Sheila Zilinksy and Carla Butaud – another great interview

Another great interview with Carla Butaud – I hope you find this inspiring!

The Weekend Vigilante Show – July 30 – Carla Butaud

Please support Sheila’s show – she needs all our support right now, and you can donate on her page there. Also please pray for her – I know she is having a tough time.

God Bless you



Carla Butaud interview with Sheila Zilinsky

I highly recommend this interview, and in fact all of Carla’s interviews with Sheila Zilinsky, which you can find by searching Sheila’s archived podcasts.

There is hope for healing, and there is AUTHORITY in Yahshua (Jesus). These interviews with Carla are packed with information to equip you for the battle!

God Bless you!