More censorship from the Daily Mail

Media censorship like that found in the previous post in the so called ‘Swedish’ Somalians is rife it would seem. I have been commenting on the Daily Mail for a couple of weeks, and I’ve had quite a few of my comments simply not appear.

I can reveal to you today that your comment will automatically not appear if you mention the name Rothschild, and in addition, I have now tried three times to post on articles related to South Africa, that it is heading towards a genocide of the minority white population. So far none have appeared.

This post is the latest – I thought I would copy this so it appears in full somewhere, even if only here. I’ll be sure to let you know if it appears later today. But I doubt it will…


Do you know of any news sites where you’ve commented and your comments have been censored? Please leave a comment here if so – it would be good to make that censorship public for all to see!

God Bless you