Planned Parenthood’s satanic agenda rolls on

Just when I thought the tide of evil from this organisation was beginning to be stemmed by Pro-Life messages, and Donald Trump, I found out that Planned Parenthood now have another income stream in the pipeline.

Gender reassignment.

Yes, you heard that right. Perhaps you already knew, but I found this out only a couple of days ago by reading Twitter, and it began with this ridiculous piece of propaganda:


Let’s do away with male and female and replace them with…? Nevermind – I’m preaching to the choir here. Then I saw this in the replies:

pp agenda

I thought, “WHOA! What?”

So I did a bit of digging, and it’s true. (Source)

planned parenthood.jpg

Planned Parenthood – an organisation which is supposed to provide family planning, yet pushes abortion, well, now it’s showing even more it’s true colours. This is a satanic organisation, bent on pushing whatever the leftists (really, they are Marxists) want to make popular. Of course this is going to be very profitable, and surely (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the states provide at least some funding to these Planned Parenthood offices from taxpayers money? This is, yet again, not what America needs to be doing.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Elites with a sinister agenda are behind this. Pollution is part of it, and media hype is also. Read more:

Transgender issues linked to anti-depressants

So what antidepressant was Steven on when he decided to become a woman?

Another danger of the transgender push

God Bless you



A juxtaposition of the hypocrits

I don’t have much to say about the issue of Black Lives Matter – I think the whole thing is a psyop from start to finish, and the real hypocrites are the blacks themselves who don’t even see they are being played! You don’t think so?

A genuine tweet from Planned Parenthood

Oh but hang on….


Haha sukaz – you are being USED – think Obama likes you because he’s black – think he cares about you? This is all a stupid psyop and you’re getting to do what you like to do – commit violent crimes against whites because ONLY when a white cop kills a black do you care. When it’s black on black you don’t give a stuff. When it’s your unborn child you are glad to get rid. You are useful idiots and I feel sorry for you – right now I think we are all aprey to that. The powers that be are USING you against the whites, and you are so racist you don’t care.


White cops are NOT your enemy. You are your own worst enemy.



I also really recommend you watch this excellent video by Stefan Molyneux:

All Lives Matter!

God Bless you


More Planned Parenthood info

Has there been an acceleration of the doom?

I’m not talking about financial doom here, I’m talking about moral doom as well! I’m either finding more stories I really care about, or something momentous has happened to the amount of sh*t hitting the fan.

I feel a small tidal wave has hit, as everywhere I turn I am finding, suddenly, a story I need to blog. It’s a bit exhausting, and I’ll try not to get too connected to that – it’s more profitable to read the bible than fret too much about what is going on here, but I’ll try to get some of this out, nevertheless.

So from (Link) we have the story that Planned Parenthood is now SUING the state of Alabama, claiming that it has NO CHOICE but to FUND them! I quote:

“MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Planned Parenthood Southeast on Friday filed a federal lawsuit over Gov. Robert Bentley’s effort to cut off Medicaid payments to the organization’s Alabama clinics. […]

“We’re in court today because each and every patient, and her ability to make her own deeply personal and private health care decisions, matters,” said Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast.”

Of course, the state may be unable to defend against this, as abortion is legal…

Martin Luther King quote

And, as I read today, what did the Nazi’s really think of abortion? Well if you were Aryan it was unthinkable, but if you weren’t – go ahead. Here’s a quote from Martin Bormann:

“The Slavs are to work for us. Insofar as we do not need them, they may die. Therefore, compulsory vaccination and German health service are superfluous. The fertility of the Slavs is undesirable. They may use contraceptives or practice abortion, the more the better. Education is dangerous. It is enough if they can count up to one hundred. At best an education which produces useful coolies for us is admissible. Every educated person is a future enemy”

You can read more about the Nazis and abortion here: Link

I keep coming back to Constance Cumbey and the way she tied together what happened in Nazi Germany to the Theosophical movement. The Fourth Reich is rising, ladies and gentlemen – don’t kid yourself that internment camps are far behind. Get her books here: Link

God Bless you


Planned Parenthood Global, and IPPF in their own words:

My emphasis added, and my comments in [square brackets]:

Welcome to Planned Parenthood Global, the international division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

For more than 40 years, Planned Parenthood Global has been working overseas in partnership with local advocates, medical service providers, youth leaders and more to ensure that women, men, and young people in some of the world’s most neglected areas have access to the health care they need to control their bodies and their futures. [the way the west wants them to]

Around the world, more than 200 million women and girls in developing countries who wish to delay or plan childbirth still lack access to modern contraceptives, information, and services. [developing into what?]

Pregnancy is a leading cause of death for adolescent girls worldwide, with nearly 70,000 killed annually from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. [do they advocate abstinence?]

Half of the world’s population is now under 25. They need our help to grow into the healthiest generation ever. [health = access to abortion?]

Planned Parenthood Global works in partnership with local advocates, medical service providers, and youth leaders to change this reality.  Our partners in 13 focus countries across Latin America and Africa work to:

• Provide tens of thousands of women, men, and young people with sexual and reproductive health education; [western style?]

• Provide contraceptives;

• Increase access to treatment for complications from unsafe abortion;

• Increase access to safe abortion care, where legal;

• And expand laws and policies promoting women’s health in Africa and Latin America.

Visit their site for more: Link

They are connected to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, as they state here:

“As the leading U.S. provider and advocate of high-quality, affordable health care for women, men, and young people, as well as the nation’s largest provider of sex education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is proud to be the U.S. Member Association to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), a a global network of 152 member associations working in more than 170 countries. Planned Parenthood Global is the international division of PPFA.”

So what does the IPPF do? Let’s look at their website:

Snippet ippf

I hope that’s readable for you – you can look at all the statistics on the original document here: Link

So, they are advocating to change the laws, and in 2014 succeeded in changing 81 laws in 55 countries, 19 of which related to access to safe and legal abortion. In fact they also show elsewhere on the same document that they provided 3.8 million ‘abortion related services’ in 2014.

They are in 170 countries. They are in consultative status with the UN. They are never voted for, and they are using education as a way to control populations which do not know where this will lead them.


evil gates

kissinger agenda

human weeds

It’s working in America, where more black babies were aborted than born in 2012 in NYC: Link

‘Education’ or as I called it here educashun (Link) is part of the problem. When the masses parrot what the MSM says, and the kids are indoctrinated to do the same, and there is no comparison of this to what God says in His Word, we are in trouble.

God Bless you


Planned Parenthood International, consultative status at the UN, and the countries it seeks to influence

Planned Parenthood International has branches all over the world, and here are the ones which are listed in this document from the UN (Link) which were involved in consultation with the UN in 2014, on population and development. I’ve also given you here the basics of each country’s abotion policy. It makes very interesting reading. The chart below this list contains all the African countries, and is from the Guttmacher Institute (pro abortion). Their document can be accessed here: Link


Botswana – see the chart below

Cote D’Ivoire – see the chart below

Egypt – see the chart below

Ghana – see the chart below

India – 12 week limit, but basically free choice as they accept ‘failure of contraceptive device’ as a reason. (source)

Kenya – see the chart below

Malaysia – to protect the life, physical or mental health of the mother – 120 day limit. (source)

Mexico – to protect the mother, or because of defect to the child, or in cases of rape etc. (source)

Namibia – see the chart below

Philipines – illegal except to save the mother. (source)

Senegal – see the chart below

Tunisia – see the chart below


US (two branches)

legality of abortion africaHmmm… so let me get this straight – Planned Parenthood International is running as an NGO in all these countries, many of which you can see might be targets for expansion of ‘reproductive rights’? Highly suspicious.


human weeds

Of course, don’t forget that Hillary Clinton, the next president of the United States (*laughs*) admires Sanger very much, and I quote from here: Link

“In April 2009, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry dialogued with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on foreign policy At 4 minutes 25 seconds into this video, Hillary Clinton compares the eugenics advocate and racist Margaret Sanger to Thomas Jefferson. Clinton even seems to say that Sanger is superior to Jefferson.” […] (video at link)

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” said Hillary Rodham Clinton, “I am really in awe of her, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her life”

Coupled with the vile comments of the likes of Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger, we can quickly see the agenda as to why Planned Parenthood International is fostered outside the political limits that would normally be imposed, inside countries which are against it’s agenda to widen ‘reproductive rights’. If the people won’t vote for it, the west (Europe, and the US) will pay to push it through the back door.

evil gates

kissinger agenda

The NWO agenda rests on NGOs and their machinations.

God Bless you


Abortion – the story that brought a class of teens to silence

When I was a teenager, a doctor came to our school to answer the girl’s questions about matters reproductive. One girl asked the question ‘What happens if I’m pregnant and I don’t want to be?’

The doctor’s reply was ‘You just have an abortion.’

Afterwards, a teacher, in fact our R.E. teacher took the whole class into a room and sat us down, while she told us the story of her abortion.

I want to share what I can remember about her story all these years later.

Firstly she already had a disabled son, and when she fell pregnant again, they had to wait until the preganacy was advanced enough to do amniocentesis to determine if the baby had the same disability. It turned out that he did. She was advised to have a termination – she and her husband must have already had so much on their hands with their first son that they agreed to this.

She told us how she had to go through a full birth of a baby which had been killed in her womb. This birth had to be chemically induced.

You could have heard a pin drop – we must have been slack jawed with horror at what she was sharing – this poor woman.

I feel tearful just typing this.

I can’t remember her name, but she sat and told us that she HAD to tell us, because the doctor had said ‘You just have an abortion,’ as if it was easy, simple, and held no pain, emotions, or trauma.

She had all of us there to hear her story, and I would bet you that not one in that room would have thought of having an abortion as matter of course after hearing it.

I think of her story, and I particularly see it’s relevance today. Planned Parenthood is being ‘targetted by the GOP’ who, according to Harry Reid (*hiss*) have ‘lost their moral compass’ – no Harry, you awful little man – YOU HAVE!

Women are being CARED for by KILLING their children?

The teacher who shared her trauma with us, would today be disciplined for doing so – in the US, probably drummed out of the profession for HATE SPEECH.

I’m glad that back in the late 1980’s she was still free to speak.

Please pray for that dear teacher of mine today – she must be in her 70’s if she’s still alive, and I’m sure she still thinks of that day. I hope she knows she did right to share her pain with a class of misled teenage girls.

God Bless you