Entertaining Angels unawares….

We never know just who is around us who might touch our life in a profound way. When someone does, we might feel this person is an angel. Indeed this story really made me feel that this was an act of God.

‘Rose’, who suffers from anorexia, was on a train going to hospital for treatment. Someone on the train saw her obvious condition, and wrote her a letter which touched her and uplifted her. Here it is for you to read:

letter from an angel.jpg

You can read the whole story here: Link

I hope it brings you a moment of joy and hope. Life can be so hard – today I pray that if you need a hand, that God will bring someone alongside you. If you are free, would you let God move you alongside someone who needs you? I pray you will.

God Bless



A song to reflect the feel of the first day of Britain’s freedom

As I stood in tears this morning – tears of relief, of gratitude to God, this song came to mind.

Reading the lyrics, it made me think of the freedom we have in God’s beautiful creation. Today is a day to thank God for giving Britain freedom. It may be a hard road for a while, but we are going to be a better country for it.

Praise be to God!

God Bless you


Brexit – our Independence Day!

Thank you God, thank you. I praise you Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you for hearing my prayers, thank you for giving us this freedom. THANKYOU!

Those were the words from my lips when I saw the headline this morning – I wept – tears of pure joy, relief and an uncertain excitement.God has given us freedom, for now, let’s take that freedom with all the solemnity it deserves and try now, more than ever, to do His Will – let us seek Him daily for our country, let us take time in prayer daily for the leadership of this new, free country. Let us rejoice, however, in what God has given us today – we get to leave Europe, and get out of the heavy yoke of its rules and its imperiousness. THANK YOU GOD!

God Bless you