Oh Melania!

Now I like the first lady of the USA. She seems pretty savvy, and I was impressed that she didn’t automatically bow to the tradition of wearing a head scarf to meet the Saudis. Good on her, I thought.

And then this happened:

tweet melania

Yes, she wore a veil to honour the pope. And she wore black (again, to honour the pope). Hmmm, I thought!

melania ivanka

Here we have Melania and Ivanka (who is Jewish) honouring the pope!

One might ask why! Today we see the headline:

melania catholic

Uh, no. Nope. No. If Melania was a Catholic, she would have worn white when meeting the pope:

catholic meets pope at vatican
Princess Charlene of Monaco, dressed in white
cherie blair catholic
Cherie Blair, dressed in white

Non catholics wear black. Even our Queen:

queen black veil
Our protestant queen, dressed in black

This signifies that our queen knows that she is under papal rule (as are we all!).

So what is going on with Melania? I can only say how disappointed I am to see her honour the pope – a NWO, one-world-religion pushing hypocrite. She has gone down in my estimation immensely.

What are your thoughts?

God Bless you




Mother Theresa declared a ‘saint’ by Pope Francis

Ok, sorry, I may get a little ‘ranty’ as I write about this. I’m preaching, mostly, I suspect, to the ‘converted’ when it comes to the evils of catholicism, but I hope this will reach the deep recesses of any thoughts of ‘unity’ (see my post on Mekudeshet) you might have. Catholicism is NOT Christianity.


Firstly, if you follow Christ YOU ARE A SAINT! You don’t need the pope to declare you a saint, you are one by definition. According to Strongs, the word ‘saints’ appears 95 times in the old and new testaments. Here are the entries JUST from the book of Romans:


The Romans Catholic church has no business setting up any person, no matter how kind, no matter how virtuous they might be, above the rest of the body of Christ. God is no respecter of persons.

Of course the main issue with saints comes from the necromancy which the catholic faithful indulge in, in total ignorance of the fact that praying, or speaking, to the dead is a SIN unto death. Talking to the dead is what necromancy means – and now Mother Theresa will be considered someone to be prayed to.

Remember that Pope Francis is a NWO puppet – a man who wishes to ‘unite’ the religions of Christianity (no, catholicism), Islam (which has always had a strong affinity with catholicism, if you’ve ever watched the videos of Walter Veith, you will have seen the number of muslim sites where there is also a catholic church on site), and Judaism (the synagogue of satan).

Mekudeshet (which means ‘blessing’ – and is strongly associated with weddings (!!!!)) ends with prayers in Gehenna – this is no joke. Pope Francis wants to bring unity within the ‘Great City’ – the Whore – Jerusalem. We as believers who love Jerusalem, and who want to see all of Judah saved – we must pray, because this contamination of the City marks a turning point into the depths of darkness.

A quick reminder about wishing for the day of the LORD: Interesting snippets from Lindsey Williams

Let us overcome evil with good for as long as we are able.

Holy War begins? Machinated for by whom? The bible says ‘overcome evil with good’

God Bless you


Will you be praying against Mekudeshet?

This ‘blessing’ (which is what Mekudeshet means) is very sinister indeed. Please watch the video and prepare to stand against this evil in prayer.

Thanks to natsab.com blog for posting this video.

God Bless you


The pope is wrong – there is only ONE way to God

I found this: (click the image to visit and read the article)

one world pope.jpg

and it’s time to say it straight, and say it plain.

God is NOT a two-faced, or multi-faceted God. He did not say that cattle were food for the Jews and then make them sacred and untouchable to the Hindus. He did NOT say that idolatry is wrong and then say it was fine to be worshipped in the form of Buddha. He did NOT have His beloved Son come here to earth to tell us that He is ‘the way, the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except through Me’ and then create lots of other paths to Himself. He also did not have his Son say that repetative prayers were of the heathen, and then say that mantras are fine.

John 14 6

I cannot make this case strongly enough – Yeshua is the Son of God – not A Christ, but THE Christ – the Messiah – the One and only.

I don’t know how else to say this, but frankly if all roads lead to God – the true God and not a false god – then the Old Testament simply wouldn’t have been written, because He wouldn’t have minded one bit the pagan worship of idols, would He?

This is another false doctrine, and it’s one I have seen with my own eyes being spoken by members of the congregation in churches with a deep lack of discernment. It’s got to STOP!

It’s time to be a white blood cell in the body of Christ! Attack that which attacks the body – false doctrine!

white blood cell in the body of Christ.jpg

God Bless you


I’m adding Truthstream Media’s video on this which is worth a watch.

Someone told the pope to read the bible!

I found this yesterday, in an article full of supposedly ‘funny’ tweets. I didn’t think this was funny at all. I was impressed!

telling the pope to read the bible.jpg

Yes, someone told the pope to read the bible – EXCELLENT!

To the person who assumed the pope DOES read the bible, you might want to read this piece I wrote about the fact that the catholic church changed the ten commandments… Link

We all need to be white blood cells in the body of Christ – attacking that which attacks the body of Christ – false doctrine!

white blood cell in the body of Christ

God Bless you


Pope calls for Idolatry

Pope Francis, an idolater, has suggested that we too should engage in idolatry to an image of the infant Jesus. This is from the Catholic Herald:

“People should take the little figurine of Jesus from their Nativity scene and kiss it, “and tell Jesus, ‘I want to humble like you, humble like God,’” the Pope said today during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square. […]

“In order to grow in the faith, we need to reflect more often on baby Jesus,” who came into the world in such a humble way “for us,” he said.

“This is a great mystery: God is humble. We, who are proud, full of vanity, who think we’re a big deal, yet we’re nothing. He is great, he is humble and he became a child. This is a true mystery. God is humble. This is beautiful,” the Pope said.

While the New Testament offers few accounts of Jesus’s infancy and early childhood, the pope said people can still learn a lot by looking at the children in the world.

“We discover, most of all, that children want our attention. They have to be at the centre of attention – because they’re proud? No. Because they need to feel protected,” he said.

“We, too, have to put Jesus at the centre of our lives and realise, even if it seems paradoxical, that we have a responsibility to protect him.

“He wants to be in our arms, he wants to be looked after and be able to fix his gaze onto ours,” he said.

Just as being affectionate to a child can make him or her smile, people can “make baby Jesus smile by demonstrating our love and our joy because he is among us.”
“His smile is a sign of that love that gives us assurances of being loved,” the pope said.” Source

I really don’t know what his intention is here – I mean if he really knows the bible then he knows that he is exhorting believers to commit an abomination in the sight of God – to break the second commandment!

But as I’ve written before, the catholic church has changed the ten commandments to suit it’s own agenda, presumably, and to serve the gods it worships. Link

Let me be crystal clear here, in case you have fallen for the notion that catholicism is a form of Christianity, it is NOT it is a SYSTEM, and it is SINFUL. It involves breaking the commandments of God – venerating the bones of dead people, idolatry, and mariolatry, the worship of Mary. It involves breaking the commandment to keep holy the Sabbath day (NOT Sunday!), and it involves talking to the dead, i.e. praying to their appointed saints. Every catholic church has within it the relics of a dead saint – in other words, their bones. This makes the whole building UNCLEAN for the worship of YHWH!

The pope talks a lot about the ‘mysteries’ of the faith – well, Mystery Babylon is her name, and the call is to COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE!

It is very sad to think of those who continue in this – God is merciful, and I believe he holds us reponsible for what we know. Once we know the truth, it is then our responsibility to walk in that truth. I pray that catholics around the world will be drawn to Yeshua in truth, and turn their backs on this sinful organisation.

God Bless you


Who is pope Francis? The first ‘world president’?

This plausible pope, dangerous though he is, is liked by just about everybody. Who better to make devout protestants look like bigots than a pope who embraces shifting-sands-theology where there are no absolute truths, because they even changed the ten commandments (Link). Mark my words, that is the plan here.

This is from the Huffington Post – their headline: (Link)

Pope Francis Wants To Be President Of The World
OK, that’s not a real job, but he is seeking to lead the global conversation.

And I quote:

“WASHINGTON — He hasn’t announced his candidacy.

Indeed, the job he seeks doesn’t really exist.

But shrewdly, methodically and with a showman’s flair, the soft-spoken, 78-year-old Argentinian Jesuit priest named Jorge Mario Bergoglio — Pope Francis — showed Thursday that he is running to become president of the planet.

He did so in a congressional ceremony of secular civic pomp in a massive legislative building that, after all, harks back to ancient Rome.  

As devout as he is, and as focused on the faith and practice of the Catholic Church, Francis is also campaigning to lead public, secular, political discourse worldwide. He is arguing that the two realms of faith and politics are one, and that the moral and spiritual teachings of faith should inform and guide political decisions for “our common home.”” (emphasis added)

Now read the words of an ex-catholic nun: (emphasis added)

“The Catholic Church puts the traditions of men ahead of what the Bible clearly teaches. As a result, many of its teachings and practices are contrary to Scripture. It took me years to learn this, and it was heartbreaking because I loved and trusted the priests I knew, and I believed whatever they taught me. I used to be a very faithful Catholic, but Jesus and was my primary focus, and I loved to read the Bible. And eventually God opened my eyes.

Ecumenism seems plausible because Catholics use words in a way that outsiders don’t understand. For example, for Catholics, “grace” is something that can be “merited” (i.e., earned by doing good works).[1] And it can be given to objects such as holy water, in addition to being given to people.[2] Because Protestants don’t understand what Catholics really mean, they think that they have a lot of things in common, when in reality they don’t.

Pope Francis seems to be trying to pull Protestants into the Catholic Church. He also seems to be attempting to influence Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and people of other religions with his inter-faith outreach. In addition, he claims that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God. We do not! Christians and Jews worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Muslims worship a very different “god.”

When listening to Pope Francis or reading his statements, please remember that he is a Jesuit, and Jesuits believe that it is morally right to engage in “mental reservations.” This is the practice of saying something with the deliberate intention of deceiving people, but doing it in a way that avoids technically being a lie.[3][…]

In addition to these Jesuit teachings, the Catholic Church itself promotes mind control. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the idea of freedom of religion is wrong. Religious belief is said to be “outside the realm of free private judgment,” which means that people are not supposed to use their own personal judgment to determine their religious beliefs.[5]

According to Canon Law (the official laws governing the Roman Catholic Church), Catholics are required to submit their minds and wills to any declaration concerning faith or morals which is made by the Pope or by a church council. They are also required to avoid anything that disagrees with such declarations.[6]

The Catholic Church teaches that only the Magisterium of the Catholic Church (the Pope and the bishops in communion with him) has the right to interpret Scripture. People are not allowed to interpret Scripture for themselves. They are supposed to rely entirely on Catholic Church authorities.[7] Catholics are supposed to “receive with docility” any directives given to them by Catholic Church authorities.[8][…]

After I left the convent, eventually I left the Catholic Church and became an Evangelical Christian. It took me a long time to do that, with a lot of Bible study and prayer. Even after I was fully persuaded that Catholicism taught things that are contrary to Scripture, it was difficult to leave, because of the degree of mind control to which I had been subjected.” (Link)

I hope you will pray for this former nun. What she describes here is the system that wants to take over the world, and will syncretise all practises and faiths to do so – as long as it gets to set the rules. Watch the videos I posted previously if you haven’t already – Rome Still Rules Today: Link

Do not be fooled by this pope – he is a dangerous man.

God Bless you