The matriarchy speaks!

Watch out, guys. ‘Real women’ are (apparently) something else….

Whilst cruising around the ‘net, I came across this peach of an article – one which struck a nerve:

real men.jpg

Now, I like this because it’s true – oh so true. And I as a real woman really would appreciate it! But no! We can’t have that bcuz:


Now, what if I reverse this, and write:

Real MEN provide. Real women RESPECT it.

Can you see what she’s doing wrong here? She’s taking a superior tone – can you imagine the furore if the sign had read that?

Well the ‘wimin’ of North Carolina are in uproar, so much so that they are planning to hold a protest the against the sign in Winston-Salem, and are planning to put up their own signs all around the town.

I despair of my (ungrateful) sex sometimes. Where is the love, ladies? Where is the love?

You can read the rest of the sorry tale here: Link

God Bless you



Lies of the cartels – ‘only a professional can give advice’

In North Carolina, you are about to be outlawed from sharing dietary or nutritional information with others. Yes, if you reversed your diabetes with diet, you will not be allowed to share that information with others – you will be breaking a new law.

free speechI quote from this article (Link):

“The same folks in North Carolina that tried to sue blogger Steve Cooksey simply for sharing information online about how to treat diabetes naturally are now going after all speech related to health and nutrition.

The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (NCBDN) has launched an all-out assault against free speech with its antithetically named “Modernize Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act,” or House Bill 796, which would make it a crime to share health advice or food strategies with non-family members who are suffering from health conditions.

The bill, which has already passed its first reading in the North Carolina State Senate, would prohibit unlicensed individuals from offering “medical nutrition therapy,” which the proposed legislation defines as the “provision of nutrition care services for the purpose of managing or treating a medical condition.”

Recommending that a friend with an autistic child try the GAPS diet, for instance, would essentially be outlawed under HB 796, as only licensed dietitians would be permitted to dispense such nutrition advice. Or like with Steve Cooksey, teaching people how to overcome “incurable” diseases through diet and supplementation would be off limits under HB 796.”

I thought protectionism had been outlawed? No – only YOUR rights are infringed. Heaven help you if you reach out to help someone else.

In every way, we must surely be able to see by now that only God’s Law is righteous – that man’s laws are flawed, corrupt and corrupting. The very idea of this kind of protectionism in an industry which is so tiny (how many people would consider going to see a nutritionist?) should be offensive to us all.

If you are in North Carolina, please act now to stop this law being passed.

God Bless you