The truth is dangerous

any truth.

If you are an atheist (I suspect more an agnostic) like Stefan Molyneux and you want to speak the truth to people, you will experience persecution. You don’t need to be a Christian to be speaking the truth, as he is trying to do against a barrage of violent hatred from the Left. Your speech will not be protected because it is the truth. This video is his message about how bad the situation is out there – and my fellow believers need to take note. Stefan Molyneux is experiencing persecution – this is what persecution looks like.

I would ask you to pray for Stefan. He is trying to do good, and what he needs is to come to Christ. He has the bravery and boldness to speak that truth were he ever to receive it. I would pray that he does before it’s too late.

These two memes I will share with you – they really make you realise that some on the Right are coming to faith for perhaps the wrong reasons (pragmatic ones, not real faith-based ones), but it is interesting none-the-less to see that people are making and sharing memes which express the view that a society run on Christian lines is what made us great. We can never be great without God, however, because it is His greatness and His glory!


And another:

beautiful doctrine

The recognition of looming social collapse isn’t enough, we must realise WHY godlessness results in social collapse! We cannot salvage a feminist/homosexual rights society and tack on Christian values and expect it to survive. We must promote God first, and His laws, allowing everything else to follow from that – because of Him. We cannot do it of our own strength no matter how hard we try,



Why non-Christians ‘hate’ Christians

Now, I’ve put ‘hate’ in quotes there, because as you’ll see this isn’t real hatred. It’s not because of what we stand for, it’s something much more fundamental, and I’ll explain this from my own experience.

There was a time in my life where I was very New Agey in outlook. I really bought into all that ‘self empowerment’ stuff, and worked hard at it. The thing was it just didn’t work for me. Everything I tried, well, I got no results. But I was not happy and not well, and I knew that I couldn’t live like that, and one day, in desperation, I prayed to God in Jesus’ name, and He answered my prayer immediately. It was a real ‘kapow’ moment! My life was changed there and then, because I was profoundly moved by the experience. I was also, however, rather bothered by what I had just found out.

You see when you discover that God is real, you have no choice but to follow Him, to believe in Him and try to do His will. This can mean accepting things you really didn’t want to before.

In fact I really didn’t want to be a Christian – I really didn’t – that word, well, it made me cringe. I saw Christians as being self-righteous, I saw them as at best inflexible, and at worst, potential tyrants! I felt a deep physical cringing when I thought about them, or when faced with their views. I didn’t know my bible, I didn’t know God well – we’d just met as far as I was aware. So I started off walking MY walk with God.

You can imagine that didn’t last long – God has His ways, doesn’t He?

But what I want to bring across to you is that sinners feel the demonic clutches of the devil and cringe when they are faced with Christianity. When steeped in sin, humans find such goodness repellant. There are so many out there who would like to attribute the goodness you find in the family of God to some other, less pure, motive.

We know it is the work of the Holy Spirit, who brings us into all knowledge – and Yeshua, the perfector of our faith! But when lost in sin, those things are just like anti-matter – people can’t cope with it.

I remember the feeling so well I wanted to share it with you. I think it’s important to realise that the reaction we get is a reaction to Yeshua, and the reaction comes from oppressing spirits who HAVE that person in BONDAGE to sin.

I was in bondage to sin – and it’s taken time, and God has been patient with me, mapping out the route, and preparing the ground for me to walk away from sin. Step by step He has set me free!

I’m glad to say that that initial discomfort didn’t last long, even if some of my sins and strongholds persisted. I hope that if you’re a non-Christian reading this you’ll take heart – God loves you, and wants you – call upon Him and be saved from the evils of this world. Then comes the journey of a lifetime, and one I can’t recommend highly enough to you. As a former New Ager, I can tell you that this journey is the real deal, not some foolish attempt to raise mankind to godhood. This is all God’s work – I can claim no credit for the transformation He has wrought in me, and which still continues to this day.

At the moment He is still healing me, He is teaching me. He is protecting me, and He is nurturing me. Not everything is where is needs to be for me to be comfortable, but each step is a step forward.

So for any of you out there who feel that deep aversion to Christianity, look at the devil as the likely cause – he has you in his grip, and yet the arms you need to be in are those of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Amen to that!

God Bless you


Will you pray with me for Kim Davis?

Kim Davis

ASHLAND, Ky. (CBSDC/AP) — A defiant county clerk was sent to jail for contempt Thursday after insisting that her “conscience will not allow” her to follow a federal judge’s orders to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

“God’s moral law conflicts with my job duties,” Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis told U.S. District Judge David Bunning. “You can’t be separated from something that’s in your heart and in your soul.”

The judge said she left him with no alternative but to jail her, since fines alone would not change her mind. A deputy escorted her out of the courtroom, although not in handcuffs, to be turned over to the custody of federal marshals. (source)

Please will you pray with me?

Yehovah, Lord of Hosts, El Gibbor, we call upon You, in Yeshua’s Holy Name to strengthen Kim Davis, her family and legal team today. We call upon You to give her justice, and also to show us through her, the example we all must follow – standing up for what we know to be right because of You.

We pray that all who support her will stand strong in prayer daily for her needs, and that, through her act of faith, she will be vindicated!

We call upon Your mighty arm to move in spiritual protection of this brave saint who we lift up to You in prayer today. God Bless Kim Davis! Amen

God Bless you – please keep Kim in your prayers