state – more importantly the state’s relationship to you and your conscience! Please share!

God Bless you