The Jezebel spirit – another root of unhappiness

Feminism has a lot to answer for. The constant portrayal of men, in the media, in advertisements, as inept, unreliable and incompetent is designed to damage a woman’s view of the world. It gives women the impression that they are better at managing families – that the father of their children is a mere apendage. And if he gets too annoying, he can be easily removed (and financially emptied) by a lawyer.

So women really do run families – and of course this is very stressful, and prone to them making terrible mistakes, too! A woman’s judgement is not like a man’s. Two heads are better than one, we used to say. Not in the modern marriage. Women wear the trousers. This is the spirit of Jezebel.

One recent example of this is the plaintive story of one Shona Sibary. A woman who has written about her chaotic family life before. This time, she excelled herself. She decided, after a successful family holiday, to move her whole brood (husband and four children) to Devon. For those unfamiliar with Devon, it is very beautiful, and picturesque. It makes a great holiday destination.

Shona says:[Link]

“We were enjoying one last, blissful picnic on the beach. The kids were frolicking in the surf as the sun sank over the Saunton Sands horizon. I took a sip of rosé and thought wistfully: ‘I could live here.’

By the same time the next day, our car had joined the M5 heading north. But that thought had developed from an embryonic notion — which, let’s face it, we all have on the last night of a successful holiday — to a full-blown monster of a plan.

I presented the news to my husband, Keith, as we sat in a bottleneck, limping past Stonehenge. ‘We should move to Devon,’ I announced.

By the time we had arrived back at our house in Surrey, I had an entire West Country future mapped out. I could practically smell the sea air as I sank into bed, envisaging a simpler life enhanced by cream teas and crabbing.

What the hell, I ask you now, was I thinking? If anyone reading this feels even the tiniest inkling of recognition, then let what I am about to tell you act as the biggest cautionary tale ever to be winged your way.”

Are you getting the picture. My emphasis is on her decision. Where was her husband’s input? Hmmm. She goes on:
“Because moving to Devon did nothing short of tear my family apart. Today, I am back in the Home Counties — only without two of my four children. For so thoroughly did I despise country living that I felt I had no choice but to return to civilisation — even though it meant leaving my oldest daughters behind.”
She laments that her two eldest have made lives for themselves in Devon, and didn’t return with her when she fled from the “the mud and the rain — endless, relentless rain. And the wind.”

She goes on to tell us that there was no Waitrose (posh supermarket chain), no John Lewis (their parent company, which sells clothes, homewares etc.). She says the only place with big shops was an hour away.

“What’s so ironic today is that all the factors that drove our relocation to Devon became, when I didn’t have them any more, the very things I missed the most.”
I-I-I! Where was her husband in this? No, it’s all about Shona, and how Shona feels, and how awful this was… for Shona!
She goes on:
“It pains me to say it, but the Devon I adored on holiday wore me down when I lived there day to day. I wanted to love it — I really did. But I grew even to hate the sight of the sea, which, apart from about two days a year in the middle of August, was grey, uninviting and far too cold to enjoy. […]
But in the end, it just came down to an overwhelming sense of feeling exiled from the real world.

At first, I buried my feelings of anguish — after all, we had invested so much emotionally. We had bought a house. Keith and I planned to retire there.

But it got to the stage where I was so miserable that I didn’t even want to look out of the window and be reminded of our monumental mistake.

Then, while on a trip back to Surrey to see friends, it hit me that I felt happy for the first time in ages.

I called Keith, and suddenly found myself unable to stop weeping. Kind and supportive, he simply said: ‘Shona, let’s get the hell out of here. It’s not worth putting us through this.'”

Our monumental mistake. Note that. Of course, I-I-I while it’s being planned, but “our” when it goes wrong. So, with Keith’s support, her experiment came to an end. But wait. And this, for me, is the kicker. When Shona, who’s plan this had all been, told her kids they were moving back:
“The four of them looked at me in horror. Because while they had moaned endlessly when we first arrived, they had come out the other side. Unlike us, they had made a life in Devon.”
But Shona, being Shona, left anyway. Can you imagine doing that to a 16 year old who hasn’t even done their exams yet? Can you imagine, for one moment not putting that child and their future first, and waiting? I mean, after four years, what would another six months matter, or even a year! She continues:
“I recognise that leaving the girls behind in Devon is probably the most selfish thing I’ve ever done as a parent. But, hand on heart, I really felt I had no other choice.

And so here I am, back where we started with Monty and Dolly (who still isn’t speaking to me because she misses ‘home’).

Still, I’m heartbroken because we’ll never all live together as a family again.

The last years I’ll ever have with all my children together were ruined by that godforsaken place.”
Riiiiiiight. Yes, she had no other choice but to be selfish – you know, because she was unhappy, and it was indeed, DEVON that split up Shona’s family. Not her selfishness at all.
Jezebel is very busy in these times. I was pleased to see numerous comments on the article berrating the woman for her selfishness, but the sad part is that a lot of women (I’ve known a few) feel they must run the family – organise it, plan it, and make decisions for it. And women are terribly stressed by this. Simply loving and providing for a family isn’t enough. Men are, after all, useless – because like Ahab, they just allow themselves to be dragged along with their woman’s plans. Those of us who know the story of Jezebel know it didn’t end well.
But women have been sold Jezebel. Everywhere the Jezebel spirit is raised up and admired. From the screen ‘sirens’ of the 1940’s onwards – women have been sold an image of a woman as a successful manipulator of men, and men have been sold the idea that a difficult woman is worth the hard work and suffering. The word siren comes from Greek mythology – dangerous creatures who lured sailors to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their land. Hmmm. But I digress. The reality is, however, that men are rarely happy with controling women, and that a woman in charge rarely creates a happy home life, let alone sets a good example for the children. Women are rarely happy like this either – in fact their constant unhappiness and disatisfaction only leads to the kinds of flights of fancy we see here in Shona’s tale.
Men’s judgement is different to a woman’s – he sees things differently. He was designed, by God, to be the head of the family. I note that Shona’s husband, Keith, is now working far away in Dubai! Such a pity that he was not leaned on more – which strengthens a man – so that he could have made the decision, rather than her. Perhaps this is one lesson that Shona is learning.
Women, cherish and love and rely on your men.
(Please forgive the terrible formatting on this post – I don’t know why wordpress does this sometimes – it looked great in ‘edit’!)
God Bless you

The redeemable assholes of Hollywood – why women fall for narcissists

I get very tired of the Hollywood schtick. I watched this movie on YouTube a while back, and in it we are confronted with the usual unpleasant character (these are almost always men (in the films I watch, anyway)), and this guy, played by Michael Douglas,  turns out in the end to be a good guy.

How many times have I seen the very same unpleasant, self-centred characters redeemed by love, by persistence, by calling them out on their bullsh*t, and, oh yeah, more love.

The redeemable asshole is one of Hollywood’s greatest weapons against good, sweet-natured women. Against, in fact, the kindest women.


Because most men who behave like assholes in real life, are actually assholes. They are actually narcissistic pigs. In fact it’s amazing to me that there aren’t any examples I can think of narcissistic female roles in Hollywood where the anti-heroine is won over by a kind-hearted sweet man. The closest I can think of is ‘The Proposal’ because the main female character really is a bitch in that, yet somehow is redeemed by the end.

You will note it is always ‘life’ that has made the Hollywood asshole the way they are, and just a bit more love can sort them out.

Yet people – that is women, men, children of narcissists have to make the decision every day to leave, for good, husbands, wives and parents who have shown themselves not to be redeemable – that more love couldn’t change an evil intentioned husband into an angel.

Narcissism doesn’t resolve with more love. It ‘resolves’ for want of a better term, with ‘no contact’ or ‘low contact’ – yet Hollywood would tell you to expose yourself, your life, your children, to monstrous people because your love can ‘redeem’ them, and turn them into soft-hearted, kind-intentioned people.

Real life isn’t like Hollywood.

God Bless you


Another danger of the transgender push

A mother’s love… and a mother’s narcissistic desire to have a… girl? Instead of a boy? Yes, it could happen – or a gay son, rather than a straight one (that’s an old story, many decades long). Now? Now you can dress little Bobby up in a frock and tell him he’s a girl? Well you could – some children might just do it. To please you.

So what made me write about this? What made me come to the conclusion that a narcissistic parent might, however subtly, coerce or other wise ‘create’ a ‘transgender’ or ‘non-binary’ child. It was this quote from Ian Ogilvy’s new autobiography: (Link)

“With hindsight, I realise what might have prompted the question. My mother, I now strongly suspect, wanted me to be gay and always had. 

When I was four, she sent me to a fancy dress party all dolled up, not as a pirate or a soldier, but as a little girl in a blonde wig and party frock.

And a few years later, when we acquired an 8mm cine camera, she had me play the part of a winsome girl in a pink dress, skipping round the flowerbed plucking roses — and then shaking my fist at the camera, tearing off my wig and standing there revealed as a horrible, rude boy.”

Thankfully Ian Ogilvy didn’t want to go along with it!

Today however, society is run very much differently to when he was a child. Today it’s all about the self – and it’s narcissitic. I believe that this narcissitic culture is going to ‘breed’ a whole new generation of special snowflakes – and each one, each type, must have their own special set of ‘rights’.

However, we know that God doesn’t make mistakes – transgenderism should be viewed with both compassion but also with truth. You are what your genes say you are, and anything else is false.

God Bless you


The six percent – psychopaths in our midst

There’s a lot of talk about the 1%, dividing people in even middle-class America from the so-called 99% as if the 1% are terribly rich. It’s the 0.1% who are the truly wealthy – like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers – the ones who avoid paying tax in your country, in my country, while their global corporations seek to overthrow governments, seek to create war:

merry christmas to arms manufacturers and investorsIt’s oh-so-very profitable! I bet it is.

Humanity is as pawns to their schemes, and they as banker, warmonger, armaments vendor and propagandist media are there to whip your social engineers (MPs and government) into doing what is their bidding.

They are psychopaths. They lack empathy for anyone or anything. They bring up their children to be the same. When I was young I went to a posh, middle-class, all-girls school and there was talk even there, of whether a girl or their brother had been ‘bloodied’ yet – a term for having the blood of a hunted and torn apart fox smeared on their faces. Yes, really – these rituals can extend all the way down to the middle classes (in England at any rate – a place full of such traditions as fox hunting). What better way to reduce empathy and traumatise a child?


However, psychopathy is not limited to those who experience such ritual abuse from their trusted families and peers. No, it’s the young boy-racer who puts his foot on the gas when he sees your cat crossing the street. It’s the youngster who works for the turkey farm and ends up being filmed throwing the live birds around and abusing them cruelly. It’s this young lady, who wove a web of lies:



Click the top image to read the full article. Then there’s this guy:



These people look pretty normal, don’t they? Do they have any obvious signs you need to watch for? That’s the problem – you and I, well we wouldn’t think to assume our new friend or employee is lying, why would we? But to a functioning psychopath, lying is as easy as anything – they have no conscience at all. They are a continual danger to society – and they rise to powerful positions, because treading on other people’s faces to get where they want to go is completely natural to them. It’s not personal, either – it’s just what they need to do. They are parasites upon all they meet, and they are very good at what they do.

Here’s another one:



These stories pop up a lot, yet people are not aware that six out of every one-hundred people are psychopaths. In addition to that, a further 18% of the population can be trained to behave in psychopathic ways – think of the middle manager who wants to get to the top and goes against his own conscience to do so, because everyone else is. Think of the Milgram experiments of the 1960’s (Link). In obedience to authority, people can and do do terrible things.

I also note that shamed UK MP Simon Danczuk’s ex-wife has now said her piece in the ongoing saga of his lewd behaviour, sexting scandal and affairs.


She says of him:

“‘For me it’s quite saddening to see what has happened to Simon,’ Sonia said. ‘I really hope this is the last time I ever have to speak about him. He’s built his career on portraying himself as a caring and responsible individual. And he’s not. He has no empathy or feelings for anybody except himself. I would go so far as to say he’s a functioning psychopath.”

I don’t know if he is or not, but having read her interview, I believe her that she was bullied by him. I can see her case – but of course I don’t know the other side. It’s just time he resigned from his position as an MP. His conduct is deeply unbecoming.

So what are we to do? Psychopaths are said to be born, not made, but I doubt that. After all, each and every baby is knitted together in it’s mother’s womb by God. However, God has purposes for evil people too. We see in Psalm 106:

40 Therefore was the wrath of the Lord kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.

41 And he gave them into the hand of the heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.

42 Their enemies also oppressed them, and they were brought into subjection under their hand.

43 Many times did he deliver them; but they provoked him with their counsel, and were brought low for their iniquity.

44 Nevertheless he regarded their affliction, when he heard their cry:

45 And he remembered for them his covenant, and repented according to the multitude of his mercies. [emphasis added]

Link to read the whole psalm, which is very interesting: Link

I’m not excusing evil here, I’m saying that even satan has a purpose in bringing the disobedient to grief. I believe that many of these psychopathic individuals are made, not born that way. They may have suffered abuse, or they may have been showered with unsuitable amounts of praise by their parents. They may believe they could do no wrong, or they may have other reasons for their behaviour – whatever it is, it has opened a door for demons to take over and create a psychopathic personality. However, their victims are usually innocent, and they usually lose money, time, emotional health and often relationships, like the lady in the first story. There is no cure for this behaviour – in fact I did hear once that in native tribes, if they found someone growing up with those tendencies, they would simply have a ‘hunting accident’ and get rid of them – I can’t verify that, nor do I think it’s right, just interesting.

Can you protect yourself from the six percent? No, I don’t think so – society is riddled with liars and thieves. I know a dear lady who’s charity was infiltrated by a plausible guy who caused them to almost lose their charity altogether – she spent a year trying to put right what he’d done. It was a disaster for her – so much stress.

I have dated at least one guy like that, possibly two – again, very charming, and if you are sensitive and caring it can and will be used against you. If they aren’t full psychopaths, they can often be simply narcissistic (Link and Link).

But now I have God – and I love and trust in Him to protect me at the personal level. I pray that we all will have the discernment to see if we are being harmed by someone, and to not keep up our defences with everyone new, but to recognise the good from the bad company by their fruits and not continue with those who are bad once we recognise their behaviour.

I also pray that we will have the fortitude to speak against evil, and stand against evil in the coming days. We will need to be strong to resist the evil that is coming.

I pray we do.

God Bless you


The glass generation – when self-care amounts to narcissism

I posted a powerful image in my last post – a homeless man, with the caption:

“I’m just checking my white cis hetero male privilege.”

I tagged it ‘Glass generation’ and now I want to write about what that means.

I feel that youngsters today have become a glass generation – the black kids are eaten up by this idea of white privilege (which isn’t real), and women are eaten up by the idea of ‘rape culture’ which I cannot say is any more believable. Youngsters are swapping tales of the ‘micro-aggressions’ they experience, and all of this is allowing them to fall into the hands of the NWO. They are so worried about whether they are gay/straight or even male/female, that they are not paying attention to what really matters!

This kind of self-absorption, that would allow those who join the military to carry a red card in their pocket which they can whip out anytime they feel they are being pushed too hard, or vicitmised, or if they break a fingernail (I made the last one up, really), is the perfect seed bed for narcissism, which is really what it is.


We might say this generation is soft, but I think it’s worse – they are brittle. They are so afraid of failure that they won’t attempt  a driving exam. They feel so vulnerable that they won’t even try things which might result in a moment of being less than perfect. Social media may be partly to blame for this – when the crowd get to judge every status you post, failure takes on a whole different hue – real friends are much kinder to our feelings than people are on the internet.

I came across this brittleness with a new student who is such a capable young man, but because he had failed at age 14 at reading in public, he completely failed to even try to read out the prepared text I had for him, even though it was just the two of us (and I have known him for years).

But what was also interesting was his inability to exclude from the session his expression through body language of just how irritating he found this and me. He was clearly unsettled, but he was also annoyed, bored – kept tapping things, getting up and so on. Very little attention span even when I was reciting the work to try to encourage him.

My other half has observed that young people don’t seem to converse – they don’t reply to each other, they speak and then they stop speaking and someone else speaks – they aren’t really listening to each other. Is this narcissistic? Yes. But is it caused by narcissism, or by simple lack of being taught the social skills to listen effectively.

So kids are lacking social skills, and are easten up with fears of any boogey man that the state wants to put before them (through the media).

They are becoming hyper-sensitive, and their self-care now amounts to narcissism.

What is going to become of us if this continues?

God Bless you


Blurring the lines – part of the elite agenda – the NWO agenda

I am an avid watcher of the site – if you ever want to know what the latest agenda is that we are supposed to be ‘accepting’, you should go there. They have articles extolling the virtues of transgenderism, homosexuality and now androgyny.

I think it is safe to say that this is all about getting us to accept the transhumanist agenda – this agenda where we get to re-make ourselves in our own image. It’s taken them a long time – a lot of planning (planning so long and so detailed that only satan could be the true architect of it all).

We must first be made to reject the notion of a Heavenly Father, and be told that we are on our way to being gods ourselves – that’s the New Age religion right there. Then we must be sold the idea (at our expense, mind you) that we are ‘co-creators with the universe’ – through books and films like ‘The Secret’.

Then we must be entertained with make-believe, and encouraged by the media to believe that if we think we are female, we should be allowed to change sex and be hailed a hero for doing so (I’m thinking of Bruce Jenner here). I also know of a young woman who believes she is a wolf… and I have seen articles on this very subject – one girl who believed she was a deer…

Now we have Rachael Dolezal – blurring the lines of race. Here in this link she’s claiming to identify with ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner…

Finally we move towards blurring the lines of masculinity for black men (which I’ve touched on before) and blurring the lines of homosexuality as well – these pictures say it all.

This image is taken from an article about androgynous actress Ruby Rose – women are claiming they are going lesbian for her. You can read the full article here: Link


This headline is about, again, androgyny. Read the full article here: Link

create confusion

And here’s a black man, pictured in an article about the latest beauty trend – strobing make-up. Read the full article here: Link

more confusion

So what is this really all about? Creating confusion, weakening the bonds we have to what we like to call normal – and I will say here that that varies from culture to culture, and family to family, but it is a touchstone which we can, and should, have to rely on as our strongest identity.

Creating this confusion also brings about so many possibilities for people – and among those will be the first human/robot hybrids. These will start off subtly enough – stories about courageous people with nano bots inside them cleaning their blood for them, and how much better this is for all than having a kidney transplant. It will end with monstrosities like hybrids where, just as homosexuals demand OUR marriage for themselves, these monsters (and there isn’t a better word) will have plans to compete against mere humans in the olympics, and of course will become the ultimate ‘warriors’. Drug doping is nothing compared to a bio-assimilated exoskeleton, is it?

According to one scientist:

“The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.

The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000.” (Full article: Link)

Sorry if this sounds far fetched, but it’s not. In five years time (if not sooner) churches will find their pastors caving to pressure to marry homosexuals in church – or find themselves in prison.

Ten years? Who knows – only God.

Be aware there is an agenda at work – to the degree you are ignorant of satan’s devices, he will gain on you.

God Bless you


The Rachel Dolezal story continues

Rachel Dolezal is now claiming to identify as black. She has made an official statement, and this phrase jumped out at me:

“While challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness…”

Evolving human consciousness, huh? Hmmm sounds like UN-one-world-religion propaganda to me…

I’ve also noted from her interviews since the story broke, that she is very calm in front of the camera. Now someone who isn’t psychopathic/sociopathic/narcissistic is likely to be very deeply ashamed and embarrassed by the kind of attention and opprobrium that she has been subject to. But she sits very serenely and talks as if she just always thought she’d address this issue when her kids were grown up.

Really? You’re going to come out as a white woman once your kids are grown up? How would her children feel about that?

She has not apparently said sorry for the shock and upset she has caused to those around her who she lied to.

I suggest that this story – every aspect of it – be viewed with extreme caution and suspicion. The attention she is getting and the effect this will have on blurring the lines, not of race, but of how much make-believe people are allowed to do in public – the level to which a person is going to be allowed to mis-represent themselves to the world… is very concerning indeed.

We’re being set up here, folks, don’t fall for it.

You can read her full statement and reaction to it here: Link

God Bless you